From the Mountain, Book VIII

Chapter Nineteen


"Shutting up the Strange Fire"


Leviticus 10:1-2 And Nadab and Abihu, the sons of Aaron, took either of them his censer, and put fire therein, and put incense thereon, and offered strange fire before the Lord, which He commanded them not. And there went out fire from the Lord, and devoured them, and they died before the Lord."

Our Cherished Brothers and Sisters, praises to the Name of our Lord and God; for He has heard our cries! He has looked upon our heartache and He has born our sufferings. And, Beloved, He is moving out on our behalf with His outpouring love and mercy. He sees the hearts of many, who come to Him now on bended knee and He hears our heartfelt cries before Him. He truly sees our oppression and He senses the great longing in our hearts to make things right before Him; and Beloved, once more He is moved with love, mercy and compassion towards us. He is giving the errant churches a season, albeit a short season, to come back. And, He is moving forth on behalf of His Loved Ones to empower us with a greater outpouring of His Spirit. Revival is truly at hand. He sees that we are repenting and He is doing His part to help this land and to help other peoples around the world. But, Beloved, our window of opportunity is short.

Herein, you will see what He is doing and you will see why we must all act now while we have time. We must continue to repent for the sins of this land and you in other countries must likewise fall on your faces before God Almighty for the sins of your land that He will hear your cries and move likewise in your behalf. Let it be known that our Lord and God loves us in a great and mighty way and He wants us to honor Him by obeying Him and loving Him back. He wants us to live right, to come away from the lusts of the world and to follow Him. He wants us to love one another, that we might be saved and that we might not fall as a nation. But, Dear Ones, we do not have forever to decide to come back to Him and to clean up our lives. We have only a season to move forward and accomplish much. As you read what He has done below, you will see His awesome power.

The devils tremble and the New World Order crowd will wail and howl; for their strange fire has been locked up in places around the world, even if for only a season. But, Cherished Ones, because this fire is locked up for a season is truly a mighty miracle from God. Praise God Jehovah; for He alone, is Most High. He, alone is Holy and He alone is going to make right all that the evil ones have destroyed! READ ON!

"Our Father in Heaven begins to shut up the ‘strange fire’"

March 15, 2003

After praying in tongues for perhaps an hour, or so, I saw myself carried in a vision to a place of darkness. In this place, I saw what reminded me of a black stove top, the kind of stove that burns wood. It was like a kitchen stove; and the top was quite wide and long, with a series of openings. These openings were round, just like the openings on a wood stove. The coverings to the holes were laid to the side of the holes and a flame was coming up through each open hole. I took the covers, one by one, and placed them back over each hole. Then, I heard a sound in the Spirit, like a jackhammer, and as I held the cover in place, the cover was sealed to the hole. It looked to be welded in place, almost like it was sewed in place by a sewing machine, yet it was welded, metal to metal. I placed about seven covers on the holes quickly and they were immediately sealed shut by the power of God and when I finished placing all the covers and they were all sealed, I knew instinctively that I needed to hurry downstairs. For, more work was to be done.

Down below, I came to another level of the stove-top-like structure and this level had a number of holes, somewhere around ten, all in a row. On each occasion the covers were off the holes, yet not beside the holes as before, but pushed up into the air by the power of the fire, and they were floating in the fire above the holes.

For the first three, or so, holes, I could manage to push against the forces of the fire and put the covers back on the holes, then, hearing the familiar jackhammer sound and seeing the covers sealed to the holes, I would move on. As I went further down the line, the covers to the holes were pushed higher and higher up into the air and they were held up there by the force of the power of the fire, which came out of the hole. As the lids got higher and higher, I was unable to push them down onto the hole.

At first, I called a number of angels, I believe about fifteen, and was able to close the hole and it was sealed. But, the next lid would be even higher and I knew that this numbers of angels would not be able to do the job. With each successive hole, I would approximately double the number of angels I would call and with their help, the cover would be brought into place and sealed. Finally, the number that I called in was 130 angels and the force was so great that even with this number, the cover was very difficult to replace. Finally, I knew that I would have to call Archangel Michael. I called him and he came for the last two or three covers. He stood on them and they went back with ease. I then touched each cover and waited for the jackhammer-like sound. Then I knew that they were sealed. Praise God!

As you read below, you will see how our Father explains the sealing off of the strange fire.


Message from our Father in Heaven

"Questions and Answers about shutting up the Strange Fire"


"My Beloved Child, I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God. My Child, you have many questions about the shutting up of the strange fire, and at this setting I will answer your questions."

"Yes, my Father, I do have many questions. As I now understand it, this fire is bound up for a season, which You have told me is nine months.
"This is so."

"Father, what exactly does this mean?"

"It means that those individuals, those groups, those organizations, which depend on the ‘strange fire’ for manifestations, will not get the so-called miracles. This fire will not enter into them and into their groups; for they are cut off from it."

"Father, does this refer to the occult as well?"

"My Child, did you not go to a place of darkness to shut up the fire?"

"Yes, my Father."

"Then, I ask you, My child, who depends most on the strange fire?"

"My Father, I know that the secret, occult groups depend on the strange fire; but also many so-called Christian churches."

"This is so, but most assuredly the occult groups depend on this fire. And many well-known TV personalities, who parade as evangelists, ministers, prophets and even apostles are busy working miracles through the strange fire and they are fooling many."

"So, now Father, they will not be able to fool the people."

"Oh, they may still fool many, but it will not be through the strange fire, not for at least for nine months."

"Father, why did You shut up the fire?"

"Because of your cries and the cries of others against this fire and for revival. This fire will have to be shut up for a season to allow a real revival to break lose across this land; for this strange fire has such a hold on the people."

"Oh, Father, this is such a merciful and beautiful thing You have done. I am in such awe; for there is nothing You cannot do. You are so full of love and mercy and You power is without bounds."

"It is."

"Father, call together those, who would be ready to bring in this awesome revival, and bless these as the harbingers."

"Even now, this is happening; for now many are praying for the same and it is about to break out."

"Father, has the strange fire been shut up all over the world or in the North American continent only?"

"At this time, on the North American continent only."

"But, Father, will You, will You please shut it up elsewhere?"

"When I find others on the other continents, who are ready and worthy to shut it up, I will use them."

"Oh, Father, if you do not find such a one, send me, Father. I will gladly go. I will gladly do as You ask to shut up this evil fire elsewhere. This would be a great joy for me."

"Within seven days, I will tell you if I will use you or if others, who are worthy, are found."

"Oh, Father, this is so beautiful! This is so wonderful!"

"Before I destroy the churches, I am giving them a chance to come back to Me. I am extending My hand of love and mercy to them. If they will repent and come back to Me, I will not destroy even those, that I have marked for destruction. But, they had better turn to Me, or I will utterly destroy them."

"Oh, Father, turn them and they will be turned. Father, you can do what none can do by themselves. Turn them, Father. Please turn them. And, save this president! Father, it is an abomination that he is in a chemical straightjacket!" (Our Father showed me several days ago how the president’s evil handlers are giving him two powerful pills, which make him a zombie. And, I have also seen them giving him sedative shots in the rear!)

"I have warned him from the beginning to walk the straight way and he would not. Most recently, I have warned of a plot to take his life and his handlers have now become afraid to kill him. So, he is now under forced medication, like many in the institutions. He is constantly drugged and one would say institutionalized against his will, brought out .now and then for show. But, in truth his Father and his Father’s foes are running the show."

"You said, ‘foes’?"

"I did, for many of George H. W. Bush’s so-called friends are about to jump ship. He will soon find himself in a nest with many vipers; for he is about to reap as he has sown."

"Father, we need You more than ever. Please help us! Father, clean up the viper’s nest in DC."

"My Little One, the days and hours of this group of whores are truly numbered and finished. For, it will not long stand as you see it."

"Father, are You speaking of taking the horns off the goat’s head?"

"Not only the horns, but the whole head will soon go. Mark My word on it. The time of payback is at hand"

"But, Father, how can such a thing take place without major destruction in this land?"

"It will not. But, truly as you have sown, you shall reap as a nation."

"Oh, Father, this is dreadful."

"It is; but eventually everyone must pay back what he or she has stolen."

"Father, what will happen with all these evil ones, who continue to persecute and threaten us?"

"They will all die!"

"Father, I am sorry to hear this. I would like to see them repent and be spared."

"My Little One, My rod of judgement is upon these secret government spy societies and I shall strike them with such a fierce blow that they will never again be allowed to do the evil they have done. They believe they are gods, but I shall show them the power of the One God. With one blow, I will knock the horns off the goathead and with the second blow will go the whole head. When they read what I am telling you, they will laugh and scorn, but when they see the horns go, they will then take note. For, within 90 days of the horns being blown off, will go the whole head. Mark My words. What goes around surely comes back around. Forewarned, they are! With this, we shall stop for today."

"Father, before You go, I have one question. I just had a fleeting vision of George W. Bush with a noose around his neck and he was hanging to death. What is this?"

"My Child, in the state he is in, he does not wish to live."

"Oh, Father, this is so sad. Would that you preserve him even as you did King Nebuchadnezzar, that he would come full circle and be saved."

"My Little One, this is what I will do because you ask. Right now, I take the noose off George W’s neck, and I put it on his Father’s neck."

"Father, thy will be done."

"With this, we shall stop for today. I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 17th day of March, 2003,
Linda Newkirk


Sealing up the strange fire in the Vatican

March 18, 2003

Our Lord Jesus was speaking to me about the strange fire being sealed up in North America and as He explained once more why, he told me that certain ones in other countries would rejoice in this.

Quickly after this conversation, I saw that I was being transferred elsewhere and knew at once that I was being sent to help shut up the strange fire in the Vatican. I found myself in a very dark place and there was fire coming up through the Earth, via a very large hole, which resembled a large sewer, with a manhole cover, which was laid over to the side.

Taking hold of the cover, I pushed it over the opening of the hole and once more, I heard the jackhammer-like sounds and saw the hole sealed up. Then, I ascended a short flight of stairs and did the same with a cover immediately above the last cover, but still in the sewer-like hole. As it turned out, many covers were stacked, one above the other, and after each cover was pushed into place and sealed, I would ascend a short flight of stairs to the next one and each successive hole would be covered and sealed. There were approximately ten to twelve covers, one atop the other, and all were sealed until I came to the very last one, and it, too was quickly sealed.

Then, I was led to a series of very large holes, which were side by side, like the previous stove-top holes, yet these looked more like manholes in size. The first two covers, I could easily slip onto the holes and hold down while they were sealed by the power of God. But just as before, I began to see the subsequent covers pushed up and into the air and held there by the power of the fire.

I called in 25 angels and together we were able to push the next cover down onto the hole and the hole was sealed with the fire extinguished. The next hole required 50 angels and the next required 100 to get the job done.

Looking at the height of the fire for the remaining holes and the covers, which were pushed up high by the fire, I knew that this was a job for Archangel Michael. I called out to him and he came and stood on the covers and as he stood on them, there appeared beneath each cover a very large screw. As he stood atop each cover the screw worked its way down into the hole and the cover was screwed into place, the hole then closed with a second cover and sealed with the familiar jackhammer sound. This same process repeated itself for four of five holes as Archangel Michael stood atop the covers, each hole being sealed.

Then, our Lord and God told me that the strange fire would be sealed in the Vatican for 90 days. This does not mean that it is sealed in all the catholic churches, but in the Vatican, itself. Praise God! To Him is the praise and glory forever and ever! Hoo-eeeeee!


"Subsequent Conversation with our Lord Jesus and our Father in Heaven"

March 18, 2003

"My Lord Jesus and Father in Heaven, what are the repercussions of the sealing off of these fires in the Vatican?"

"Confusion. A sense of powerlessness. Disarray, disharmony, inability to carry out their evil as they wish. Fear."

"My Lord, I have read how the black pope is over all the intelligence agencies of the whole world."

"You have read correctly and these very ones believe that they are untouchable, but they have no concept of the power of the One God. I give them 90 days to cease to persecute you or I will further erode their power base and make them naked before all men. What they esteem as secret will be cannon fodder for their enemies. I shall raise up hoards, who will utterly pluck their gold and utterly destroy them, save they stop persecuting you and others of My Loved Ones. They do not realize that they are because the God of Israel allows them to be. But, they are about to know this and like ants on a hot stove, they are going to squirm. Little do they know of the real power, the power of the One God, but they are about to find out; for it is nothing for Me to shut up their strange fire. And, at the end of 90 days, if they do not break all torture of you and others of My Loved Ones, I shall begin to break their backbone. So, let all be warned; for they have never seen My fiery breath. But, it is at hand. I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 18th day of March, 2003,
Linda Newkirk


Hate mail from the Luciferian/Satanists …

Received on February 26th, 2003.

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Comments: To Mrs. Newkirk, alleged Prophetess

>From the Exalted Order of Light, Holy Pontificate and Beneficiary of Global Perfection

We of the Order are not pleased with your spotlighting of us in your last visions. Do you not understand that our goals are the peaceful unification of Earth under which peace, harmony, and tolerance will be given a chance to grow? The Order of Light has orchestrated many events stretching back to the dawn of time, and always behind the scenes. The Illuminati? Our cover organization. The Freemasons? Our unwitting dupes. The Mormons? Simply another cult spawned by us that grew beyond our expectations. And we are not pleased, Mrs. "Newkirk," at your bringing our activities to light. Because we know (Oh, yes... we know more about you than you can possibly imagine) that you will not betray our exalted organization or its purpose to any others outside of your enigmatic prophecies (which, fortunately, few have attached to us), we plead with you to cease these detrimental diatribes against the Order! Please, we must repeat: our organization is only attempting to unite the world in peace and harmony under one ruler, the Virakhala, of whom so many prophecies have foretold. We fear you, truly. Where you get such detailed descriptions of us we do not know, but it must stop... you must not give any more coverage to our activities, for you mis-represent us badly. And we do not tolerate such intrusions on our private matters. If you insist on channeling (or however you get your revelations on us) your visions to the public, be advised that we are prepared to take appropriate measures.

Do not toy with us, Mrs. Newkirk. You call yourself a Prophet of God… we can see through such veils easily. God is on our side. Flee your cursed visions and embrace the Light- the Order of Light. We could use one of your capabilities.

Kindest regards,

-We of the Virakhala
Name: Ha'Virakhala


A Message to the above Luciferians from our Father in Heaven,

Jehovah, Most High God!

"You, who await the false prophet, the very one, who rides the back of the beast, I say to you, ho, your days are numbered! Though you raise yourself as high as the heavens and though you boast of your feats and smirk at all laws, I tell you now that you are under My judgement. I see your every move and I know about all your foul deeds; for you are a putrid lot and the smell of your stench has reached far into the heavenlies. Yea, you are granted a season and within this season, you will fool many, who will follow you into the bowels of the dark abyss and even into the fiery lake. But, you will not deceive all and to My Loved Ones, I shall give great power. And though you will overcome many, you will not overcome all. From the mouths of My holy ones shall flow great judgements upon you and one by one, I shall pluck you up and cast you into the fiery furnace. Yes, you brag of your dark deeds, but in short season, your ‘How great I am’ song will turn into ‘Woe is Me’. Judgement is Mine and My judgement shall be upon you, regardless of where you go; for you cannot hide from the coming firestorm. But, just as King Nebuchadnezzar was forced to give up the ‘How great I am’ song and to recognize the One God, so will some of you! As you see fires in your midst and your world falling around you, some of you will repent, even then, and you will recognize the One True God and My Son Yeshua. But, I warn you now and let it be known. Touch not Mine anointed; for My judgement shall be upon you as swift as a falling ax and many of you will not live to see another day. Forewarned you are! I am Jehovah, Most High God."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 27th day of February, 2003,
Linda Newkirk

The Saturday morning after I received this hate mail, our Father told me to get up and roll over on the carpet three times. As I rolled over twice and began to roll over the third time, He told me that by the time I rolled over the third time, the three, who had been sent to kill me, would be dead!

It is not good to try to kill one of God’s loved ones!


The House of Israel Rainbow Anointing

Dear Ones, we have been pleased to see so many of you writing for the House of Israel anointing. If you have not read the last message for you, by all means go back and read of the House of Israel anointing, which is also the Rainbow Anointing, and it is being given to the House Of Israel through the anointed cloths. Those of you, who have ordered these cloths will soon be receiving them. We have had so much mail and I am behind as always, but during the interim our Father in Heaven has given special instructions about how to use these cloths and to unlock the deeper anointings, which He has sealed in these cloths. You, who take these anointings seriously, are about to be blessed in mighty ways! As you read the instructions, which our Father has given, you will be pleased! I will post these instructions on the site, but not at this posting. If you want an anointed cloth, please send a request to Linda Newkirk P.O. Box 17277, North Little Rock, AR, 72117.

We Must Pray Against this evil!

Beloved Ones, it is extremely important that you pray against the high black mass satanic days of March 20th and 21st. Many innocents will be sacrificed at the hands of these evil ones on those days. I am asking you right now to get into a serious prayer mode and plead with our Lord Jesus to visit every foul, satanic meeting. Plead before Him to save the innocent souls, who are about to be sacrificed. Plead with Him to intervene and visit these cults and shower His light into their midst. Plead with Him to convict these evil ones and to bring them to repentance. Plead with Him to bind up their evil demons that they cannot be called out on these days to serve their evil masters. Plead with him to intervene and to scatter these evil flocks that their evil plans come to naught. Plead with Him to save every soul He will save that they do not wind up in the fiery lake. Beloved, someone must plead for the souls of these lost people and you and I need to do it. But, we must also plead with our Lord and God to stop this horrible encroachment of evil across this land and all around the world. He will hear our cries. We have very few days, so let’s get started!

Moving forward…

It will be easier to accomplish many things with the strange fire shut up for a season. All, who have been pushing against the mountain for a long time, will find that they are suddenly getting a tailwind from God; and this tailwind will make it easier for many to succeed in their goals. Money, which the evil ones have held back through great deception, will now begin to be freed and many will begin to see miracles come forth, which they would have never thought possible. I believe that during this time, God will release much of the wealth that has been confiscated by the liars and thieves of the world elite and God’s people will begin to come into their monetary inheritances on this Earth.

Much that has been heretofore impossible will now begin to flow. Those, who are pushing for government reforms, need to push for this now as you will have the added asset of God on your side in achieving much, if you will but seek Him. Those of us, who have long sought a great revival in the churches need to spend much time on our knees before God seeking guidance. And those of you out there, who know ministers, need to bring them together in prayer and deep seeking before God that this mighty outpouring of God’s Spirit might come forth and usher in this great revival in this land and also in Canada!

Those of you in Italy, who have long been oppressed under the lies of the Vatican need to take advantage of this time wherein they are severely crippled. Move forward in mighty prayer before God and expect Him to move in great and mighty ways!

Many of you all around the world will begin to feel an uplifting as the evil ones in the Vatican are severely hampered in their secret work because the evil fires are locked up.

Now is the time to move forward in many things, which have been put on hold. But, you know the time we are given, and save God, in His mercy extends this time, we have only very few months. Do not count on the fact that our Father in Heaven will extend it; for He has not said so. Just jump in with all you have and get busy and if He will extend the time, He will, but if not, at least we have known His awesome and incredible mercy for a season!

Beautiful Ones, you and I have been in a war for our very lives, and we have been in a terrible struggle for the very fate of this nation. Do not forget our struggles. Keep on fighting the good fight and keep on praying!

You are a beautiful Chalice of Love, fashioned by the very hands of God. Do not let the world push in and rob you of this beautiful heritage. Things of the world come and go, but the love of God is eternal. Each of us must remember that the love of God truly sustains. His love is from everlasting to everlasting. Therefore, regardless of what happens, each of us must reach out in love and we must forgive; for a new earth is coming. The rebellious shall surely perish, but all, who are full of God’s love, shall live on on! Praises to His Holy Name!

Remember: Jesus is our Only Way Home,

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