From the Mountain, Book VIII

Chapter Eleven

Part One

"America is Fallen!"

"My Beloved Child, I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God. My Child, I have heard your cries on behalf of My people. Yes, My Little One, they are perishing for lack of truth, but through their own ignorance, through their own blindness and deafness, they have chosen to perish! Soon, the very streets of America will run red with the blood of Americans. Your president shall fall to the sword and another of equal cunning will step forth!

Rogues, thieves, murderers, child molesters and those, who are full of every kind of chicanery, have overthrown this republic. It has been a slow and systematic process; but know, My Child, as I told you weeks past, "America is truly fallen!" Your liberties, which were once safeguarded by your constitution and Bill of Rights, are gone! Your congress is a policing board in name only! Every dark and foul deed on the New World Order agenda is rolling forth upon your backs like a mighty steamroller. Those of you, who believe that you still have freedoms, are among the blindest of them all. For, you have no freedoms under the current system. America has fallen, just as surely as a lead ball, when it has been dropped to the Earth.

The years have passed when you could have done something to change this destructive course. Because the masses have slept on in a stupefied state and still sleep on, they shall not see what is upon them until they are fully enslaved. The few, who are awake and fighting for what is right and according to My laws, will be left to educate those, who are blind, deaf and dumb, when and if they decide to wake up!

I tell you, My Child, that any and all forms of resistance shall be met with deadly force. And, through their spying mechanisms, those in power fully intend to route out any and all resistance before it ever has a chance to surface.

Yes, My Child, it is a bleak picture. I have shown you already how the execution trains are running. I have made you see how dissidents have been systematically done away with for some time, all with great secrecy. But, My Child, what is about to happen, none are prepared for. I say, "None." For, you cannot imagine the horrors, which are planned for any and all dissidents, for any and all, whom they deem as terrorists. There are absolutely none that they will not seek to do away with in their bid for control of the world.

Through terror and more terror, through wars and more wars, these evil hoards will advance and they will step over the bodies of their own kinsmen to reach the top of the heap. But, I tell you, My Child, judgement is Mine! Even as you see the evil system rise and even as you see a civil war break out in America with massive arrests and internments, even as you see violence in the streets and famine at the doors of many, know this: I AM GOD! There is no task too great or too small for Me! Around the world, I am setting up My own government in the Earth and this government is to rule with My Son. Kings, Queens, Holy Servants and Warriors! These, I am calling forth to fight on behalf of Me and My Son and My causes of righteousness, and through the mouths of My Faithful shall be spoken great and mighty judgements. Yea, at the feet of My kings and queens, armies shall fall! Bridges shall fall! Airplanes and spacecraft shall explode in the sky! Soldiers shall become confused and disoriented and they shall perish! Doors of concentration camps shall fly open and I shall let My people go! Yes, My Child, it is a time of great and mighty miracles for My people and it is a time of great and mighty judgement against Lucifer and his drones!

My Little One, many a knee shall buckle beneath the power of My Anointed and many shall fall to rise no more because they come to lay a hand on My Chosen.

Fire and war! War and fire! This is ahead for America! Those, who have shamelessly killed and destroyed for power and greed shall be mercilessly killed and destroyed for power and greed!

Yes, My Child, the attack on Iraq is well underway. It matters not to the Bushes and to their loyal supporters who concurs with this war; for they are drunk with power and greed! They are blind and deaf, goaded into their own destruction, caught up in a whirlwind of darkness. But, I tell you, My Child, they will not win! They shall not win, but shall lose on many fronts. And, out of this senseless war, the President of America shall take a hit. He shall fall, a product of his own insanity. But, to those in power, it shall little matter; for this war does not value life; but power and greed. Yet, in the wake of the death of a President, his own Father shall also take a hit. He shall fall and so it shall go!

My Little One, some time past, I told you that I would turn evil brotherhood upon evil brotherhood. The secret societies, which have been held together like glue, through their allegiance to Lucifer, shall turn upon one another like rabid dogs. Little One, you are seeing this beginning to take place now. Remember this, My Child. Lucifer has no allegiance to anyone. He is a liar, being the Father of all liars, and he will devour anyone and everyone in his bid to control the world. He has no allegiance to anyone and will do away with his so-called "Obedient and Faithful" at the wink of an eye. Yet, they have foolishly believed the Father of All Lies. They have foolishly and blindly become his servants and slaves, only to find that their heads are on the chopping blocks.

Yes, My Child, the Bushes, the Cheneys, the Rumsfelds and the Ashcrofts of the world had better look around themselves and they had better take a long, a very long and hard look; for among them are those, who are ready to take them all down at the drop of a pin. My Child, assassination plots are rampant and they are directed toward those of leadership in your country. Those in power are foolhardy enough to believe that if they spy on the populace enough, they can control any and all before they, themselves, can be had! Oh, what folly! For years, they have bedded with the enemies. They have taken and they have bribed! They have used and they have bought! They have traded! Yes, My Child, they have been thick with the enemy; for each and every one of them is a traitor to the American people. Therefore, My Child, they are all your enemies, terrorists, elevated to the positions of power! But, now, My Child, they have among them many, who are their enemies! Every branch of this very government has been infiltrated by enemies of America and by enemies of those, who are now in power. Therefore, My Child, as they rush to invade Iraq, all for greed and power, they forget the total infiltration of this very government. They forget that liars cannot be trusted; for like them, they will say one thing and do another. They will profess to be one’s friend while they stab one in the back. Yes, indeed, they have many, who profess to be their friends and they are ready and waiting with the sword, ready and waiting to slay them. My Child, every one, who has sold out America, ought to be afraid; for they will all be sold out by their own so called ‘friends!’

I tell you, My Child, in the wake of this Iraqi war is great bloodshed. Great bloodshed for certain ones in position of power and great bloodshed for America. My warnings to My people have never been more dire. Calamity upon calamity, waves of calamities, are about to hit the entire world. Those, who do not have Me and My Son at the center of their lives, shall perish in utter darkness.

Yes, My Child, the planet is headed this way and sooner than most will ever believe. It is a matter of very, very few years. On top of this, you have world war, a world economic collapse, world famine, antichrist torture, governments collapsing, the introduction of the mark and more.

My Child, never have times been so perilous for the whole Earth. But, I tell you, My Little One, I shall not leave My people high and dry! For, never in the history of the Earth has there been such a great outpouring of My Spirit, of My power, as what you are about to see emerging! For, My very own system of government is being set up amidst the Antichrist rule and through My very own, I shall bring forth a rule with rods of iron until the enemy is whipped and utterly defeated through the return of My Son. Yes, My Child, these are perilous times, but for My Faithful, these are times of great and mighty miracles!

My Little One, it is now time to update the Message for You. Put this on the current Message for You and place as Part I of the next chapter. I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 27th day of August, 2002,
Linda Newkirk

Dear Ones, I do not believe that George W. Bush has to die! Right after he took office, our Father warned that if he did not walk the Straight and Narrow that he would die by the sword. I still believe that there is time for George W. Bush to turn around, but if he attacks Iraq, I fear that there will be so much international hate directed toward him that he may very well seal his own fate. Beloved, pray that he wakes up and stops the nonsense! I do not want to see this man perish!



"Beware the Greys!"

Chapter Eleven

Part II

"My Beloved Child, hearken unto Me! Behold My words for you today, for they are laced with My love and heavenly guidance for My Children. My Little One, through the words of My Son, each of you has been warned of the severity of these times. You have been warned of wars and rumors of wars and you have been warned of earthquakes in diverse places. You have been told that these days, which are upon you, can be likened to the days of Noah and to the days of Sodom and Gomorrah.

My Child, let us speak of the days of Noah, wherein a flood overtook the whole Earth, and most perished. As you know from your studies, My Child, the return of the Planet Niburu was responsible for the flood. But, recall as well, that the heavenly watchers had also left their stations. They had mated with the human women on Earth and in so doing had produced giants. All around the world was gross corruption, stealth, cunning, lying, stealing and murder. And, in a few hours, it was all destroyed.

In the days of Sodom and Gomorrah was utter rebellion and idolatry. Men with men and women with women, blatant rebellion so severe and animalistic that the whole of the area was irradiated, destroyed by nuclear weapons.

And now, My Child, you come to the current day, wherein these same kinds of foolishness are taking place. The fallen ones, Lucifer and his hoards, have mated with the humans, and all against their will, as in the days of Noah, and hybrids, many hybrids have been produced. My Child, in years past, the Spirit of God revealed these things to you and you wrote of them, warning the people that there would come a time wherein these hybrids would be brought forth. And, they would be used to help do away with all humans. Why? Because they are as automotons and they lack a conscience. They have been bred this way. All among them, who possessed too many human qualities as regards love and compassion, were straightaway done away with.

My Child, as you know, their plan is to enslave all humans on the planet, who are left after this planet is once again flooded by the passing of Niburu. Here and there, you are bearing of their plans and they are coming through what is called "channeling." Listen, My Child, the days of Noah and the days of Sodom and Gomorrah are now. These hybrids now number into the hundreds of thousands and they are capable of mating with humans; but through the regressive genes, hideous beings will come forth. BELIEVE NOT THE GREYS! For, as you know, they are indeed the fallen ones, the reptilian ones in disguise. You have heard tell of their skin tight suits and their goggles, which they wear to protect themselves from the sunlight, for their habitation is underground. They live in tunnels and burrow into the ground as ants and have a similar mentality. But, finding the humans fair they have traded technology with them, collaborating with them, while their fellow humans turn a blind eye to their evil works. Knowing the rampant greed among humans, they have worked side by side with them and they have manipulated and used them. But, My Child, those, who trust them are utter fools. The "Greys" are no different from those, who are called the reptilians. They are the reptilians and because they have lived within the Earth they must shield themselves from the light. They are creatures of darkness. Understand?

"Yes, my Father."

"My Child, it is a lie that they have come from a faraway planet. And, it is a lie, a great lie, that they are out to help humanity in any way. They have come forth as servants of Lucifer, as pawns of Lucifer and his elect, and they are here to conquer, to kill, to murder and further enslave the remnant of mankind. Do you understand?"

"Yes, my Father."

"Then, know this, My Child, at the time of the great war in the heavens, in times past, they were cast into the Earth and they are now just as much a part of the Earth as humans. They have thrived within the Earth for they are creatures of darkness. Yet, of late, has their master, Satan, Lucifer, the Dragon, been cast into the Earth and now you see the battle escalating.

Yes, My Child, they know that the planet is returning. This is correct information. It is not coming from the coordinates they indicate, but an illusion is coming from these coordinates. So, beware! They have given intricate details of all parts of the Earth, which shall be safe, and which shall be inundated with water. There again, some truth and many lies!

My Child, listen to Me. I AM GOD! I AM THE MOST HIGH! I AM THE CREATOR OF ALL! Through My very hand, I am able to delay this planet. I am able to speed it up and I am able to slow it down. I am able to protect whole cities and whole continents from devastation. Therefore, My Child, only I know what areas are safe and what areas are not safe. I tell you now that I shall protect large areas for love of two or three of My Faithful. And, I shall totally inundate and destroy whole cities and large coastlines, even island areas, because of rampant rebellion. Yes, My Child, Niburu, the Lost Planet, is near. It is very near and billions of people do stand to perish. But, I shall never forsake My Faithful. I shall never forsake My Loved Ones. It is true that many of Mine will come home, but My Pure of Heart will go on into eternal life. They will not taste death! But, I tell you, My Child, the Pure of Heart are few and far between.

Yes, My Child, as in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah, a nuclear holocaust of mighty proportions is upon the world. And, just as Lucifer is planning it, all countries are lining up against Israel, the country, and my House of Israel, the USA. And, even though corruption is rampant in both countries, they both harbor My Beloved. They both harbor My Faithful. They both harbor My Tried and True. I shall fight on behalf of My Loved Ones. I shall intervene over and over and I shall give them mighty and unparalleled victories over the evil ones. They shall not win with guns or wars, but through My supernatural intervention.

Yes, My Child, I am the Victor and I shall not sit idly by and see My Loved Ones annihilated by the devices of evil. Even as I speak, My Child, My judgement is upon the Earth. My judgement is upon those, who call black white and white black. My judgement is upon the rebellious. But, to My Faithful I say, "Do not fear! When you see al these things upon you, do not despair. For, truly, your redemption is at hand.

My Child, post this on the current Message for You and post as Part II of the next chapter of Book VIII. I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God."


As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 30th day of August, 2002,
Linda Newkirk



"Doors Within Doors"

Chapter Eleven

Part III

"My Beloved Child, I am your Master Jesus, yea true Lord of Earth; for it has been deemed so, even from the beginning. But, now My Child, as you look around, you hear of wars and rumors of wars. You hear of earthquakes in many places. You see mighty storms and hear of great floods and upheavals among many people. You hear of massive famine in parts of the world and the fury of the devil is sent among the starving to assure that the greatest numbers die of famine and disease. You read of plagues, many plagues within the Earth and they have been spread by the hands of the evil ones. And, even among all theses things, I ask you, ‘How many repent?’"

"My Precious Lord, I believe the numbers are small."

"And, My Beloved, even as you see a world economic collapse at the door of this very planet, who is led to speak out for change? Even at the head of your own government, many clamor for war, rather than face the effects of years of decadent living, years of lying, stealing and scheming. Is this not so?"

"Yes, my Lord."

"My Little One, so often I have warned about what is at hand. So often, I have called my prophets to warn and many of them have succumbed to self. They have succumbed to the wiles of Satan, and they have fallen by the way. Yes, My Child, a great tragedy has fallen among My prophets and there are few left, who espouse my truths. For, My Father and I have cleaned them out. Every prophet has been through the fires of testing and many, many have fallen. As you look around, you will see that I have cut off many. I have sealed their mouths, yet some still proclaim words as if they are from Me, when they are from their own minds. Through this sifting, I am raising up new Elijahs. I am raising up new Peters and Pauls. I am raising up a new breed of holy fire anointed, mighty miracle-working, couriers and speakers for our Father’s words. Yes, My Child, this year has seen the institution of a mighty sorting among my prophets. It has been a time of redirecting for some and a time of mighty training for all, who are left standing. Yes, my Child, I have opened a new heavenly door and all, who have been found worthy have walked through this door. But, I am sorrowful to say that these numbers are small. They are small, indeed! But, I am raising up these few to do mighty and unparalleled works in the Earth. These, who go forth, from among this group, walk in my holy fires and they shall move mighty and great mountains. But, I tell you, my Child, that every single one of them have heard My call to come out of the world. Every single one of them has heard my call to repent and to cause my people to repent. Every single one of them has been through great trials and mighty tribulations and every single one of them has been found worthy of greater works. Yes, my Child, I hear what you are thinking, of those, who did not make the grade, some will repent and come full circle back to me. But, I tell you now that these are few. Most, who have fallen, will remain fallen still; for their sins are grievous before me and they have not been found trustworthy for greater things. Do you understand?"

"Yes, my Lord."

"Then, My Child, let us proceed. Let us talk about doors within doors."

"Yes, my Lord, what do you mean by ‘doors within doors?"

"My Child, I mean that the works of our Father exist in layers. One passes through one layer into the next, or from one door into another door, or into a deeper meaning."

"Yes, my Lord, I understand this about the word of God."

"So, my Child, you have people. Who are surface feeders and then you have a few, very few, who dive into the word and thirst and hunger for the deeper things."

"Yes, my Lord, I understand."

"So, my Child, from the standpoint of the deeper things, one knows that truths exist on many levels until one comes to an absolute truth."

"Yes, my Lord."

"An absolute truth is foundational and unchanging."

"Yes, my Lord."

"But, to find the absolute truths may not be easy. An absolute truth may be as plain as one’s nose, yet totally obscured from one’s perception. Understand?"

"Yes, my Lord."

"Yet, my Child, all our Father’s works operate on absolute and unchanging truths."

"Yes, my Lord."

"So, my Child, based on what I have just said, you can easily understand why you live in a world, which is filled with illusion."

"Yes, my Lord, this is so and most people are comfortable living in illusion, very comfortable and when they are confronted with the deeper truths, they cannot handle them, so they mock and scorn."

"This is exactly what happens. So, my Child, in this world, you have souls, who are on many different levels spiritually. Those, who want to grow spiritually, will always be seeking the deeper and hidden truths. They will be disciplined and steadfast in their faith. But, those, who are content with the shallow walk, will always reject the deeper things, for these are alien to their thinking."

"Yes, my Lord, I know this and I have even known a number of your prophets, who scoff and make fun of the deeper truths."

"This is so, my Child, and they are then cut off in the shallow walk."

"My Lord, why are you telling me these things today?"

"My Child, I am sending this forth that those, who have the ear will hear, that those, who have the eyes to see, will see, and that they will open up their hearts to a deeper understanding of my word. But, if they will not, they will mock and scorn and they shall be further cut off. Understand?"

"Yes, my Lord."

"My Child, what do you see before you?"

"My Lord, I see a beautiful stream, or I should say, I see a beautiful river. The water is crystalline and ever so pure. I am wading in this beautiful river and it is not cold, but wonderfully warm and inviting. As I wade out, I see that the rocks are radiantly crystalline and they reflect every color of the rainbow. As I continue to go out, the water becomes very deep. As I look out to the far stretches of the water, I see that this river is very wide at this point. It is so wide, in fact, that I cannot clearly see the other side. As the water deepens, I see that it stretches into a wide expanse of beautiful aquamarine. It is so beautiful! Here and there are very small lifeforms of light, which come out of the water, and from a distance, they appear as very small angels. Again and again, they dive down and resurface. My Lord, I am swimming in the River of Life."

"You are, for you have been here many times before."

"Thank you, my Beautiful Lord, for allowing this wonderful experience, but I feel so sad. My heart is suddenly so heavy and I must climb upon this rock for a spell. Deep sorrow is creeping into my heart and I cannot help but weep." As I weep, my tears fall onto my robe and they stain it blue as they trickle down. I look up to see our Beautiful Jesus. He takes a cloth and wipes my eyes and as I look down at the blue tear stains, I see that they begin to burn like a very bright white fire. I feel as if I shall be burned and our Lord Jesus says, "Be still and be at peace." Suddenly, The white fire grows brighter and brighter and I find myself amidst a very bright white-light fire, and the fire is not burning me, but is very uplifting. Suddenly, I stand up, aware that I am jumping for joy. And, each time I jump, I soar high, very high, and seem to float in air. As I come back down, I see the beauty of the face of our Lord Jesus He is so full of love.

"Do you know who taught you to fly?"

"Yes, my Lord, you did."

"This is so."

"My Lord, I was weeping, feeling so sad, and I am not even sure why, for I am so very blessed to swim in these waters."

"I know why you were weeping."

"Why, my Lord?"

"My Child, you were weeping for all the souls, who will never swim this beautiful river."

"What happened with the tears? Why did they turn blue and then create a blaze of light?"

"My Child, I know your every tear. I know your every sorrow and your tears are not shed for naught. Your tears are cleansing. They are purging and through your tears, I shall lift you up to new heights. Oh, my Lord, how my heart aches for the rebellious. How my soul is pained for those, who are lost in darkness and wish to stay that way. Oh, my Lord, I feel so helpless about so much, which is going on in the world."

"My Child, I know you believe in the miraculous hand of God; for you have seen many miracles."

"Yes, my Lord, I have seen many miracles and know that they all come through you from our Father in Heaven."

"This is so, my Child, yet do not forget the fake miracles, which come from Lucifer and his own and these will deceive many."

"Yes, my Lord, I pray to have a keen discernment so that I am aware of the fakers. But, in my life, I have seen over and over the miraculous hand of God and I pray to be worthy to see many more."

"My Child, I have told you that I will send you into the stores, into the streets, and that you will heal the sick, set the captives free, raise the dead, anoint the lost and that you will work many miracles."

"Yes, my Lord, you have said it."

"My Child, this work has only begun. I want you to anoint 100 prayer cloths and these are to be given to the sick and dying. Understand?"

"Yes, my Lord."

"And, after these are given out, then I will have you anoint 100 more. Understand?"

"Yes, my Lord."

"For, I am carrying you higher in my works and you will work many a miracle in the Earth. There will come a time wherein the sick will be healed and the possessed will be set free, just by touching the garments you are wearing. Understand."

"My Lord, I accept what you say, but I do not believe that I can ever understand our Father and how He works. My Lord, this is all very humbling to me and I do not feel the least bit worthy. For, I will always remember how lost I have been and I know that I am but a child."

"Yes, my Child, this is so, but you are loved greatly by me and by our Father and He has mighty works ahead for you."

"My Lord, I look forward to these works. To our Father in Heaven is the praise and glory forever and ever!"

"With this, my Child, we shall stop for today. Add this as the third part of the next chapter of Book Eight. I am Jesus and all is given in accord with the will of our Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God."


As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 30th day of September, 2002,
Linda Newkirk

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