From the Mountain, Book VIII

Chapter Ten


"Love Conquers All!"

"My Beloved Child, I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God. My Beloved Child, see the broken concrete before you. See the twisted metal and the burned trees and buildings."

"Yes, My Father, before me is a scene of great devastation, not only of twisted metal, broken concrete and great destruction, but of great carnage. Overhead, a singular bird flies, which appears first as a dove, then a vulture. Its cries sound like a hawk or an eagle and it circles the dead and the dying. My Father, I now see a bald eagle atop a solitary stump and he seems to be the only symbol of freedom, which is left of this carnage. What does all this mean?"

"My Child, it means that war is coming to America."

"Father, twice I have warned that war was about to hit this country and it was averted. Now, I fear that people will not believe at all."

"My Child, very few understand my great mercies. Very few understand My tremendous love for the people of this world. Very few understand that all is not set in stone, but can be changed if enough people pray and repent."

"Yes, my Father, I know this. Please explain this war scene. It is a terrible thing and many are dead and dying, but the bird of peace, which turns into a vulture, picks and eats the bones of the dead and dying, is really a bald eagle, the national bird of the USA."

"My Child, it is one in the same. It is a bird of perverted peace, a predator, which picks the bones of the dead and dying, yet it survives as the image of freedom."

"Father, how can such a bird be an image of freedom?"

"My Child, in the minds of the predators it is."

"But, many also revere the eagle."

"Yes, my Child, this is known; but it is also a bird of prey and as for the USA, it is the very symbol of the land. It is a perverted symbol of freedom."

"Father, are You saying that the USA will soon be attacked, bringing about war within this country, but that the USA will still survive as a predator country?"

"I am saying it and you have seen it."

"Father, what will lead to the attack on the USA?"

"My Child, the whole world is facing a financial meltdown. The rich and powerful, rather than allowing this, will start a world war. This will gear up the war machine. Their goal, which they continue to push, is peace through war."

"Father, this whole economy is in serious trouble."

"My Child, it is not only this economy, but the economy of the whole world; for it is built upon a lie and as more light comes into the Earth, all, which is built upon lies, shall fall."

"So, Father, this bleak economic picture is going to lead to a world war?"

"My Child, the handwriting is on the wall. When faced with a total economic collapse, world leaders will initiate a world war. This is all part of the antichrist agenda to put the world’s wealth squarely into the hands of a very few Satanists."

"So, Father, the USA plans to attack Iraq soon?"

"They do, but I tell you, My Child, without the same success as last time."

"Father, what do You mean?"

"My Child, I mean that other countries will come to the aid of Iraq. Russia will not like this invasion and China will not. Iraq has more friends in the region now. Plus, My Child, India and Pakistan continue to rattle their sabers. They are bitter enemies. And, sooner than most think, China will go for Taiwan and North Korea is eyeing South Korea like a rabid dog. My Little One, the Mideast is a powder keg, which is atop a roaring fire of hatred and enmity."

"So, Father, World War III is at the door of the world?"

"It is."

"Oh, Father, sooner or later I know that this is coming to pass and we have this rogue planet, which is bearing down on the world."

"It is."

"Father, will this planet X, or Niburu, come next year? People need to know this."

"I tell you, My Child, that it is overdue. Its return can be delayed by months and possibly a couple of years, but it is headed into the solar system and it will flip the Earth."

"Father, many believe that it is coming in 2012, yet in a vision years ago, I saw a comet crash into the Earth before the holy city appeared."

"You have seen it."

"But, Father, this is not to be confused with Niburu?"

"No, My Child."

"So, Father, how long do we have?"

"My Child, its great gravitational pull is already being seen in the sun’s increased activity. It is being witnessed in the increased earthquake activity and in the breaking up of the Southern ice shelf. All these things are indicators that it is returning. You will continue to see the breaking up of this ice shelf; for this planet will come up from the South as you have read and it will flip the Earth, causing massive flooding."

"But, Father, will it be as bad as the ancient flood?"


"But, Father, what about Argentina, and other countries like it, which are so close to the South Pole?"

"They will be largely overrun with water."

"But, Father, the people in Argentina are already going through horrible times."

"My Child, the evil ones know what the return of this planet will do to Argentina and other places on the planet. They have deliberately crashed this economy so as to protect their own assets. Now, they are terrorizing the people with cattle mutilations and sightings of spacecraft. They want them to stay in such an exaggerated state of fear that they never wake up to what is coming."

"Father, please, You must help these people. Please, Father, they must know the truth."

"Then, My child, they must turn from their idolatries, from their whoredoms, and they must serve My Son. For, He is the Savior of mankind."

"And, Father, islands and countries like Australia, I am also worried about."

"My Child, at the time of the passing of this planet, many will perish but some will go on into eternal life, changed in the twinkling of an eye."

"Oh, Father, I am so glad to hear this! Praises to Your Holy Name! But, Father, not all will go into eternal life then, only some? Father, You are saying that people will be taken into eternal life at different times?"


"Father, why do You not give the exact date of the passing of this planet?"

"For, it is not fixed in stone and much can be changed or altered through the prayers of the Righteous."

"Father, Oh, Father, have mercy on the people of this planet!"

"My Child, I am full of love and mercy."

"Father, how soon will World War III accelerate?"

"My Child, the plans are well-laid out. Expect them to go forth with them by fall; however to all is given a free will, but they will use the world economic condition as the impetus to move forward."

"Father, You told in Your repentance letter to the churches of the world about this impending worldwide economic collapse and now it is spoken everywhere."

"I did."

"Now, My Child, see yourself atop My Holy Mountain and know that you have fully traveled the length of My Holy Road. Much of the work, which you do from here on will be toward the stabilization of the Earth and the preparation of the same for the mass exit of souls." (Beloved Ones, take our Father’s words very seriously. I cannot tell you more about this work; for our Father will reveal what He chooses. Just know that this preparation is well underway!)

"Yet, Father, I love Your people and want to continue to bring them to You and to our Lord Jesus."

"Yes, My Child, but the focus of your work is changing greatly because of this mass exit."

"Father, Your will is my heart’s desire."

"My Child, we have been speaking of Divine Decrees."

"Yes, my Father, as the Elders have given this information to me and our Lord Jesus has expounded on the Sabbath and on tithing."

"This is so, My Child. Now, turn the book to Section Eight and read what is written."

"My Father, the book is in my lap and it is so bright that I cannot read a word." I am aware that a whirlwind of light surrounds me and I am no longer on this mountain but standing before the Board of Seven Elders. Oh, they are so beautiful and so full of love! I am humbled to the floor in respect for them; but I hear the leader, the one with the large crown, say, "Do it not." I arise, so aware of our Precious Lord Jesus and our Beloved Moses, whose eyes are filled with tears. I look at Moses and he hands me a small booklet, which reminds me of the booklet, which hold my college degrees and the booklet even has a tassel.

"Open it, Little One," Moses says.

I feel all eyes upon me and the love, which they all share, is so awesome. As I open the booklet, I see a single ring. It is simple, yet beautifully radiant and golden. Well aware of the wonderful outpouring of love, I am so humbled. Tears begin to well up in my eyes and to fall down my face. Suddenly, I am weeping uncontrollably.

Our Lord Jesus steps forward, takes the ring, and puts it on the center finger of my right hand. Then, He says, "To thee, I do wed."

Suddenly I feel weak all over, as if I shall faint. As I feel myself slipping away, I am jolted by the awareness that our Lord Jesus has caught me, and I am stabilized once more on my feet. The Board of Elders comes and goes from my visual field and Moses, who stands before me, is very foggy. I hear a ringing and roaring in my ears and I am having trouble focusing. "What is happening to me? Surely, I am not long for this world."

Suddenly, the words of our Lord Jesus are coming through to me and I hear Him saying, "I am calling out My Beloved Bride, one at a time." His words are so beautiful! I feel a great wave a joy and happiness beginning to surge through my soul and the faintness is quickly fleeing. Rushing through my whole being is an overwhelming sense of great freedom! What total joy!

Suddenly, I find myself in a beautiful meadow with beautiful flowers all around. The aroma of these beautiful flowers in full bloom seems like that of heaven, itself. The air is so pure and as I look around, I realize that everything is pristine pure and ever so clean! Nearby are other souls and in our midst is our Lord Jesus. Together, we are all joyfully playing as little children in a spring meadow! Everyone is filled with happiness, and pure love and utter peace pervade all that is. Beautiful love, joy and peace everywhere!

As I look about, I see that others also have a ring like mine, which is also on the third finger of their right hands. Together, we sing a beautiful song and it is one, which we have known for a very long time. The words flow out with great love and in their wake, they create beautiful rainbows of light. The heavens seem to open up and the very words appear to go to the end of the universes.

The words of our Lord Jesus interrupt the singing, "Come, My Beloved, and I will snow you what is to take place on Earth."

We all gather around Him and as He waves His hands, we see a great darkness falling on the Earth with much lightening and thunder. We see evil, such great evil, and it is lined up to destroy the saints, who remain. "See the staircase," our Lord Jesus says, "You will go up and down it and you will minister to My people. You will spend time here on the new Earth, but you will go back and forth to the old Earth until everyone of My people is brought home. Understand?"

I nod my head in the affirmative and look around to see that others are doing to same. Suddenly, as if I am caught up in another whirlwind, I realize that I am back in this small motor home, which we now call home, and I am feeling that I am existing in two separate worlds. With a great feeling of disconnectedness, I seem to caught up between worlds, feeling as if I belong in neither. Then, in an instant, I am back with our Lord Jesus, with Moses and the Elders and I feel so humbled, so lowly, and utterly shocked. Sobbing, I fall to the feet of our Lord Jesus."

"My Little One, rise for I have a few words for you. I know you do not realize the significance of what has just unfolded, but I assure you that it is real. You have returned and have been wed to Me through times and eternity."

"My Lord, I am Your bride? In a million years, I never would have expected it to happen this way."

"My Child, you do not know My ways; for they are the ways of our Father and you cannot know what is to be, save I tell you. My Child, the world is full of surprises; for very few, if any, know what is unfolding and how."

"My Lord, there are others, who are to do as you are instructing me?"

"Yes, My Child."

"And, I will still live in the Earth and work for You and our Father?"

"You will, but many changes will take place within you and within those, who are close to you; for the power of God within you will be great."

"Oh, my Lord, I have no words; for I am so deeply humbled and in utter awe."

"My Child, this brings us back to the book and to the third Divine Decree. You know what is written, don’t you?"

"Yes, my Lord; for it is written in my mind: ‘Love Conquers all.’"

"What you see is correct. It is the love of God, which sustains all. Each of you is a breath of God’s love. If you do not have a love for Him in your hearts, you cannot possibly love one another; for love is God’s gift to each of you, and it is the essence of all creation. You are here, having been brought to this point, because you now operate in this space of love. You are now ready to move on up to the next work, to which you are called, and that is to help the Earth itself in this great move, as it, too, is moving on up."

"Oh, My Precious Lord, how I love You and how I thank you!"

"My Child, go in this love; for it is through this love that all are made free. And know that all is given to you and carried out at this time according to the will of our Father in Heaven."


As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 12th day of July, 2002,
Linda Newkirk

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