From the Mountain, Book VIII

Chapter Eight


"Behold the Cross! Behold the Fire!"


"My Child, My Child, My Child, I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God. Listen unto Me, My Little One. Evil has lined up against you on many fronts. Out of the mouths of the lost and the controlling flow prayers of abomination against you. They come to make war with you in the spirit. They gather to speak curses upon you and your household and they plot and scheme to take your life. But, know this, My Child, I am making examples out of your enemies. For, when they come to make war against you, they come to make war against Me and My Son.

The world over the battles rage. My Child, these are battles between the forces of Light, My Light, and the forces of evil and darkness, of Satan and his minions. A great war is being waged and the pawns are the humans. The pawns are those of you, who are but children in this war, yea even babes. And, what is truly a war of gods and men, as you have read, is a war for your freedom. It is a war against oppression. It is a war for righteousness. Out of the shadows, the dark and evil ones come to make war against each of you. They come to usurp power, to steal your light, to destroy your peace, to utterly control you with lies and deception and to destroy you on many levels.

Oh, My Child, if only each of you could see, you would know that you cannot win this war without Me and My Son. You cannot win this war without My Spirit. You cannot win this war if you are ignorant of it. You cannot win this war if you are blind and deaf to it. It is a raging war. It is a hot and destructive war and at stake here are your souls.

At stake is the future of mankind. For, these evil ones plan to eradicate each of you. They plan to have a planet, which is fully controlled by evil, in which each of you is evermore the slave. They plan to take away your individual identities and cause you to be automatons, robots in their hands, to be used as they please.

My Little One, you know the outcome of this war, but between now and then, a great terror is upon the world. As the evil ones fight for supremacy, as they fight for absolute power and control, realize this: humanity is on the chopping block. Humanity is set up for ready disposal. Your hope comes through My Son; for He is the Savior of Mankind. Through Him comes your gift of eternal life. Through him comes your salvation. There is no other way; for this has long been decided. Yes, it has long been decided upon. But, if you will not honor him and My covenant to each of you through him, you will be left out. You will not receive your inheritance.

I tell you, My Child, these are grave and perilous times and this war is heating up every day. There is no end to the plots and schemes of the Luciferians to eradicate each of you. This is a complicated maze of deceit and treachery; for human life is an abomination to them. Why? Because the just and the righteous among you will receive eternal life! You will get off the wheel of slavery and you will be opened up to the beauties of the Higher Realms. And, they are doing all in their power to stop this.

Yes, they are creating grave havoc around the world, and in the process, they are causing many to die, to perish. They are out to destroy the Earth and all that is in it and I tell you that they are doing much damage and will do a greater damage before the return of My Son; but in the end they will lose.

Yes, My Child, I am allowing much of this. Why? Because of the utter rebellion of mankind around the world. This gross sin and rebellion is a foul smell. It is a sickening sight. It is repulsive to Me; for I created you unto righteousness. I created you unto holiness and purity, that I may delight in you; but I tell you that the world over, the masses have become a curse upon the land.

Those over you call you consumers and this is a suitable definition for many; for you have an insatiable appetite for things of this world; but you care not for Me; for My Son, or for anything holy. You are content to live as filthy rags and to walk in utter darkness. This is your rotten state before Me and you take pride in it. This, My Child, is why I am allowing the eradication of many the world over.

Yes, My Child, I know this grieves you; for it grieves Me; but I tell you now: Mankind, the world over is ripe with iniquity. You are ripe with rebellion and the ripe ones are about to be plucked en mass numbers and tossed into the burning fire.

As I look out and around the world, I see many, many, who proclaim love for Me and My Son; but they are gray. They are not filled with My Spirit. They talk a good talk; but they do not know Me. They call themselves Christians by day and fornicate with the world by night. I do not know them. My Son does not know them; but their mouths are full of talk, talk, talk. Do you see what I see, My Child?"

"Yes, my Father."

"When you look out and you see as I see, I ask you, My Child, how many pure of heart do you see? How many?"

"Oh, my Father, in the vision, which you are giving, I see throngs of people, who are all gray and there must be at least 10,000. But, within this huge mass of people, I see only three, who wear white robes, whose hearts are pure."

"My Child, what you see is correct."

"Oh, my Father, this pains me so. My heart is saddened. My Father, I do not know how to reach them. What can be done? For, huge numbers will not make it."

"You are correct, My Child. Now, you see what I see and you know the plight of mankind."

"Oh, Father in Heaven, have mercy! Open their eyes! Open their ears and make them see and hear!"

"My Child, to each is given a free will. As the saying goes, ‘You can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make him drink.’"

"What is going to happen to all these gray souls?"

"My Child, the great shaking is coming. Look at the shaking and see the sifting. For, when grievous calamities strike, many will be purified. Without these calamities, without My judgements, they will not change. Dire conditions must be imposed before they truly want Me and My Son. As long as they are allowed to continue in a lukewarm walk, they will; for this is the easy way. They believe that they can profess Me and My Son and continue to do as they please. This, My Child, is the nature of their downfall and the reason for My judgement."

"Oh, Father, I wish this were not so; but as I have been lost, I know that the best way for the lost to turn their lives around is on their knees looking up, begging and seeking Your will with a penitent heart.

Oh, My Lord Jesus, come quickly for your people; for what is at hand is horrible. It is so horrible!"

"My Child, as you tire, we shall finish this later. Then we go to Part VI of Book VIII. Go this day in peace and know My Child that I will never leave you. I will never forsake you and you and yours shall not drown beneath the churning waters. Neither will you fall to the earthquakes, or wars, famine or disease; for as I am with you and as My Son stands beside you, who will prevail against you? Though they come in droves with their curses and with their foul prayers of control and utter evil, they will not win. Through Me, My Spirit, through My Son and My many angels, they are utterly defeated. I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God.

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 24th day of April, 2002,
Linda Newkirk


"My Beloved Child, I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God. Listen to Me, My Little One, and write as I say for a grave tragedy is upon mankind. It is upon the world. It is the old Luciferian game of divide and conquer, and through great division, many shall fall. I warn you, My Little One, that World War III is heating up. The USA is facing this. As you plot and scheme to subdue and rule the world, others plot and scheme to subdue and rule you. The Bushes are headed into the fire. If they continue with their war of terror upon the peoples of the world, a grave terror shall befall this very house. They will not win a war with Iraq. They will not win in a bid to separate and divide Israel and to control Jerusalem. They will not win, My Child. I tell you now that the USA is destined to lose. Even now, as your constitution is being shredded and a police state is rising in the USA and you are creating war on many fronts, you are as an emaciated tiger, rushing headlong into battle against the fat, the lean and the strong. You will not win. You will lose on many fronts and in your state of utter weakness and rebellion, you as a country, will perish. You will be evermore in shackles because you seek to put the world in shackles.

A grievous howling will soon go up in the Bush Crime Family as their fates come knocking. Their destiny is one of brokenness, for they have defiled the land. They have spit in the face of the everlasting covenant. Through blindfolds, lies and deceit, they are shackling America; but I tell you, My Child, you have the leadership you deserve. You have a congress of bought and sold whores, who have sold your freedoms to the highest bidders. And, you have a populace, which is numbed out and dumbed out through rebellion. You have churches across the land, who have signed into Lucifer’s International Church organization and you have churches across the land, who have entered into a blasphemous covenant with Lucifer, which is called the 501 (c)3 tax agreement.

Oh, My Child, the war drums are beating. The war cries are escalating and blood is dripping from America. The Bushes are heavy with blood, blood of the innocents and blood, their blood, shall be required of them. In darkness, they plot your demise and they scheme to make each of you slaves; but I tell you, My Child, great ire across the world is mounting against them. Brotherhood will turn against Brotherhood. See My dividing ax divide and cut and separate this Brotherhood as pieces of a pie, cut and separated, which will not be re-assembled. Yes, I am dividing this evil Brotherhood and I am pitting piece against piece, section against section and never again will it know such unity, such power and authority. For, I am turning the lion against the snake and the snake against the leopard and I am raising the vulture to a new height. Yes, this very vulture of war shall pick the bones of the snake. It shall pick the bones of the bear, the leopard and the lion. So, what goes forth as a mighty sound of war, will retreat as a sick, wounded and dying beast. Yes, My Child, the beast is rising, but it is about to suffer a mighty wound. And sounds of great travail and weeping and mourning shall go up from the Bush House; for defeat is their fate. It is their destiny. Oh, My Child, how Lucifer has deceived the masses through the Bush House. How he has deceived the prophets; for through flowery words and fancy shows, Lucifer has deceived many, many, many through the Bushes. On stolen gold they rush forth to control the world. They ride over the backs of the poor and the destitute in their bid to control the world; but I tell you, My Child, this Bush carriage, which runs on stolen gold, shall flip on a road block. It shall suffer an utter defeat. It shall fall and it shall plummet and it shall be ripped apart. Yes, My Child, George W. Bush was destined to become president. I decreed it; but his ways have proven to be evil parading as good. With this, My Child, let us proceed."

"Yes, my Father, and even as you say these words, I see that this radiant book is in my lap and I begin to open it to part VI of Book VIII. As I try to open it, I find that the pages are hard to separate; for it seems as if an unseen force will not allow it. And, suddenly I am transported once more to the beautifully radiant hillside, where I have been before. As I stand before the beautifully radiant door and begin to knock, I am swept through it by a powerful wind of light and I am carried once more to the side of the small desk and chair. To my left is the Board of Elders. Moses stands before and beneath them and to my right on the stage is our Lord Jesus. I rush to him and fall to his feet with a deep feeling of sadness erupting within my heart; for I feel a grievous calamity stirring within my soul. "Oh, My Lord, My Lord Jesus…" And, then I begin to plead and weep before him in a language which is unknown to me. He kneels beside me and caresses the top of my head and as he does so, I feel a tear drop to the top of my head. As the tear hits the top of my head, I begin to shake and tremble as if an earthquake has hit my soul. Suddenly, I see that I am in bed, whether sick I do not know. Yes, I do; for I see that I am ill with a high fever and I am so thirsty. A beautiful angel comes and gives me a glass of water and says, ‘Your Mother is dying.’ In this state of sickness, I struggle to grasp what the angel is saying; for I know that one year ago, my Mother passed on. I reach out to take the water to drink it and I notice that the curtain beside my bed is open and a cool breeze is passing through. In my state of being half awake and half asleep, I peer through the window and outside I see Lucifer, the serpent, and he is changing shapes. Again, he says to me, "A penny for your thoughts.’ Suddenly, I feel another tear hit the top of my head and I am aroused from the visions and find myself at the feet of our Lord Jesus and I am resting. Awakening, I ask him to forgive me, for I must have fallen into a slumber.

"My Child," he says, "arise!"

I arise to see our Lord Jesus’ tear-stained face and Moses stands near me now, his eyes full of tears. I look at the Elders and see that two of them are weeping. Such sadness prevails and I am so concerned.

"My Child, sit," our Lord Jesus says, "for that, which has been hidden, is now known."

So, I rise and take my place at the small desk and the book is now opened to Part VI of Book VIII. As I focus on the words, I hear words, which are spoken in unknown languages, and I clearly do not understand. Then, I realize that I seem to be hearing words from the Book of Daniel, the very words, which are Mene, Mene Tekel. Quickly they come and quickly they go and I am led to focus on Part VI of Book VIII. The words flow like a river and I cannot focus on them. But, even as I think this, the Spirit of God says, ‘Yes, you can.’ Looking down, I see the words begin to take shape and this is what I see: "Behold the Cross! Behold the Fire!" As I see the word ‘fire,’ my chair is thrown backwards. Looking up, I see our Lord Jesus. He appears as on a huge picture screen and he is riding a huge white horse. In his left hand is a bow and in his right hand is an arrow and he says, ‘They come to make war with the saints.’ Then, he is gone and as I struggle to get up and off my back, I sense the touch of our Lord Jesus and he says, ‘Not yet.’ Then I look up a second time and I see a red train, which is packed with many people. As it slowly passes along the tracks, I see myself outside the train and I am trying to reach the hands of those, who are crying to get out. As each car passes, I reach upwards, grabbing for hands, pleading before God to intervene; for I know that they go like cattle to a slaughter.. After what seems to be a very long time, I see the end of the train pass and I sit upon the track bereft and broken hearted and I weep profusely for what is. Oh, I am so heartbroken; for they are gone. Oh, how I weep; for they will soon perish.

As I sit on the tracks and weep, an eagle comes with a stalk of wheat in its beak. I take the stalk of wheat and see that the eagle is really an angel. "Arise, Child, for the Most High God Jehovah is calling you."

I arise and with the angel I am transported to the throne of God. As I bow prostrate on my face before Him, I hear the sound of rushing waters and I feel a coolness pass over me. "My Little One," He says, "Arise and stand before Me."

"Oh, my Father, I am not worthy; for I feel that I have failed. So many are gone and I could not reach them. The burden upon my soul is so great; for I could have done more. I could have worked harder and now it is too late!"

"Arise, My Child, and dry your tears; for all is not lost."

"Oh, but Holy Father, these souls are lost. They are gone and I missed the chance to reach them. The burden in my heart is so great and I feel sick all over."

"Yes, My Child, all these things I know. But, know this. You, as a people, as a nation, have an individual and a collective debt. Each of you bears a burden for what is. When I warned you to work for the night is falling, know that this was a valid warning. Now, My Child, you are moving into the night and this darkness is falling quickly."

"Oh, Father, I see it and truly there is little light left. The sun has gone down and I am seeing a few stars in the sky here and there and it is night, save for a little light."

"My Child, you are entering into a time where it will be very difficult to do My work and to proclaim the wonders of salvation through My Son. A great hammer is about to fall on freedom of expression worldwide. Many will be hauled before world courts and sentenced to death for proclaiming these truths. Others will be ripped out of their houses in the darkness of the night. Know that this is at hand. The red train of communism and the black train of death is running. Soon, they will be moving quickly and many, many will perish upon them."

As he finishes this sentence, He motions for me to stand before Him and as He places a small crown upon my head, He says, "I crown you with goodness with righteousness and purity, with truth and with honor; that so long as you live, you proclaim My truths, My laws, My power and My Way through My Son. Ten thousand will fall to your right and ten thousand to your left. Many will come to make war with you. Many will come to kill you; but it is my solemn promise to you that so long as you put Me first, so long as you humble yourself before Me, so long as you do My will, every one who attempts to do you harm shall fall by the way. Every one, who comes to lay hold of you will perish. My hand is upon you. Fear them not. Loudly proclaim My truth. I am with you. My Son is with you and your enemies shall not prevail over you."

And even before I can say, ‘Thank You, Father,’ I am caught up in a mighty rush of wind and I am once more back to our Lord Jesus and I find myself standing beside the small desk and chair. I feel dizzy as if I am coming out of a dream, so I feel for my head and there I find a small crown.

Our Lord Jesus senses my thoughts and he says, "But you are not dreaming. Look."

And, as I look down I see a small scepter in my right hand and as I behold these things, which have just take place, I do not know whether I should weep or sing praises; for I am so deeply touched with a great humility and great joy. And, as feelings of deep humility overcome me, I sit in the small chair, place my head down on the small desk, and begin to weep. Our Lord Jesus touches my head and says, "Arise, My Child, and address the Elders."

Suddenly, I feel so weak and as I arise my knees are trembling. Taking a few steps, I stand trembling before the Elders, feeling so small and insignificant, so unworthy; for they are all so powerful before God and I am only a child. As I approach them I feel that I should bow and even as I think to do so, the one in the middle, who wears the largest crown says, "Bow not." So, I stand before them and wipe my tears from my face, embarrassed, for I must look such a mess. Then, the leading Elder hands me a small booklet and on the outside of the booklet are the words, ‘Divine Decrees.’ However, this small booklet is sealed and as I wonder why I am given this, the Elder says, "For the benefit of those, who love and cherish Jehovah, the Most High." I look into the kind eyes of the Elder and I mutter a very humble, "Thank you,’ feeling like the least of the least and totally unworthy to stand before them.

Then, in a flash, I am back in my bed and the fever and the illness has totally subsided. The angel is gone and I look out the window to see that Lucifer is gone. I feel alive and well and can’t believe that I was ever sick.

This vision passes just as quickly and I am aware that I am standing with our Lord Jesus on my right and Moses on my left, and I am filled with such great love for them. My heart leaps with joy; for I feel the blessings of the Most High upon me and I shout with joy. "Praises to the most High God Jehovah, to our Beautiful Father in Heaven! For, He is full of love and mercy and goodness! Holy, holy, holy is His name!" Then, I fall to the feet of our Lord Jesus and kiss his feet. I arise and embrace Moses, filled with such love and awe.

And, suddenly I am back at home with pencil in hand and the voice of our Father in Heaven is saying, "My Little One, with this we shall stop for today; but as you have questions we shall continue this later."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 25th day of April, 2002
Linda Newkirk


"My Beloved Child, I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God. Behold the date, My Child; for it is a Satanic human sacrifice day around the world. (May 01) Watch this date, My Child, for darkness and evil flow forth from this day. Evil plans and schemes to devour mankind, to destroy you until none are left, are being decreed on this day. These plans are being pushed forth by Lucifer and his servants. But, listen to Me, My Child, I am preserving My Faithful. I am preserving the Pure of Heart and they shall not taste death. They shall not perish; for I have decreed it"

"Oh, my Father, my soul is troubled; for I am seeing how Your prophets are being divided and separated. I am seeing how the selfish are being consumed with a greater selfishness. I am seeing how the manipulators are slipping into a greater manipulation and stealth. I am seeing how those, who deceive, are being deceived in a great way by the world. Oh, Father, Oh, Father, I sense a terrible washing. I sense a terrible purging."

"My Little One, have I not said that I am cleansing My prophets? Have I not said that I am separating the phony light shows from the real? Have I not shown you that I am cleaning house? Those, who are selfish, will perish. Those, who love the world, will be deceived by the world. Those, who manipulate to suit self, will be crushed by Lucifer, the greatest manipulator of all. A great purging is at hand, My Child. It is a purging of My people. It is a purging of the land. And, this great purging is bringing in a new day of peace through the rule of My Son."

"Oh, my Father, the evil of this world saddens me so. How long, Father? How long? How long?"

"My Child, the return of this planet is going to clean house. It is going to purge this world in a great way. And, what this coming planet does not purge, wars and more wars will eradicate."

"Oh, Father, people are so full of rebellion. They are so full of evil and how my soul weeps for them. How I weep for the prophets, who proclaim you and our Beloved Jesus, yet they are full of self. Father, how can we look at this and not be overcome with grief?"

"My Child, I tell you this: All the tears you shed and all the tears My Faithful shed cannot make a single person change. Only a deep decision to change and a penitent heart before Me can bring one to the realization that they are lost. It is a singular road before Me, which each of you must travel. Each of you must be torn down, brought low, and be ridden of self. Then you can begin to grow in Godly love. My Child, I know you are heartbroken for the people of the world. I know you cannot imagine living through the carnage, which is at hand; but you will. Just as Jeremiah warned and warned and warned and lived through it all, so will you and Dennis. You will live to tell about this grave carnage and My words to you and the words of My Son will live on to inspire many to come back. My Little One, it is a journey of love. My work is about love. If I do not chastise the rebellious, how can I say that I love them? I am not an ‘anything goes’ God. I am a God of love, yet also a God of perfection. What I have, I want My Loved Ones to possess and this is My promise to the Pure of Heart. Where I am you will be and you will not perish, but will receive eternal life through the gift of salvation, which comes through My Son. Yes, My Child, he is coming back for the Faithful, the Pure of Heart, and he is coming back soon. Now, My Child, you have questions about the last message."

"Oh, yes, my Father, I have many questions."

"Then, let us proceed."

"Father, when you say that you are dividing the evil brotherhood and you list various animals, who will turn on one another, please explain who these animals are. Who is the lion and who is the snake?

"My Child, the lion is the Lion of Judah, My Son, and in the end he will utterly defeat Lucifer, the snake."

"The snake against the bear?"

"Lucifer against Russia and her provinces."

"The bear against the leopard."

"Russia against he spotted cat, the United Nations."

"The vulture?"

"The bird of carnage and death."

"The vulture against the snake?"

"Great death and carnage shall come to Lucifer’s camp."

"My Father, you say that the vulture will pick the bones of the bear, the leopard and the lion. But, how can the vulture pick the bones of the Lion of Judah?"

"This is how, My Child, though you do not grasp it at the time. The Lion of Judah, My Son, Yeshua (Jesus) has an army of saints. Many of these are on the Earth at this time fighting the good fight, fighting for truth and honor among My people. These saints constitute the body of Christ, the body of the Lion of Judah and I tell you now, My Child, that many, who love Me and My Son, shall perish in wars. Many shall become martyred. Many shall die in the carnage, which is at hand."

"But, Father, You say that You will preserve the Pure of Heart. Surely, many of these have pure hearts."

"Yes, My Child, this is so; but in every case that one becomes a martyr, at some level, whether conscious or subconscious, this person, the one, who is Pure of Heart, has made this decision."
"Oh, Father, there is so little that I understand. Forgive me for being so ignorant."

"My Child, I expect you to ask if you do not understand and I will give you wisdom and understanding."

"Oh, Father, I can never thank you enough. I am so humbled before You, so full of love for You and for our Lord Jesus and so utterly broken and unworthy."

"Yet, you are worthy, My Child, if not, I would not have called you."

"But, my Father, I do not feel this way; for I have been so lost and could never feel worthy in my eyes. Your beautiful love and the love of our Lord Jesus is such a precious gift and it brings tears to my eyes; for I know that none of us can ever be worthy of such a precious gift."

"My Child, I understand how you feel; but know that it is this very love, which keeps all going. It takes one away from doubts, away from fears, away from the mundane and the worldly. It is this very love, which is the salvation of all."

"I know, my Father, and this love is such a beautiful gift! Thank You, my Father, Thank You, Precious Jesus. I love You so!"

"My Father, I am saddened for the Bushes. I do not wish to see anything evil befall them. Oh, that they would turn from evil, that they might be spared. This is my heartfelt desire."

"My Child, your heart is known to Me and I, too, would like to see such a thing; but My Little One, I tell you that the line of division has been drawn. The die is set and they are firmly set on the other side of the line."

"My Father, as we move forward to a better understanding of the above message, a tear from our Lord Jesus falls on my head and I am catapulted into a vision, wherein I see that I am sick with a high fever. But, in realization I am not sick. Father, please explain this vision."

"My Child, My Sons tears fall upon your head; for he weeps for you. He sees you suffering. He sees your trials and out of great love for you, he weeps. You see yourself sick with a high fever and thirsty; for My Child, you have been through a desert of despair. You do not see yourself as sick; but going through great trials has tested you to the core and these trials have caused a great thirst for My Spirit within you. As you and your husband have suffered trials, Lucifer and his have come to spy on you and they have continued to persecute the two of you with mind control frequencies. All this has made you take to bed to rest; for you have been sorely tried."

"Oh, my Father, this is so. We have come under attack from all sides. I have prayed so often and have seen curses sent upon us and demons hounding us. Lucifer and his pawns have used many evil ones to steal from us and to rip us off. I look at this and all that is going on in the world and I am saddened. It robs us, Father; for the devil never gives up. But, in my heart, I know why we are being persecuted so. I know why. For, this same kind of persecution has come before other prophecy books. I have recounted it and I know that Book VIII has some powerful information. It is coming forth and Lucifer is hounding us. He is putting up road blocks in all directions and he is trying to defeat us so that the people will not receive what You have for them."

"This is so, My Child and some, who call themselves your friends, are agents of Lucifer. They are working for Lucifer and seeking to control you through errant prayers, which I do not answer; but Lucifer does. Yes, My Child, powerful messages for My people are coming forth and these messages can save millions upon millions of lives, if people will only listen and repent. This is why you are being attacked so, and this is why Lucifer wants to read your mind. But, he cannot; for it is sealed."

"My Father, when I come out of this vision and see Moses weeping and some of the Elders weeping, why are they weeping?"

"They are weeping for love of mankind; for they see the great purging, which is upon the land and they, too, are full of sorrow."

"Father, why am I hearing these words from the Book of Daniel?"

"My Child, do you remember what you heard?"

"Yes, my Father, it was Mene Mene Tekel."

"And, when you go to the Book of Daniel to translate, what do you see?"

"My Father, Mene means ‘God hath numbered thy kingdom and finished it.’ Tekel means ‘those, who are weighted in the balances and found wanting.’ But, Father, why has this been given to me?"

"My Child, if you think that this refers to you personally, you are mistaken. However, know this: These very words refer to My Kingdom on Earth at this time. I have numbered My Kingdom and I have finished it; but you, within My Kingdom, have been weighed in the balances and you have come up lacking."

"Oh, my Father, I feared that You were talking to me, that You were angry with me, that I had failed you in some way. Then, my Father, the words lead into part VI of Book VIII where I see these words, ‘Behold the Cross. Behold the Fire.’ Father, how does this relate to our Lord Jesus on the horse, with the bow and the arrow in his hands?"

"My Child, My Son is returning to fight for the Faithful. He is bringing the bow and he is bringing the arrow and he is going to subdue the enemies of My people."

"But, Father, how does this relate to the words, ‘Behold the cross. Behold the Fire?’"

"My Child, when you are told to behold the cross, know that this has several meanings. Each of you is told to pick up your cross and follow My Son. He died on the cross so that you may have life and now as you know that the planet, which is coming is also called the Planet of the Crossing, or Planet X"

"But, how does this relate to ‘Behold the Fire’?"

"My Child, out of the passing of this fiery planet, many will be put through trials by fire. Out of the fire, out of the ruins of this planet’s passing, Lucifer will rise. Those, who will not pick up their cross and follow Me and My Son, will be consumed by the fires of the passing of this planet, by the fires of the world and by the fires of Hades. So, each of you will repent and come to Me and My Son as Little Children with humble and penitent hearts or you will perish. This is why you are told to behold the cross and behold the fire."

"Father, I am so utterly devastated by the passage of the execution trains. My heart is breaking, Father. It is breaking for these lost souls."

"My Child, I know this. I know your great love for others. It is a pure love, My Child, but many have taken advantage of you. They have lapped up your goodness and they have returned evil for good."

"Father, this is so sad. It is so very sad to see the way people do."

"And, because of your sincere love for others, I have crowned you with goodness. I have crowned you with righteousness and I have set you up in preparation for what is to come."

"Father, what do You mean, ‘in preparation for what is to come?’"

"In preparation for My Son’s rule. Therefore, I say to you, My Child, continue on. Be not troubled. Trust in Me and obey Me and My Son. Do as you are told by Me and My Son and be not overcome by what you cannot change."

"Father, I look forward to receiving these divine decrees."

"Soon, My Child, very soon."

"I realize that I am not sick at the end of the vision and I know, my Father, that in finishing this section, you have taken many of my burdens. You have taken much heartache and pain from me and I am so grateful. Thank You, Precious Father, I love You so."

"And, My Child, I love you and all My Children more than you can ever know. With this, we shall stop for today. I am Jehovah, Most High God."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 1st day of May, 2002,
Linda Newkirk


Beloved, the following was added as an addendum to this chapter; for this is our Father’s will. As you read what is contained in this part of Chapter Eight, recall how our Father previously said that the evil ones will come to murder me and my husband. You will read herein about their on-going microwaving of our home, yet our Father is true to His words, that He is keeping and preserving us, regardless of what they do. To Him is the praise and the glory forever and ever!

Last Friday night, I had just gone to bed when I saw a two feet wide beam of microwaves come right through the wall. I felt the waves when they touched the top of my head and I felt the burning, which was associated with them. All day the next day, I felt nauseated and dizzy and this continued on into Sunday. On Sunday, I began to really seek God. I reminded Him about His promise that no weapons formed against us can prosper. I prayed for a total healing from their murder attempts. And, during my prayer, a most beautiful thing happened. All of a sudden, I saw a beautiful white light come through the top of my head. As this beautiful Light of God moved through my head and down my body, I felt a sharp pain go right down through the top of my head. I was lying down at the time and after a few minutes I got up and all the pain in my head was gone. The burning was gone and the dizziness quickly left me and has not returned. God totally healed me! Beloved, this is the love of God. He is true to His promises that no weapon, which is formed against us shall prosper, but what I know at this point is that He allows us to be tried and tested and to go through many things, that in the end He may have the glorious victory. To our precious Father in Heaven is the glory forever and ever! He is full of love and mercy!


Message from our Father in Heaven

"A Clap in the Heavens!"

"My Beloved Child, I am your Father in Heaven. Listen to Me, My Child, and record what I say, that My Little Ones may have understanding. What is at hand is a bitter pill to swallow; for illusion shall become evermore a reality and reality an illusion."

"Father, explain what You mean."

"My child, as the eyes of the world have been on an Iraqi war, an illusion of a great war, the reality of an impending war is brewing between Pakistan and India."

"And, Father, will this be a nuclear exchange?"

"You have seen it."

"Father, is this not what the New World Order really wants?"

"Of course, they want it; for this would even the playing field and make their reign of terror easier."

"Father, why are we being attacked by microwaves and why have you allowed this?"

"My Child, what do you see before you?"

"Father, I see a peeled banana."

"My Child, take the peeled banana and take a bite of it."

"My Father, I try to bite into it, but cannot for it is soft on the outside, but is hard, like metal on the inside, and it is acidic and also very bitter. This taste is making my mouth very hot and fire and steam, even lava, are flowing out of my mouth. I now stand on top of a mountain, dressed for battle, with a bow and arrow in my left hand and a glittering sword in my right. Father, what does this vision mean?"

"My Child, what are we talking about?"

"Father, we were discussing why You have allowed certain attacks against us."

"And, what followed?"

"The peeled banana. But, what does this mean?"

"My Child, have you ever heard the words, ‘top banana’?

"Yes, Father."

"And what does this expression mean to you?"

"The one in charge."

"Yes, My Child, this is the meaning of what you see."

"So, the top banana is peeled?"

"Yes, he is peeled and exposed."

"But, why would you have me take a bite out of something, which is made of metal inside? Plus, it is acidic and bitter."

"My Child, the enemy portrays a soft front, just like the peeled banana. To the public, they look pleasing and appetizing. They present their plans and schemes in such a way that they are edible, they are digestible. But, their schemes and plans ultimately taste bitter and eat away at the insides of the masses."

"But, Father, I do not buy their schemes and try to stay clear of them."

"Yet, My Child, you cannot; for you speak against them. Through My words, you reveal who the enemy is and you reveal their evil schemes. Therefore, my Child, you cannot steer clear of them."

"Father, why did You have me bite into the banana?"

"To reveal two things: 1. That they are exposed 2. That by biting into the exposed banana and tasting its foul taste, a mighty change would take place within you."

"Which is?"

"A mighty warrior anointing, a new anointing of mighty power and fire."

"Father, tell me about this anointing."

"My Child, enemies in high places over the Earth have come to make war with you. I will put strong words in your mouth against your enemies and when you speak these things, a mighty fire shall come from your mouth, and through your words they shall be destroyed."

"Oh, Father, how long before this comes to pass?"

"My Child, reach out and take the glistening sword from the angel."

"Father, I have it in my hands and it is a heavy sword; but even as I touch it, I see fire and hear a deep rumbling."

"My Child, drink of the cup, which the angel gives you; for this is a cup of My wrath and indignation against those, who come to harm you and My Chosen Ones."

"Oh, My Father, I take this cup and I hear a mighty rumbling. I hear a mighty shaking and I see explosions, great explosions in the Spirit." Even as I put it to my lips, I sense that it is hot; for steam comes from it. As I drink it, the liquid goes down smoothly, but it sits in my stomach, like a block of stone. As I blow out, I see a trail of fire and smoke and I see explosions, which follow this stream of fire. Wherever I blow is fire and destruction."

"This is so, My Child."

"Father, I do not understand all that I see."

"No, you do not, My Child, but soon your enemies will. For, they come to kill you, My Child. They come with first this weapon and then another; but I tell you, My Child, the line of demarcation has been drawn in the sand. Know this, My Child. Your enemies shall perish but you and your husband shall not."

"Father, what is that noise, which we have heard since yesterday?"

"My Child, it comes from those, who never tire of evil and it is a greater war against you."

"Oh, Father, when will You stop these assaults?"

"My Child, I want you to pick up that sword and I want you to divide the Clinton/Bush White House. Take that flaming sword, My Child, and let it fall through the middle of this whore house."

"Yes, my Father, I take this sword and I do as You say."

"Then, My Child, take My fiery sword and let it dice and slice the 13 story anathema space station."

"My Father, I take the sword and I do as You say."

"Then, My Child, take this sword and slice and dice the NSA, the CIA and the FBI."

"My Father, as You say."

"Then, My Child, take this sword and slice and dice that whore, which sits on many waters, the Vatican, itself."

"As You say, my Father."

"Then, take My sword and slice and dice the Israeli Alliance. In the Spirit, you see it, My Child."

"As You say, my Father."

"Now, my Child, what do you see?"

"My Father, I see a rip-roaring, flaming fire. People are trying to put it out with water hoses, but the fire only grows hotter."

"Father, what of those, who are persecuting us from beneath the ground."

"Stand up, My Child and take My sword and slice and dice those 13 times, who are beneath the ground. This is the devil’s favorite number and I will make an utter example of them."

"My Father, I have done as You have said."

"Now, My Child, take your foot and squash their evil plans into a state of utter powder."

"Father, I have done so and even the fragments of their plans have been consumed by burning fires."

"This is so, My Child and look, what do you see."

"I see angels, who are rounding up these evil ones, and they are throwing them into prison."

"My Child, all that you have been instructed to do shall manifest in reality and it shall begin even today. I will show you what is being done to your enemies; for you will read of it in the news."

"Father, tell me about this evil Israeli Alliance."

"It is the alliance of the fake Jews, the very ones, who scheme to rule the world, the very ones, who control Israel through an evil cabal."

"And, Father, You are going to destroy this evil cabal? Are these of this cabal also the ones, who are trying to murder me and my husband?"

"They are and these murder attempts are on-going."

"Father, when will you show us that we have achieved a total victory over them?"

"When you hear the clap."

"Father, what ‘clap?’"

"The clap, which will divide the heavens and separate My people."

"Father, what is this clap?"

"An explosion, which will rock the world."

"You mean, nuclear?"

"You have seen it."

"And when this takes place, what will happen?"

"Some of My Elect will see mighty victories in their lives; for they shall overcome."

"What do You mean by overcome?"

"They will overcome the chains of this world."

"How, Father?"

"Through sudden transformation."

"Will this be a few, or many?"

"It will be few."

"What will happen with these few?"

"They will go between dimensions and worlds with ease, immune to the devastation in this sphere; for they cannot be hurt by it."

"Like angels?"

"They are angels."

"Oh, Father, this is so awesome!"

"Yes, My Child, and it is soon, much sooner than any of you think."

"Then, Father, what will these angels do?"

"They will do much; but they will particularly harvest souls."

"Oh, Father, this is so awesome."

"My Child, do not fear the evil ones and do not fear anything they try to do to you. I will make examples of everyone of your enemies. Every one of them, who comes to harm you in any way, whether through word or deed, will suffer utter defeat and many, many will die. Their families will perish and their evil words will come to naught."

"Father, I know that many are about to perish."

"You have seen it and this is so. With this, we shall stop for today. I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God. Post this as the next Message for You and include it at the bottom of the current Chapter of Book VIII for all to remember in times to come."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 25th day of May, 2002,
Linda Newkirk


As I write this addendum, it is June 01, 2002. This morning I read several articles on, all telling of complicity between the Bush White House and the FBI to cover up the 911 massacre. Several articles speak of the FBI’s previous knowledge of the 911 massacre and others plainly state that Bush and his cohorts knew in advance about this horror. One article calls for Mueller, director of the FBI to step down. Surely, our Father is going to judge these mass murderers!

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