From the Mountain, Book VIII

Chapter One


"… the silence of My people is deafening."

"My Beloved Child, I am your Father in Heaven. Hearken unto Me, My Child, and write as I say that all may be the wiser. Be bold, My Child, and proclaim My word loudly; for the silence of My people is deafening. While evil churns ahead at full speed, My people, My Loved Ones sit blind, deaf and dumb all across America and around the world. Listen, My Child, hear the war drums. Hear the flutists, the pipers; for tunes, which are beautiful to the world, is being piped by the Satanists all around the world …'One people, one voice,' 'voluntary work programs,' 'Give up freedoms for security,' 'Martial law for your own protection.'

My Beloved Child, if one is not removed from the sources of mass mind control, with his or her eyes, ears and heart attuned to Me and to My Son through My Spirit, this one will be utterly deceived; for the antichrist agenda is smooth as glass. Many, many, many believe such lies as what I have just stated; for these lies are being piped to you. They are being delivered to you through sweet and powerful words and you, who are convinced that they are for your ultimate good, are being deceived entirely.

Just as the Romans partied on while Rome burned, you, around the world, are partying on as a civilization is destroyed before your very eyes. Oh, My Little One, how bereaved I am; for I am witnessing a mass slaughter, which is upon My people. Yes, My Child, gravely perilous times and great suffering is upon the whole world and none will escape the horrors, which are at hand. Do not be so naļve as to believe that it will not come to your state or to your home; for when you expect it least, violence will break out in your midst. People, innocent people around you, will be seized and carried away to parts unknown. In the darkness of night and even in the openness of day, innocents shall be seized, carried away and tortured, even unto death. Gruesome crimes against humanity are now commonplace in the USA and these gruesome crimes against humanity are carried out at the highest levels of this government.

Yes, My Child, this is the Satanic agenda and many of these evil ones believe that they will get away with the round-up and persecution of My People; but little do the Satanists know or understand My miraculous hand. Little do they know or understand that My judgement is falling upon them as a boulder falls from outer space. I am going to utterly destroy their evil covers from East to West and from North to South all around the world. They do not know Me and they do not know My power; but they shall. For, I shall pit enemy against enemy and Satanist friend against Satanist friend. Through fire, lightening, storms, earthquakes and war, I shall destroy them and bury them, here a little and there a little. Oh, My fury upon them shall be felt as a mighty tidal wave of destruction as I pummel them as a giant pummels sandstone with his shoe. Oh, My judgement is upon them. For, I will bury them under heaps of rubble so high that even their memory will be blotted off the Earth, to be remembered no more.

Yes, My Child, the trains with the shackles are packed into the train yards and alongside the tracks all across America, all across Canada, all over Europe, China, Russia, Australia and even South America. The Chinese have been kept very busy preparing for your demise. My Child, the USA is already under martial law. Years of planning and much stealth and cunning by the Satanists, who are high in this government and in governments around the world, have orchestrated a plan for world martial law plan. They will make most of you see that the national ID cards and then the computer chip/mark are good for their own protection, yes mandatory for world peace; and My Beloved Child, the greatest numbers will do as they are told. The greatest numbers will not hesitate to take the national ID card and they will not hesitate to take the mark.

My Child, it is wisdom to read the signs, to know where you are headed. And, I tell you again that the New World Order plans are to round up dissidents and to begin filling box cars by March's end. Can you stop these plans? My Little One, the prayers of the righteous avail much. Be wise as serpents, yet truly gentle as doves. But, Beloved One, be wise. Be vigilant; for those, who do not watch where they are going are the ones, who stumble and fall. These are the ones, who tumble, when they expect it least. Yes, My Child, the masses are about to tumble. They are about to take a great fall. Just as I warned you in a message past that George W. Bush was about to tumble, to take a fall, know that he is not alone in this; for people the world over are about to tumble, to take a great fall."

"Oh, Father, I have one question. On or around the 17th of January, I read that George W. Bush took a fall in the White House. I saw photos of his face, which looked to be a black and blue mess. Is this the fall you spoke of? And, I also remember that you said that George W. Bush would take many falls before his demise."

"I said it and be advised, My Child, that this tumble, this fall in the White House, by George W. Bush, signals the beginning of the end for him as president."

"Father, what do You mean?"

"I mean that he has cut his own throat."

"What do you mean when you say, 'cut his own throat?'"

"My Child, see his very hand on the knife as he slices his own throat?"

"Father, I do but, I do not know what this means."

"My Child, what does Kellogg's mean to you?"

"When I hear this word, I think of breakfast cereal."

"Yes, My Child, this is so; but when you hear the words, 'assisted suicide,' what do you think of?"

"Jack Kevorkian."

"Yes, but what more?"

"Terminal disease."

"Yes, but what more?"

"Oh, Father, what comes to mind are some of the so-called hit-men suicides, murders actually, but listed as suicides."

"This is so, My Child, these 'assisted suicides, or murders, made to look like suicides are rampant."

"So, Father, You are saying that Bush is in danger of being suicided by forces, which oppose him?"

"I never said that they oppose him."

"Well, if they do not oppose him, then they are from within his own camp."

"You have concluded correctly."

"But, why would they do such a thing?"

"To string a ham."

"Father, what do You mean when you say, 'String a ham?'"

"My Child, have you see a ham wrapped in string and bound for preservation?"

"I have seen hams bound tightly in cloth wrapping for preservation. Is this what you mean?"

"Now, you are getting the picture."

"But, Father, what picture?"

"How Bush's evil cohorts plan to do away with him."

"But, you are speaking of cohorts and not enemies?"

"Oh, he sees them as friends, but this could hardly be further from the truth."

"But, Father, back to the ham and the string. What does this mean exactly?"

"My Child, go to the side of the ham and on it you will see a small door. Open this door and look in. What do you see?"

"Oh, Father, it is dark and cavernous in there and there, and I see George Bush, who sits, bound and gagged. I see Vice President Cheney and he has in his hand a goblet, which is labeled, 'poisonous potion.' He whacks Bush across the face and says, 'Drink, for your days are numbered and this will ease your pain.' Then, he rips the gag off Bush's mouth and forces him to drink. Suddenly, I see an evil witch and beneath this black attire, I see Hillary Rhodam Clinton. 'Double, double, toil and trouble, ' she says 'for destiny is mine.' Then, she lets out a foul laugh and disappears into smoke. Oh, Father, I do not like this evil! Tell me, what does this mean?"

"My Child, it means that Bush is gagged and bound by the New World Order. He is being poisoned by the very one, who should support him."

"But, Father, why?"

"My Child, why do you suppose that Hillary is in this picture?"

"Because she plans to be the front president for Bill Clinton."

"Oh, this and more."

"But, why would they want to get rid of Bush?"

"My Child, it is all about power and greed, power and greed. And, realize, My Child, that I have warned George W. Bush of his demise if he will not live righteously. He does not realize that My Son and I are all that He has; for even now his friends in high places are plotting his demise."

"So, Father, what happened when President Bush fell in the White House?"

"As I said, My Child, this fall is the beginning of the end for George W. Bush. He survived this attack on his life this time, but may not the next."

"So, the story about the pretzel is garbage?"

"Straight from the sewer."

"So, what really happened?"

"An attempt on his life by his own friends in high places. My Child, the evil of this Bush family is coming home to roost. They will not be able to escape the effects of their evil acts and the Evil One cannot and will not save them. My Child, we shall stop for today. I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God."


As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 1st day of February, 2002,
Linda Newkirk

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