From the Mountain, Book VIII

Chapter Nine


"Divine Decrees"


"My Beloved Child, I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God. My Precious Child, hear the wind in the trees; for it is the wind of My Spirit and it blows upon you with a beautiful joy. Hear the windchimes. They play a beautiful melody through the fingers of My beautiful Spirit."

"Oh, yes, my Father. The wind of Your Spirit is so beautiful and it is cool, even on a hot day. Thank You, Precious Father. Father, You, alone are Most High and You are worthy of our heartfelt praises forever and ever! Thank You, Precious Father. Thank you for life! Thank You for love! Thank You for our beautiful Jesus and for Your Precious Spirit. How my heart sings praises; for You are so beautiful and wonderful!"

"My Child, have you ever wondered why a frog jumps?"

"No, my Father, I have not wondered about this, but surely it jumps to get from one place to the next."

"Yes, My Child, but for what other reasons does it jump?"

"Perhaps because he is hungry or thirsty."

"Yes, My Child, but there is more."

"Then, my Father, You will have to help me, for I am stumped as to what internal stimuli or external stimuli could cause it to want to jump."

"My Child, what is 20+30?"

"My Father, it is 50, but naturally I am wondering how this relates to a jumping frog."

"My Child, what is the brightest star you have ever seen?"

"My Father, I suppose that it is the sun, for it is the nearest. But, if we think of distant stars, perhaps it is Sirius."

"My Child, how do you judge this?"

"My Father, by internal logic, by reasoning and by what I have studied."

"So, there are several reasons why you say what you say?"

"Yes, Father, but what does this have to do with a hopping frog?"

"Oh, My Child, it has a lot to do with a hopping frog."

"Like what, my Father?"

"Like carrots and beets."

"You mean that they are similar because both grow underground."


"But, I am not sure I understand how this relates to a hopping frog."

"My Child, can you see a thought or a stimulus of a thought?"

"My Father, I cannot; but I have read that the New World Order Luciferians have computers, which can gather thoughts electronically and then these are deciphered through electronic means."

"But, My Child, can you see a thought or the impetus of a thought?"

"No, my Father, I cannot for they are within and I am not allowed to see this."

"Well, this is the solution. This is the answer as to why a frog hops. It is an internal process and you can only reason as to why it happens; for you cannot see what goes on within it. Do you see?"

"Yes, my Father, but I do not understand why You showed me this to begin with and why You asked me the sum of 20+30."

"It is for the same reasons. How did you determine that 20+30=50?"

"Through internal reasoning, through use of my mental reasoning abilities."

"And, who gave you these abilities?"

"You did. But, Father, how does all this tie in together?"

"My Child, this is how. I created all. I know and understand all. My knowledge of all is complete and to each is given to understand a part of what I know and understand. The animals have an understanding. The trees have an understanding. The winds and clouds have an understanding. All that is have an understanding. Even the rocks, which many see as dead, have an understanding."

"Father, tell me more about this understanding."

"My Child, to each is imparted My knowledge, My knowing, as I see fit. You may see each entity as separate but you are all connected. You may wonder why the lizards do not move out of your path or why the spiders do not flee before you, but just stay and peer at you. My Little One, they do not see you. They see Me. They see and sense My Spirit. This is why. My Little One, you and your husband have brought a peace to the land. You have brought a peace to the mountain and the creatures know this peace. The birds have returned in great numbers and the wildlife has returned, wildlife, which you did not see last year; for My Spirit bathes the mountain. Beautiful, cool breezes stir among the trees and My rain comes often; for My Spirit bathes the land. My Little One, I am with you. The very Earth knows this and sings praises; for My love within you two bathes this land."

"Oh, Father, this is so beautiful! I have no doubt that if people the world over would humble themselves and honor and obey You and our Lord Jesus and Your Precious Spirit, that in an instant the whole Earth would be transformed into a new, beautiful and incorruptible place to live. But, Oh, Father, how evil breeds evil! How rebellion breeds rebellion and what a dark and destructive cancer evil is! Oh, Father, how I pray that the people come back to love You and our Lord Jesus! How I pray that they come away from evil! How I pray that they repent! My soul is grieved; for so many are lost and they cannot see or hear. They cannot understand. Father, I am deeply grieved! My soul is full of sorrow for what I see! When I look around and sense Your beauty in the wind and in the trees, I grieve that so many will never know or understand this beauty; for they are lost in the darkness of the worldly. Father, please help us! Please help us reach the lost! You know that we need translators for Spanish and Portuguese! Beautiful Father, we need to reach these people!"

"My Little One, many thousands read these messages weekly and of the thousands I am speaking to a few. I am touching your hearts and I am commanding you to come forth to help in the translations of these works. If you cannot translate them, send money for the translations so that these works can be translated. As I speak to your hearts about helping with these translations, do not turn from Me. Do not turn a blind eye and a deaf ear; for if you will not hear Me as I plead with you to help in these works, to help save souls, I ask you this: ‘Why should I hear you cries?’ The time is short and many of you are idling away your time. You are wasting your resources and when you could help in the salvation of souls, you do not. You turn a blind eye and a you turn a deaf ear. You will not help, yet in your time of trouble, you want help. I ask you, ‘Does this make sense? Is this reasonable?’ Is it not because of My love that you are fed and provided for? Did I not create your very soul and did I not give you life? Did I not give you a sound mind and a body, whereby you are able to work? Yet, many of you turn a blind eye and a deaf ear when I ask you to help with My works. Listen to Me, My Little Ones, there is a great work to do in reaching the lost. Will you help? There is a great work to do in sending out the repentance letters to the churches. Will you do your part? If many work together, much can be accomplished, but if you will not do your part, many stand to perish. Therefore, do not turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to My requests. For, I truly see and know all. Now, My Child, let us proceed to Part Seven of Book Eight."

"Thank You, my Beautiful Father. I love You so!"

"My Child, this is but My love, which is magnified within you. It is a gift to all! Would that all receive! My Child, as you look up ahead, what do you see?"

"My Father, I see a long, winding road and it appears very narrow as I gaze upon it from above. However, as I am transported and put on this very road, I see that is it wider than I thought, but still quite narrow." I am placed near very end of the road and as I walk to the end, I see that it stops atop a beautiful mountain. The air is so clear and the wind is very cool. "Father, Your love is everywhere!" From where I stand, I can see far in all directions and I feel such peace and love; but below at the base of the mountain, far below in the valley, I hear rumbling. I feel the waves of shock hit my feet; for they are bouncing off the mountain. A great shaking is going on. "My Father, what is happening?"

"From Tippecanoe to Tyler too!"

"Father, what do You mean?"

"My Child, it is a great scandal, which is about to rock the world and it is coming out of Washington DC." (NOTE: When our Father gave these prophetic words, who would have envisioned the wave of corporate and financial scandals, which would rock this very government to the core? Who would have envisioned that these very scandals would have brought the whole world to the very brink of a global economic collapse?)

"My Father, what is this?"

"It is 666 and the red flag of communism."

"Father, this is not news to some."

"No, My Child, but it is news to most."

"So, what is about to happen?’

"A step-up in martial law here and abroad." (Dear Ones, since our Father gave these very words, we have heard rumblings that Bush and company plan to do away with the Posse Comatatis Act of1787, which forbids the military from terrorizing the citizens of this country. One of Bush’s cabinet members threatened that civil liberties are out the window if there is just one more terrorist attack! Big, big government and ultra secrecy is moving forth like a giant tidal wave. The Nazi police state is here and it moving forth like a terrible plague upon the land!)

"But, why Father?"

"To get rid of all, who will not be controlled."

"But, Father, they have to know that this is not going to work."

"My Child, does insanity know reason?"

"No, my Father."

"Then, this is your answer."

"Father, are the evil Bushes about to attack Iraq?"

"They are planning it and very soon."

"But, what about Taiwan and China?"

"Trouble is brewing."

"My Father, will the Bushes be foolish enough to attack Iraq again?"

"Oh, they are foolish enough!"

"But, You have said that they will not win?"

"They will not win just as they have not won in Afghanistan. The only thing they have successfully done is to show the world who they are really are."

"My Father, I am glad that people are waking up and I pray that the evil hoards are all brought before the world courts and tried for crimes against humanity."

"Oh, My Child, as the scenario unfolds, they will move to destroy the whole world before they will allow such a things. It is up to each of you to make sure that they do not succeed."

"Father, we have no weapons of war and would not use them if we did. You are our Source of Protection, our Source of Strength, our Source of Provision. Father, Your Faithful rely upon You and our Lord Jesus for all."

"And, I am faithful to My own. Yet, My Child, most in the world are lost; for they are in rebellion and it is these, who are being carried down a dark path of rebellion and destruction."

"Father, what are people to do?"

"Fast and pray. Now, My Child, behold!"

"Father, I am here atop this beautiful mountain and the beautifully radiant book is on a rock before me." I lift the book and suddenly see a brilliantly radiant door before me. Oh, how uplifting this radiance; for it fills me with profound joy! Even as I think to pass through the door, which is before me, a great wind of light picks me up and carries me through it. As I pass its portals, I hear the most beautiful and melodic singing. Surely, these are voices of angels. The words come flowing forth with such power: ‘ For, they pierced his hands and they pierced his feet and he died for you and me.’ Then, out of a radiant cloud of love, our Lord Jesus emerges! Oh, what love! Oh, what beautiful love he exudes! How I love him! Still caught up in the wind of light, I see his beautiful face and the love, which comes from him bathes me all over. I long to be near him, just to touch him, just to tell him how much I love him! And, even as I think these very thoughts, I find myself back on top of the radiant mountain and I am on my face before him, clinging to his nail-scarred feet! Tears roll from my eyes and down my face and as I touch his nail-scarred feet, I feel the sadness of a million souls! My heart is so full of sorrow as I experience what the evil ones have done to him!"

"Arise, my Child, and take my arrow and my bow!"

So, I arise and wipe the tears from my face. Looking up, I expect to see a huge bow and a huge arrow as I had seen him carry in a previous vision, but what he puts in my hands is a small bow and arrow, which fit perfectly in my hands. The bow glows with a great light and feels hot to the touch and the arrow likewise glistens with a radiant fire. As he positions the arrow in my hands, I ask him what I am to do with the bow and arrow and he replies, "You are to shoot it under my guidance and tutelage."

"My Lord, what is the purpose of the bow and the arrow?"

"My Child, you are in my army and you will use the bow and arrow against those, who wake war with the saints."

"How and when, my Lord?"

"You are to use it as directed by the Spirit of God."

"But, what am I to do with it now, My Lord?"

"My Child, the first thing you are to do is to lift up the bow and take the arrow and shoot the arrow into the evil club in Rome, which seeks to destroy all that is holy."

"My Lord Jesus, what is this club?"

"It is a band of rogues and murderers."

"But, as this arrow goes out, what will happen to these rogues and murderers?"

"I am making war against those, who come to persecute, to kill and destroy my Saints."

With the Lord’s hand on my hand, I pull back the bow and it flies into Rome. And even as it hits, I see foul, fleeing demons of every sort. They are black and they are red, many hissing like snakes, while some are growling. Truly, there is a feeding frenzy of evil! The arrow hits and a great fire is seen in the Spirit.

"Now, My Child, you are to wear this bow and this arrow is ever upon you; for once the arrow is sent out, it will always return, but never void of what it is sent out to do. Do you understand?"

"Yes, my Lord."

"My Child, are you ready for Part Seven of Book Eight?"

"Yes, my Lord."

"Then, sit upon the rock and open the Book and tell me what you see."

"My Lord, as I touch the Book, it opens to Part Seven of Book Eight and it is written: ‘Divine Decrees.’ This is all I see."

"My Child, feel in your pocket and produce the envelope. This is one of several envelopes, which are sealed and which are connected with the message of Divine Decrees. Read Number Seven of Book Eight, Divine Decree #1."

"My Lord, I have the envelope and it feels thick, but soft like cotton. I blow upon the seal, which is upon the envelope, but as the envelope opens, I see nothing, save a ball. I remove the round ball and notice right off that it is hot to touch and quickly burns my hand. Oh, my Lord, I cannot hold this ball, for it is hot and has a mind of its own!" Then, our Lord Jesus looks at me and say, "Remember that Sabbath." And, I say, "Yes, my Lord. I know that we must remember the Sabbath and we must make it a day of rest. We must keep it holy. But, what does this have to do with the ball, which is too hot to touch?"

"My Child, to honor the Sabbath is but one command, but it is a very important command. Those, who will not6 honor the Sabbath, will not honor other laws; for deeply intertwined within the Seventh Day is the pure love of God. Honor God by honoring His love and this very love will grow within you."

"My Lord, we know that the real Sabbath is on Saturday, but so many honor Sunday as the Sabbath."

"This is known, my Child, but many blessings are tied to honoring the Sabbath, which truly is on a Saturday of your week. Therefore, it may be an inconvenience for many to honor the true Sabbath, but many blessings are tied to honoring the true Sabbath."

"My Lord, I understand this and I pray that others sill also. But, why is this ball to hot to handle?"

"My Child, that the whole Christian movement has been deceived by the club in Rome into honoring the wrong day is a ball, which is too hot to handle. But, this is only one of the deceptions and it goes against the divine decrees, which you were originally given. You were told to honor the Sabbath and to keep it holy. By trickery, you all have been blindsided into honoring a day, which has been set aside to worship the sun god."

"My Lord, are people forgiven this error?"

"Many do things in ignorance, but once they are informed, they are no longer ignorant and are accountable."

"Oh, my Lord, I pray that people read this with understanding and that they return to the true Sabbath."

"Now, my Child, reach into the other pocket and take out the other envelope."

"My Lord, I have it, but it is very thin. When I turn it sideways, I can barely see it." Taking the envelope, I blow upon it; for it is sealed and as the envelope opens I see a very small piece of paper within it, which read, ‘Tithing. Give from the heart.’ My Lord, why is the envelope so thin, but the message is so important?"

"My Child, many tithe, for it is expected of them by a church. They do not give out of love, but expectation. The true purpose of tithing is out of love and honor for God and fellow man. And, because many give as robots and not as loving beings, they miss many blessings."

"My Lord, you once said that tithing is like an infected leg."

"This is so, My Child. Look at institutions like the Mormon Church, which have become huge because of such an emphasis on tithing; yet the leaders of this group are evermore servants of the devil and those, who become their puppets are evermore their slaves."

"So, what should people do? How should they give?"

"My Child, giving takes many forms. A farmer may give away part of his food to help feed the hungry. Those, who provide services, such as doctors, may treat the sick for free, thereby giving freely. Giving takes on many forms and not just by passing money from one to another. Understand?"

"Yes, my Lord."

"Nevertheless, through money people can acquire needed services and pay debts. So, money is a bartering tool. But, I tell you, My Child, to give without the love of God in your heart is a waste of time; for it is truly love, which makes the world go ‘round. Now, My Child, as you tire, we shall stop for today. I am Jesus and all is given in accord with the will of our Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God."


As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 18th day of June, 2002,
Linda Newkirk



Part Two

My precious Child, I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God. My Beloved Child, what you have seen today is taking place all over the Earth. Highly evolved beings have now taken their place within the Earth and they are awakening as to their true nature. In unison, these Chosen Ones are working to spiritually strengthen the Earth and to bring it to its next level of spirituality. So few realize that the Earth is living only because it houses a very beautiful and highly evolved spirit. As mankind has emerged and grown spiritually, now at the point of a sizable harvest into eternal life, so has the Earth grown and it has come to this point, wherein it, too, will be moving on up to a higher level. Those highly evolved beings, who have been handpicked and chosen by Me to help the Earth in its transition are called regulators, although they are most assuredly beings of a very high order. These regulators are interdimensional paths, or doorways. They cannot be separated from who they are and they are coming into full consciousness that they are the divinely placed doors or portals through which many souls will pass on into eternal life. These doors are truly hollow tubes, which are pulsating with My holiness, with My holy fires, and they draw to them those of like mind. Those of opposite minds, or those, who are devious in nature, or lackadaisical spiritually, will not be drawn, but will be repelled by the light of these doors. At the entrance of every door is My Son and behind each door are the Elders, the very Seven, whom you have seen often. These interdimensional "doors" are all "wayshowers." They point the way back home, which is through My Son. These doors are all radiant with a blue, purple or white light."

"Yes, Father some of these doors are red and some have strange signs and symbols."

"Beware the fakes! Beware the illusion and deception; for the doors into eternal life are all the same. One cannot enter into eternal life, save through My Son. Many will pass through doors into great illusion, into outer darkness, and into hell, itself. The time has come, My Child, wherein I must warm My people of these doors. Let it be known that much of the spraying now is to hide and cover up these doors. These doors can often be seen with the naked eye4 as radiant holes in the sky. They can often be seen on film and by cameras and the evil ones are working feverishly to hide the presence of these doors; for they pose questions, which they wish to hide. Some of these doors will be bright, like a small sun and when people see them, they will ask many questions. Some, who see them, will be frightened. These doors do not emerge from outside the Earth, but on the Earth through the Chosen Ones. These doors, when opened, pass through the center of the Earth and on into other dimensions. These very regulators are working to save the planet; for if it is left to the evil ones, the very spirit of this planet will perish. But, because of My love for the spirit of this planet, it will not perish, but will evolve upward through My help, which comes via these doors. I speak it again and I warn all to beware of the doors of illusion. Beware of the false and the other worldly. The evil ones are full of trickery and many will be deceived. No one and I repeat "no one" passes through these doors and into eternal life, save they go through My Son, Jesus, yea Yeshua. My Little One, much is coming about quickly, very quickly now and it is not good to let the right hand know what the left hand does, for deception is about. I continue to warn all to come out of the world and to live righteously; for My Son comes for you when you do not expect it. Many believe that they will be raptured out and not have to suffer; but I tell you that all will be tried and tested as to their faithfulness and the purity of their hearts. Therefore, be warned! Yes, My Child, there is coming a new Earth and those, who are pure of heart will live therein. Those, who are left behind on the old Earth, will live through unbelievable slavery and torture. Yes, the old Earth will pass, but its dross will remain for those, who love evil and deception and yes it is all part of hell."

"Oh, Father, this is very deep."

"Yes, My Child, it is deep. But, did the angels not come to you a few days past and bring you much meat of the word, which is being given to My people?"

"Yes, Father, they brought the greatest amount of meat I have ever seen."

"Then, know, My Child, I am going to give you much, which has been hidden for a very long time. Much of it has never been known in the Earth at all. And, My People, who hunger and thirst for the meat of the word, shall eat and they shall drink and they shall hunger and thirst no more. Now, My Child, we shall stop with this for now. Add to the next "Message for You" and also put at the end of the current chapter, yet to be typed."

"Thank You, Beautiful Father. I love You so!"

"My Child, you are one of My chosen ones, and I love you greatly. I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God."


As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 2nd of July, 2002,
Linda Newkirk

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