From the Mountain, Book VIII

Chapter Sixteen

"A Thousand times hotter"

"My Beloved Child, I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God. My Child, I have come to you today because of your tears, because of your sorrow and your pleas on behalf of this Earth and on behalf of all living and sentient creations. Yes, My Child, I know that what you have seen is overwhelming. I know that what you have been shown is unsettling. It is undermining to any sense of stability in a rapidly changing world."

"Father, I am so grieved. On the one hand, the evil ones are out to utterly destroy this world and to kill every form of life. And, on the other hand, it seems that the entire cosmos is in such an erratic state that it, too, is set to wreak havoc of immeasurable proportions. Oh, Father, to see what is unfolding is devastating! It seems to rip a hole in my being and rivers of sorrow run from my soul! Oh, the unquenchable grief to behold what is at hand and to see the lackadaisical spirit of the masses! Oh, My Father, so much is happening on so many fronts and to the average person the reality of things seem bizarre. They do not seem real to them, but like bizarre fantasy and they do not believe."

"And, My Child, save they wake up and come back to Me and My Son, save they make themselves worthy to harbor the Spirit of Truth, they shall not believe and they shall be further cut off. And, in their darkness, they shall perish."

"Father, this is the dilemma and this is what makes me so sad! Oh, my heart weeps! My soul weeps!"

"My Child, you have come to Me this morning asking for understanding of certain calamities, which are coming into the Earth."

"Yes, my Father and I asked you if you would also make these revelations known to Your people."

"Yes, My Child, you asked about the date of 2012 and the ancient knowledge of December 21st and 22nd of this year as the ‘end of Earth.’"

"Yes, my Father, I have wondered about this for some time and whether this date is more occult mumbo-jumbo. But, the more I learn of it, the more I read of it, the more I wonder if it is significant."

"My Child, over and over I have told you that all is not set in stone; but that much depends upon the actions of mankind on this planet."

"Yes, my Father, You have said these things."

"Over and over, I have pleaded with you to repent; for through repentance you can change both the timing and the severity of the tide of these events."

"Father, I know how You have pleaded for people to repent. I know how You have warned over and over of the terrible consequences of rebellion and I know how you have mercifully averted nuclear attacks on America twice that I am aware of. But, Father, I tell You, and You know, that most churches are absolutely barren of Your Spirit. They are barren of Your miraculous hand. The preachers are full of pride, rebellion and mediocrity and they have chased Your Spirit out. And, Your Children have no place to go! They are turned out into the pastures and are bait for the rabid dogs of Satan. Oh, Father, I know what is happening. I see it, Father, and yet feel so helpless, so powerless to do one thing about it."

"So, My Child, you look around and you see that rebellion is rampant and very few have listened. Very few have changed, but most have become all the more entrenched in the worldly."

"Yes, my Father, I see this."

"And, you know, My Child, that if the masses do not soon repent in great measures it will be too late to make a significant impact, to divert what is coming. For, when World War III gets underway, a string of destructive calamities will be unleashed upon the Earth, from which there will be no return, that is no return to a previous safe level."

"Yes, my Father, and we are looking at World War III. You said that when Congress voted for this Iraqi war that we were entering a point of no return."

"Yes, My Child, this is so because the vote of this assembly to start a world war, all for power and greed, without regard for life, will draw My ire upon this land and will indeed lead to an enemy attack upon America. But, as I have made you see in previous words, at the time of the first nuclear strike, even before bombs hit America, I will remove the Pure of Heart. I will remove those I find worthy to escape these things. Now, herein is the dilemma; for many consider themselves ‘worthy’ to escape these things, yet their lives are full of sin and their hearts are filled with unforgiveness. Their walks are shallow. Their prayer lives are almost non-existent and their token to me is a visit to church on Sunday. Yet, on their day of ‘fun in the sun’ they sing high praises to me. They clap. They shout. They dance. Oh, one would think that they are on fire for their god. But, I tell you, My Child, this is the strange fire, of which you have heard. This is the fire of the world! This is the spirit of deception. This is the anointing of the fake, the false and the phony. For, they chose to believe a lie, so I have given them a bigger lie. Yes, all would be wise to leave such groups. All would be wise to separate from such groups. Why? Because, My Little One, the strange fire is contagious! Oh, it can be all-consuming! It can burn hot and it can make one believe that it is real. But, do you know how one can always tell the presence a the strange fire?"

"Because one leaves empty."

"This is correct. One not only leaves empty, but one stays empty, always looking, always searching, always hoping to be filled. Those, who harbor the strange fire, will hop from one church to another. They will chase this meeting or that, always looking for a greater high, somewhat like junkies. But, what they are really seeking is deliverance. They are seeking deliverance from the strange fire."

"Father, you mean deliverance from the spirit of the world?"


"But, Father, to be free they must first realize that they have a problem."


"And, most do not."

"You are right, My Child, they do not. They are happy amidst the strange fire and they will perish therein. But, My Child, you see the dilemma; for these believe that they will be raptured out. They believe that they will not have to endure what is coming."

"Yes, my Father, and this is but one more Satanic lie."

"’Tis so, for this spirit of the world is but one huge demonic entity."

"And, Father, it is so subtle. It is so utterly deceptive and few even suspect it."

"This is so, My Child, but the very spirit is blinding. It is deafening. It incarcerates ones spirit and it cuts one off from the True Spirit of God."

"Yes, my Father."

"Now, My Child, you see the beginning of the great troubles for this country and for the world with the second attack on Iraq."

"Yes, my Father."

"And, you see that it will lead to a nuclear attack on this country; for I shall not only allow it. I shall orchestrate it."

"Yes, my Father."

"And, you see that at the time of the first nuclear attack, I will remove the Pure of Heart."

"Yes, my Father and some will return to this Earth with indestructible bodies and these are the Supernatural army of God."

"They are."

"But, Father, what then comes about is a world war?"

"This is so."

"But, Father, as the world war erupts, the Antichrist rises to power."

"He does."

"And, very soon the temple will be rebuilt in Israel and the Antichrist will move to rule the world through Israel?"

"You are seeing the bid now. The USA and Israel are out to take over all Arab states."

"But, this is not going to work."

"No, My Child, it will not work; but this is their plan. For, the fake Jews plan to rule the world through Israel."

"And, the Christians are blind to it."

"Remember the spirit of the world; for it will deceive many."

"So, my Father, we have World War III and the destruction of many nations, all to set up an antichrist rule?"

"You have seen it."

"But, Father, the evil ones are killing this planet. With the HAARP, they are destroying the Earth. In addition, the evil ones are spraying the skies with diseases and chemicals. They are pouring out plagues to kill all life. They are fomenting wars. Father, if so much natural calamity is coming into the Earth, and these evil ones know of these things, why are they out to kill all life and to destroy this Earth?"

"My Child, the evil ones know their fates. They know their rule is short and as far as they are concerned, if they cannot rule this planet like they have since the beginning, they will destroy it so that it will never sustain life again. They believe that they can enter other dimensions and live safely on other planets. But, I tell you, My Child, that they are sadly mistaken. For, in their fleeing crafts, they will be burned to a crisp."

"So, Father, we have the Planet Niburu, which is returning …"

"It is."

"Between now and 2012."

"Yes, this is so."

"And, the passage of this planet will lead to the flipping of the Earth?"

"It will."

"But, this is not necessarily synonymous with the Pole Shift?"

"Not as you understand it."

"But, Father, You showed me today that at some point, for a very brief time, that the sun will burn 1,000 times hotter. But, this does not relate to the passing of this planet?"

"It does not."

"Father, will you tell others through these writings what you have told me about this?"

"My Child, this phenomenon relates to cyclical patterns, which come from far away, even from what is called a central sun. Waves and ripples go out from this sun in patterns, which are often predictable, and you see them as sunspots. These waves and ripples from this central sun are moving forth into this sun in this solar system and they are effecting all life. As you have seen from pictures of the sun, certain passageways are being forced open within the sun, itself. The same applies to the Earth and to many, many points within this solar system. Within the heart of the sun is a very large door and this door has been blown open by a large influx of energies, which are entering through it. Because this door is now open, it is leading to violent activity on the sun. My Little One, what this violent activity of the sun does is to effect all life. Its effect on life can be positive or negative, all depending on the basic mindset of a person. If one is drawn to Me and My Son and lives according to My laws, this added influx can serve as a spiritual impetus, driving one closer to Me, …sort of like a booster rocket, if you will. But, if one’s heart is evil, or if one is lost, this added impetus can excite one toward more evil, toward an explosive nature, toward more experimenting with the occult. For, this added energy excites the energy, which is already inside. See?"

"Yes, my Father."

"So, My Child, as I showed you, energy from this central sun is traveling into this system via the very large door within the heart of the sun and it is accelerating what already is there and darkness will be accelerated toward destruction and light accelerated toward its source. Understand?"

"Yes, my Father."

"Now, as I have shown you, at some point in time, a final wave will rush through the very heart of this sun. You have seen the date as it has been written millennia ago, … December 21st and 22nd, 2012."

"Yes, my Father, and my question has been, ‘Is this so?’"

"And, My answer to you is this. If mankind continues in the same destructive course without serious repentance, this will come to pass."

"And, Father, I do not wish to be negative, but to deal in reality and I just do not see people repenting and getting real."

"I tell you, My Child, that you are entering a point of no return with World War III and after a certain point, it will be impossible to stop this progression of events."

"And, with this so, Father, the Earth will not only be flooded when it is turned upside down. It will be burned by this final wave of energy, which comes through this door in the center of our sun and even though this heat will be for only a short time, it will burn up most life."

"It will. For, the sun will surely become a thousand times hotter. My Child, you know that save people repent in large numbers, and save this comes to pass very soon, these terrible calamities shall not be averted, or stopped. My Little One, put as next chapter and also on the next ‘Message for You." With this, we shall stop for today. I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 5th day of December, 2002,
Linda Newkirk

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