From the Mountain, Book VIII

Chapter Fifteen


"Plans of the Evil One"

"My Beloved Child, I am your Master Jesus, yea Yeshua, Lord of Earth. My Little One, as you look around and as you see the world falling around you, know that I love you! Our Father loves you! The angels of Heaven love you! Keep all in perspective and be not overcome by the troubles of the world. For, in some ways, you are only seeing the beginning of Jacob’s troubles in the USA. My Little One, the holy and pure light of God is shining on you. It goes before you, behind you, all around you, even above and below you. Yes, My Child, the light of God is upon you and His tender mercies rest upon you; for My Little One, I am about to carry you through a dark door, that you are only allowed to enter. For, Our Father has tried you. He has cleansed you and he has purged you, as your heart has desired. And, now little One, I shall show you what all the fuss is about. I shall show you what the calamity is about. For, you stand clean before Me and before our Father and you are deemed worthy.

My Little One, I have brought you back to My garden and from this vantagepoint, I will teach you. I will feed you of the deep and hidden things. For, you are found worthy before our Father. My Child, see the dark door before you."

"Yes, my Lord, the one, which goes into the small hill."

"My Child, you are to write as you see and you are to write as I give you, that My people may be the wiser; for in all the world, the evil ones have risen to great power. Through lies and illusion, they are conquering the world. Though black, they say white and though white they say black. All that is truth, all that is good is being steadily replaced with all that is rotten, with all that is full of darkness and illusion. Lies and more lies! For, the truth is not in them, but great darkness, great cunning and much evil. I tell you, My Child, that the antichrist agenda is rolling forth like a mighty steamroller from Washington DC. Those in congress do not have a chance of survival in such a system; save they belong to Me. My Little One, take a few steps and pass through the dark door. The key with seven levels, plus the added spiritual levels, will allow you to pass through undetected. Understand? My Child, this is a door of great evil and save you were purged of every bit, which our father warned you of, you would not be allowed to go therein. Look around you, My Child, and you will see what seems to be a very thick wall of glass. This wall is holy and it will allow you to go therein undetected."

"Yes, my Lord." I bend down and cling to the feet of our Lord Jesus, and with tears in my eyes I kiss his feet. A solitary tear falls to his left foot and a blaze of white light rushes up to envelop me. For a moment, I am in a beautiful meadow and it is full of every kind of blooming flower. There, I am playing a game like Frisbee with our Lord Jesus. I do not have a care in the world, for total joy envelops my every move. Sensing the touch of our Lord’s hand upon my head, I know that it is time to move on. I arise and look into his radiant eyes, and know that I must proceed with the work at hand. Rising, I turn and face the dark door. It is only about ten to fifteen steps away, but as I get closer, a repulsion for what is behind the door begins to sink into my being.

In the Spirit, I find myself speaking several words in tongues and I know these words to mean, ‘Through the Spirit of God and by the blood of the Lamb, I enter." Reaching down, I pick up the key; for it is lying on the sand near the door. As I hold it a great power surge runs through my whole being and I shout, still in tongues, but translated, ‘Victory is in Jesus. Victory is in Jesus. Beautiful Lamb of God, who takes away the sins of the world. Victory is in Jesus.’

Bending down, I insert the key in the lock; for the lock is not high on the door, but low, around knee level. And, even as the key touches the lock, I am swished through the portal and into a very dark place. It takes a moment for my eyes to become accustomed to such darkness, but within a few seconds, I am able to see well; for the light of God bathes me. Keenly aware of the wall of protection around me, I realize that I am in a room, a very dark room, save a flickering fire, which is in the fireplace. I am also keenly aware of a very musty smell, like that of a cave or an old, run-down house. Still, not seeing totally clearly, I sense that someone is sleeping by the fire. This presence brings a chill of coldness to my spine and I feel as if I am approaching a very evil giant, for the chair is very large and would seat eight or ten people. Still, all is quiet, save the crackling of the fire, and what I perceive as subtle movements coming from the chair. Stopping for a moment to look around and standing still, a little ways behind the chair, yet still facing the fire, I see walls, which are chock full of books. Straining to see, I hope to discern what kinds of books these are; for they appear to be very old. All seem to be bound in leather and appear to have ornate covers, but the letters I cannot make out, for I am too far away to clearly discern. Near the fire and beneath the wall of books is a very large bench. On the bench, I see a skull of a human. "Oh my! It is not just a skull; for the skull is raised up." But on this large bench are what seems to be all the bones of the human body, all carefully laid out and placed in the same manner in which they are pieced together in the human body.

I hear a cough come from the chair and I sense that the occupant of this chair may be waking up. I stand still, swallowing hard, but remembering the words of our Lord Jesus that I will not be seen. Briefly, I catch the scent of roses and I sense that the Spirit of God is confirming through this beautiful scent that what I am writing is true. I take a few steps forward and move off to the left side of the chair, where I am better able to get a look at the occupant of the chair.

"Oh, my," I gasp, hoping I did not make a sound. Now catching a view of the creature, I see first its gnarled and scaly hand; for with its deep, gnarled claws, it is gripping the arm of the chair. My what large claws, at least six or seven inches long! Looking up at the arm, I am repulsed to see scales, deep-pitted scales and these lead to a scaly trunk and a scaly head. Oh, what a repulsion! This creature is now awake and its eyes are as red as fire! As I look upon this beast, I clearly see its countenance change from a dragon to that of a person. The first face to appear on the dragon is the face of Bill Clinton. Then, and no surprise to me, is the face of George Herbert Walker Bush. Each time, the transition is but a second or two and then the face changes again. Now, I am seeing the face of Queen Elizabeth of England, then George W. Bush, then Hillary Clinton. Now, Ross Perot. Ross Perot? Then, a series of faces pass so fast that I can hardly focus on them, but I will try to write quickly … There is John Ashcroft, Ted Kennedy, Walter Kronkite, Dan Rather, Connie Chung, Adolph Hither, David Rockefeller, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and now the faces are moving so fast that I am no longer recognizing them. As they pass quickly by, I hear sounds, like the clicking sounds of a typewriter, until finally the procession of faces comes to an end. Looking upon the countenance of the Evil One, I know for a certainly that this is Lucifer, yet still he is unaware of my presence. As I gaze closer, I see that he is reading a book, actually he is writing a book. And, it seems that he has already written at least 2/3 of it. But, I hear the Spirit of God say, "80%."

"My Lord, I really want to know what he has written, but how can I know, for he is holding the book?"

"My Child, in your right hand you will find a small key. It is a skeleton key. Go and put it into the mouth of the skull and in its place, you will draw out certain portions of the his book."

"Yes, my Lord, but do I leave the key inside the skull?"

"My Child, the skull is the repository for the key. Once you place the key in the skull, you will be able to withdraw the records I want you to have. To your rear, by the wall of books is a small table and desk. Take the records there and write what you read."

"Yes, my Lord." I take a few steps forward and place the key in the skull and as I withdraw my hand, I see that in place of the key is a stack of papers.

Ever aware of the evil one, I am alerted to his sniffing. "Roses," he snarls! "Damnable roses!" Then he calls out a name, which sounds like Parheleon, though I cannot be sure of the exact spelling. At once a very foul looking, scaly entity appears. As he whisks past, I sense an utterly repulsive smell, like that of a roadkill.

"There is a damnable smell in here," bellows the Evil One, "search it out and put it on the table, for into the fiery pits it shall go!"

I feel my heart pounding and then I hear our Lord Jesus say, "Do not fear, for you cannot be seen and you cannot be heard."

"But, my Lord, he smells the roses!"

"Worry not, for it is but fleeting and he will go on with something else."

A lump is forming in my throat and I find myself drifting, as if on air, to the side of the room. As I pull the chair away from the small table, I dread the thought of being in here any longer than necessary. Quietly, I sit and watch the evil serpent as he rises from his chair. Oh, he is bellowing and were I not under protection, surely my eardrums would burst. He is cursing! He is ranting and raving and he is pacing! "Get me that book," he bellows! "Get me that book!" And, seemingly out of nowhere, eight or ten fiery, little demons appear and they are scrambling here and there searching for ‘the book.’ One rushes over to the Evil One with the book in hand, hands it to him and bows. Growling, the Evil One says, "Scatter! Scatter," I say! Once more, he settles down in his chair with ‘ the book’ in hand and I clearly see the words on the cover, ‘The Demise of all Christians!’ Again, the putrid smell sweeps past me as the Evil One’s helper continues to search high and low for the origin of the scent of roses.

"Oh, I must hurry, for this evil is so great and save for the grace of God I shall have trouble maintaining!" I turn to the first page before me and what strikes me in the face is a picture of the inside of a jail, replete with bars and corridors. As I look upon this jail scene, I suddenly find myself in a very long corridor, instinctively knowing that this prison is a subterranean area. As I begin to walk the corridor, I begin to realize that I am not looking at human beings, but strange, genetic mutations. I see a lion's head on a dog’s body and an ape, which is more human than ape, save the fact that the face has pink skin and little hair. I see chickens with red eyes and they hiss like snakes. "Oh, my! I am beginning to feel weak all over!" These are gross genetic experiments! As I look at the strange aberrations, which fill these jail cells, my heart seems to sink to my knees! Looking about, I can clearly see that humans have been mixed with animals and animals with serpents! Suddenly, I hear a door shut and feel that I will jump through my skin! But, looking about, I realize that I am looking at the outside door of this prison and on it are the words, ‘Genetic destruction of mankind."

Oh, my heart is sinking! A lump is forming in my throat and I feel so sick as if I will throw up all over these pages! But, I know I must be brave; for I have seen but one page and I have many to go! Once again at the desk, I realize that the evil servant is searching high and low for me. He has a dustbin and a broom and he is searching every corner; but I am not afraid. Disgusted and sickened, but not afraid! As I turn the second page, I am met by ear-piercing screams and I see a woman on the table, who is pregnant. A baby is being delivered by forceps and from looking at the woman, I can see that she is heavily sedated. These physicians look human, but I know that they do not have human spirits, for the Spirit of God reveals this. Inside them are the spirits of reptiles. The baby looks human, but it is not; for it has the eyes of a snake and it has a short tail. "This one may work," the evil doctor says. "From all appearances he is normal. Without the tail and with the eye changeover, who will know?"

"Who will know," I think to myself. "God will know! His servants will know!" Oh, a fury rises up within me and I want to annihilate these evil creatures; but ‘Vengeance is Mine,’ God says! I watch as the Mother lies there, bleeding profusely. The baby is hauled away. A cover is placed over the woman’s face as an evil nurse turns up a drip and she is left to die! "No, no," I scream! "You cannot let her die!" But, I realize that no one hears me and I can do nothing, save what our Lord Jesus allows me to do. A door closes on this room and I read the words, ‘Annihilation through substitution.’ And, suddenly I see so clearly the plans of the evil ones to substitute the reptilian humans for humans in very important locations, like hospitals, and in these places they will be used to systematically kill and destroy humans. Clearly, women are being used as incubators and when the job is done, they are being left to die! Realizing all this, I am feeling so downhearted and distraught and a wave of lightheadedness sweeps over me and I feel for an instant that I shall surely faint! But, I know that I must fight these feelings; for there are more papers and I must get the plans of the Evil One out to God’s people. For, we must pray, pray, pray!

Sitting quietly at the small table, I am aware once more of the gopher. For, he is now pulling books from the shelves and he is hastily searching every book! As he pulls the books from the shelves, I see that the shelves are lined with mirrors, and this evil one stops now and then to admire his abominable reflection! Now at the third page, I see a whirlwind and the Spirit of God says, "Step into the whirlwind." Oh, it is a black whirlwind, but in obeying God, I step into it and there, to my left is George H.W. Bush. Oh, this man is so utterly evil and the sight of him makes me want to run and throw up. For, he is no human at all, but a fake. A reptilian! And he is utterly disgusting! Behind him on a wall are all the continents of the world and they are all spread out, a map of the world. Here and there, he has placed markers on certain locations. Looking at the map of the USA, I clearly see that it is divided into ten sections and I see a black whirlwind coming down into Texas. Oh, this is a black and foul wind and on this whirlwind are the words, ‘Death by dissociation.’ "Death by dissociation," I ponder! "What does this mean?" Then again, the Spirit of God says, "Step into the black whirlwind!" Then, suddenly I find myself moving in spirit toward the map and suddenly I am getting sucked deeper into this black whirlwind. Oh, it is dark in here and I am trying to get my bearings when I realize that I am suddenly placed on a windswept plain. Just ahead, I see two cowboys, who are sitting in front of a small campfire and over the fire is a small cast iron pot. I catch the scent that they are cooking something and see them warming their hands over the coals. Faintly, I hear one say to the other, "They cows are mad! The deer are mad! Shot two dogs this morning!"

"What?" I am asking myself. "Mad animals? Mad dogs?" Suddenly, I look up and see a gray cloud, which is quickly falling. This is a very thick, gray cloud and it is beginning to cover all things, like a net. Every tree! Every plant! All the land! All the people! And, as I look out on the cloud, I see these words becoming visible within the cloud, itself … ‘Cloud of Death’. I step back and clutch my chest as a deep pain of sorrow rolls through me; for I know that this very cloud has fallen onto these two men! Oh, my heart is breaking; for all life is in danger! I can hardly keep from throwing up; for now I look and behold huge piles of animals, all dead, and bulldozers are digging holes! The stench I shall never forget! As I watch the piles of dead carcasses, I remember mad cow disease and England and tears run down my cheeks. I sense the third door close and on it I see the words, ‘Mass genocide!’ As I look at these words I remember the Illuminati Satanic goals from the Georgia Guidestones, wherein they list their plan to leave only 500, 000, 000 people on the planet! Catapulted back into the room of darkness, I realize that The Evil One, Satan, has picked upon the scent of roses again and he is pounding the mantle above the fireplace. He is snorting fire and he is stomping his feet! As he walks, his scaly tail drags across the stone floor, now and then scraping books from shelves as he bellows out obscenities. With each growl of the Evil One, the evil servant hops, and he is now picking up speed in his search for the origin of the rose scent! Throwing books on the floor and now suddenly down on the floor, sniffing like a dog. "My Lord," he calls out to Satan, "It is coming through the door! I can be certain of it!"

Glancing toward the cracked door, I am now aware that Satan has taken his shoeless foot and has catapulted the evil servant through the crack of the door. Howling like a wolf, this creature picks himself up and scuttles down the hall!

But, I have a task at hand and must not get distracted. Turning to the fourth page, I see a huge door. It is a very tall door and the knob is many feet above my head. Then, I hear our Lord Jesus say, "Command it open!" In a whisper, I say, "Open door," and as my words go forth, the huge door begins to creek and move as if it is has not been opened in a very long time. Taking a very high step over the threshold, I realize that I am in a very large room, which is full of computers. Each computer has a designation and reading from the computers I see the following:

First Computer … "Crop Modification"

Second Computer … "Genetic Codes"

Third Computer … "Bilingual confusion"

Fourth Computer … "Hairpin curves"

Firth computer … "Dislocation Services"

Sixth computer … "Bone Marrow Secrets"

Seventh Computer … "Rose Hips Survey"

Eighth Computer … "A Walk in the Park"

Ninth Computer … DNA files (and these are many files)

Tenth Computer … History of Mankind (and at this computer, I see an android-like human, who is destroying files.)


"Oh, my Lord, how do I proceed?" Then, I hear the Spirit of God say, "Go to Number One." Approaching the first computer, I can clearly see that it is up and running and on the screen I can see the following:

The Death of humanity through starvation

  1. seeds that do not replicate
  2. destruction and prohibition of all pure seed stock.
  3. Extinction of all food crops.

Choking back the tears, I move to the second computer and this is what I see:

Genetic codes:

  1. destruction of all pure genetic codes in animals
  2. destruction of all pure genetic codes in plants
  3. annihilation of all mankind

Moving on to the third computer, this is what follows:

Bilingual confusion:

  1. mass migration from country to country
  2. annihilation of race identity
  3. mixture of all cultures

Moving on to the fourth computer, this is what is written.

Hairpin curves:

  1. death by slavery
  2. death by suffocation of masses
  3. death by annihilation
  4. death by starvation
  5. death by sex and violence
  6. death by massacre
  7. death by war
  8. death by strife
  9. death by upheavals
  10. death by sudden attack

"My Lord, what is meant by ‘hairpin curves’?"

"My Little One, that, which is sudden, unexpected and dangerous. A sudden turn, a sudden shift."

Moving on to the fifth computer …

Dislocation services:

  1. concentration camps
  2. prison labor
  3. martial law
    a. FEMA
    b. FBI
    c. CIA
    d. All government employees

"My Lord, what is meant by ‘all government employees?’

"My Little One, during martial law, these will be used by the government as seen fit, or they will wind up in concentration camps or as prison labor."

The Sixth computer…

Bone Marrow secrets

  1. glue factory …human/animal experimentation
  2. Secret and clandestine (And, as I write this, I see in the spirit many secret works, which are being done in many hospitals without anyone’s consent.)

The Seventh computer…

And, here I see a picture of a rosehip with all the sepals gone and I sense that this is of spiritual significance. Then, I see the following:

  1. destruction of all religions
  2. creation of serfs and automatons
    a. mind control
    b. destruction
    c. annihilation

The Eighth computer…

A Walk in the Park … and suddenly I get a glimpse of Vince Foster

  1. Annihilate all opposition
  2. Demand total submission or death

The Ninth computer

DNA Files…

And, as I look, I see these files on all humans. They are all ordered according to national origin and now count over three billion souls. In fact, the DNA of 3.72 billion souls is on file and increasing rapidly. Suddenly, I realize that anyone, who has ever given blood, who has ever had an operation or biopsy, may very well be in their data banks.

Then, I hear the Spirit of God say, "All in search of the light beings."

"You mean the angelic line?"

"Exactly," the Spirit of God says.

"So, why all this work for that?"

"My Child," our Lord Jesus says, "so as to annihilate this bloodline first."

And to the tenth computer…

History of mankind

And as I see these words, I see a folder, which is shrinking in size before my very eyes! "Yes, my Child," our Lord Jesus says. "Your real identity is being replaced with a fake identity. And, your real history is being replaced with lies!"

With this, the fourth door closes, and on it are the words, "Death to all Christians and death to all religions. Long live Lucifer!" Suddenly, I am aware that I am back in the room with this evil creature. He is before the fire and I know that he is scheming as to how he will proceed with his destructive plans.

And, now as I look at the fifth page, which is before me, I feel a great heat. Suddenly before my eyes are vast funeral pyres. Dead bodies are piled atop dead bodies. Piles and piles of dead humans! The words before me are: 1. Plagues 2. Famines 3. Genocide 4. War and destruction. Beneath these words is written, "world population 500,000,000, or less." Before me I see the rider of the pale horse. He is death and he rides across the USA from East to West and from North to South. Then, he rides over Canada, Europe and Australia. He rides Russia, China and all across Mexico, and even over South America. Great destruction, hunger, plagues and war!

Oh, my heart feels as if will break! I rise with my notes and I know that once more the Evil One has caught the scent of roses. Yet, I am not concerned; for I am safe in the love of God.

And this is what was dictated to me, what I witnessed and recorded in the den of Satan this 27th day of October 2002.
Linda Newkirk



Beloved, some time back a Dear Sister sent me a dream, which the Spirit of God gave to Nita Johnson, who is a prophetess of God. Nita has a website and In this dream, Nita was taken into Satan’s den and was shown some of his plans. I remember at the time of reading it that it surely would be wonderful if our Lord and God would show us more of the Evil One’s plans. But, since that time until now, I had not given this much added thought. I truly believe that our Lord and God will take others into the den of Lucifer and others will also see his evil plans; for God would not have us be ignorant of these schemes.


Part II
Chapter Fifteen

"Being true"

"My Beloved Child, I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God."

"Oh, my Father, it is so good to hear Your voice. My heart has been troubled because of what I have seen behind this dark door. My Father, humanity is surely headed over a cliff, or a destiny like Niagara Falls. The current is so swift and people are being swept away in a mighty tide; yet Father, so few are even aware of this tide! They eat, they sleep, they work and they continue on, oblivious to what is going on. And, these are the lost ones; yet my Father, what pains me so are the proud and haughty ones in the churches. And, your prophets with holier-than-thou attitudes, or ‘anything-goes’, ‘flowery-words’ messages. Father, my heart is heavy and my spirit is burdened."

"My Little One, what you say is what you know. Within this Earth, each has a perception of what is real; for one can only ascertain as real what experience or learning has taught. Therefore, when one’s reality is challenged, often extreme resistance is the first reaction. When this reality is challenged over and over, one tends to relax that orientation and to open to new realities."

"Father, this is both good and bad; for on the one hand one may move into a space of greater enlightenment, but on the other hand, one may accept as real certain programming, which is full of lies and illusion."

"My Child, this is true; and this is why all must be filtered through prayer. It must be filtered through the Spirit of Truth."

"But, Father, when one is rigid and filled with destructive programming to begin with, when one is filled with pride, lies and distortions, how can such a one move up spiritually?"

"My Child, every lie, every distortion, every bit of pride and rebellion, all these things must be looked upon with honesty. They must all be confronted and laid upon My alter of love and forgiveness that one might be set free. For, all information, which is processed through an impure heart, is polluted. Understand?"

"Yes, my Father and surely this is a lifelong work."

"You have seen it and it is so."

"But, Father, so many are struggling and they hardly know where to begin."

"Each must begin with repentance; for if one will not look at self and recognize wrongs, how can one overcome? Therefore, one must recognize wrongs. One must confess before My Son and one must be truly sorry for these wrongs. Then, My child, one must turn from these wrongs, evaluating all actions according to My commands."

"My Father, You mean the Ten Commandments and the laws of love?"

"My Child, those, who will not obey the Ten Commandments cannot truly love Me and My Son. For, every time one disobeys My commands, a dark door is opened into one’s heart. This dark door allows the entrance of all manner of demons and as it opens, it brings darkness into one’s being. As darkness enters, the Spirit of God flees. My Spirit will not indwell the rebellious. Yes, My Child, It may visit; but it will not live therein. Understand. This is why daily repentance is absolutely necessary. In addition to this, one needs on-going repentance for any and all past wrongs, which come to mind and continue to plague one. Even if it was 20 years ago and is still a problem in one’s mind, this individual needs repentance. This one needs prayer. This one needs healing. Understand?"

"Yes, my Father."

"Now, My Child, you wonder why I decided to allow you into Lucifer’s Den; for you have read of another prophetess, who went there in dreams."

"Yes, my Father, I do wonder about this."

"My Child, as My Son has revealed in times past, there is nothing, which is hidden, which will not be revealed. Therefore, what these evil ones believe as secret, shall all come forth."

"Father, will others also be given trips into his evil lair?"

"As I see that one is worthy, as I see that one is ready, I may allow this."

"Father, I have many questions about what I saw."

"And, these will be answered, My Child, but not at this sitting. My purpose in speaking to you today is to make you see and understand why many cannot be reached and they will never be reached. One must have a heart after truth, to desire truth, to be able to receive truth. Do not expect a liar to live in truth. Do not expect a liar and a schemer to love the Spirit of Truth. My Spirit of Truth is absolute truth and if one wishes to grow spiritually, he or she will clean up his or her life. Truth is not split down the middle and bent and warped to suit one’s self. Truth is solid like a rock. It is unchanging, yet as you are thinking, My Child, ‘tis true. For, truth does exist on progressively deeper levels, sort of like the layers of an onion.

My Little One, it is through truth, that I am separating Mine out. My Loved Ones, the Pure of Heart, vibrate to the frequency of truth. They strive for purity. They truly love Me and My Son and they put My works first. Bit by bit, they let go of self; for theirs is a selfless work. They love others, but will not get drawn into their schemes. With this, we shall stop for today. I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, most High God."

"Father, where does this go?"

"The next part of the current chapter."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 31st day of October, 2002,
Linda Newkirk



Chapter Fifteen
Part III

"The First Scroll"

"My Beloved Child, I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God. My Child, see the pure stream?"

"Yes, my Father, it is so beautiful and clear and I stand with my feet at water’s edge. It is also warm and inviting and I think to take a brief swim." Deeper and deeper I go, bathed in these crystalline, clear waters and the waters tumbles over me as if I am caught up in beautiful, warm waves. In short notice, I come to the bottom of this very deep and beautiful river and before me is a shimmering door, which seems to be made of pure diamonds. All around, the aquamarine water shimmers from the light of this radiant door and I am surprised to note that even at such a deep level, the water feeds me oxygen. For, I breather in and out like a fish, but with exhilarating effects. The light, which comes through this door is surely the light of God; for it gives me such beautiful peace and joy.

"My Child, do you know why I have brought you here?"

"No, my Father."

"My Child, as you touch the door, it will open before you and you will see why I have brought you here."

I touch this beautiful door and a wave of beautiful light soars through my body and I am caught up floating in the water. And, suddenly, as in the twinkle of an eye, I am carried through this radiant door. Once inside, I catch a smell, like that of cinnamon and oranges and I wonder what would be cooking at such a deep level. But, before me and unnoticed by me until now is a beautiful angel with eyes of fire. This angel looks at me and says, "The first scroll to be opened now." And, I reach out and take the scroll and thank the angel. The scroll is one of the small scrolls and though it seemed so light before, it is now heavy, like lead, and I almost drop it, believing it to be light as paper.

Catching the scroll as it begins to fall, at once I begin to feel a deep foreboding in my spirit and I sense that I am on a ship of sorts and out to sea. The fog hits me in the face and the salty air and slight smell of fish soaks my nostrils. In the distance, I hear a fog horn; though surely it is near; for it is already quite loud. Perhaps, it is not a foghorn, but a horn on this very ship, which is seeking safe passage, but at this point, I cannot be sure. I find myself on the deck of this ship and the air is slightly cool, but dense and thick with moisture and I am alone. Actually, I see now that it is a rather large boat and on the deck is a solitary table with two with wrought iron chairs. I seek to steady myself at the table; for the waves are rather rocky and I am looking around in the night for other people. I sense that this boat may be in trouble, so I follow the deck, looking for a door, which goes down under. And, finding one at last, I see that the door is locked and there is not a soul to be found. Looking for lights, I see none and realize that I may be on a ship, which is adrift and being battered by waves, adrift in a great fog. This is very unsettling and I wonder why I am here with a scroll, which has the weight of lead at a table for two, with no light to read by. "Oh, my Father, You have sent me here, but why? For, there is no one aboard, whom I can speak with. This ship is adrift amid dangerous conditions and I have a scroll to read. But, how Father; for I cannot see."

"My Child," our Father says, "Would I send you on a dangerous mission without provision and protection?"

"No, my Father, You would not."

"Then, know, My Child, that I have not sent you here without help." And at that very instant, the beautiful angel appears. He is dressed in white with eyes of fire and he sits in one chair and motions for me to sit across from him at the small table. He holds his hand across the table and a brilliant light comes from his hand and illumines the table. I take my place across from him and place the heavy scroll on the table. Before my eyes, it opens and I see the title at the top of the page, … ‘Ruination of America.’ I drop my head on the scroll and begin to weep; for it seems that the entire heaviness of the scroll has settled in on me and deep sorrow grips me. Oh, it is a terrible sorrow. For, before my eyes, I see the collapse of New York City. The Statue of Liberty is in chains and ropes are pulling at it in all directions. Now, I know that this statue is only a symbol of freedom and that the very origin of it is cloaked in mysteries of the secret societies; but to many this statue represents freedom. With a great tug on the rope, which comes from across the Atlantic, and goes into Europe, to England, in fact, I see the statue fall. Oh, New York City is a terrible mess! Soldiers have taken over New York City! Here and there are terrible fires and explosions and people are running here and there in great fear. Soldiers have lists of names and they are knocking on doors and filling up vans and other kinds of vehicles. As I look out, I sense that the heart of New York City is a burned and charred mess. It is gone, with remnants left here and there. I feel so sick all over as if I will surely faint and I leave the table to throw up over the side of the railing. Oh, I feel utterly devastated, for surely millions of souls are dead, and/or dying. I throw up until I feel that there is nothing but bile and I return once more to the scroll and to the angel.

Suddenly, the angel and I are removed from the ship and we are at another location, where bricks are piled, one upon another, and these bricks seem to obscure an underground passage. I follow the angel and step downward, as if following a passage into an underground cave. Surely, this is a cave; for it has the musty scent of a cave and as we travel we come to a balcony, which overlooks a meeting of men, who are below, and seemingly unaware of our presence. On the table before the men is a pie-shaped chart. Each of the men has taken a piece of the pie and seems satisfied that this piece belongs to him. Yet, as I look at this group of men, I am aware of great deception among them; for what has been decided among themselves by this group, will not be honored. My eyes are on George Herbert Walker Bush, who is standing behind his chair. I want to count the seats at the table, but the Spirit of God says, "No." And, I am not allowed to look at all faces, only the faces of the Bushes. But, I know for sure that what God wants me to see is that those present have been granted certain lands by this counsel. Yet, the Bushes will not keep their end of the bargain and have no plans to keep their end. What they want is the whole pie. Between the two of the Bushes, they may allow the Queen of England, whom I am allowed to see now among them, to retain 25%. What they plan to do is to take, to forcefully take, and or by trickery, the rest of the pie and out of a sense of duty, leave 25% for the Queen. Yet, those in the room have no idea that ravenous greed is about to move in and steal from them. I sense that all present are world leaders and that all are deep into the occult New World Order. This pie represents the world, and surely the Bushes plan to rule the world and allow the Queen to remain as a token of loyalty to her.

But even as I write what I see, I hear a very large racket in the back room, which is situated behind the meeting room. Looking back there, I see Saddam Hussein, who is bound and gagged and who is on a bed, on an old striped mattress, which lies atop a wrought iron bed. And, he is struggling to get free. Oh, he is making a fuss, but the more he kicks and gurgles, the wider they eyes of George W. Bush get. I look over and see smoke coming from the nostrils of George H. W. Bush and I wonder what he is steaming about. For, Saddam Hussein is already in chains.

As I watch this group, I see that each has taken his piece of the pie, but clearly all are in a very heated poker game. In the middle of the table, I see various ones, who are stacking up chips and first this one and then that one says, "I’ll match. I’ll call," and tosses in more chips. Finally, George H.W. Bush says, "I’ll match and call you," and whatever is being bet on, the others seem to be outwitted. I see George W. Bush rake in all the chips and though the others never say a word, one by one, I see them fold up their belongings and leave the table. The only ones left are the Bushes and the Queen. A deep coldness sweeps this room and I see these men, all dressed in black, leave the room in this cave, one at a time. George W. Bush is like a child and he keeps exclaiming, "We won! We won! We won!" The Queen seems cautiously optimistic as she says little and draws up her belongings and a few chips, which I had not seen before and she, too, leaves.

Suddenly, the scene below becomes very dark and George H. W. Bush goes into the back room and begins to kick Saddam Hussein all over his body. He beats him with a razor strap and stomps him until he has nothing left but ragged clothes. Then, George H. W. Bush stands over Hussein’s bloated body and says, "Ladies and Gentlemen, this man is not fit to rule. He is naked, save for a few rags, and he is no longer fit to lead such a fine people. Therefore, for the interest of this nation, My Son will rule. You will for once and for all be free of this tyrant. You will live in a democracy and your needs will be met. Never will your children be begging again. You will not suffer for want of medical care, but will have the best!"

And, George H. W. Bush believes that Saddam Hussein has been conquered. He believes he is gone, but he is actually safely tucked away planning his military strategy. Helping him is Putin of Russia, the President of China and leaders of other smaller countries, particularly Arab countries, who are all pitching in. And, while Hussein seems to be whipped, he is not whipped, but strong. And, from this meeting with Russia and China and others, I see a large military coalition emerge and an array of many hundreds of thousands of men come forth with the latest in military technology. This army prepares to take over Israel and to defeat the Bushes. They plan a military attack against the USA and I see that this attack is in stages; for it will not all happen at once. But at the top of the plan is the assassination of George W. Bush and his Father, George H. W. Bush.

With this the scene is gone and I am once again on the boat with the angel. And as I look at the side of the boat, which the angel illumines with his hand, I see that the name is "The USA."

Suddenly, all is gone and I am back home. "Father, Oh, Father, last night I saw the horses on the cobblestone and I heard them and now I know why."

"’Tis so, My Child, and with this we shall stop for today. Place as the next part of the current chapter."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 27th day of November, 2002,
Linda Newkirk

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