From the Mountain, Book VIII

Chapter Six


"No More Roses"

"My Beloved Child, hearken unto Me. I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God."

"My Father, I have a question for You."

"Yes, My Little One, I know your question and it has merit. You ask why I refer to Myself as Jehovah when I commune with you and others call Me Yahweh. Some call me Yahovah, or Yahvah and this is confusing for many. My Child, it is a problem of language. It is a problem of semantics. It is a problem of translation across languages and many make grand accusations, one against another, for not using My correct name; but I tell you, My Child, that all are facsimiles. They are all close, but not My real name, but a semblance of My name. Therefore, I accept all; for I look at, I read and understand the intents of hearts. I will not deny you; for you do not speak My name correctly. I speak to you as you know me; and you, My Child, know Me as Jehovah. Therefore, I address Myself to you as Jehovah. To another, I may call Myself Yahweh, or Yahovah; but I know the hearts and the intents of hearts. My Spirit imbues those, who seek Me with a sincere heart and I respond accordingly. But, I do not respond to Allah, Mohammed, Buddha, or to any number of names of pagan gods. I am the God of Israel and as many of you, in the House of Israel are cut off from your roots, from your heritage, I know that confusion and misinformation have arisen. Yet I know those, who come to Me through My Son, and I will not turn a deaf ear to you, even though you may mispronounce My name. My heart leaps with joy and shouts with love as I behold each of you come to Me through My Son; for My love for each of you is never-ending. Now, My Child, let us proceed with Part IV of Book VIII."

"Oh, my Father, I do not know what is at the door for this world, but I sense something dreadful in the spirit. I feel like evil is escalating at such a great rate and we are only experiencing a small lull. Yet, what seems as a lull is only a time of re-grouping for the evil ones. It is a time wherein they are planning to add fuel to the fire, so to speak."

"My Child, you have sensed correctly. During this lull, many are slipping back into a deeper slumber; but the wolves are advancing on many fronts."

"Oh, my Father, I read again of how the Homeland Gestapo plans to imprison all, who do not have national IDs on their possession and I read of the military exercises they are conducting in preparation for this time."

"My Child, see the wind. It blows first this way and then the other."

"Yes, my Father."

"My Child, what you are seeing whipping the trees, the buildings, the land, the people, is the wind of execution."

"The wind of execution?"

"Yes, My Child. As you behold the wind at this point, notice that it is only a small breeze, like a gentle summer breeze. It is so mild that most do not even realize that it is also a hot breeze."

"Yes, my Father, I sense this."

"My Child, with the advent of the national ID card, this breeze will pick up and become a scorching wind. This will be a howling, scorching wind and it will be very destructive. Right now, many are being executed in a quiet way, away from the eyes of the public. All is being done in secret, but soon, it will not longer be done in secret. These executions will be done ‘for the good of the country,’ all in an effort to stamp out terrorism, and even in the face of escalated evil, many will still cry that George W. Bush is a Christian."

"Oh, my Father, how long?"

"My Child, you may have three months, or you may have six months; but my point is that you have little time. Watch and listen, My Child, for your government is playing the American people like a harp. They are playing the emotions of the people, but this tune has only begun. Watch and listen; for a

greater exercise of terror is in the works and this greater exercise of terror is being planned by this very government. Once the greater exercise of terror is carried out, many acts of great evil will be implemented quickly by those in power. But know this, My Child, I have an ax to grind with the Bushes. I have an ax to grind with the congress of this land; and I have an ax to grind with America."

"Father, what do You mean?"

"I mean that I have an ax of judgement, which will soon hit this land and it will come through those, who hate you. It will come swiftly and when you expect it least."

"Oh, Father, of all the repentance letters, which have been sent out, haven’t some listened? Is there not repentance here and there?"

"Yes, My Child, some have listened and there is repentance here and there, yet My Child, the numbers are small in comparison to the people of the world. They are small, yet I hear the cries. I know their hearts and I shall not turn a deaf ear and a blind eye to them. I warn each of you to keep up this work. Keep sending the repentance letters to the churches; for with increased calamity, more and more will listen. And, I tell you, My Child, calamity is increasing on all fronts."

"Father, I do not wish to badger You and please do not be angry with me; but how long do we have before the planet comes by? And, Father, are there beings on this planet?"

"My Child, you have months, but the number of months I will not address at this time. ‘Are there beings on this planet?’ Yes."

"Oh, Father, this is all so overwhelming!"

"My Child, my words are a mystery and few understand them."

"Father, I am definitely among those, who do not understand."

"Let us proceed, My Child, with Part IV of your assignment."

"Yes, my Father. I now see that I have in my lap this most beautiful and radiant book and it is turned to Part IV. Just as I begin to search for words on this page, I find myself transported to the radiant hillside and I am standing before the radiant door. But, even as I think to knock, I am transported through this door as if by a wind of light. I see the beautiful Board of Elders and standing beside them and to my left is Moses. Then, beside Moses is our Precious Jesus. I rush headlong and fall at the feet of our Lord Jesus and I hug and kiss his feet. Overcoming me is such a wondrous outpouring of love and peace. He leans over me, touches me on the shoulder and says, ‘Arise and address Moses and the Elders.’ I then arise and walk over to Moses. Even as I hug him, I begin to weep, for I have missed him so. Wiping the tears from my face, I reach up toward the Elders; for they are seated above, and I extend my hands to the first one, look upon his beautiful face and thank him. Then, to the next and so on until I have greeted and thanked all; and as I look upon them I am very aware that two of them are female. They are all so beautiful and perfect in appearance and so full of light and love. One, who sits in the middle and wears a greater crown, stands and says, ‘ Do you know why you are here?’ And, I say, "I do not know why you are addressing me at this moment."

Then, he motions toward the small desk and chair and says, "An arrangement has been made."

Looking up at him, I say, "Beloved One, I know that you are powerful before God and I am only a little person; but I know that as we lack understanding, we should ask. Therefore, I ask you to explain what you mean."

He looks at me and he says, "Behold the Lamb of God."

Then, I see the Lamb of God, who is our Precious Jesus and I want to ask more; but the Elders are suddenly gone from my sight. The Lamb of God has changed into our Lord Jesus and my feelings come rushing forth into words. "Oh, my Lord, I wish I were not so ignorant. Sometimes I feel like such an idiot."

"My Child, do not be angry with yourself."

"My Lord, am I angry?"


"But, why?"

"Because you do not understand."

"Yes, my Lord, I know that I lack understanding, but this is no reason to be angry with myself."

"This is true; for the Spirit of God will explain all."

"But, why would the Elders not explain more. Are they angry with me?"

"No, My Child, they are not angry; but as you seek, you shall find."

"Yes, my Lord, I know this is truth."

"Then, know this, my Child, I am the arrangement. I am the Lamb of God."

"But, explain to me, My Lord, how this relates to my being here at this time."

"My Child, I am the doorway to our Father. You have found this doorway and you have been carried into the Upper Realms many times. Yet, you are among the extreme minority."

"Oh, my Lord, there is more, much more, what is it that I am sensing, my Lord? In the Spirit, I am sensing a grievous darkness and my soul knows. It perceives. What is it, my Lord?"

"My Child, it is the great cleansing of the Earth."

"And, my Lord, the scriptures say that it shall be through fire."

"Oh, my Child, fire shall surely consume many; but fire is not all; for massive Earth changes and grievous wars, great heat and pestilence and famine, these all combined shall take a great toll."

"But, specifically, my Lord what am I sensing in the Spirit?"

"You are sensing what you are about to read in Part IV. Go and take your place and read as seen and given."

"Yes, my Lord." And, I walk with haste to the small stage and sit in the small chair at the small desk; and before me is Part IV of the assignment. Even before I read it, I find myself outside in the bitter cold. The wind is a driving wind and here and there a drop or two or sleet or rain falls. As my teeth chatter, I reach to take a flier from a stack in my arms and I attempt to give one to each passerby. On it are the words, ‘Food for the hungry.’ And, as I reach out to give the fliers to the passersby, some do not seem to see me. As I call out to them, they do not seem to hear me. Now and then, a hungry soul stops, takes a flier and says, ‘Thank you for saving my life.’ Suddenly, I hear a mighty rumbling and the street begins to shake. The trees and houses sway and buildings begin to topple. I hear explosions and see missiles flying by and I take the papers and hide behind a rock. The rock is small and I fear it shall not protect me. The firing soon stops and I come from behind the rock. A stench of rotten flesh is in the air and even in the midst of this stench, I see spring flowers, which are in full bloom. Yet, even among these flowers is utter destruction and ruin. I hear someone say, ‘Not a Chinaman’s chance,’ and I watch as a black vulture flies overhead. This black vulture changes back and forth between a black vulture and a black helicopter and on the side of the helicopter are the words, ‘I devour the survivors.’ Shots come from the helicopter and pummel the buildings and the hillside. There is great destruction and I feel so sad. Then, a voice says, ‘Come up here, my Child;’ and I look up, and high up on a rocky ledge is our Lord Jesus and Moses. Suddenly, I am swept up as if by a great wind of light and I see the words before me, "World War III.’ Looking down, I sense such great darkness and I feel such deep sadness for a world, which is overcome with darkness and war.

Just as suddenly as it began, this vision ends and I find myself back at the small desk and before me is Part IV of the assignment. I see these words before me on the page, "No More Roses." And, beside these words is a long stem red rose, a dead rose. It has a broken stem and dried up leaves. As I behold this dead rose, a great sorrow rushes forth from deep with my soul and as tears stream down my face, I rush headlong to the feet of our Lord Jesus, where I fall, weeping and clutching his feet. "My Lord, my Lord, what grave tragedy is upon us! Oh, my soul anguishes for the people of this land and of this world."

"My Child," he says, as he caresses the hair of my head, "See the warship. See the cargo. See the country, which possesses this warship."

"Yes, my Lord and it is China."

"Then, know, My Child, that this is a hidden warship and the crew on it is hidden; but when you expect it least, China will attack America. This is coming and it is very soon. Get ready; for this battle shall not soon be settled."

"My Lord, explain what was taking place when I was giving out fliers in the cold."

"My Child, you work is to feed the sheep, to feed the lost. Your place of work is in a very cold world and it is becoming colder and bitterer all the time. A few receive what you hand out and truly this work of love saves the lives of some. It gives them life in bringing them truth. But, many cannot see you. They cannot hear you. They are totally oblivious. As you stand out in the cold and minister to the lost, know this, war is coming to America and it is coming soon. And grave natural calamities are at your door."

"So, My Lord, these black helicopters represent war against those of us in the USA?"

"They do and this war will soon come to pass."

"But, my Lord, you will preserve and keep your faithful."

"I will preserve and keep the Pure of Heart. Many call themselves my Faithful, when they know me not."

"But, my Lord, what does the dead rose represent?"

"My Child, what do you see written on the broken stem of the rose?"

"My Lord, it says, ‘Broken Promises.’ But, what does this mean?"

"My Child, is a rose a rose?"

"No, my Lord, there are different kinds of roses."

"Then, this is self-explanatory."

"My Lord, what do you mean?"

"I mean, my Child, that my people the world over are full of broken promises to Me and to our Father and because they have repeatedly lied to me and to our Father, they are cut off from the Spirit of God. They are therefore spiritually dead."

"My Lord, I get this, but why do you say, ‘No More Roses."

"My Child, once these very souls were beautiful to me. They were full of life; but now they are dead and as they are dead, they are No More Roses. Do you understand?"

"Yes, my Lord."

"Then, know this, my Child, the dead will be dead; but I am returning for the living. Understand?"

"Yes, my Lord."

"And, know this also, my Child. What you see in the Spirit is true. A grave calamity is brewing and by Summer’s end the fires of this calamity shall run very hot and the very winds created by it shall burn and consume many. I am Jesus and all is given in accord with the will of our Father, yea Jehovah, Most high God."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 15th day of April, 2002,
Linda Newkirk

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