From the Mountain, Book VII

Chapter Eighteen


"2002, a grievous year!"

"My Beloved Child, hearken unto Me and write as I say, that My word may go forth, a warning unto My people! My Child, behold the pot before you; for it is broken, shattered and dispersed as shards. Even as you walk barefoot on the shards, feel them crumble beneath your feet. My Child, what more is the broken pot, than the government in Washington DC; and what more are the shards than the remnants of this constitutional republic, an empty, broken and destroyed pot before Me and My people?

"Weep, My Little Ones! Weep for what lies before you! The wolf is aprowl and it is a lean and hungry wolf with vacant eyes and steamy breath. Yea, when you least expect the wolf of hunger and destruction to strike, it will strike your corn fields and lay barren your wheat crops. Weep, My Little Ones, for soon radioactive fallout will taint your food supply. Farms will lie barren; for the ground will not grow crops.

"Weep, My Children, for the cover of protection, My protection, has been lifted off this land and the wild dogs of barbarism and Satanism are set loose to roam in packs. Calamities, yea grievous calamities are upon this land! The vacant and empty churches will perish and the hungry flock are soon to be scattered!

"Yes, weep, My Little Ones, for a time of great upheaval is at your door. Grievous calamities and dark upheavals will soon sweep this land! Are you ready? Nay! For, you have lived a life of ease! You have lived a life of pampering, living off the fat of the land!

"I am turning tables on the money changers in my churches! I am turning tables on the hypocrites, the two-faced and the backbiters! I am turning tables on the false prophets and the liars and the deceivers! I am turning tables upon the mockers and the scorners! Yea, My Little One, in 2002, I am turning tables. I 2002, I am going to root out and judge the false prophets! I am going to root out and judge those, who persecute My true servants and falsely label them as 'false prophets.' I am going to turn the tables and when I turn the tables, the lamp, which shines on the false prophets and the hypocrites is going to spill and the flaming oil is going to burn them. 2002 is going to be a year of grievous separation. Yes, I am shining My light upon the false and the obscene in My Kingdom and I am shining My Light upon My Faithful. Great anointings and much power is flowing into My Faithful; but I am closing shop on the false prophets! Many cry, 'Lord, Lord, but their hearts are far from Me. Many make a big show and fool the masses; but this year, 2002, I am bringing down the false shows! I am tearing up the fake light shows! I am turning the tables. As My Tried and True, as My Faithful, move out into the limelight of My work, I shall work great and mighty miracles through them; and I shall use them in great and mighty ways to save souls!

"Watch out, fakers! For, your days and hours are numbered! My judgement is upon you and you will not escape My wrath. Yes, 2002 is a war year! For, your President Bush has proclaimed it. The 'dead bush' has proclaimed a war year! But, I say, yes indeed it is a war year; but not the Satanic kind that he speaks of. For, I am bringing My warriors, My army to the front lines, and woe to those, who come to make war with Me and Mine!

"Yes, in 2002, Washington DC will proclaim war; for I Jehovah, Most High God, am going to tear up Washington DC. I am going to rattle windows and I am going to shake streets. I am going to pound the liberty bell into thousands of pieces and I am going to send a black horse of destruction through the streets of Washington DC. Yes, I will ring some bells and I will make My mark on some doors; for this year, the grim reaper will make housecalls in Washington DC. I am purging this land. From North to South, from East to West, I am purging this land. Not only am I purging the churches, but I am purging this land. For, above all lands, I have blessed America and you have become all the more the whore. You have bedded with every strange god and you have marooned with every dark ship in every dark harbor. Your filth has polluted the whole Earth and your murders of the unborn and the newborn have created a ring of darkness, a ring of crying and weeping, in the ethers around this Earth. America, the abomination! America, the accursed! For, the curses of Deuteronomy have come upon you and the land from afar is within your very borders. Yes, 2002 is a war year, indeed, and 2002 shall bring war to the streets of America! 2002 shall bring war to the corn fields and to the wheat fields of America. Yes, America is coming down and with it shall come down a blasphemous leadership, which is full of evil and rottenness. Woe, woe, woe to the whores of Washington DC. My wrath is kindled against you and with one fell swoop of My hand, I shall eradicate you. I am Jehovah, Most High, the One God, and I have warned you to have no gods before Me. Yet, in the highest offices of this land, you sacrifice babies and you drink their blood. I tell you now that this year will not pass before the Destroyer visits you. Be warned; for this evil system is coming down. I am Jehovah, Most High God."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 2nd day of January, 2002,
Linda Newkirk

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