From the Mountain, Book VII

Chapter Twenty-One


"A mighty thunder, … A mighty fire …"

"My Beloved Child, I am your Father in Heaven. Do you feel My great power come forth as I speak to you today?"

"Yes, my Father. I hear such great power in Your spoken word! It seems that every word is a thunderous roar, which reverberates through the heavenlies! Oh, Father, even as I hear Your words, I am seeing a mighty fire rolling forth. This is a raging fire and it is consuming everything in its path."

"My Child, My words are truly as a mighty thunder and they roll forth as a mighty fire, consuming all opposition until My will is accomplished."

"Father, You always speak so softly to me, but if people could hear and see in this way, they would be so afraid."

"My Child, once I spoke this way to My Children and they were so afraid that they believed they would die from My power. But, there will come a time when, once more, you will see Me and hear Me with your physical eyes and ears. My Child, I am opening you up to the power of My word. The many explosions, which you are hearing, are the manifestations of My Spirit going forth and fulfilling My word. My Beloved Child, it is time that all cease to fear the devil and his antics; for I am the source of all power. Those, who do not respect Me and who do not have a healthy fear for this power may very well end up as prisoners to their own fear of the devil."

"Oh, my Father, this is a terrible vision, which I am now having. For, it is night and the sea is churning. The waves are as tall as skyscrapers and the Earth seems to be wobbling and going out of control."

"My Child, what you see in only a small fragment of the great earth changes, which are at hand. This is only the surface; for you are yet to plumb the depths of what is at hand."

"My Father, you have said that this is the last chapter of Book VII."

"I have said it and this is so, but in many ways, My Child, you will see Book VII as only a beginning. For, what is revealed herein is only a harbinger of what is to come. A great shaking, a great rattling, is upon the whole Earth. The sun will shine after the eclipses, which are at hand; but you must first go through the eclipses. Murder and mayhem, murder and mayhem, these are at the door of this world and a shaking so great that even the tried and true will be trembling from the trials. Yes, My Little One, this is the great sifting and the great falling away, which you know of, and it is at hand. Each of will either see My light and walk in My light, or you will walk in the darkness and perish therein. There is no in-between. The gap between the believers and the non-believers is as one huge abyss, and it is ever increasing. This is truly a time of the sorting of souls and the time wherein each of you needs to draw closer to Me and to My Son with ever-increasing tenacity.

"My Child, you are about to walk through a gate and into a fenced area."

"Yes, my Father, I see this gate. It looks to be a normal gate of metal, which is attached to a fence; but when I touch this gate, I know that it is not made of metal, but of your holy power. On touching the gate, I think to open it and I sense that I am passing through it, but feel as if I am truly soaring over it, leaping high into the air. This is such a beautiful experience; for Your holiness is all around. The beauty of Your light engulfs me and I feel as if I could fly."

"And, fly you will."

"Father, what do you mean?"

"My Precious Child, are you all not beings of spirit, limited by flesh, but nevertheless beings of spirit? And, as spirit are you not one with My Spirit, which knows no bounds?"

"Yes, my Father."

"Then, know My Child, and this is true for all of My Faithful, that as you progress spiritually in your faith, I shall begin to remove some of the restrictions of the physical, which you perceive as permanent and unconquerable."

"Father, what do you mean?"

"I mean that I am about to make it much easier for My Faithful to be translated to parts unknown to do My work and to free My people."

"Like the time You carried me into Chinese prison?"


"But, Father, what does this gate and fence mean? I see that You have carried me to the other side of this radiant gate and fence, and I feel so buoyant and free."

"My Little One, it means that up until now, you have been shut out of the fullness of certain keys; but you are now given what you have been denied for some time."

"Father, please explain what you mean."

"My Child, do you remember how My servant Isaiah wrote that each of you must go line upon line and precept upon precept?"

"Yes, my Father."

"Well, My Little One, those of you, who have been faithful over many years in the work that I have given you, are about to progress very rapidly in these precepts. What has been denied you is being given you, here one or two, and there, three or four. But this is only so for the Faithful, for the Tried and True, for those, who have been Tested and found faithful. These are the ones, who are even now going through these gates and receiving what has been promised, but denied before now. For, now is the time that My Faithful are coming forth and they are receiving papers from Me and My Son, yea assignments, very specific assignments for greater work.

" My Child, I know you have concerns about translators for these works; but My promise to you is that these works will be translated into many languages and that those, who work to translate these works, will move up quickly in My works; for they, themselves, are providing keys to others, that they do not even realize. And, in turn, I am giving them keys, which they do not even realize and when they expect it least, but most importantly, when they need it the most, they will find that they have the keys to unlock what is needed in their lives. My Child, these are not idle words, but My sure promises for those, who help with these works, but most assuredly for all translators of these works. They will come forth and they will be blessed.

"In addition, My Child, as I have promised, I shall send you and Dennis around the world to administer My word. I shall bless you in great and mighty ways so that you are able to do this and so that you, in turn, are a great blessing to My Faithful. Having passed through the gate means that many great works are at hand for you and Dennis and I will continue to bless you with more of My word and more of My hidden truths. For, as you have been faithful in a little, I shall give you much."

"Oh, Father, I am so humbled. I do not have the words with which to thank you; for there seem to be none, which can parallel the deep gratitude in my heart toward You and toward our Beloved Jesus. You and our Beloved Jesus are beautiful beyond words and we are so blessed to be able to do a very small part of Your work.

"Oh, Father I hear and see explosions in the Spirit all around and I see something, which looks like a curse, which is being consumed by Your holy fires. Then, out of this burning fire comes a beautiful angel and she puts something around my neck, which looks like a sash, which is worn by priests and there is much engraving and written symbols, which I do not understand."

"Not now, but you will soon."

"Father, Oh, Beautiful Father, I am so humbled by Your love and feel so unworthy to receive these awesome blessings; for I feel like the least of the least."

"My Child, you are not unworthy; for if you were, you would not receive."

"Father, the great fireworks in the Spirit continue and I wish I understood more of this."

"What don't you understand?"

"I do not understand why this is so great at this very moment."

"My Child, these explosions are breaking the power of the evil ones, who are coming up against you in prayer. These explosions are bringing down evil, which has risen up against you. These explosions are destroying the work of the enemy, and you will continue to see great explosions in the Spirit for the rest of your earthly life. Explosions in the Spirit will take place wherever you go and many of these explosions will mean My instantaneous judgement, which is spoken out of your mouth."

"Oh, Father, this is so humbling and frightening. Your power is so awesome and I have such fear of You and Your works. Father, have mercy on us! I am so afraid!"

"My Child, do not fear; for the fires will not harm you. But, be comforted, My Child, for this is a demonstration of My love for you."

"Thank You, Precious and Beautiful Father, You, alone are Most High and You, alone are worthy of praise! Father, comfort all those, who love You, but most of all, comfort the lost! Minister to the hurting! Strengthen the weak, and heal the sick, the infirmed! Father, touch the hurting souls with the miraculous; for so many are suffering!"

"My Child, I know you heart and it is full of love for Me and for My Son. You are filled with love for your Brothers and Sisters and I am pleased in this. I will never forsake you and I will never forsake the lost and the rebellious; for I remember My covenant with your Father Abraham. But, out of love, I must chastise the rebellious, lest they be forever lost. I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God."


As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 18th day of January, 2002,
Linda Newkirk

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