From the Mountain, Book VIII

Chapter Seven


"Behold the Fire and the Smoke!"


"My Beloved Child, I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God. My Little One, do you hear the wind in the trees?"

"Yes, my Father."

"And, do you hear the frequencies with which the Satanists have pounded you and your household for over two years?"

"Yes, my Father, I hear them."

"And, do you see My fist pound the Earth and open up rivers, canyons, deep basins and bring down mountains?"

"Yes, my Father, I see it."

"Well, then know, My Child, that within 13 moons, this number being a favorite of the Satanists, I shall smash and destroy their equipment. I shall uproot their cavernous factories, where they produce pollutants for the skies and the very poison, which they make My Loved Ones breathe, shall consume them in record fashion. Listen to Me, My Child, when I tell you that I am bringing this evil system down. The Catholic and the Mormon Churches, which are run by Luciferians from the very tops, I shall cast into a muddy mire. These two whores shall wade waist deep in their own corruption and filth. My Child, do you understand what I am saying?"

"Yes, My Father, you are saying that you are about to judge these two churches."

"Have I not told you as much in times past?"

"You have."

"And every errant preacher shall be thrown to his or her knees in deep repentance, or they shall rush headlong into the ‘mark.’"

"Oh, Father, Oh Father, how my heart is troubled for what is! How sad I am for the state of the world! Father, with the recent move, it has been so hard dealing with crooked business people. I have never seen so many crooks. Father, truly You must soon judge this evil; for there seems to be no moral standards governing the actions of these people. Yes, my Father, I know Your laws govern; but these people seem to be cut off from the internal barometer, Your Spirit, which governs right choices."

"You are correct, My Child. They are cut off from My Spirit, but how many of them will tell you a lie and then turn around and call themselves Christians?"

"Too many."

"My Child, remember this: This planet is coming and it is coming soon. But, in addition to this, you, who are left, have nuclear wars to deal with. You have famine and plagues and great trials. Those, who are present when My Son returns, will either be totally enslaved to Lucifer, or they will be fully ready to go home. There will be two types, those, who serve Lucifer, and those, who serve Me and My Son. But, I tell you, My Child, he will take only those, who have come out of the world and who have cleaned up their lives and hearts."

"Father, I cannot discuss these great tragedies without feeling a great sorrow permeating my soul. My heart is heavy and I feel so sad."

"My Child, there is not a single one of you, who would not be sad, if only you understood, if only you could see and hear. My Child, hear the rumbling?"

"Yes, Father."

"My Little One, the Earth, itself is preparing to overturn this evil."

"Because the Earth is alive with Your Spirit."

"Of course, it is alive with My Spirit. It is My Creation. It is a living and sentient organism, a living creation. Some understand this, but most do not."

"My Father, about two weeks ago, just as a storm was about to pass through, you know that about ten or twelve hawks, twelve I believe, assembled over our heads, just above the tree tops. It was the most awesome sight as they just stayed in one place, barely above the tops of the trees. At first, there were just two, then about eight and then more came to make a total of twelve, or so. It happened so quickly and both Dennis and I were so amazed, as hawks never come so close and never so many at once. We looked up and recognized them and they then flew away. Father, since then I have seen in spirit a very old Native American man with two braids and three feathers in his hair. I see him far away above mountains, but I do not know where he is. Father, what does this mean?"

"My Child, it is a signal."

"Father, what kind of signal?"

"It is a signal from deep to deep."

"But, what do You mean, ‘from deep to deep?’"

"My Child, the hawks know you two and they know your mission. Did a squirrel not ask you once if you were God?"

"Yes, my Father and I told him, ‘No,’ that I was only Your helper."

"But, my Child, all that is created of Me has a knowing of Me and My handiwork."

‘So, Father, You are saying that these hawks know that we work for You?"

"Yes, My Child, and so does this distant Native American healer; for he knows you in the spirit across many miles."

"For, we are all connected as one?"

"This is so; but he also knows you through the interdimensional door, for he, himself, travels one."

"So, Father, will I soon meet this man?"

"You already have and you know it not."

"I met him while I was doing spiritual work?"

"Yes, my Child, and in due season, you will be shown this man."

"So, Father, somehow, he is related to the appearance of the hawks?"

"He is."

"Father, this is so interesting, but also very strange, as I do not understand what I see."

"My Child, My words seem strange to many; for My mind is not the mind of man and My ways are not your ways."

"Father, will the hawks return?"

"Would you like this?"

"Oh, yes, my Father, I would!"

"Then, know this, My Child, when you least expect it, they will return; and they will speak a message to you."

"Father, just as the squirrel spoke, through transfer of thoughts, they will speak?"

"‘Tis so."

"Oh, Father, I cherish this and look forward to it."

"Now, My Child, I know what troubles you."

"Yes, my Father, the approaching of this planet troubles me."

"And, it should trouble all."

"Father, what should the people know?"

"They should know this, My Child: 1. The Earth will flip. 2. New land masses will appear and a great amount of land will disappear beneath the churning waters, never to be seen again."

"But, Father, how should Your People physically prepare?"

"Come away from obvious areas of destruction."

"Like what, Father?"

"Like coastal areas, like river banks and basins, like obvious fault lines."

"But, Father, You know that most will not do this. Some are old and infirmed. Some are very young and most will not believe."

"You are correct, My Child, most will not believe. Most will not obey; but those, who obey Me, who listen to My Spirit, will be led to safety. My Child, I have told you that a great purging is upon the Earth."

"Father, You have."

"And, calamities so severe that none of you can imagine living through them."

"Yes, Father, I know it is coming. Father, tell me more about what the people should do."

"My Child, I have told you for years, through My Spirit, to prepare for hard times. In My messages to the churches of the world, I have warned you to build fallout shelters under ground. Over and over, I have warned you to prepare for these very difficult times. My Little Ones, coastal areas and islands the world over are in grave peril. The instabilities, which are caused by the passing will go on for years."

"Father, people are going to panic."

"My Child, the ignorant, the rebellious and the uninformed will not have time to panic. For, the destruction will be sudden and with little warning. Those, who wait to prepare, or who do not prepare at all, will meet a calamitous fate. Even My Faithful, who listen and who prepare, will be sorely tried because of the severity of the times."

"Father, it is hard for many to prepare; for they have little money."

"This is known, My Child, but the longer they wait, the more difficult it will become. For, the masses are being sprayed with mind-numbing chemicals and they are being drowned by mind-controlling frequencies. You are literally being put to sleep, numbed out, so that you will not wake up. My Child, you know that the trains are running; for they are busy stamping out opposition before the great upheaval strikes. With many out of the way when these calamities hit, the Luciferians see their job of enslaving you all as being easier."

"My Father, I wondered why there was such a rush toward mass destruction at this time."

"After this grievous calamity, the Antichrist will emerge with all the solutions and the hungry, the destitute, the brokenhearted and downtrodden will rush to sign up. Many, especially in America, have lived a long time off government handouts and for those, who have this mindset, it will be easy to trust another government figure, who has all the solutions."

"Oh, my Father, You and our Beloved Jesus are our all. How frightening this world is. It is one scary place; for evil rules and deception is the byword of the day."

"You know it to be true. My Child, do you wish to continue?"

"Yes, my Father."

"Then, let us proceed."

"My Father, once again I see the radiant book in my lap and it bears the assignment, which you have for me. It is opened to Part V and even as I try to read what is written on the page, I cannot; for a brilliant light exudes from the page and once again I see myself climbing the beautifully radiant, grassy hillside to the door. I sense that I should knock three times and as I knock, one, two, three, the door disappears into a wall of light and I pass right through. As I enter the room, I see our Lord Jesus and he motions for Me to sit in the chair, which is on the small stage. He stands beside the chair and as I walk toward the stage I am also aware of the Seven Elders and Moses. The tone is serious. It is quiet and somber and I know that I am not to say a word, only to proceed as our Lord Jesus says. As I see our Lord Jesus, I say to him, ‘I love you.’ As I take the seat before him, he pushes my chair up the small desk. Then, he comes around to my right side and he points to the words beside Part V and the words are: ‘Behold the Fire and Smoke!’ And, suddenly I see the fire and I stand at the edge of the fire, safely situated on a rock, and I see all around me what appears to be a forest fire. The fire is so intense that the very air seems to be alive with a mighty heat and fire. As I look up, high up, I see great clouds of billowing smoke and I watch in awe as this smoke is carried upwards by great currents of wind. I hear cracking and popping and turn to see an evil one, whether Satan, or one of his helpers I cannot readily discern, and he is cracking a whip. As He cracks the whip over the backs of poor peasants, who are prostrate on their faces before him, he says, "Burn, baby burn!" Then, he takes fuel, perhaps gasoline, and he pours this on the fire and the very fumes of it make me feel faint. As I swoon beneath the effects of the flames, the fumes and the smoke, this evil creature takes a toothpick and begins to pick his teeth. Suddenly, out of his mouth comes a treasure box and on it are the words, ‘Lost treasures of the Ages.’ He opens the box and a large snake, like a cobra, springs forth, crawls out of the box and into the fire.

Just as I am about to be distracted again by this evil one, the Spirit of God says, ‘Look the your left.’ As I look, I almost lose my balance; but in turning, I steady myself. High upon a rocky ledge is this snake and before my eyes, he changes back and forth from a snake to a man of various countenances. Looking at me, he says, ‘A penny for your thoughts.’ Looking back at him, I blow in his direction and a billowy cloud consumes him. Inside the cloud, I hear the evil snake cursing and bitterly complaining. Then, I hear a rumble and a roar; as if he is trying to get free from something; but cannot. Then, before my very eyes the cloud begins to disperse and I see Lucifer on a rock. He is dressed as an angel of light and looking at me he says, ‘Penny for your thoughts.’

"Be gone with you, Lucifer, in the name of Jesus Christ; for you are utterly evil!" And, I turn to walk away from the Rock and an angel grabs my arm and says, "Never turn your back on the devil!" Turning to the angel, I say, "Thank You." And with my feet still planted solidly on the rock, I say to Lucifer, "In the name of Jesus Christ, I rebuke you, Lucifer," knowing that of my own, I have no power, but it is by the Spirit of God within me that all is done. Then, just as I say the above words, a wall of light appears between me and the evil one, and he is gone.

The mighty angel beside me then takes my arm and once again I am transported back to the room with our Lord Jesus. But, as soon as I get back I begin to feel very sleepy, so I put my head down on the book and it seems that I am cast straightaway into a dream. I find myself in a beautiful spring meadow, which is full of spring flowers. I see that I am wearing a beautiful spring dress and my head is covered with a light and delicate bonnet. Casually, I walk about the meadow, steadily picking flowers, which are called ‘Forget Me Nots." Soon, the basket is full and I hear the Spirit of God say: "Look to the Son." As I look up, I see our Lord Jesus coming my way. His feet never touch the ground; for he is traveling in air, just above the ground. I am Oh, so glad to see him; for where he is I long to be. Suddenly, he is beside me and he says, ‘My Child, sit upon the rock; for I have some good news and some very bad news."

"And, even as he says, "Very bad news," I feel a deep sinking in the pit of my stomach."

Reaching over to this beautiful basket of flowers, he takes one of the ‘Forget Me Nots’ and he begins to chew upon the stem. "My Child," he says, the six days are finished."

"Yes, my Lord and now we enter into the Seventh."

"This is so. And, with the six days over, what does this mean for mankind?"

"My Lord, it means that we have entered into a new day and that soon you will reign upon the Earth."

"This is so, my Child, and this is the good news; for this is a time of love, hope and peace."

"But, the bad news?"

"The bad news is: away with the old and in with the new!’"

"And, my Lord, this is bad news; for many, many the world over are about to perish as the old decadent system is destroyed."

"This is so, my Child and know this: Even as this evil system rises, it is falling. Lucifer, in his attempt to rule the world, will nearly destroy it. But, he will not succeed. He knows his fate."

"My Lord, tell me about the vision of Lucifer."

"My Child, what is written in Part V?"

"My Lord, it says, ‘Behold the Fire and Smoke!’"

"And, you did. Is this not so?"

"Yes, my Lord; but what was that about?"

"My Child, it is about Lucifer, Satan, the Antichrist beholding his work and his fate."

"What was that strange creature, who picked his teeth, took out a treasure box, and out came Lucifer?"

"Some call him a Minotaur, a half bull and half man; and others call him the Beast."

"What is he?"

"The Beast System."

"My Lord, this would make sense; for he was flogging the peasants with a whip."

"Do you not see this the world over?"

"Yes, my Lord and it makes me feel ill all over to see such a thing."

"Then, know this, My Child, in the face of mighty wars, the poor people suffer the most. This evil system is planning a worldwide assault upon the poor. They are going to carry the poor through grievous fires of terrible destruction and then this evil system will beat them while they, on their faces, worship the beast."

"Oh, Precious Jesus and Beautiful Father in Heaven, how I am grieved!"

"Now, my Child, you understand that Lucifer is the treasure of the beast. He comes from the belly, from the bowels of the beast and out its very mouth."

"But, my Lord, he changes into many persons before my very face."

"Yes, my Child, for he is a chameleon. He wishes to appear in many ways and to trick all. He is truly many in one and his many appearances are to deceive the greatest numbers."

"But, why does he say to me, ‘A penny for your thoughts?"

"My Child, they wish to read your mind, to read your thoughts, but cannot; for you have been sealed in the forehead. Remember some time back when the Spirit of God told you that this process had begun and now it is complete. The evil ones wish to read your mind, but cannot."

"Oh, My Lord, I see this sealing and it is a beautiful geometric design. For some time, I have heard people talking about this ‘sealing,’ and I have read of certain prophets sealing others; but I am very suspicious of much of this talk."

"And, rightly so. Very few on the Earth have the authority to seal. My Child, you were sealed by me. Do not believe what this one says or what that one says, but come to me; for many have bought a lie that they are ‘sealed’ when they are not. Now that you know what this sealing looks like, you will be able to see it on others. But, I tell you, my Child, few have been sealed. Very few. However, these numbers are growing; for now is the time."

"My Lord, why does Lucifer’s box say, ‘Treasure of the Ages?’"

"Oh, my Child, is this not self-explanatory? For, truly his evil ways have been treasured by many throughout the ages."

"My Lord, why was he so angry when I blew the Spirit of God upon him?"

"My Child, the Spirit within you makes him angry; for he cannot contend with this. Yes, my Child, he is full of trickery. Do not turn your back on him; but be vigilant; for his evil demons possess many and through others, he will come to steal, kill and destroy."

"But, My Lord, you and our Father provide for us and you protect us."

"This is so, my Child and with this we shall stop for today. I am Jesus and all is given in accordance with the will of our Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God."


As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 20th day of April, 2002,
Linda Newkirk

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