From the Mountain, Book VIII

Chapter Thirteen

"The Point of no Return"

October 10, 2002

"My Beloved Child, I am your Master Jesus, yea Lord of Earth. Beginning with this message, My Child, I shall begin to open up that, which has been hidden for a long time. Yea, like a long-forgotten door, which is covered with the sands of time is this door; and to you, My Child, I now hand the key that you may enter therein and witness what has been set aside and saved for these very last days. Therefore, My Little One, take this key and go to the door, which is partially covered by the sands of time and open the door."

"My Lord, I take this key, which flashes with a brilliant light." It is a small key, but it is a heavy key and when I look closely at they key, I see that it is divided into seven visible layers. But, there are three or more layers of spirit, which are part of this key and these are discernible only through the Spirit of God. With this key in my hand, I wade through rather deep sand until I come to the door, which is partially covered with the sands of time. Noting the lock, which is well above the level of the sand, I insert the key and feel a click as I turn it in the door. As if powered by an unseen force, the door glides open and some of the sand, which is blocking the entrance of the door, rushes forth into the opening. I feel a swish of wind from behind, as if a draft is pulling warm wind in behind me, and in the warmth of this ensuing wind, I take my first step through the portal of this door. Looking for writing or symbols on the door, I see none, however, I am keenly aware of the scent of fresh-picked roses. Looking about, I see nothing unusual at first, for I seem to be in a hallway of sorts. Yet, as my eyes become accustomed to the lighting, I can clearly see rooms, which go off to either side. I hear the Spirit of God say, ‘Go left,’ and following the direction of the Spirit, I enter into a most beautifully lighted room. Once inside, I see light coming from the walls. It is a white light and the walls seem to be made of beautifully cut crystal, or perhaps diamonds, but upon first glance I cannot tell. The smell of roses is even stronger and I am drawn to a beautifully carved and ornate table for two. It is white and the legs and rim of the table appear to be made of ornately carved gold, while the top of the table appears to be white marble with pale pink veins. I sit down in one of the chairs, which has a white cushion. It is soft and downy and as I sit I notice that a beautiful light shines directly onto the top of the table and comes from within the crystalline wall.

I hear a swish, again as if the passing of a current of wind, and I look up to see a dark opening in the wall beside the table. I cannot tell where this dark opening leads; but I sense great evil and much darkness. Looking into the deep and narrow abyss, I feel uncomfortable and do not like being here alone in this room. But, suddenly I sense the beautiful and loving presence of our Lord Jesus as He comes through the open door. He is so precious and beautiful, so full of love and mercy. Looking at me, He says, "My Child, today you will learn a lesson in containment." Not understanding what He means, I reply, "Yes, my Lord."

"Our Lord Jesus takes a seat opposite me and in the silence I am again aware of the slight hum, a hum, which was ever-so-subtle when I entered the room, but is now more noticeable. Jarring me suddenly into a state of hyper-vigilance are sounds of banging and shouting, which are coming from this dark portal. Swearing and shouting escalate and I hear sounds, like chains, which are dragging across a stone floor. A deep sense of foreboding begins to enter my spirit; for I do not want to see what is inside this dark portal. Sensing my repulsion, our Lord Jesus reaches over and touches me on the shoulder bringing into my spirit a beautiful sense of peace and love. "My Beloved," He says, "All is not as it seems. Take heed; for this is coming into the Earth." I shudder at the thought of more violence and I shudder at the thought that what is on the end of that chain is about to be released into the Earth. Oh, my heart feel so heavy and I feel that I just cannot face whatever this evil is and I begin to weep profusely as a small child. I look at our Lord Jesus through great tears and deep sorrow and I say, "Oh, Beautiful Lord, how shall the people go on? Already, the plagues are being poured out and so few even notice. Lucifer and his hoards are paralyzing the world, out to destroy all life and so few even notice. Now, my Lord, I have such a dread in my soul, so much sorrow and dread; for I sense that what is coming out of this dark abyss is so awful."

In a beautiful and loving way, He reaches over, cups my chin in His huge hand, takes a cloth and wipes my tears and says, "My Child, look into My eyes."

Still weeping and sobbing, now almost uncontrollably, I try to focus on his beautiful eyes, but through a blur, and suddenly I am lost in such warmth and love, oh such beauty. Oh, the precious love of our Lord Jesus! How he loves us! For a moment, I am like a small babe, caught up in his arms and He is singing a most beautiful song of total and pure love.

Suddenly, I realize that He is speaking to me, "My Beloved, fear not and weep not for the lost! A great upheaval is in the Earth. North shall be South and South shall be North; but never the twain shall meet."

Even as He says these things, I feel a mighty shaking of the Earth. Oh, it is shaking and it is rumbling and I see mighty rockslides. Dams are breaking with water flooding great areas. Trees are pulled down and uprooted and forests are laid low. Power lines are twisted and broken and tall buildings are laid low as rubble. The ocean is churning and the winds are howling, creating mighty wind sheers of 400 mph. Tornadoes are spinning and lakes and rivers are being dumped out of their basins. People in houses are thrown out of their houses and houses and buildings and rubbish are covering whole cities. Great floods, mighty floods, and great rains are pouring out of the skies and thick clouds, which persist for many weeks fill the sky. And, lightening, like I have never seen, mighty lightening and ear-piercing thunder roll forth and fill the air."

"Oh, my Lord, I am so frightened!" And, I find myself sinking beneath the table, clinging to the feet of our Lord Jesus. I feel his hand on the top of my head and he says, "My Child, fear not! Come hither and I will show you what this racket is. I shall show you from whence it comes."

Then, as a small, frightened child, I crawl from under the table and my heart is racing. Pointing to a window, which is like a picture screen, our Lord Jesus shows me to a flaming, red planet. I recognize it from the ancient writings of the Sumerians and I know that it is Niburu, the Planet of the Crossing, or the Lost Planet. "Yes, my Lord, I know this is Niburu."

"My Child, this is so, but there is one thing you do not know about it."

"Oh, my Lord, I feel that I know so little about it, as to almost know nothing."

"Yes, my Child, but there is one very important thing you do not know and you need to know this."

"What is it, my Lord?"

"It is hollow."


"Yes, it is hollow."

"But it is a planet is it not?"

"Yes, my Child."

"My Lord, why is this so important? Why do you want me to know that is it hollow?"

"I want you to know this, my Child: very few things are as you believe them to be. And, this is also the case with Niburu."

"My Lord, what do You mean?"

"My Child, you believe it is a planet."

"My Lord, either a planet or a star."

"But, what if I told you that it is neither, but a wandering domain of the fallen ones, Would you believe this?"

"Yes, my Lord, I would believe this."

"But, it is believed to be a planet."

"It is believed to be a planet and even fits the definition of a planet, but is unlike a planet."

"But, our Father refers to it as a planet."

"He does as this is how you see it and understand it."

"So, did our Father create it?"

"He did, but it is a wandering home for the fallen ones."

"A wandering home? Sort of like a comet, a wanderer?"

"Yes, my Child."

"But, my Lord, were they the fallen ones before they mated with man?"


"But, my Lord, in the ancient writings, they talk of eating of the Tree of Life and they talk of eternal life. They even write that they live to be very old, like hundreds of thousands of years old, or even millions of years old."

"They do."

"But, my Lord these are not all of the fallen ones?"

"No, only some."

"But, my Lord, my question has been for some time … Why has the Earth been chosen as the place for this final battle with Lucifer? I do not understand this. Why, my Lord?"

"My Child, if a boomerang is thrown out and one with skill tosses it out, does it return to the one, who threw it out?"

"Yes, my Lord."

"Then, know this, My Child, this solar system captured the wanderers and threw them out. The

Earth, itself, suffered a mighty blow because of the collision with satellites of this planet."

"So, it also relates to the Earth, itself, as to why this planet was chosen for the final battle?"

"Yes. Remember, My Child, that the planets are possessed of spirits, which are living, sentient beings."

"My Lord, our Father has shown this."

"So, my Child, the Earth, itself, agreed to do battle with this wanderer and to set up the stage for the final battle with those, who serve Lucifer."

"My Lord, are these the ones with the serpent spirits?’

"They are."

"But, all of them?"

"No, not all, My Child, but most. My Child, to you not see what is going on in the Earth? Evil, My Child, much evil. These evil ones are out to destroy this very planet and this is why. They are out to destroy each of you as they hate you. They are poisoning the waters, poisoning the air and killing the planet by degrees. All this, My Child, has been hidden from the masses. They do not intend to leave a single human on this planet. Understand?"

"Yes, my Lord."

"And, these, My child, are ruling this planet. Through their human counterparts, they rule. And, from their stations in space, they still rule. This is why, My Child, that I am bringing fleets. This is why I am bringing armadas from distant planets. For, there will be a great war in the heavens, wherein they will be rooted out. They will be subdued. They will be defeated and their souls will be cast into the lake of fire."

"And, my Lord, they know this."

"They do, but in their arrogance, they believe that they can defeat the Powers of Light. They cannot. They are already defeated; but those in the Earth, who do not love Me and our Father, will perish. Those, who trust in the evil ones, will surely perish beneath the weight of their evil rule."

"Oh, my Lord, this is awful! But, coming from distant stars are loving beings?"

"Yes, my Child, but many, who are evil, are helping to destroy this planet. They are helping to destroy the wildlife, the plant life and they are bringing forth their creatures of terror, like the chupacabras."

"Oh, my Lord, this is a dreadful thing."

"It is, My Child, and this is why I have a supernatural army on my side."

"My Lord, our Father has said that at the time of the nuclear blast, a goodly number will go home, but some will return to go between worlds. My Lord, these who get purified bodies and go between worlds, who cannot be hurt, are they part of your supernatural army?"


"My Lord, how long do we have?"

"My Child, you are on an accelerated course. When the Senate agrees to this war, they seal the fate of the USA and within a very short time thereafter, the first nuclear blast will take place. At the signal of this first nuclear blast, the first round of souls will be lifted off. Within this first round will be my kings and queens, many of my priests and certain numbers of the Pure of Heart."

"But, my Lord, this is only the first round?"

"It is."

"My Lord, how long do we have before Niburu passes?"

"My Child, it is not altogether the passing, which is the significant point, but what takes place before and after. But, I tell you, my Child, within twenty-four months grave and terrible catastrophes shall befall the Earth due to its passing."

"My Lord, you said within twenty-four months."

"I did."

"My Lord, we do not have long."

"No, my Child, you do not."

"So, between now and then, some will go home and return with purified bodies?"

"This is so."

"Oh, my Lord, we are facing some dreadful times!"

"This is so."

"My Lord, I am afraid to ask, but I know I must."

"Yes, My Child, what is now held in chains , that will soon be unleashed …"

"Yes, my Lord, what is it?"

"My Child, up until now, Satan has been kept in chains for he has not been released upon the world to do as he chooses; but My Little One, when the USA goes to war against Iraq, a needless and senseless war, he will be turned loose on the world. His fury will hit America and know this, My Child, … this is being allowed by the Most High; for you, as a nation, have willingly started WWIII, and all for greed, all for power and all for the purposes of the bought and sold whores of your congress.

My Little One, with this decision for war, the world shall rush headlong into WWIII. It shall rush headlong into a world, economic collapse. It shall rush headlong into a world famine. All these things, My Child, are upon the world; for this country is fallen. It is fallen to the thieves and rogues. The churches are full of the lackadaisical, the putrid, and very few walk the Straight and Narrow. This, My Child, is why all these things are upon America and upon the world. But, know this, I will never leave or forsake My Loved Ones. The Pure of Heart are safe, always safe within My love and they shall be counted worthy to escape death. Yes, they will be persecuted and many will know much sorrow; for all are being tried. They are all being purified. But, I shall keep them from death."

"My Lord, does this include any of the Pure of Heart, who agreed to become martyrs?"

"It does not. For before this life, they chose martyrdom."

"Do these know who they are?"

"Some do. Some do not."

"So, my Lord we have reached a point of no return."

The decision by your leaders to invade Iraq again is the point of no return and I tell you, My Child, they are all rushing headlong into slaughter."

"Oh, my Lord, this is so terrible."

"Yes, My Child, for it is the beginning of the end; and with this we shall stop for today. I am Jesus, and all is given in accord with the will of Jehovah, Most High God."

"My lord, where shall You have me put this?"

"Put in the next Message for You and also as the next chapter in Book VIII."

"Thank You, my Beautiful One."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 10th day of October, 2002,
Linda Newkirk

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