From the Mountain, Book VII

Chapter Twenty


"The Castle on the Hill"

"My Beloved Child, I am your Father in Heaven. Blessed are you, My Little One; for you are nearing the end of Book Seven. Blessed are those, who have heard and who have seen My truths herein. And, blessed are those, who have come forth through My messages in this book, with willing hearts and working hands; for as you do My work, I shall give you greater works and greater anointings. My Blessed One, there remains two chapters of Book VII and in this chapter, we shall go back to Book One, that I may answer questions posed by one of My very own, a babe yet, but greatly loved by Me. My Little One, in conversations past, this Child of Mine has asked you of the meaning of certain prophetic aspects of Book One. In the past, I have covered some of this with you in Book VII. But, there is more, which we have not covered. What is remaining are certain aspects of the "Castle on the Hill," which are covered in Book One. This very castle is occupied by three evil families. These families are the Rockefellers, the Royals of England and the German family, which is called Rothschild. My Little One, we shall begin on page 55 of Book I. Reprint these relevant sections in this chapter, that all may have this information for easy reference."

"Yes, my Father."

Excerpt begins......

From The Mountain Prophecies
Book One
Chapter Six, Pages 25, 26, & 27

"My Lord, this is terrible. But does it all relate to the castle on the hill? Tell me about this castle with the bats flying out turning into blue birds?"

"Child, I have reserved this for last. There is a rope ladder. Take it on up to the castle."

"My Lord, I have the rope, and I am climbing now up this ladder. This is very hard climbing, as this hill is very tall, and the castle sits way up on the hill, by itself. I see now, My Lord, that this castle has a door on either side. On the one side there is a sign above the door, which says Rothschild. On the other door, it says Rockefeller. Two families living in one, big castle on a hill."

"Or, so it appears, My Child."

"Now kick the door that says, ‘Rothschild’."

"My Lord, I am kicking, but it is only a paper door."

"‘Tis true, Child, only a paper door. Go on in."

"My Lord, I am in a very light and airy room. I do not see the roof, as there are trees growing in here. It is a room full of computers generating huge piles of ticker tapes. These tapes fall into piles, My Lord, and these piles turn into something."

"What do they turn into?"

"Rocks. These are talking rocks. They make a sound like the sound of a loud horn. And, they say the same phrase."

"And, what is that phrase?"

"‘Everything is alive and well on planet, Earth.’ Then, My Lord, each of these rocks tosses a small piece of paper with this message into a spring, which bubbles up in their midst. The spring takes the messages and turns them into worms. My Lord, this spring is full of worms. And, at the base of this deep spring is someone sitting on a rock, weeping. My Lord, it is Rapunzel."

"Child, do not be tricked by this one. You know this is Luciferian."

"Thank you, My Precious Lord, for reminding me. I was about to be tricked by a sob story. Now, I see two very tall trees with very long trunks, and at the top are many, many branches with leaves. These two trees go all the way out the top of the castle, where I see many blue birds flying around the tops of the trees. Sitting among these blue birds at the very top of the castle, I see a very large, ugly, black vulture. My Lord, what does all this mean?"

"Child, go to the door on the right and open it."

"My Lord, I am at the door, and it is only another paper door. I can stick my hand right through it. In fact, I am walking right through it."

"’Tis so, Child. Now go outside and look at the name over the door. What does it say?"


"Now, My Child, come around to the front of the castle. Walk around the circular porch. What do you see there?"

"My Lord, I see one empty bench. Then, I see a large clay flowerpot, which is also empty. This is all, My Lord, except for a screened door. The screen on the door is old and it is falling apart. The screen has large holes in it where it has corroded away. There is no need for this screen as it is so rotten and serves no purpose."

"Exactly, My Child. All is known."

"My Lord, will you explain this to me?"

"Child, I will. It is what you see. Two families living as one. They have no wealth save it be paper. This door to their castle is easily broken. Their computers constantly generate much saying all is well financially, but My Child, the rock solid appearance of their financial reports feeds Satan’s spring, which is based on a lie. My Child, paper burns. It may enwrap the rock, as in a child’s game, but in short notice it will turn into worms and feed Satan’s stream of rot and destruction.

"Blue birds fly above these two trees, The Rockefeller and The Rothschild Trees, as they believe all is ‘chirpy’. However, My Child, look who sits among the trees."

"It is a black vulture, My Lord!"

"‘Tis so, and it shall devour them. For, they send out bats, which they wish all to see as bluebirds. Their works are evil, yet they wish others to see them as good. I stamp my foot in this castle, and the windowpanes crack and fall out. I toss a match into the midst of this castle and burn it to the ground. Now, Child what do you see?"

"My Lord, I see a hill with charred bricks and rocks. The trees are gone and nothing remains but one charred stub. The Rockefeller tree is burnt not even with the ground, but burnt into the ground, leaving a black hole where it once stood. The Rothschild tree, My Lord, has remaining a black trunk of about 18 inches high. This is all that remains."

"My Child, what you see is true. I am Jesus. I am Jehovah...even Most High God of Earth."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 9th day of July, 1997.
Linda Newkirk

....... Excerpt ends


"My Child, as we begin this discourse, you will recall that we are speaking of the castle, which sets high upon a hill."

"Yes, my Father and this hill is very tall."

"My Child, the capitol of the USA is called what?"

"It is called 'Capitol Hill.'"

"Beloved One, remember this; for Capitol Hill is very important here. It is hard climbing as those, who sit in this castle deliberately isolate themselves from the world."

"But, Father, if the hill is Capitol Hill, what is the castle?"

"The castle is home to the money mongers of the world. These are the leaders of this evil scheme to rule to the world and they isolate themselves in their castle, high up and removed from all, lest others see their evil and utterly defeat them."

"So, Father, these three families come and go from this hill. Do they own the hill?"

"Yes, they come and go, but remember that they also reside there. Do they own the hill? They believe they do and most certainly they control it. When you kick the paper door, called Rothschild, and discover that it is only paper, realize My Child, that this is the same for all three doors on the hill. These paper doors represent the US currency, which is highly controlled and regulated by these three entities. Once you get inside the castle, you see only two trees, the Rothschild and Rockefeller trees; for the Queen of England, though very much a part as the other two, has kept her distance, lest more know and understand that you in USA have been for some time, colonists once more under the Crown of England. And, the ticker tapes are no longer generated by computers, but complex spread sheets and financial documents have taken their place; but in your youth, you would have known of ticker tapes."

"Father, what is meant by the ticker tapes turning into talking rocks?"

"My Child, remember the paper door. This paper door represents your financial system, which is only paper. Yet, many grab the paper and think that you have a rock-solid economy. You do not. You have only paper, which is worth the ink and paper it is made of, actually worth little or nothing. And, what do the talking rocks say?"

"They say that everything is alive and well on Earth."

"My Little One, these rocks also represent people. They also represent doctrines and words. Have the talking heads of your financial system not told you as a people, ad finitum, that all is well with your economy, even when you look around and see your economy falling apart with hundreds of thousands out of work, trillions lost in the stock market and poverty on the rise. Have they not told these lies?"

"Yes, Father."

"Next, My Child, you see the talking rocks toss the same paper into Lucifer's spring and this message turns into worms. What do you make of this, Child?"

"My Father, I just have a vision that this lie will consume itself, like rot."

"Well, Little One, you are partially right and partially wrong. For, this paper is worthless; but when thrown into Lucifer's spring of evil, this lie takes on life. Albeit a disgusting life form to you, these worms are life."

"And, this spring is full of worms."

"My Child, there is more to these worms than meets the eyes; for worms have the ability to go where many creatures cannot. Worms can be destructive, or they can actually be constructive."

"But, Father, these worms are in Lucifer's spring. How can they be constructive?"

"My Child, look at it this way. When a system becomes so full of rot, what more is there to do, save turn it over to the worms?'

"But, Father, this is Lucifer's system to begin with. How can you turn his rotten system over to him to destroy?"

"My Child, few understand this, but Lucifer has an insatiable hunger, an insatiable thirst for more and more. He is full of greed and lust for more and more power and control. In this quest for power and control, he will devour his own tail to maintain power. So, in this, My Child, you will see him devour his own evil system as he pushes for more and more control of the world. Now, My Child, let us go to the very last sentence on Page twenty-five where you say, 'Now, I see two very tall trees with very long trunks, and at the top are many, many branches and leaves.' Those, who are reading along can follow the rest. Notice, My Child, that these tall tress go all the way to the top of the castle."

"Yes, my Father."

"My Child, these two families, in particular, control the economy from the very top. Remember that there are others, but these two are highly significant. You see as well the paper door of the Rockefellers as you walk around to the front of the castle and you see a third door, that of the Queen of England, which is covered later in this book. Note, My Child, that this porch is circular. It goes all the way around the castle and connects all doors."

"But, the flower pot is empty and the bench is empty and this door has a screen; but this screen is falling apart."

"Yes, My Child, let us go back to what I told you about the silent nature of the Queen of England in controlling this country. Her seat is empty. Her pot, (visible treasure chest) is empty. She has tried to conceal her role in the theft on capitol hill, by hiding behind a screen. But, Little One, this screen is rotten and no longer can she hide. For, she is part of the same family; and this very Luciferian family has strangulated the finances of this country for many, many decades. They have fought bitterly to make you a crown colony and they have succeeded without your knowledge or permission."

"My Father, I read that these two families have no wealth, save it be paper. But, Father, do they not own much of the world?"

"My Child, no one ever, ever, ever owns the world. Many stake a claim to part of the world and many build up great empires in this world; but My Little One, this is all illusion. And, since no one can own any part of this world, what is left for them, save paper?"

"Father, as we move on down, who is this black vulture?"

"The Devourer, the very destroyer I created, and he will destroy even those, who do his will. He will turn on them after they have served their purposes."

"Oh, my!"

"That's right, Oh, My! For, evil turns on itself until it is utterly consumed."

"So, Father, you burn down the castle?"

"Did I not toss a match into it? Did I not stamp My foot in the very midst and say, 'Enough is enough!'"

"Yes, my Father."

"Do you see the hill with charred bricks?"

"Yes, my Father, and surely this is equivalent to the Pentagon, which is a part of Capitol Hill."

"This is so."

"Then, my Father, this is what I wrote, for I saw this, 'The Rockefeller tree is burnt not even with the ground, but burnt into the ground, leaving a black hole where it once stood."

"Yes, my Child, this is what you wrote and this is evolving even now. As these three families are brought down, which will come to pass, you will see the Rockefellers beat the most severely and you will see this come to pass first. Even now, My very judgement is upon them and they are losing on many fronts."

"But, Father, is this tree not also akin to the trade tower, which was burned below the very ground?"

"This is the very tree."

"And, even the day after the devastation of these two towers, which is extremely symbolic of these two families, you read how the FED sent 50 billion dollars to Europe, which has been stolen from you, the taxpayers, but truly this is not even a drop in the bucket, compared to what they have stolen. So, My Little One, with the fall of the two towers, you see the beginning of the fall of these two trees, of the two financial empires. For, remember that their empires are based on paper."

"But, what about the Queen?'

"Does she not live in the same house? Is she not fed by the same spring? Does she not put out the same lies? After the burning of the towers, did England not rush forth to help the USA chase the imaginary windmills of the Ben Laden myth?

"Yes, my Father."

"And, do you not now hear more of Germany, with German warships near Somalia and German troops even in Somalia?"

"Yes, Father."

"My Little One, what is given herein relative to the two trees represents the burning of these two towers. Very soon, all three families shall suffer mightily. Their evil is coming into their very houses to roost."

"But, Father, why would they destroy these towers?"

"They do not know that they are fulfilling prophecy and they do not know that in so doing they have begun their own demise. For, by blowing up their own towers for a greater greed and for a greater illusion, they have ripped the very rug out from under themselves.

"My Child, Lucifer, the very one, whom they worship, is the Destroyer. He destroys beautifully and I created him for this very purpose. He will destroy the very ones he has used to climb to power."

"But, Father, why does the Rothschild tree remain and is about eighteen inches high?"

"Did one tower remain a little above the ground and the other was burned below the ground?"

"Yes, Father."

"Then, realize, My Child, that the Rockefellers have been burnt so badly, that they will soon fall. As you know from the prophecies, the Queen also falls to the wiles of the Rothschilds; but the Rothschilds will remain for a while yet, before they, too, will be destroyed. For, evil always implodes upon its very self. With this, My Child, we shall stop for today. I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 11th day of January, 2002,
Linda Newkirk

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