From the Mountain, Book VIII

Chapter Three


"The Assignment"

"My Beloved Child, I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God. Hearken unto Me, My Little One, and write as I say that My Loved Ones may receive, repent and live for Me. For, just as surely as the sun rises and sets My word, My truths, My Messages shall not fail you. For, those, who hear and obey shall know and experience My miraculous hand in their lives. My Little One, as you look around, you see many, who are wounded by the trials and tribulations of life. You see the barrenness and the nakedness in their eyes; for they have forsaken Me. They have gone whoring after the world and because of their rebellion they have been cut off from Me. Hearken unto Me, My Child, fine tune your ears to Me; for a great awakening is at hand; but there shall be no great awakening, save it is preceded by some grave tragedy. Herein, My Child, I shall begin a series of revelations for My people; for many perish for want of truth. My Little One, I know that you are well aware of My words in the last chapter of Book VII; for therein, My Child, I told you that I would be giving you an assignment. Is this not so?"

"Yes, my Father."

"And, as I am true to My word, I have carried you into the heavenlies, where you have sat before My Elders and you have been instructed as to this assignment."

"Yes, my Father, this has happened."

"And, My Child, as this is Spirit to spirit, much has been withheld from your consciousness until this time; for as you know by now, there is a time for all things."

"Yes, my Father, I know this."

"And, My Child, you and your husband have also undergone many changes."

"Yes, Father, this is so."

"But, now, My Child, you have the book in your arms, which bears this assignment."

"Yes, my Father."

"And, as I have shown you, this assignment is divided into fifteen parts. Today, I shall give you Part One."

"My Father, even though I have this assignment, this book, which is in my arms is sealed."

"Yes, My Child, it has been sealed unto Me and sealed away from all until this time. Blow upon this book, which is in your hands and you will see that the breath of My Spirit will unseal this book and bring these words to a birth among My people.
"My Father, this book is in my lap and as I blow upon it, I see a fire fall upon this book and the seal is totally destroyed. Now, I am able to open the book and I open it to Part One. This page is called, "Darkness Upon the Earth," and even as I say these words I see a candle, which is all but burnt out. The wax is overflowing and the wick is almost out. There is only a dull flickering light."

"My Child, what do you believe this to mean?"

"My Father, I believe that this relates to the time that we all have left. We will either choose Your light and receive life or we will choose the light of the world, which is the candle, and we shall perish."

"My Little One, you have spoken truth."

"My Father, how is it that I know this, save it comes as a memory from what the Elders taught me?"

"My Little One, as My Spirit reveals anew to you what is herein, you will often simultaneously recall through My Spirit, what has already been shown you."

"Oh, Father, you are so beautiful and I thank you. And, I thank the Precious Elders, who sit before Your throne; for they are my friends."

"My Beloved, I cherish you and I shall never forsake you. Stay close, My Child, for My truths are coming forth through this unsealed book. Now, My Child, let us go back to the title of this chapter, "Darkness upon the Earth," What you have spoken is true, but let us review #1 beneath the title. What do you see therein?"

"My Father, I see this: 1. 'River of Light or River of darkness and death.'"

"Yes, My Little One, this is where each of you is. You will either choose My way and live a life of obedience toward Me, which is filled with love for Me and My Son, love for your fellow man and love for self, or you will choose rebellion and you will find yourselves in the River of death, darkness and destruction. This is your choice and this is where you are. Understand?"

"Yes, my Father."

"My Child, the world is overflowing with the rebellious and with the lukewarm, with the fencesitters. I tell you now that such great calamities are coming upon the world that soon there will be no fence sitters. There will be no lukewarm; for the fencesitters will be violently thrown to one side or to the other. Understand?"

"Yes, my Father."

"Now, my Child, read item #2.

"Father, it reads: 2. 'No sooner said than done.' Father, please elaborate as I cannot see what is written below."

"Yes, My Child, you can."

"My Father, I see the words coming into full view and this is what is written: 'You are entering into a space of immediate blessings and immediate punishments. For just as soon as rebellion enters into your lives, you will see immediate punishments. And, just as surely as you obey Me and live faithfully and according to My dictates, you will quickly see My rewards, My great blessings and miracles in your lives. For, the great repercussions of your behaviors, be them good or bad, will now come back and strike you like a rubber band, like a snare, or they will return to you like a showering light of blessings. When all seems to be going wrong in your lives, look to self. Analyze your own behavior and repent. Come full circle back to Me and you will see your lives turn around. This is called Divine Retribution and at this space in time, you will see that it is immediate.'"

"Yes, My Child, many will be asking why their lives are suddenly falling apart; but they only need to look within. On the other hand, many will know awesome miracles in their lives from moment to moment and from day to day. I tell you, My Child, each of you, who wants eternal life, will shape up and live according to My laws, or you will perish in your rebellion. Many of the rebellious will lose all they have overnight and they will end up in the streets with nothing. Many will whine and say, 'Why me?' But, they only need to look to themselves. These grave conditions will cause many to re-think their lives, to re-think their positions with Me and many will acknowledge their wrongs, repent and turn the course of their lives around. I tell you, Child, that many will bemoan their fates, but these very ones can and will be saved destruction if they will humble themselves before Me and live righteously. Now, Child, read #3."

"My Father, this is what I see: 3. 'Heartaches and the Sonshine.'"

"Continue on."

"My Father, I see a brilliant light, which is bright like the sun and stepping from within this light is our Precious Jesus. He is weeping and the sight of tears streaming down his precious face makes me so sad." Our Lord Jesus comes to me and places a necklace of pearls around my neck and suddenly each pearl turns into a blazing white light, until this is no longer a necklace, but a white holy fire anointing, which fills and surrounds me, creating a great sense of buoyancy within."

"My Child, read what is written."

"Yes, my Father. This is what I see. 'Keep the praises of the Most High on your lips. Keep a song of joy in your hearts; for so long as you stand in the light of God, destruction shall not come near you.' Then, our Lord Jesus gets on his knees before me and he takes a thread from his mouth and as he touches this tread to the cover of this book, it weaves and laces itself through every page. He then kisses me on the cheek and breathes upon me with the Spirit of God and says, 'Go with Life!' Then, he disappears into this beautiful light and is gone as in the twinkling of an eye."

"Oh, my Father, I am so humbled and feel so unworthy of such blessings and love. Deep gratitude fills me soul!"

"My Little One, this is the anointing, which I showed you about one month past. At that time, I told you that it was coming."

"Yes, my Father, You did and I feel so unworthy to receive such blessings."

'My Little One, were you not worthy, you would not be given this mighty blessing."

"Oh, my Father, how my heart aches for the lost. How it aches because of the perilousness of these times! Beautiful Father, have mercy on our souls!"

"My Child, I am full of love and mercy; but for the sake of My Loved Ones, I must judge the hearts of all. Yea, My Child, great trials and hardships are upon the world and in the coming pages, we shall learn much of what is at hand. But, for now, let us proceed to #4.."

"My Father, I read: 4. 'Glad tidings for the righteous.' And, as I continue on, this is what I see. 'My promise to My Faithful is this: I am breaking and destroying this evil system. Piece by piece, it is falling until it is utterly devastated; but I shall preserve the righteous. I shall keep the pure of heart and they shall not want. But, alas, many believe their hearts are pure when they are full of self. They are full of rebellion. Save they repent, they shall perish!."

"Yes, My Child, these words are correct. Great darkness is upon this planet and when we go back to the candle, we see, My Child, that this is the light of the worldly. This is what they possess and save they repent and come full circle back to Me, this flickering light within them shall be extinguished and they shall be turned over to the darkness of this evil and dark world system. So, My Child, with this bit of information, we shall stop for now, although this is not the end of Book Eight, Chapter Three; for more is coming, but as you tire, we shall stop for now; for this is a lengthy chapter. Be blessed, My Little One, for a great work for the benefit of My Loved Ones is being given herein. I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 23rd day of March, 2002,
Linda Newkirk



"My Beloved Child, I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God. Hearken unto me, My Child, and write as I say; for the whole world is on the precipice of great chaos; and for want of truth, the people perish. My Child, behold Israel and behold the dragon, which is poised to consume the remnant of My people. And, behold My mighty angel, even Archangel Michael, who is poised with the bow and the arrow, which will soon pierce and wound the dragon. For, have I not said that all, who come up against Jerusalem shall be troubled. They shall be wounded and they shall fall. Yea, even at this time, My Child, the Mideast is a boiling pot. It is not a steaming pot; but one, which is boiling over. It is hot and the flaming fires of hate and malice are enflaming these troubled waters. These waters are overflowing and they shall burn the whole world. It say to Mine, 'Draw close to Me; for family members are being pitted against family. Friend against friend and foe against foe.' This great boiling, which is upon the Earth is a great cleansing of My people. I say to you, My Child, how many are ready? How many are prepared to deal with this boiling pot? The world over, false prophets are sounding the prosperity bell. They are sounding the bell of peace. They are praising an errant president and believing his lies. My Little One, those, who espouse that good is evil and evil is good are NOT MINE."

"Oh, Father, I have read what some prophets are saying about George W. Bush. Some say, 'Pray for him, for God to bless him and I have heard others say, 'Do not criticize him.' Father, I do not understand this; for some of these seem to be your prophets."

"My Little One, if a prophet will not come out of the world and give up its illusions, this prophet will be deceived. How many times have I warned my people to give up the mind control press?"

"Many times."

"Know this, My Child. One cannot be fed by Me and by a Satanic press at the same time. For, so long as one chooses to be fed by this stream of evil, I will not feed him and if I do, it will be piecemeal; for I will retain My fullness and will not dispense it to the one, who will not obey. How many times have prophets said to you, 'Well, God did not tell me not to watch television,' yet if they truly sought Me in this, I would tell them. I say to you, My Child, television is a gross addiction. It is a source of foul spiritual pollution, which is governed by the antichrist whores and it shall only become darker. Those, who are among My prophets, who will not give it up, will find themselves increasingly deceived by it, and they will find themselves on the short end of the spiritual stick."

"So, some of these, who say that Bush is a brother and do not speak the truth of his evil ways are your true prophets?"

"Some are. They have been called by Me; yet they have blinded themselves. I tell you now, George W. Bush is no brother to the true saints. He is no brother to the true followers of Me and My Son; for he serves Lucifer. And, because he serves Lucifer, I ask you, 'How does he do My will?' My Child, I tell you that I am saddened to see this winnowing out among My prophets; but if they cannot see the great darkness of this man, who is full of lies and deceit, how can they correctly see the great darkness in anyone, or the great darkness, which is upon the face of this planet? Yes, My Child, a great winnowing is taking place among My prophets. Many will either open their eyes and speak the truth about evil, or they shall steadily lose ground spiritually until they are cut off from My Spirit. Understand?"

"Yes, my Father."

"Now, My Child, let us go back to the last message, which contains information from your assignment. I told you that we would finish Part I at this sitting."

"Yes, Father, you did."

"Therefore, My Child, as you have this unsealed book in your lap, go to #5 of Part I and reveal what is given to you."

"My Father, I see that I am at a radiant spiritual door and I am knocking on this door." As I knock, the door opens and I enter a beautifully radiant room, where I see the seven Elders, from your throne and I also see Moses. Moses motions for me to take a seat at a desk and he points to #5 in the book, which is on top of the small desk. As the words on the page are well-illumined, I have no trouble discerning them. These are the words before me. 5. 'A purloined letter.' Other words follow, but just as I am about to read them, our Lord Jesus appears. He kneels beside me and he points to the words on the page and as he points to these words, his eyes fill with tears and he begins to weep. As I look upon his precious face and see tears streaming down his cheeks, I, too, feel so overcome with sadness that I break down sobbing. A deep sadness grips my soul and I cannot stop my tears from falling onto the page of this book. Even as I strain to see what is written, I cannot, for I am consumed with great sadness. "Oh, my Father, I must pause for a moment; for I cannot see what is written." Then, our Lord Jesus looks up at me; for he is on his knees beside me with his hands on this page, and he says, "My tears for Israel." As I wipe my tears away, I see that the page before me is stained with tears and I am struggling to clearly see the words. Even as I look at them, I know that they are from our Lord Jesus and they are meant for Israel. Slowly, the words begin to take form and I am able to discern them, one by one; and this is what I see: "Dearly Beloved, I have longed for you with the desperation of a stranded child, longing for its Mother. I have wept for you with an intensity of a dying man, who is departing His Beloved. I have longed to sit with you, to cuddle you, to be near you and to hold and cherish you; but you would not. Now, My Beloved, a great error is upon you. A madness is gripping you; for Satan is stirring you up. He is whipping you into a frenzy for blood, guts and gore. My Beloved, Oh, My Beloved, war, grievous war is at your door! It is a slight of hand of the enemy and you will see it, but not in time to avoid what is at your door. Because you will not see Me, because you will not hear My knock on the doors of your hearts, you will see and hear the knock of Satan through the antichrist machine. You will see and you will hear; but it will be too late for many of you. When you least expect it, a grievous fire, a grievous thunder will rip this land. It will consume you with anger and it will ignite your passions for war; but know in advance, Beloved, It is a slight of hand from those you trust. Come, Little Ones, come to Me; for with outstretched hands and with a great brokenness of heart, I plead with you. Come, My Little Ones, and I shall refresh you. I shall mend your broken hearts and I shall give you a peace, which surpasses all understanding." Then, our Beloved Jesus rises and kisses me on the cheek and he says, "Go with My love, Child, for death is upon the land. Death, great death is upon this world. For, the arrow of war has been sent and you will see this war escalate on many fronts." Suddenly, our Lord Jesus is gone. The Elders are gone. Moses is gone; and I am back in out house, writing this message.

"Oh, Father, Precious Father in Heaven, I am so grieved. How can one not be grieved when we see what is unfolding?"

"My Child, soon the whole world will grieve; for a world war shall soon course this planet."

"My Father, you know that I have been troubled about many things, but especially about the approaching of this rogue planet, this so-called brown dwarf star. In years past, I have seen it come this way, but the date of this has passed."

"And, so have other dates passed; and with reason; for as I have shown you before, I have given you, as a people, as a planet, a little more time."

"So, Father, you have set back the time a little and it has even altered the timing of the passage of this planet?"

"Am I not able to change time? Did I not create it?"

"Yes, Father."

"Then, know this, My Child, that this planet is bearing down on this solar system. Yes, it is a small star and it is returning and when it does it will flip the Earth."

"But, Father, how long do we have?"

"My Child, know this. What you have read about increased earthquake activity being due to the return of this planet is true. Its passage will also cause the Earth to stand still. Have you not read of this?"

"Yes, Father, I have read of such a thing in the Bible."

"Then, know, My Child, that the time of the passing of this planet is close and I will give you more information about its passage as it gets nearer; but realize, My Child, that you do not have many months."

"How long, Father?"

"My Child, when Mount Vesuvius erupts in a mighty way, know that it is at hand."

":Father, I have so much to ask about this planet."

"Yes, My Child, and I will give you more information soon. I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 1st day of April, 2002,
Linda Newkirk


Addendum to #5 … A Purloined Letter


"My Beloved Child, I am your Father in Heaven. You come with a question as to why the letter from My Son to Israel, the House of Judah, is called a 'purloined letter.' My Child, you know that purloined means 'stolen.'

"Yes, my Father."

"And, you do not understand why I would choose this word to apply to this letter."

"This is correct."

"My Child, what do you see before you?"

"My Father, I see the rear end of a spotted cow and this spotted cow defecates in a pasture. Out of this pile of manure emerges a fat, black snake and this snake sings beautiful songs of changing melodies. This snake turns into a prince charming, who looks like an Arab, then into a business man, who is dressed in a business suit, and even into a Jew, who is wearing a skullcap."

"You have seen it.

"And, Father, this 'it' is the Antichrist?"

"This is so, My Child. He will appear to be everything to all."

"But, why does he emerge out of manure?"

"My Child, what is manure?"

"It is waste. Garbage."

"Yes, but what more?"

"My Father, I do not know.
"Does it not consist of digested and undigested food?"

"Yes, my Father."

"But, I do not understand why you are asking me this?"

"My Child, what is 2+2?"


"And a cow is said to have four stomachs?"

"I have heard it, but do not know if it is true."

"But, it is said and you have heard this?"

"Yes, my Father."

"Then, know, My Child, that whether a cow has four or twelve stomachs, it will never be able to digest what is at hand."

"My Father, what do you mean and why did you pick a spotted cow to show me this?"

"My Child, the spotted cow is but one representation of the antichrist machine. It is a living machine with many stomachs; yet is spotted; for it is a crossbreed."

"Father, what do You mean by 'many stomachs;' and why do you say that it is a 'crossbreed?'"

"My Child, the antichrist machine is constantly churning out digested information to the people. This information, to be digested, must pass through many stomachs, or sources, so that it is always masticated and digested before it reaches the people. This machine is a crossbreed because it incorporates all people the world over and it is polluted with much crossbreeding. And, through much digestion, whatever comes out of this machine is feces. It is manure. It is digested and/or partially digested for consumption by the masses. So, My Little One, this is the New World Order diet for all and out of these feces, the Antichrist emerges. Yes, he will come forth as Jew. Yes, he will come as a German. Yes, he will appear to be an Arab, yet he is none of this. He is a renegade, a crossbreed, a spotted cow; and he will emerge out of what?"


"Yes, My Child, out of waste and destruction."

"My Father, what does this have to do with the 'purloined letter?'"

"My Child, purloined means stolen, or even fabricated, as in replicated."

"Yes, my Father."

"Well, know this, My Child, the Jews will be deceived by this man. Not all, but most. This evil man, this antichrist will speak and write these very words, which are within this letter, almost verbatim, to the House of Judah; and most will believe. They will be utterly deceived into believing that he is the Messiah. My Son, they will not accept, but this imposter they will believe. This is why this letter is called 'purloined,' or stolen; for the Antichrist will steal these very words. He will steal this very letter and he will deceive the House of Judah, and very much like the Pied Piper, he will lead many to slaughter. With this, My Child, we shall stop for today. I am your Father in Heaven, yet Jehovah, Most High God."

"Thank Your, Father."


As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 8th day of April, 2002,
Linda Newkirk

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