From the Mountain, Book VIII

Chapter Five


" …A Sampling of Things to Come."

"My Beloved Child, I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God. Blessed are you, My Little One; for your heart is pure and it is full of love for Me and My Son. Your heart is full of love for your Brothers and Sisters, even for those, who have used you and maligned you."

"My Father, I just saw a whip crack and I heard it as well. Then, again and again! And, as the whip cracks, I see a fire, a blazing fire. Father, in the Spirit, I sense such anger. This is not my anger, but anger that is associated with the cracking of the whip."

"My Child, this is My whip and this is My anger; for those, who come to use and abuse you and to malign you and mistreat you, are on the receiving end of this whip. They are on the receiving end of My anger."

"But, Father, I wish them no harm, only that You would have mercy on them; for their hearts are full of darkness and double-timing and save they repent, I fear for their souls."

"This is so, My Child, and save I judge them in their evil, they will not repent. My Child, a great woe is upon the two-faced. A great woe is upon the double-timers, upon the backbiters, upon the users and abusers. Yes, My Child, a great woe is upon them and save they repent, My whip shall sound in their midst and I shall rattle their comfortable world. Many cry that they are Christians, that their hearts are pure, when in fact, they have the blood of the prophets on their hands. My Child, the two-faced backbiters are about to be plunged into a great whirlwind of darkness, from which many will not recover. This is a grievous warning to repent or perish. My Child, you know that the execution trains are running. You see evidence of the tightening of immigration via passports. This means restriction on travel out of this country. You hear of a national ID card, which will soon go into effect, with prison terms for those, who are caught without one on their possession. Beware, My Little One, for this card will obviously not work, so the computer chip in the hand or in the forehead will be required. My Child, be aware of the Beast System and how quickly it is being implemented."

"Oh, my Father, I am aware and I know that we are experiencing a very slight lull right now. We are only being given a very brief reprieve; for I am surely seeing in the Spirit a grievous war by late summer or early fall."

"My Child, this is all part of the New World Order agenda and their schemes are going forth at a very rapid rate."

"My Father, I know that this country will be nuked one day soon; but will this happen before or after the upheaval, which is caused by the passing planet?"

"My Child, all is not set in stone and much depends upon the repentance of the people. My Little One, very soon, I shall carry you into a series of visions regarding this planet/star; but this time is not now. What I want you to understand, My Child, is that each of you is being grievously tried and tested as to what is in your hearts. If your hearts are full of deception, be careful; for this deception will come to the surface and it will control your life. If your hearts are full of anger, beware; for this anger will govern you, save you face it and repent. If your hearts are full of darkness, this darkness will increase, save you come to Me and confess and repent. The approaching of this planet is intensifying what is. For this reason, evil is greatly intensifying; for the world is overflowing with evil; but if your hearts are full of love, this will also intensify. If your hearts are full of sadness, let go of the sadness; for this will make you sick. Realize that what is coming upon this world is a necessary cleansing."

"Father, it is so hard not to be sad about what I see. Out of love and compassion for the lost, my heart weeps. I shed many tears. How can we not weep?"

"My Child, it is good to weep; for this is cleansing to the soul; but to carry unresolved sadness day after day will make one sick. This is why one must weep and then give the burdens to Me and My Son; for aside from repentance, fasting and praying, most of you can do little about what is at hand. This is why you are told to 'praise God' and to 'rejoice in God,' so that your souls are filled with My love and light, so that you are renewed and refreshed spiritually. Therefore, spend time in praise and thanksgiving; for even through this great upheavel, My will is being done. Understand?"

"Yes, my Father."

"Then, Little One, let us proceed with part Three of your assignment. As you have this unsealed book in your lap, turn to page one of Part III and write as seen and given."

"My Father, I have this beautiful book in my lap and I turn the page to page one of Part III. Immediately, I see a beautiful, clear stream and I step off a rock and wade this beautiful stream with my bare feet. As I walk down this beautifully radiant, stream a short distance, I come once more to the radiant grassy hillside and atop this small hill, I see the radiant interdimensional door; and even as I knock, I am carried through, as if by a teleportation of light. I am transferred from one side to the other as in the twinkling of an eye. As I enter through this door, I see the Board of Seven Elders, Moses and our Lord Jesus. Immediately, I fall on my face at the feet of our Precious Jesus and I begin to weep profusely. Oh, my Lord, I know I should not be sad, but I am so sad. I feel so heartbroken; for the cruelty of the world is so great. I feel so heartbroken for the lost. My Lord, so much evil parades as good and so many are being deceived. My Lord, I know I can do nothing about this, save weep and pray; but I just cannot stop weeping for the great numbers of lost in this world."

Then, our Beautiful Jesus reaches down, touches me on the shoulder and says, "Come, my Child." He then takes me by the arm and leads me to sit on a beautiful, white sofa. He hands me a white handkerchief and says, 'My Little One, dry your eyes and wipe the tears from your face. I am merciful unto my people. I am merciful unto the lost. I am merciful unto the rebellious; and even as our Father's judgement is falling, his mercy is ever great. Beloved Child, your tears are my tears and your sorrow is my sorrow. your sadness if my sadness; for I am with you in all things. But, Beloved, let not this sorrow steal your peace. Let it not steal your joy and hope. Let it not move in and steal space where the Spirit of God should dwell."
"Oh, my Lord, were we not in such perilous times, I would not feel so full of hurt and sorrow. But, Beloved and Precious Jesus, look where we are How can I not weep? Oh, my Lord, I wish it were not so. How I wish it were not so!"

"But, My Child, it is so! Nevertheless, I am the hope of this world. I am your way out of this world and into eternal life. I am your life; for through me comes life eternal. Put your faith and trust in Me and live for our Father in Heaven. Obey Him and seek His will in all things. Then, know, My Little One, that as each of you does this, you will be where you should be and you will do as you are supposed to do. Rejoice in this! Have love and peace in your hearts! Pour out your sorrow on me! Give it to me and I will give you a refreshing."

"Oh, my Lord, even as you speak these words, I feel this refreshing. I feel your beautiful love and I am filled with your peace. Oh, my Lord, you are our precious life and how I love you! How I cherish you! Without you, Precious Jesus, we are cut off, so alone and empty. How I remember those days and years of being cut off and so alone and so empty! How I remember those days and years of being lost; and no amount of words can ever, ever express my deep gratitude to you and to our Father for what you have done for me. Oh, my Lord, I am so deeply humbled, so grateful and so full of love for you and for our Precious Father in Heaven."

"My Child, I know your heart and it is full of love. I know you through and through and this is why I have chosen you. I have searched you, my Child, and I have found no guile in you. This is why you have been brought here and this is why you have been given this assignment and not someone else."

"Thank you, Oh, Beautiful and Precious Lord Jesus and Father in Heaven. I am so humbled and so honored, yet feel so lowly, my Lord. I feel like the least of the least and by no means worthy."

"My Child, would you like to proceed to Part III?"

"Yes, my Lord."

"Then, take your place."

"Yes, my Lord." And, I rise, fall to his feet and kiss his nail-scarred feet and hug them. Then, I get up and walk toward the small desk and chair. As I ascend the three steps, my mind trails back to my years of being lost and my heart is overflowing with love towards our Lord and God and I feel such mercy toward others, who are in the same state I was once in. As I take my seat, I behold the book, which is opened to Part III and this is what I read: 'This is only a sampling of things to come …" This is all that is written. I search the page, believing that perhaps some words are obscured, but there are no more words. I look at our Lord Jesus, who still sits on the white sofa, then at the Board of Elders and then over at Moses, who is in a chair beside the Board of Elders and they all look at me with such sweetness, with such love; yet I am at a loss for words. Suddenly, I see myself walking among very tall green reeds and as I walk I chop away the reeds. There, among the reeds is a baby, who has been left among the reeds. A wind blows up, the sky suddenly turns red and a mighty dust storm is blowing in. I hear someone say, "An eye for an eye," and someone loses a finger beneath a knife. Then, darkness moves in and I am seeking to cross a swift river with horses, who do not want to cross it. And, quickly this scene ends as I see our Lord Jesus atop His Holy Mountain. He reaches down and says, 'Come hither, my Child.' Suddenly, the horses disappear, the stream is gone and I am atop the Holy Mountain with our Lord Jesus."

"Oh, my Lord, what were those visions about? And, what does they mean; for I was behind the door with you and with the elders and Moses reading Part III when this deluge of symbols flooded my mind? I do not know what to make of it."

"My Child, what is the difference between fantasy and fact?"

"Reality. For, fantasy is from the mind, but fact must be based on reality, on truth. My Lord, why do you ask me this?"

"I ask you, my Child, for many do not know the difference between fantasy and fact. The world if full of fantasy. Is it not?"

"Yes, my Lord."

"And, because of this, many confuse fantasy with truth, with fact."

"Yes, my Lord, I know this is so."

"Regarding what was just given you in visions, how can you separate fantasy from fact?"

"I cannot, my Lord, and I do not know why you gave me those visions."

"First, my Child, what will you do with these visions?"

"My Lord, I can do nothing with them; for I do not even understand them and do not know why you gave them to me."

"Do you wish to offer an explanation?"

"No, my Lord; for I have none."

"If you had time to think about it, would you possibly conceive of one?"

"No, my Lord, for I have none."

"Then, my Child, Part III is closed."

"But, why, my Lord? Why is it closed?"

"My Little One, go back and read what is written."

"My Lord, it says, 'This is only a sampling of things to come.' But, my Lord, what is a 'sampling?'"

"What you just experienced."

"You mean the flights of fantasy?"

"Yes, my Child, a flight of fantasy is upon the whole world and save each of you comes out of the world and gives up mind-control television and movies, you shall be consumed by these flights of fantasy."

"But, my Lord, we do not watch TV or movies."

"My Child, this is known, but why would your government propose an ID card with your movie-viewing behavior?"

"My Lord, I suppose this is to stereotype each of us psychologically."

"Oh, it is more than this, My Child, it is to know the mind of the individual so that they can better saturate this person's mind with what he or she craves. With the chip in place, the individual will act as a receiver and his or her mind will be constantly bombarded with what he or she craves. This is why. Those of you, who will not give up mind-control movies and television, will find yourselves lost to mind control fantasy. I tell you now, my Child, you as a people of the world, cannot imagine what is about to be hoisted upon you by the antichrist machine. Those, who will not come out of these worldly traps, will be consumed by them. With this, let all be warned. The trap door is being slammed tight upon those, who prefer fantasy to reality. Your days and hours and numbered. You will either serve Me and our Father in truth, honor and Spirit, or you will succumb to antichrist illusion and fantasy. You choose; but you had better make this choice quickly; for soon the trap will close upon you like a vice and you will not be able to get free. I am Jesus and all is given in accordance with the will of our Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God.


As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 4th day of April, 2002,
Linda Newkirk

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