From the Mountain, Book VIII

Chapter Fourteen

"A Great Sifting"

"My Beloved Child, I am your Master Jesus, yea Yeshua, Lord of Earth. My Little One, just as surely as you hear the wind chimes as they are stroked by the moving wind, you shall hear Me speak to you of the upcoming calamities. Yes, My Child, My warnings shall continue to sound through these writings, even until the very end. For, here and there all around the world, some are awakening to the truth of their plights. My Child, some say, ‘It is never too late.’ For even on their deathbeds, there are those, who repent and turn to Me. And, I tell you, My Child, that in some respects, this bears truth. For, truly even on their deathbeds, the Spirit of God visits some and they repent, being spared a sure and certain death. But, My Little One, this is but one scenario, wherein one is allowed time before the harbinger of death takes the spirit from the body. However, My Little One, what is emerging is a global war on many fronts and death shall take many unawares. There shall be no deathbed repentance; for the deathbed will not be in a home, or in a hospital; but in the highways and the byways, yea in the very streets, in the clubs as you have seen in Bali, in the schools, at the workplace and to and from home. Yes, My Child, in the air, in the sea and in places far and wide! And, for those, who believe that they will have time for a deathbed repentance, I say, ‘Woe to you; for you are foolish, indeed! You gamble with your destiny and you may lose in a very big way.

My Little One, all should know that a choice for eternal life involves daily decisions of love toward our Father and fellow man. A choice for eternal life involves daily decisions to obey our Father’s commands and to live a humble life through constant repentance and forgiveness. My Little One, these are conscious decisions, which are directed toward a common goal. These are not haphazard, but planned.

I tell you, My Child, as I look out all around the world at My People, who should have plans for eternal life, I see those, who are playing a game of chance. They are gambling with their destinies, believing that they have many years. My Little One, behold what I say; for none of you has many years. Look around you!

Many believe that the sniper attacks (in Washington DC) are a thing of chance, but they are not. They are well-planned military hits, which have been carefully orchestrated by the Satanists within your own government, and all to take your guns, all to declare martial law, and all to bring in the military and give evidence as a need for more and more spying. Under such abject fear, they know you will gladly relinquish your rights for reasons of ‘safety.’ My Little One, this is a Pentagon scam. It is a Luciferian scam and is but one more trick played by the same ones, who bombed Bali.

Listen, My Child, out of chaos, they are bringing in their New World Order. Yes, My Little One, it is a Luciferian system and like lost and abandoned sheep, the masses are following the Pied Piper of Lucifer. But, what are My People doing? Are you organized in your prayer efforts? Are you obedient to our Father’s commands? Are you watchful? Oh, My Child, so few! All across this land, so few are organized in their works for our Father.

My Child, look around and see. Behold the prophets, who are telling the people outright lies! In these perilous times, you have prophets, who support George Bush. You have prophets, who will not speak out against a satanic government. You have prophets, who will only tell the nice things. They will only speak the good things, the ‘warm and fuzzy’ things. My Child, these are terrible times. They are perilous times. Many souls are at stake, ready to perish, and the prophets will not speak the truth. They will not warn My People. My Child, I am ashamed, deeply ashamed! These are not Mine; for Mine will not back down from the truth. Mine will not arbitrate the truth. Mine will not soft-pedal the real issues of slavery, which are rampant in this world.

If My prophets will not rise and cause My People to repent, I shall cut them off! I shall cease to speak to them! My Child, our Father has warned already of this and you are seeing it come to pass. As you look out, how many prophets do you see, who no longer receive prophecies? How many, My Child?"

"Oh, my Precious Lord, I have seen some."

"And, you are going to see more. You have only seen the first round. If these prophets will not rise up and come out of their stupor and speak the truth, causing My People to repent, I shall further cut them off. A great sifting is taking place in the prophetic. The Tried and True are moving forth to do great and mighty works, but the profane and the false shall further dry up on the vine! I am ashamed, My Child. Many have been called; but truly few are being chosen. Now, many are cut off from the Spirit of God. I send them not. Our Father sends them not, yet they run. Many set themselves up high and organize prophetic events; but I am not in this. Our Father is not in this."

"My Lord, my heart is so sad."

"And, ‘tis so with My heart. My Little One, the putrid is rotting on the vine; but I am caring for the True Vine. I am caring for the Tried and True and all else shall perish."

"My Lord, I know that what you are saying is widespread with the prophets, but how widespread?"

"My Child, truly over 2/3 of those, who say, ‘Thus saith the Lord,’ have been cut off. They are speaking from their minds, or are tools of deceiving spirits. But, I tell you, My Child, before they were cut off they wandered into self. They wandered into pride. They wandered into ego. They arbitrated My word, here a little and there a little. They refused to discipline themselves and obey and when they were ripe with iniquity, our Father cut them off. Now, My Child, there are considerably fewer prophets; but those, who are left stand to do great and mighty works."

"Oh, my Lord, I have such a deep fear of our Father, such a deep fear, and my heart aches for those, who have transgressed. I pray, My Lord, that our Father is merciful to them, that He will allow them opportunities to repent and come back."

"My Child, the Spirit of the World has moved in; for they have opened themselves to it and unless they repent in a mighty way, they shall not be restored as prophets. My Little One, the ‘heat’ is being turned up. Those, who fell by the way, could not stand up to the heat they were under. Will they be able to stand up to a greater heat?"

"My Lord, only You and our Father can answer this. But, I ask You to touch them, My Lord, that they see where they have been wrong, that they will come full circle. I know that this will not happen to most, but I pray that it will happen to some as You and our Father see fit."

"Therefore, My Child, the few, who remain, are being molded. They are being shaped in the furnaces. They are being pulverized and refined and they are being raised up as the current day Elijahs. They are being stripped of all that is of this world and step by step, they are being rebuilt in ways that are pleasing to our Father."

"Beloved Lord, I thank you and I thank our Precious Father for all trials. I thank You for all fires, for all persecutions and for all hardships. I thank You, My Lord, for all things and to our Father in Heaven is the praise and glory forever and ever."

"With this, we shall stop for today. Place as the first part of the next chapter. I am Jesus, and all is given in accordance with the will of our Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 21st day of October, 2002,
Linda Newkirk.


Chapter Fourteen
Part II

"A Beautiful Door"

"My Beloved Child, I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God. Hearken unto Me, My Child. Listen. Look. For, the heavens are opening up to you and I shall take you on a walk, like you have not been on before."

"Oh, my Father, I see the heavens upon and there is a great rip, a great tear and even as a piece of fabric is torn, with the pieces wafting in the breeze, so it is what I am beholding. The rip has severed a fabric and the pieces on either side of the tear are wafting, like curtains in a summer’s breeze."

"My Child, rise up and go through this door."

"Yes, my Father." And a current of wind catches me up and carries me through this gigantic rip. Oh, the wind is blowing, my hair is beating my face and my clothes are whipping at my limbs. But, just as quickly the wind ceases and I am put down in a beautiful garden. Beside me is a rock and all around me are beautiful flowers. Pathways of glistening, white rocks, which are crystalline in nature, lead here and there and there is such a feeling of serenity. What peace! Yet, before me is a portal, which leads into a hillside and I feel this portal to be very inviting. It seems to be speaking to me in a subtle voice and I feel that I shall pass through this door soon.

Looking up, I see our Lord Jesus approaching. Oh, he is so beautiful, so loving and so full of peace and joy. He reaches down and touches my arm; for I am sitting now upon the rock and He says, "You are right. You will pass through that door." And, at that instant I hear a swish as wind passes through me and I find myself on the other side of the door. Once again, I am met by a beautiful fragrance of fresh-picked roses and I hear sounds, like those of horses’ hooves on a cobblestone street. The hallway is dimly lighted, but up ahead I see a radiant light, which is coming from a room, and this room seems to be at the end of the hall. Sensing that I am to go to this room, I hasten my steps until I am approaching this light. Oh, what power! What awesome power I feel in this light and I do not feel worthy to be in the midst of it. Easing up to the open portal, I see a most beautiful angel. I look at his eyes of fire and a lump of apprehension forms in my throat. My eyes catch a scroll in his hands as fear and trepidation begin to grip my heart. "Mrs. Newkirk," he says, "Take off your shoes, for you are entering the Holy of Holies." Feeling such raw power of God come through this door is both frightening and humbling and I bend to unloose my shoes. Now, looking up at this very tall and awesome being, barefoot and feeling very insignificant, I bow before him and say, ‘Thank you.’ He then proceeds to touch me on the head and says, ‘Bow not; for as you, I am only a messenger. The Most High has a word for you. Enter."

Taking my first steps across the threshold, I am met with a wave of light and within this wave, I hear many messages, all compressed as one. Intuitively, I reach out to touch these messages, not knowing why and I suddenly find a scroll within the grasp of my right hand. Now standing on a trunk, which appears to be covered in diamonds, rubies and sapphires, I am gripping this scroll. A deep sense of foreboding is gripping my whole being and my knees are quietly knocking.

"My Beloved," I hear His voice from within the light. "Why do you fear?"

"Oh, my Father, I am so afraid. My Precious Father, I feel unworthy to be in Your midst. I am afraid that I shall displease you for I am such a sinner and You are so holy, so pure and so beautiful! Surely, I am among the least of the least."

"My Child, why do you weep? Are you not pleased to be here?"

"Yes, my Father, I am pleased, but I know that I am unworthy. That You would choose me, someone, who has been so lost, someone, who is so imperfect is so deeply humbling and I cannot help but weep."

"My Child, do you love Me?"

"My Father, you know I do."

"With your whole heart?"

"Oh, my Father, this is my desire and I pray that this is so."

"My Child, I know your heart and I am pleased in you. No, you are not perfect for none are; but you are continually striving, continually seeking and this is pleasing to me."

Then, a second wave a light hits me and I sense more messages. Then, another scroll winds up within my grasp. Then, behind this wave comes another wave, and another scroll. And, before I can even put down this scroll, another wave comes behind it and in my hand another scroll, so that I am now clinging to three small scrolls and one large scroll. Not being able to hold all scrolls, I have laid all but the larger one on the jeweled chest."

"My Child," our Father says, "Why do you fight Me?"

"Oh, my Father, do I fight You? How could I do such a thing? Oh, my Father, this is wrong!"

"My Child, do you know what day of the week it is?"

"Yes, my Father, it is Tuesday. But, how am I fighting You?"

"By not publishing what I say on time."

"Oh, my Father, I know I have been late at times and I have procrastinated and let things pile up. Please forgive me this. Father, how else do I fight you? I do not want to do this. Please forgive me for allowing other things to take precedence."

"My Little One, this is but a small thing, but I have one more thing against you."

"What is it, my Father? Please tell me."

"My Child, do you believe that black is white?"

"No, my Father."

"Then, tell My people the truth."

"My Father, this is my heart’s desire. Father, how have I failed You in this?"

"My Child, do you believe that black is white?"

"No, my Father, but why are You asking me this?"

"My Child, those scrolls before you are sealed and they have been sealed for a long, long time. My Little One, you and you, alone, will open these scrolls. And, when you do, you will reveal what has been hidden for a very long time. Know this, my Child, were you not found worthy in My sight, you would not open these scrolls. My Little One, I have stripped you of your pride. I have stripped you of your vanity. I have stripped you of the worldly. I have stripped you of all that is not pleasing to me; but this is My warning that you further simplify your life that no thing, no person, and no place comes before Me and My words. Do you understand?"

"Yes, my Father."

"My Child, regardless of the mail, regardless of the needs of others, My works must come first. Understand? You must not put off what needs to be done today. You must not procrastinate these works in any way and under no circumstances can the needs of others be allowed to come before Me and My works.

"Yes, my Father."

"My Child, do you understand why I am being so strict with you?"

"Yes, my Father, I believe I do. Time is running out and save I discipline myself in a greater way I will not get Your works done."

"My Child, this is but one aspect. My Little One, you do not understand fully who you are. You do not understand the work, which is yet to be done. You do not understand your calling, which will take you far and wide and you do not understand just how critical the world situation is. For, truly minute to minute, the world goes on grace."

"My Father, why did You ask me if I believe that black is white and warned me to tell the people the truth."

"My Child, I have warned you to be vigilant. Trust no one; but put your faith and trust in Me and My Son. Yet, many will come to deceive you. So be warned! In addition, My Child, know this. There are many levels of truth. Yes, you have worked hard to get the truth to My people; but you must work even harder to get these truths out; for time is short and the opposition is great. And, a new level of truth is emerging, which is being brought forth by the Pure of Heart."

"Yes, my Father."

"Now, know this, My Child, a radiance is coming upon you and into your life."

"A radiance?"

"Yes, my Child, it is a radiance as a rainbow and though you do not know what I mean now, you will."

"Father, I wish I even knew how to respond; but I do not, for I am truly humbled."

"My Child, this radiance is coming from the North, from the South, from the East and from the West."

"This is a visible radiance?"

"It is and when you see it, you will know that My hand is in it."

"Father, what will I do with this radiance?"

"You will do nothing; but it will bring certain ones to you, like some I am sending, but beware of the fakers."

"And, Father, why will these be sent?"

"They will know who you are."

"Who I am?"

"Yes, my Child and in due season this shall be very apparent to you. Though I speak it to your soul, this frightens you. Therefore, I will show you. Sign by sign, I will make you see and understand who you are. But, to operate under this anointing, you must let go of the world and you must live in Spirit. This, my Child, is why I am so strict with you. It is not because I am so stern and exacting. It is because if I am not stern, you will not move into this anointing."

"So, this anointing has to do with the rainbow?"

"It does and it will come to rest on you."

"All at once, or by degrees?"

"By degrees."

"Father, this is so awesome, so humbling, yet so frightening. For, I am so imperfect, and tremble with fear at the thought of upsetting you."

"My child, I know your heart. I know you through and through and I know you want to please Me. I know you want to serve your fellow man and I know you have been through great trials and hardships, but I also want you to know that I am further pruning you; for this mighty work at hand."

"Father, I thank You for every trial. I thank You for every hardship. I thank You for scolding me and for correcting me. I thank you for all things, Father, for You, and You, alone, are my reason for being."

"My Child, you have four scrolls, three small and one large. You will open all three scrolls and you will write what is therein, and when you get to the fourth scroll, the largest, then My Child, you will know who you are."

"Yes, my Father."

"But, my Child, we will not open these scrolls today and not tomorrow, but at an appointed time. And, this time is not knows to you, but to Me and to My Son. But, before you open the first one, you will hear the horses on the cobblestones."

"Father, what do You mean by horses on the cobblestones?
"My Child, at the time that you hear them, then you will know it its time to open the first scroll. I will speak to you and I will say, ‘These are the horses. Then, the first scroll will open. Understand?"

"Yes, my Father. So, Father, what am I supposed to do?"

"Pray and fast. Fast and pray."

"Fast how long?"

"Three days."

"And, then, Father, this shall go forward?"

"Yes, my Child, but remember, do not procrastinate this fast, but start soon."

"Yes, my Father. Is there more I should know?"

"No, My Child, but know that I love you very much and in many ways your work is just beginning."

"Yes, my Father."

"Go in peace and love and be whole in My light."

"Thank you, Father."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 22nd day of October, 2002,
Linda Newkirk


Beloved Ones, I wept bitterly because of our Father’s words, not realizing how I had been "fighting" Him. But, as I wept and prayed, I realized that many things were creeping in and stealing time from His work. I realized that answering e-mails and attending to everyday affairs was taking time away from praying and staying close to God. "Fighting" Him was in no was a conscious thing, but a very subtle thing, one which was not internalized and one, which I was not even aware of until He made me see. After His admonitions, I put all things aside and began to pray for many hours each day. In addition to the three times a day, which He had ordered me to pray in mid-summer, I added several more hours of prayer daily. In all things, I sought to make up to Him for any infractions on my part. I do not know how many days passed until I began to see the rainbows while I was praying, but at a certain point, this began to happen. It was at this time that our Father said to pray over the oil and to anoint the prayer handkerchiefs.

The Spirit of God anointed these cloths for healing and for miracles and these have been sent to those, who have ordered them. Our Father said in advance that you would get miracles and healings and some of you are writing telling of your beautiful experiences. Praises to our Beloved Lord and God! To Him is the praise and glory forever!

I now know that this rainbow of His Spirit of called the "Rainbow Anointing" for our Father in Heaven has told me this. By anointing these cloths with the rainbow anointing, our Father is gifting you with a beautiful heavenly gift!

Many of you do not have any church affiliation. You do not have any spiritual group to which you belong. Many of you do not have anyone to contact when you need prayers for healing or deliverance and this is painful for our Lord and God to see. Know that our Beautiful Father in Heaven and our Beloved Lord Jesus loves you very much and because of this precious love God is ministering to you. Through our Father’s anointing on these cloths, you are receiving a little piece of Heaven.

Cherished Ones, order your handkerchiefs, for many will be healed through these cloths. Below, I am posting a message from our Precious Sister, Antonietta, so that you can see how our Father is working through His anointing on these cloths. This is beautiful. As others of you write and give permission to reprint your letters, I will add them, along with this one, to the Miracle Page.



To God is the praise and glory forever and ever!

My friend Helen is a woman of 71 years old who had a stroke and the doctor told her family that she could not make it. When I went to visit her in the hospital, she was in a coma, so I started praying to Jesus to save her life. After two months she left the hospital. One day I was walking with my dog when I saw her walking very slowly. She kissed me and said: "My dear friend, thanks to your prayers Jesus has saved my life. I am alive, but I have a terrible pain in my legs and I cannot walk, and I know that only Jesus can heal it." I smiled to her and replied: " Can I come tomorrow to your house and pray with the rainbow cloth that the Prophet Linda Newkirk has sent to me?" She replied: "Yes, please."

The day after I went to her house and put the rainbow cloth on her feet and started to pray: " My Lord and God, please I beg you, impart the healing from this cloth into Helen. My Lord and God, please I beg you, impart the anointing from this cloth to heal, cleanse and deliver Helen of the bonds of sickness and disease. My Lord and God, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for hearing my prayer." When on the third day I went to her house she was crying and thanking Jesus and God as she had no more pain in her legs.

(Our Friend Antonietta said that she went to see this woman and found her cleaning out her garage! Walking just fine with no pain! To God is the praise and glory!)


To God is the praise and glory!

Two days later I was walking with my dog when an old man stopped me and said: " Please, I heard about Helen, could you be so kind to come to my house and pray with the anointing cloth to heal my handicapped son? I am not rich, but I will pay something. He is blind of one eye and handicapped and I believe that the rainbow cloth will do the miracle." I went to his house and prayed with the anointing cloth and Jesus has put in my mind that HE will heal the boy.

When yesterday evening I went to their house the old man was crying as the veterinarian told him that his dog had a tumor and needed an operation. He asked me to pray with the rainbow cloth to heal his little dog. I prayed and prayed with the rainbow cloth. This morning I went to see how was the little dog. The old man looked at me and said: " I am not sure, but I think your rainbow cloth has saved my little dog. I will tell you this evening, now I am going to the veterinarian."

This evening we are all thanking the Lord and God to have saved the little dog of an old poor man.


(The tumor disappeared and the dog is healed! Praise God!)


During this time since our Father gave this message, our telephone began to give us problems with lots of static on the line; and this went on for about six weeks. It was impossible to stay on the Internet for any length of time because of this problem and many days I could not get on at all. And if I did get on, was unable to stay on for more than a few minutes. Finally, the telephone problem was repaired and I was able to get God’s work posted, but as I look back on it, I feel that this was all within the will of God. For, during this time, I have had beautiful spiritual experiences. He has given His gift of the rainbow and some of you have received it. For all things I thank God!

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