From the Mountain, Book VIII

Chapter Seventeen



"Illuminati Plot To Assassinate President Bush!"

Oh, Cherished Brothers and Sisters, how my heart mourns to reveal what our Father in Heaven has shown! On Wednesday of last week as I was praying I found myself in the middle of a cloud. As I stood in the middle of the cloud, I did not know why I was weeping, but Oh how I was sobbing. A great upheaval of sorrow was erupting from deep within my soul and great sobs were ripping at my whole being. As I continued to weep and plead before God, I was suddenly lifted through the top of the cloud and there before me was George W. Bush, lying before me and he was dead! Behind him were two soldiers, who had their swords drawn and coming together at an approximate 45 degree angle. As I looked through the swords and through a window, which was opened behind the head of the president, I saw a very large pyramid. Off in the distance I saw the image of another faint pyramid. As I weeped and sobbed uncontrollably before God, I knew that I was looking at plans of the evil ones and I sensed the imminent death of this president.

Oh, Dear Ones, I cannot begin to describe my sorrow for what is and for what is to come! As you read below my conversation with our Father in Heaven, you will glean additional understanding as to what the evil ones are planning. And, as you read His second message, you will be given more understanding!

Pray, pray, pray!

Oh, Cherished Ones, pray that our Father in Heaven destroys the plans of the evil ones to kill this president; for those who follow, will surely be even more evil! Pray for the safety of this president and for his salvation! Pray that our Father in Heaven breaks the stranglehold of evil on the government in Washington DC and that He awakens this rogue congress as to what this country faces! Pray that this Iraqi war is stopped dead in its tracks; for if God does not intervene supernaturally in these events, we are going to be thrown into a horrendous tumult, from which we shall see a total overturn in this government, as we know it to be!

Dear Ones, the evil ones in this very government plan to send our troops abroad while they marshal up foreign troops and use them to go door to door, picking up the so-called "dissidents" on their lists. Then, they will begin to fill up the concentration camps! Many have now verified thousands and thousands of Chinese troops, which are south of the US border in Mexico. But, according to our Father in Heaven, they are not just South of the border, but are now here and there all over the USA.

Beloved, hear me when I tell you that the New World Order is rising and that according to its plans the USA must fall and Europe must rise! Their schemes are coming to pass and very quickly now! You cannot say that you have not been warned! You cannot say that you have not been told to get on your knees, weeping and praying before God! You cannot say that you have not been called to intercede for this land! For, you have been warned! Therefore, as you see this land falling down around you, do not lament; for surely the Most High God Jehovah is judging the indifferent and sinful people in this land!



January 22, 2003

"My Beloved Child, I am your Father in Heaven; yea Jehovah, Most High God. My Child, you have come to Me this morning in fervent prayer, sorry for your sins and sorry for the sins of this country and world. Many tears you have shed, for your heart is breaking. My Little One, I know your sadness and it is ever so great; for you have seen the murder of George W. Bush."

"Oh, my Father, the pain in my soul is so great. I feel so utterly devastated. Father, I am saddened beyond any words; for oh that this were not so, but only a bad dream!"

"My Child, did I not warn him from the beginning to walk the "Straight and Narrow Way", or he would perish by the sword?"

"Yes, my Father."

"Yet, My Child, he has not heeded My warning; but has fallen even further into graft, greed and corruption. His evil and the evil of his family stinks to the highest of heaven, itself. This is a putrid, rotten sore upon this whole world and I shall open this festering wound. I shall expose all and I shall balance the scales!"

"But, Father, these evil ones do not fear You! They believe they are gods!"

"Yes, My Child, for this is their fallen heritage."

"Father, when You gave me the vision of George W. Bush today as he lay dead, I saw in the vision two soldiers, each holding a sword above his head. These swords were crossed to make about a 45-degree angle behind the head of George W. Bush and when in the vision I said, What is this? I looked through the swords and I saw large pyramids, as in Egypt. My question, Father, is: Do the Egyptians have something to do with a murder plot of the president?"

"My Child, you have been correct in seeing the two soldiers holding the sword in this way."

"Father, what does this mean?"

"Death by the sword."

"And, the pyramids?"

"At first glance, My Child, you may think that the Egyptians are behind a plot to assassinate this president. This is not the case. The pyramids, which you see represent the Illuminati."

"So, the Illuminati have a plot to assassinate the president?"

"They do."

"Oh, Father, this troubles me so! Would that it were not so! Oh, Father, speak to the heart of the President! Speak to the hearts of those, who can get through to him. Oh, how I am grieved by what I saw this morning! Father, this is so heartbreaking! Can and will it be avoided?"

"My Child, it is the utter arrogance of George W. Bush, which will cause this murder plot to come forth. He is doing and saying things, which are making his Illuminati handlers very nervous."

"But, Father, isn’t he doing as they say? Has he not done well for the Illuminati?"

"Yes, My Child, but as you have been told, believe. For, George W. Bush and his Father are themselves slaves and addicts to alcohol and drugs. They have run drugs and destroyed the minds of many and now they are reaping what they have sown! For as you sow, you shall surely reap! George H.W. Bush is a mass murderer and so is his son. Truly, if you live by the sword, you die by the sword!"

"Oh, my Father, were this not so about the death of this President! Oh, my heart is broken!"

"Yes, My Child, and even at this late hour, this could be avoided if he would turn to Me and My Son, forsake alcohol and drugs and repent! Yes, my Child, much could be averted if he would humble himself before Me and My Son and repent for his sins!"

"And, Father, what concerns me as well are the huge numbers of hounds of hell, which I see, who are waiting to be released when the evil ones murder this president."

"This is so; for the ones, who orchestrate this murder, are his Illuminati handlers and these are behind the scenes. The truth of them will not immediately be known. Therefore, they will need a ‘patsy.’"

"Father, why would this surprise any of us?’

"Yes, My Child, it would not surprise any, who can see and hear."

"So, Father, they will find a ‘patsy’, maybe an American sniper. Then, they will be able to instantly declare martial law and get the guns!"

"You are not far off in your assessment!"

"So, Father, the hounds of hell will then be released on this country?"

"You have seen it."

"But, Father, tell me more about these hounds."

"My Child, the pits of hell are opening up and these very hounds will possess many, who will be used to gather up dissidents and enemy combatants. Martial law will see many rounded up from their lists. Mind you, My Child, I told you last year that the evil ones were already getting rid of certain ones on their lists and I have made you see how these are being loaded onto trains and many are already dead. This is the rise of the Nazi police state."

"So, this is going to intensity."

"My Little One, these are their plans; but I tell you now that the prayers of the righteous avail much. Understand?"

"Yes, my Father. Father, how close is this assassination scheme of the President?"

"My Child, the groundwork is being laid. Their plans are not set in stone, but many are forceful about his execution."

"Father, You said many. Many who?"

"Many in the darkness of the Illuminati."

"But, who are these handlers?"

"Who sits at the top of the Illuminati?"

"Satan, the evil one."

"But, what person?"

"Could You be referring to the Rockefellers?"

"These are a piece of the puzzle, but not all. My Child, do you remember when I told you that I was going to turn evil brotherhood against evil brotherhood?"

"Yes, my Father, You said it many months ago."

"Well, know this, My child. There is intense rivalry, intense striving going on among the different groups within the same brotherhood. One of these groups, a very powerful one, indeed, wants George W. Bush taken out! It just so happens that this group also exerts a great amount of control over the secret intelligence gathering groups. Understand?"

"Yes, my Father."

"Father, be with Your people and do not let Your people perish! Help us, Father! Do not let this landfall to their schemes! Father, please help us!"

"My Little One, I shall never leave or forsake My Loved Ones. Go in peace and know My great love. I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God."


As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 22nd day of January, 2003,
Linda Newkirk



January 26, 2003

"My Beloved Child, I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God. Hearken unto Me, My Little One; for what I have to say is of utmost importance! Yes, My Child, you hear the rumblings in the Spirit. You perceive the tumult! You sense what is at hand and now I come forth with warnings of much that you already perceive.

My Child, you have heard of thousands of Chinese troops, who are amassing south of the border of the USA. Be advised, My Child, that these are not just amassing south of the border. Through underground tunnels and through transport by rail and by sea, there are many thousands, even tens of thousands, who are already in the USA. They are scattered here and there and many are hidden underground and in the national forests. Listen to Me, My Child, when I tell you that this is all by design. The Antichrist has raised up and equipped China to be the police enforcer of the world and they are being put in place at strategic locations throughout the USA. At the time of a pre-determined crisis, when most of your troops are without your borders fighting senseless wars, they will bring forth these troops to establish law and order. This chaos, which is to ensue, is planned chaos. A few weeks ago, I showed you in visions and spoke to you of the New World Order plans to blow up a large city in the USA. Yes, they plan to use nuclear devices. In addition to this, I have shown you how these very ones plan to murder your president. Do not believe what many of you see on television. For, all that is shown to you will be a lie. When they follow through with the murder of your president, and even if you see the very person pull the trigger, do not believe that you see. For, it is according to New World Order design that he be martyred for their purposes to further implement their designs and plans."

"Father, is there a possibility that the murder of this president can be averted?"

"My Child, there is always this possibility and much that is coming down depends on the repentance of the people. But, I tell you, My Child, that few are repenting. They believe that if they sing more, if they praise more, if they shout more, that they are alright with Me, even though their hearts are full of darkness. I am not in this. If any of you want Me and My Son, your repentance must be real. It must be sincere. It must be deep and you must stop disobeying My laws. You must come out of the worldly traps. But, I tell you, My Child, that over and over I have warned you to shut down television; for it is a conduit for Lucifer. I have warned you to stay out of movies and to keep your children away from them, but how many have listened? My Little One, if each of you does not want to be a mind controlled zombie, who is manipulated and controlled by Lucifer and the spirit of the world, cease to partake of the pollution. Burn these television sets en masse. Chop them up and load the garbage heaps! Refuse any longer to be a Satanic pawn. But, the truth is that most are addicted to television. To part with it is to part with one’s faithful and trusted friend, informer and babysitter. I tell you, My Child, if each of you will not rid your lives of this smut, if you will not break serfdom to this New World Order trap, you will become further enslaved in many ways.

Oh, My Child, the world over the Luciferian war is picking up. The world over, you will see freedom vanish in air and you will see Nazism, communism and Satanism move in and take over. My Child, it is a day wherein I am calling Mine out of this world. I am calling Mine out of the mind control! I am calling Mine out of the clamor and if you will not hear Me now, how will you hear Me when foreign troops are on your front doorsteps? How will you hear me on the death trains and in the concentration camps? For, I tell you now, and listen to Me. As your troops are marshaled up and sent out to fight useless wars, the Chinese will go door to door to pick up those on the lists. From street to street, from road to road, they will travel to pick up those on the lists, the "dangerous" people on the red list first. But, I tell you, My Child, that many on this red list are already gone. They have met their deaths in underground bases, in remote concentration camps, and it has happened right under your noses."

"Yes, My Child, the Chinese are infiltrating America; but you have seen nothing yet. Yes, you have heard it and it is so! George H. W. Bush is in on the murder plot of his own son! Yes, I have revealed it to another and I now confirm it to you. When it comes to pass, know this. The one, who takes his (the president’s) place was also in on the plot and the one, who follows this man, is surely in on it. For, the rise of another to the presidency will be short-lived."

"So, Father, these evil ones plan to kill the president, blow up some cities, call martial law and take the guns?"

"My Child, it may not come to pass in the order you have mentioned, but yes these are their plans. And, not only do they plan to use the Chinese and the Germans to take up your guns, but they plan to use them to pick up those, who are on their lists."

"Father, is it going to be this easy for them?’

"All will not go as they plan; for they forget Me, the God factor. This, they have factored out. But, many, they will round up, who are outspoken and strong "believers;" and these they will murder."

"Father, how long?"

"My Child, I tell you their plans. Within a month, they plan to seize Iraq. Within six months, they plan to attack North Korea. And, at the time that your troops are nearly all out of your country, they plan to murder your President and to go on a rampage of blowing up several cities with nuclear devices. Out of the chaos, out of the destruction, they will bring about their New World Order. And, the black bird, their awaited Phoenix, will rise in Europe. As the USA falls by design of the evil ones, Europe will rise through the Antichrist. Watch Germany; for the Antichrist will rise in Europe as I have told you previously and he will be of Germanic descent."

"Father, You have said it and You have also told how Lucifer will inhabit the body of the Syrian."

"Both things are so. You will see the Antichrist rise in Europe. This evil man will unite Europe and cause it to rise to a position of world power. He will set out to conquer all nations and to cause them to worship the beast, along with the harlot, who rides the beast system."

"Father, You say that he will cause them to worship the beast and then you mention the harlot."

"Listen to Me, My Child, the scarlet woman is the Catholic Church. She is drunk with the blood of the Saints; for down through the ages, this church has persecuted and killed many of the Saints. At this late hour, you shall see this church go through great travail as this evil is exposed; but with the help of the Antichrist this whore will be used to sway and unite the peoples of the world. When this is done to suit the Antichrist, he will stomp the whore. He will burn the whore; for he plans to share his power with no one, only to use them and destroy them."

"So, how does the Syrian come into play?"

"Watch this, My Child, for one of foreign descent will be used by the Antichrist to deceive the people."

"But, does the Syrian not fight against the Antichrist?"

"He does; but not at first. They align with one another. When you see this Syrian rise to a position of power, remember My words."

"But, the Syrian is antichrist?"

"He is antichrist, but not the Antichrist. The Antichrist will rise in Europe and He is of Germanic descent."

"And, most likely a ‘fake Jew?’"

"You know the plan, My Child, the plan for world dominion, and at the root of it are the ‘fake Jews’, who are Satan’s puppets."

"So, Father, the Antichrist push for these wars on two fronts is to expedite the destruction of America and to pick up all on their lists."

"You have been told as much."

"Yet, Father, even yesterday I was reading how the FDA has 22,000 bushels of hybridized corn, some of which has been slipped into the food supply. I read that this corn is making hogs infertile in Iowa and some are demanding that the FDA get rid of this corn."

"My Child, there is an all-out war to destroy your water supply and your food supply. The spraying of the skies is not killing people and animals fast enough to suit them; so they are picking up speed. These 22,000 bushels and much more, just like it, will be given to animals, even humans! The FDA is under UN control and is in no way subservient to the demands of the people of the USA."

"So, Father, with the destruction of the cities through nuclear blasts, the poisoning of the skies and the poisoning of the food chain, people will begin to go hungry."

"You are correct, but this is not all. The New World Order bankers will declare that all debts must be paid for this country is totally bankrupt and totally controlled by them. Many will not be able to pay their bills. Bankruptcy will no longer be an option and they will come to seize all property and to throw the debtors into prison. This is their plan and I tell you, My Child, that the enactment of the same is not far off. Understand?"

"Yes, My Father."

"Type this and post on the current Message for You along with the last message from Me. Also, add both as the next chapter to Book VIII. I am your Father in Heaven, Yea Jehovah, most High God."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 26th day of January, 2003,
Linda Newkirk

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