From the Mountain, Book VIII

Chapter Four


"Words are only Words."

"My Beloved Child, I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God. Hearken unto Me, My Little One, and record as given this day, that My people may be the wiser. For, a great peril is upon the lands the world over, and this great peril is of a much greater magnitude than many of you believe. My Child, where trouble brews, there shall be a greater trouble and where people slumber, there shall be a deeper slumber. Where soldiers gather to make war, there shall be a greater war. The whole Earth is in a state of turmoil and what is shall be intensified. Those, who love Me and serve Me in truth, honor and Spirit, shall have a greater peace and a greater hope, even as they see the world falling around them; for My Spirit shall imbue Mine and shall empower Mine in a greater measure. My Little One, this greater presence of My Spirit within My Beloved is cleaning out the dross. It is cleaning out the sickness. It is cleaning out areas of dis-ease as it washes and scrubs each of you. Slowly, and at times quickly, I am changing Mine, changing My Faithful and changing the Pure of Heart into an immortal state. I am getting you ready for the return of My Son, wherein you will not taste death, but shall be changed from mortal to immortal in the twinkling of an eye.

Oh, how I am grieved to see so many lost in the quicksands of the world, lost in the quagmires, fooled by the gingerbread houses of Lucifer and tricked into the fires of hell for your foolishness. Yes, My Child, I say to all Mine, 'Remember the wise virgins! For, they slept not and when the groom came, they were prepared.' Let all be as the wise virgins. Keep your hearts full of love and forgiveness for all. Seek My will in all things and honor Me by obeying Me. If you will not live a life of truth and purity daily, My Son may come when you expect it least. For, this reason, I warn you to read and study My word, to observe My laws and to obey me. Repent daily and all through the day and forgive all that you carry no dark burdens within your souls. Love Me above all. Love and cherish My Son; for through Him comes your salvation, and love others, even as you love yourselves, knowing that each of you is created by Me and is created to bear My Spirit. Insomuch as many are lost; for they, in their rebellion, have chased out My Spirit, is even more reason to love them. For, through your love, my love within you, many will return to Me and back to this source of heavenly love. My Little Ones, be an example of love and forgiveness; for love heals all."

"Now, My Child, we shall continue with this assignment, which has been given to you by My Spirit, through My Son, through Moses and through Seven of the Elders, who sit before My throne. As we have concluded Part I, we shall move on to Part II. My Child, as you sit and write, you see the unsealed book in your lap. Before you is Section II. Open the first page under section II and proceed to write as seen and given."

"My Father, I turn this page, which I notice to be a very thick page, and on the very first page of Section II, I read: 'Words are only Words." This is in large print and underneath are the following words in smaller print: 'Unless quickened by the Spirit. Look, listen and behold these words; for herein is your freedom.' Then, I read, 'Go to a column of light.' Suddenly, I am moved away from this book and away from this house, caught up in the Spirit of God, and I find myself standing on a beautiful and grassy hillside. However, the grass is not green, but is made of pure, beautiful, golden-white light; and all around me is this beautiful light. Once more, I stand before the door, and as I knock I recognize it as the very same radiant door I entered last time; for this is the interdimensional door, which leads into higher realms, into the realms of the Elders and of our Precious Lord Jesus and Beloved Brother Moses. As I knock, the door itself seems to disappear into a blaze of light and I pass right through, bathed in such joy, in such beauty and light. Simultaneously, I see our Precious Jesus and he is standing beside the Board of Seven Elders. Behind the Elders is Moses and my heart leaps with joy when I see them. I run to our Lord Jesus and fall to his feet, embracing them. I kiss his precious feet, and am filled with such love. Our Lord Jesus bends down and touches my hair and says, 'Rise, my Child and be blessed; for the curtains are rising. What has been obscured is being made known and what is known is being clarified.' Then, I see, as it were, what appears to be a small stage and before my eyes, the radiant curtains on the stage begin to part, and as they part, I hear the sound of wind and rumbling, and a brief thunder follows. Then, our Lord Jesus says, 'Go up and take your place on the stage.'"

I look at his beautiful, kind eyes and I look back at the stage, then down at my folded hands; for I feel reserved and shy and want to part of a stage.

"Go ahead, Child."

"Oh, my Lord, I know you are telling Me to do this; but you know that by nature I am a quiet and reserved sort, and I would not feel comfortable there."

Then, our Lord Jesus kneels before me and he says, "See that small desk and see that small chair. This is your small desk and your small chair."

"Yes, but my Lord, it is on a stage. Why?"

"My Little One, you are quiet and reserved. Nevertheless, I have placed you here on this stage."

"Oh, my Lord, I do not think of this and never have to this point in time, and if I had thought of it, would not like it."

"My Child, this is known; but I placed you there and now that you are consciously aware that I placed you there, will you walk up there and work on this assignment?"

"My Lord, I will, but would that I were in basement; for I do not wish to appear to be above anyone, ever."

"Yes, my Child, I know, but I have called you and in due season, I will make you a ruler over My people. Already, I have given you a rod of judgement, which our Father has had you use in pronouncing judgement upon the errant."

"Oh, my Lord, I feel like the least of the least, totally unworthy to sit at your table, totally unworthy to be in your presence, and totally unworthy to serve you. I want no honor, only to quietly serve you and our Precious Father and I do not want to ever appear to be above anyone. This is why I would rather work in a basement than on a stage."

"This is known, my Child, but unfortunately many of my prophets and apostles are on this very stage. Working in this way in the limelight has gone to the heads of many and they crave the attention. They lap up the power and the prestige."

"My Lord, I want none of it."

"Nevertheless, My Child, this is where I have placed you. Will you go there and write?"

"My Precious Lord, your simplest wish is my greatest desire; for I know your wishes are our Father's wishes and I wish to please you both."

"My Child, have you ever seen a fish swim backwards?"

As I walk toward the stage, I ponder what he is asking and as I ascend the three steps leading to the stage, it occurs to me that I have not seen such a thing. "No, my Lord. How could a fish swim backwards?" I think for a moment about fish I have seen swimming in aquariums and whether I could be mistaken. "My Lord, I must say that I cannot recall having seen such a thing." Then, I take my seat at this small desk, where the book is opened to Part II of the assignment, and my eyes fall on, 'Words are only words.' Looking at these few words, I begin to feel as if this short statement may have a connection to fish swimming backwards.

"You are correct, My Child, " our Lord Jesus says, "there is a connection."

"In what way, my Lord?"

"My Little One, what I have just asked you is no more than meaningless words without the Spirit to quicken them, or to add life and meaning to them. Is this not so?"

"Yes, my Lord, but why did you ask me this?"

"To make a point."

"What point?"

"The point is, My Child, that if I speak words, or even if the Spirit of God speaks words and does not give understanding through illumination, what point is there in speaking the words?"

"Yes, my Lord, this is so; but truly many of us, as your prophets, speak words and receive visions, but do not have a clue as to what they mean."

"Yes, My Child, but if each one will pursue with a sincere heart a meaning for what is given, in most all cases, this meaning will be forthcoming. Granted, in certain cases, even as with Ezekiel and Daniel, some meanings are delayed. Nevertheless, they are forthcoming."

"So, you are saying, My Lord, that each prophet should seek interpretation from the Spirit of God for what is given; for if they will not, the visions and words are meaningless."


"To receive is one part and to clarify for understanding is the other part. If a prophet receives only and does not seek clarification so that others can understand, what good is the message? How can it help people?"

"My Lord, I understand this, but does each prophet not have to come to this understanding on their own?"

"Yes, My Child, this is true; for words are only words. They are devoid of meaning without illumination through the Spirit."

"My Lord, why are you telling me this now and why did you ask if a fish can swim backwards?"

"My Child, as my prophets and apostles, are you not fishers of men?"

"Yes, my Lord, you told your apostles of old that you would make them fishers of men and surely this still applies."

"I did and you are correct. It still applies. My prophets and apostles, my teachers, preachers and evangelists are all fishers of men."

"So, what does this have to do with a fish swimming backwards?"

"Oh, my Child, it has much to do with a fish swimming backwards. If Mine Anointed are the fishers, the lost sheep are the fish."

"My Lord, I get this part, but what about fish swimming backwards?"

"My Child, did you ever try to hook a fish that did not want to be caught?"

"Yes, my Lord."

"And, did that fish swim backwards, pulling with all its might to get away from you?"

"Yes, my Lord."

"Then, know this, My Child, if you, as My Anointed Ones, speak words, that have no meaning, the lost sheep may be caught momentarily, but you will not keep them. They will wrestle and pull to get away from you; for what you say has no meaning to them. To be able to hold them once you catch them and to bring them forward and into My Light, your words must be illumined with My Spirit. They must be anointed. Words, which are anointed with the Spirit of God, have meaning. They have hooks and these hooks will snare the lost. These hooks will sink in and they will cause the lost to want to eat, to want to drink of My Living Word. Understand?"

"Yes, my Lord, but why are you telling me this now?"

"My Child, I am cleaning up My prophets and apostles. I am washing and scrubbing them and a great sorting is at hand. Much apostasy has crept in among My Anointed Ones. Over and over, I am seeing My very own rise up with 'holier than thou' attitudes. I am seeing My very Anointed put themselves above others and sit in judgement of those, whom they have no right to judge. I am seeing a great rise in false prophets, who espouse great things, but they are full of self, and are none of Mine. For this reason, I am confounding many. I am drying up their visions and I am withholding meaning from their prophecies. If they will not humble themselves before Me and repent, I shall cut them off all around the world and I shall turn their lives upside down. I am cleaning up My house and this cleaning is taking place now. I ask you, My Child, how often have you reached out and loved My Anointed, only to have them slap you and stab you in the back?"

"My Lord Jesus, this has happened more that I wish to remember and it really makes me sad."

"Well, My Child, know this. This is coming to an abrupt halt. I am sorting out my Tried and True and I am setting them apart for greater works. The egocentric and the selfish shall either repent and put our Father's works first, or they shall perish. Now, My Child, I know you have many questions about this errant star. Our Father has told you that it is fast approaching Earth and this is so. My Little One, you will soon receive much about this planet. Know that it is real and that it is quickly returning. Worry not about it. Fret not. For, the Pure of Heart will be kept for greater works; however billions will perish."

"My Lord, how long do we have?"

"My Child, what is 2-3?"

"My Lord it is -1."

"Then, know, My Child, that this planet is overdue."


"Yes, My Child, this great cleansing of the Earth is overdue, but because of the mercy of our Father, even this has been stayed; but that period has passed and it will not be stayed again."

"Do we have one year, two years, how long?"

"My Child, know this. A long time is never long enough and a short time is always too short. It is coming and it will totally catch most of the world unawares. How does one prepare? Listen to the Spirit of God. Come back to God. Read what is being given herein and obey the voice of God. With this, we shall stop for today. I am Jesus and all is given in accordance with the will of the Most High, our Father and God Jehovah."


As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 3rd day of April, 2002,
Linda Newkirk

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