From the Mountain, Book VIII

Chapter Twenty


"Deep trouble lies ahead!"


"My Beloved Child, I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God. Listen to Me, My Little One, for the fullness of My Kingdom draws close."

"Oh, my Father, my heart longs for peace upon the Earth and the love of God within the hearts of all. But, as I look around, Father, this is not what I see, but double-timing and evil of the greatest measure.

"My Little One, do you hear the two blasts?"

"Yes, my Father, and I see great darkness and as it were, I hear sounds, like those of bats’ wings and truly this rustling is coming from a floor of great darkness. And, as I look further into the darkness, I see a very large demon and this demon is guarding a dark door. And, again, I hear the sounds of horses on cobblestones. Father, what does all this mean?"

"My Little One, it means that two bands are about to be broken and when these two bands are fully broken, great evil will go forth upon the Earth."

"But, Father, great evil is already upon the Earth."

"Yes, my Little One, this is so; but you are witnessing the rise of the Antichrist and truly you have seen nothing yet."

"Father, what do you mean by showing me this great darkness and the rustling in the darkness?"

"My Little One, great evil is stirring in the Earth and most are oblivious to the depths of it. For, truly, the hounds of hell are being unleashed."

"Father, what is meant by the great evil demons, who guard the dark door?"

"My Little One, as you well know, the evil ones always meet in secret, where they conjure up greater and more sophisticated ways to kill off humans and to promote deception. This is all they know; for they are full of darkness and they despise the light of God; They plan to eradicate all this light and to proceed with their dark plans, untouched and out of My sight. But, this is the profundity of their absurdity; for I see and know all."

"Oh, Father, my soul is troubled for what I witnessed this morning in prayer."

"Yes, My Child, I put My sword in your hand and you lopped off the heads of Bush Jr., Bush, Sr. and Cheney."

"But, Father, what does this mean?"

"My Child, it spells disaster for these three."

"But, how, My Father?"

"Through a crook in the turn."

"But, what does this mean, ‘through a crook in the turn?’"

"Death by assassination."

"All three?"

"You have seen it?"

"But, Father, this is a terrible thing; for all three are involved."

"Do they not stand together?"

"Well, surely in deed they do; but somehow I do not understand this."

"No, not now, but you will."

"Aren’t they doing the New World Order bidding? Should Lucifer and his not be pleased?"

"My Little One, never believe your eyes; for what you see is deceptive. Believe, instead, what I show you."

"But, Father, I am shocked, really shocked."

"Have I not shown you that Bush Sr. and Bush Jr. shall be under threat of assassination with the advent of this war?"

"Yes, my Father, even in Chapter Fifteen, Book Eight."

"And, have I not since told you that Bush Sr. and Bush Jr. will both die and soon?"

"Yes, my Father, you have shown me this."

"And, now I am telling you again of death and assassination for all three."

"But, why Father?"

"They are listening to the ‘wrong people.’"

"What do you mean ‘wrong’" Do they not all listen to Lucifer?"

"My Little One, remember this. I have turned brotherhood against brotherhood and there is much infighting among those in secret societies and with many of their decisions, they are raising the wrath of the bankers. They are so intent on war that they are failing to pay attention to the results of this war on the bankers."

"But, are the bankers not getting wealthy from this war?"

"Some are and many are not; for the monetary control is being hoarded by a group of elite industrialists and some of the bankers are being squeezed out. They are complaining and they are plotting."

"Well, these have to be the ‘fake Jews.’"

"You have surmised correctly."

"Oh, Father, this world is headed for trouble."

"Far greater than you can imagine!"

"But, Father, what will become of this country if all these go?"

"My Little One, the evil ones are never without their plans and schemes. The Clintons are surely waiting in the wings."

"The Clintons?"

"I have said it and you will see it emerge."

"Oh, Father, there is truly no end to their evil."

"No, My Little Child, there is no end; but what they plot in secret is known by Me and they cannot long hide their evil schemes."

"My Child, take My rod and strike the black box three times."

"My Father, I take Your rod in my hand and I strike this black box one, two, three times. As I strike this black box, white fire flows from the rod and creates an explosion with each strike of the rod, the explosion gets greater and greater until I see the box disintegrate into thousands of tiny pieces, which fly out in all directions. With the explosion of this box, I see dust and smell an awful smell, like that of sulfur, even sulfuric acid and it burns me face and nose. I can hardly breathe; for this is so dreadful. Father, what is this?"

"It is woe."

"What do You mean, ‘woe?’"

"It is chemical warfare in the midst of America."

"But, Father, why did You have me to break open the box? Now, I feel so badly about this; for surely innocents will die."

"My Child, I have put in your hand My rod of judgement and when I tell you to take My rod and use My rod, what it falls on will surely see My judgement."

"I know, Father, for I have seen this judgement and even when I know this is Your will, My heart mourns for what shall come to pass. Now, I see chemical warfare and I feel sad, Father, I feel sad for what I see. Father, where in America will this be?"

"My Little One, it is coming in the skies. It is coming in the streets. It is coming to the subways, here and there all across America."

"But, when Father?"

"Soon, my Child, soon."

"Father, yesterday, our Lord Jesus told me that events have been speeded up. What does this mean?"

"It means that I am shortening the time."

"So, Father, it means that we are seeing World War III and following is the Antichrist and false prophet?"

"I have said as much to you already."

"Father, about two or three weeks ago, Just as I was about to go to sleep, the Spirit of God told me that the Fifth Seal is about to be opened. Father, this means that the first four have already been opened. Father, I do not understand about these seals."

"My Child, many believe that when the seals are opened that they are fully opened. They are not fully opened, but once they are opened, what is beneath the seals is released in stages. Therefore, the first four seals have been opened and the fifth is now opening, also in stages. The cries of the saints and martyrs will cause time to be speeded up."

"Father, this is very interesting. I feel so ignorant, Father, for I understand little, save what You give. My Father, I want to know more of the Seven Thunders. I know that each thunder is a prophet and apostle, but what more do these thunders do?"

"My Child, there is one thunder on each continent. These thunders are also the Seven eyes."

"What do You mean by Seven eyes?"

"I mean that these seven are given to see what few others see and they are all given to bring forth and speak great judgements. Many know of the Two Witnesses, but few know and understand about the Seven Thunders. But, now the Seven Thunders shall rise and they shall go forth and do wondrous works for Me."

"Oh, Father, this is an awesome thing and a frightening thing. My heart is puzzled."

"My Little One, you know you are one of my thunders; for I have spoken it in a previous book."

"Father, You have said it, and even when You told that the Seven Thunders are seven prophets and apostles, I still could not understand anymore of these thunders. My Father, I am so afraid of You and Your power and when I think of You, I feel weak all over, as if I might faint."

"My Child, all had best humble themselves before me; for My power is coming forth through My Chosen Ones to such a great degree now, that many, who come to make war with Me and Mine, will drop dead on the spot. Remember those, who have died for disrespect of the Ark of the Covenant?"

"Yes, my Father."

"My Child, the power of this covenant, which was brought in and solidified through My Son, shall rest on My mighty Chosen Ones. Even so much as a thought to harm one of My Chosen Ones can mean instant death. Heretofore, I have allowed much persecution against My Loved Ones and many have fallen ill. Some have died in this country and many around the world, and as these saints cry out for vengeance from beneath My alter, I shall utterly smite an destroy the enemies of My Loved Ones. For, I am sending My power to My Holy Ones and even as they speak the words, My will shall be accomplished."

"Father, in visions, I have seen a New York City Rockefeller man die and when his body was found it was full of maggots and covered in flies. I ask You, Father, how soon?"

"My Little One, do you see the dry mop in the corner?"

"Yes, my Father."

"Go and pick it up and dip it into the pail of water."

"My Father, I have the mop and I am swishing it in the pail of water. Now, what do I do?"

"Take the mop out of the water. See the black and white checkered tile floor before you."

"Yes, my Father."

"As you look at this floor, see that a long section of this black and white tile appears to be distinct from the rest, though still connected. Take the wet mop and carefully mop this strip from wall to wall and re-wet the mop if you need to."

"Yes, my Father." So, I take the wet mop and I move to the far wall. Looking carefully at this strip of tiles, I begin to mop the tiles and they are actually rather large, black and white tiles. And, wanting to make sure that they are all covered with water, I now go back and get the large pail of water. Soaking the mop, I go back to the tiles and one by one, I thoroughly soak each tile until I am satisfied that each tile is very wet. Slowly, I work my way backward across this section of tile until I see that the far wall is now in sight. Dipping the mop once more, I slop the floor with the mop and realize that as I stand on this last section, I had better move. For, as I look toward the opposite wall, I hear a cracking and a crumbling and the floor is bending, warping and exploding into thousands of tiny pieces before my very eyes. As I watch this floor, where the tiles were, I see nothing now but blackness emerge as this whole process goes quickly from wall to wall, until all the tiles are obliterated, leaving a hole beneath.

Peering through this hole, I see rafters and the blackness of night. A very cold wind is blowing as I find myself suddenly walking over the rafters below. This is a very big building for this rafter is huge and I sit on my heels for a moment to take a view of the city below. Clearly, I can make out the Empire State Building. As I look over the city, I wonder how much longer it will exist intact. I hear the Spirit of God say, ‘Not long.’

Looking above me, I see a beautiful angel, who motions me back and in an instant I seem to leap upward, surely carried by the Spirit of God and I am back on the tiled floor. Looking around, I see many angels, some with fiery eyes and very stern countenances. They all wear white and all have flaming swords.

Now, I see a dead body and kneeling over this body is a small child, who is weeping. This small child is beating the bloated body of this man and she is saying, "Why did you do this to me? Why? Why?" As I look again at this child, she disappears before My face and in her place, I see the word, ‘abortion.’" At this very instant, the bloated man’s swollen guts pop and the bowels of the dead man push out. Oh, this is so fowl! It is so stinking, and I can hardly bear the sight, but one of the angels looks at me and says, "Look!"

At that instant, I am back on the rafter and I see New York City aflame. It begins with a massive explosion and now I cannot see the Empire State Building. But as I search the fire, I see that this building is aflame; for fire is coming out of its windows. As I watch this fire, I hear other explosions, round about New York City and off into the distance, but probably not more than fifteen to twenty miles northwest of this building I see a nuclear explosion.

It is night and few are aware of what hit them. This is a terrible thing! Oh, it is terrible! For, I smell the fumes again. The fumes of chemical warfare. Oh, this is dreadful! This evil man is dead and this city is full of burning embers. Before my eyes, I see a very large bridge buckle. It explodes and is carried completely down by a series of explosions. Oh, this has been so well-planned! Father, tell me. What does this mean?"

"My Child, you have seen the floor of a very evil building. A main part of that floor will soon disappear."

"Father, what is this floor?"

"It is the floor of the United Nations and soon a large section of it will come up missing."

"What is this section?"

"The Rockefeller/USA section."

"But, Father, why?"

"Utter greed, a desire for the whole pie."

"But, the Rockefeller man will soon die."

"You have seen it."

"And, his rotting body will not be found for some time."

"You have seen it.

"And, soon, very soon New York City will fall to various fires and explosions."

"It is planned and well underway."

"Father, we have little time. I have seen an earthquake devastate New York City and in a dream two nights ago, I saw half of it disappear."

"You have seen it and it is so."

"Father, the next seal is a great earthquake."

"It is."

"But, how soon?"

"Sooner than most believe."

"My Child, My judgement is upon Denmark, and Norway, in fact all of Scandinavia. For, they are rife with rebellion and through this quake, I shall utterly judge them. When I am through judging these countries, little will be left of them, save small islands."

"Oh, My Father, what the world faces is so terrible!"

"And, Europe, proud and haughty Europe shall rise, it shall sway, it shall stagger and fall utterly, never to rise again. My hammer of judgement is coming down on Europe and I shall utterly judge it with plagues, famine, wars and great earthquakes, which will wipe out whole countries.

And, be advised, My Child, that the evil ones have little time left to stop persecuting you with frequencies; for every one, who is involved in your on-going torture and murder attempts, every one shall drop dead! When the Rockefeller man is found dead and covered with maggots and flies, let this be a warning to any and all, who would ever think to harm you. For, every one, save he or she repents soon, shall all fall to a horrible death. Time is running out for every one! With this, we shall stop for today. I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God.


As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 8th day of April, 2003,


Linda Newkirk







Second Message from our Father in Heaven

"The Evil World System and God’s Supernatural Army"


April 09, 2003

"My Beloved Child, I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God. Listen, My Little One, as you hear the wind in the trees and as you know that the same force that is in the wind does cause it to blow in varying directions, know this. The same force that created the parallel universes created you.

Little One, I am the great I AM. I AM that force and this very force caused the creation of all things, both great and small. Listen, My Child, when I tell you that now is the time for the sorting of all. The pure, those, whose hearts are full of My Love, compassion, wisdom, knowledge, understanding and beauty, are in one stack and the impure, the vile, the vain, the lost, the winebibers, the profane, these are in the other. My Little One, look upon these stacks and tell Me what you see."

"Oh, my Father, I see first the pure stack and the numbers are very small, but the light, the brightness, which comes from these small numbers is great. Father, this is such a beautiful light. I feel like a carefree child in a spring meadow in this beautiful light, for there is such beauty, peace and joy. Oh, my Father, how glorious! Oh, that all could live in this utter peace and joy!"

"My Little One, this is the heritage of the true lovers of peace. For, these shall inherit the Earth and all that is in it. These shall find a beautiful home on the New Earth and they shall inherit eternal life. Now, My Little One, what is left?

"Oh, my Father, this other pile is so high that I cannot see the end of it and it is so big around that I cannot see the girth of it. For, it seems to go on and on without bounds. I hear a terrible buzzing sound, then a roaring, which is almost deafening; and, this dark pile is full of this sound. Oh, my Father, I do not want to look, but I am now caught up in this pile of darkness. And, as I walk down the street, I am drawn to look in an open window and I see a man sodomize his wife. I weep. My heart feels broken and I feel sick. With tears streaming down my face, I struggle off the sidewalk and back into the street. Now comes a horse-drawn buggy and a very evil man calls out to me and says, "A drink for a dime, two for a quarter." Still feeling sick, I motion for this man to go on, but he will not give up. "A drink for a dime. Two for a quarter."

I am beginning to feel very irritated with this man; for I sense such evil. He wears a partial clown suit and his face is even painted as a clown; and he puts a dipper into a brewing concoction and reaches out to hand me a drink. "Devil, in the name of Jesus Christ, I rebuke you! You are evil!"

Before my eyes he turns into a reptilian beast, and with whip in hand, he beats the horse. As the carriage rounds the nearest corner, I see written on the back of it, "Son of Perdition."

Feeling wounded and sickened by all that I have just seen, I get back onto the sidewalk and continue on, now coming to a movie theatre. Feeling the push of the Spirit of God, I enter the theatre. Passing the ticket agent, who does not seem to see me at all, I go into the theatre, which is called the ‘theatre of war.’ Taking a seat in the dark theatre, which is called the ‘theatre of war.’ Below is a lighted arena and I see soldiers come forth. They are on horses and they are fighting with swords. As they fight and kill one another, the people cheer! Looking at the blood and carnage, I feel so ill, like I will throw up, but all around me people clap and cheer. I am reminded of the gladiators in ancient Rome and I simply cannot understand why so many people love evil.

I get up from the theatre and go out and throw up in the street, feeling as if I will surely faint. Crossing the street to the other side, I take a seat in a park near a fountain. From the fountain come the sounds of nursery rhymes and these words come to mind, ‘Twinkle, twinkle, little star! How I wonder what you are!"

Out from behind the fountain comes Jon Benet Ramsey and she carries a sign, which reads, "Satanic ritual abuse and kiddy porn.’ On seeing this Precious Child, once again I feel waves of nausea and get up and run from the park. I run into the street and sit on the curb, cupping my face in my hands and I begin to sob deeply.

Oh, my soul is so full of sorrow. I am so very sad! Tears stream down my face and I cannot stop weeping for the children. "Father, Oh, Father, why have You sent me to this evil place? It is full of blood and guts and sorrow and all that is evil and my heart is so burdened."

Amidst my tears, I hear His gentle voice say, "My Little One, have you had enough of the world and what is in it?"

"My Father, You know that I hate what this world stands for. You know how repulsive it is to me and I want none of it. However, as long as we are here, we must live. We must carry on. But, Oh, Father, this world is full of madness."

"Come hither, My Child."

And, suddenly the darkness is gone and I am back beside the stack of the light bearers and our Lord Jesus is wiping my tears. "My Little One," He says, "Today, I give you to eat of the manna of Heaven." Before me is a bowl with a white food that is like bread, but also like pudding. I put the small bowl to my mouth and the bread flows like pudding. It has a beautiful smell and a taste like bananas and cherries, yet a substance like pudding. As I tip the small bowl, it flows into my mouth and as I eat, my sorrow disappears.

"My Child," our Lord Jesus says, "Now, you fully understand the nature of the Broad Way; for it is full of the world. And, as you know, My Child, most are on the Broad Way. But, a few are not as these few are separated out of the world. And through these few, I shall do great and mighty works. But, My Little One, the whole process whereby these few have been separated has been painful for them. These have come out of the world and have gone through great trials. They have gone through great hardships and many sorrows. Truly, My Little One, these have been through the fires of purification and continue to be purified in these fires and these will be counted worthy to escape these things, which are upon the Earth."

"Oh, my Lord, I am so sorry. I am so sorry, My Lord; for these numbers, who are clean before You are so few. How my heart wishes that these numbers were greater!"

"But, My Child, these few are pure and these are about to do great and mighty exploits for Me and your Father. My Child, you are looking at the Supernatural army of God and these are about to receive their supernatural bodies. This is a process and the culmination of the same is at hand. When this takes place, the power of God is going to be unleashed in this army in unimaginable ways. They will be used greatly in warfare against the enemy. They will be used greatly in warfare against the enemy. They will be used greatly in unimaginable ways. My Little One, the Earth has never seen times such as these.

"Oh, my Lord, I feel sickened all over to see such huge numbers in the theatre of war and they are getting their highs from murder, from war. Even now, many believe that with Baghdad being supposedly brought under control, that the Iraqi war is finished."

"My Child, remember how I showed you previously that Saddam Hussein is as a fox?"

"Yes, my Father."

"Now, my Child, do your suppose that this fox will roll over and play dead?"

"No, my Lord."

"Then, know this, my Child, a great surprise for the USA is at hand and they will see that with all their high tech equipment and machines, they have been outfoxed. This war is not over, My Child, just because Washington DC says it is over. It has truly only begun. What you are seeing is a fake victory. Did you hear Me, My Little One? This is a fake victory."

"My Lord, I have a very important question about John Ashcroft. You know that the Spirit of God has shown me that this man is alike a robot of some sort. What I see on his head reminds me of the cyborgs in the Star Trek episodes. And, when I look into his eyes, I see only darkness. My Lord, I have seen similar things on the heads of George W. Bush."

"What you have seen is correct. The real John Ashcroft has been replaced with a replica, who is a robot. My Little One, it will be impossible for most to tell the difference between the cloned robotic humans and the real humans. But, there is one thing that will make them obvious."

"What is this, My Lord?"

"My Little One, they will be given to peculiar movements. Peculiar movements of the head, the feet, the hands, the eyes, etc. This is the obvious thing and also, My Little One, what is not obvious through observation, will be revealed through My Spirit. You know that Ashcroft is robotic because I have shown you and you now know that George W. Bush is robotic because I have shown you."

"But, My Lord, what of the real Bush?"

"The real Bush is still around and he is drugged up, but when need be, the robot is brought out. Understand?"

"Yes, my Lord. So, when the real Bush is killed, these evil ones can use a robot."

"They have and they will, but there will come a time when these robots will not work. Understand?"

"No, my Lord."

"My Child, they are sensitive to electronic variations. They will not survive severe electromagnetic pulse variations."

"My Lord, this has occurred to me. Also, my Lord, I have received word that some in congress are also robotic people."

"My Little One, can you believe this?"

"My Lord, I do. How else would so many be utterly deceived? My Lord, it looks to me like about 75% are being controlled in this way."

"My Child, could you believe that the numbers are higher?"

"Yes, my Lord, I could. But, what has happened to the real congressmen and women?"

"Some are still alive and some are not."

"Oh, my Lord, who would ever believe such a thing?"

"My Little One, few would believe and this is why this terrible trap of Lucifer is upon the world as a snare; for it is full of illusion. Most are asleep; for they believe what their eyes and ears show them."

"My Lord, how can we defend ourselves against robots?"

"My Child, those in My army shall speak death to them and they shall die!"

"My Lord, how long? How long, My Lord, must Your people live under this evil?"

"My Child, nuclear attacks on America are imminent. Did you hear Me?"

"Yes, my Lord. Just yesterday, I saw in Los Angeles in a vision and it seemed to be a burned and charred mess."

"My Child, this is World War III and it is going to escalate. The foolish Americans, who cry, ‘victory’ today will weep tomorrow. For, your heralded victory in Iraq shall be very short-lived. Several cities in America now face a nuclear attack. I shall show you a few of them. Los Angeles is one. New York City is one. Chicago is one. Tampa/Miami is one. Phoenix AZ is one. DC is one and there are others. But, I am giving you only a few, which are in sightline of the enemies of America. Do you hear Me, My Child?"

"Yes, my Lord."

"My Little One, what you see in Iraq is a carefully crafted illusion. While Americans applaud their victory, and while the news shouts victory, the coalition of forces behind Hussein is growing."

"My Lord, the numbers on the Broad Way are so great. My heart aches for what will become of them."

"My Little One, a few will come out of this evil and during the great tribulation they will be spared. Many, many will end up in hell."

"My Lord already the fifth seal is open and this is shocking."

"My Child, few have their eyes open and few know just how far along the New World Order is."

"My Lord, to hear of how the new military recruits got a computer chip on the back of the right hand and one in the forehead is utterly devastating!"

"My Child, this is what I am saying. Few realize how far along the New World Order is in their plans. Those, who have this chip in their forehead, have received a bombardment of messages to ‘kill, kill, kill and fear, fear, fear.’ This is why you read that approximately half of the American soldiers are being killed by their own kind. This is the New World Order attempt to create an army of one mindset. This is why you read of so many women and children being killed. They want a killing machine and this is it. These same ones in the military will use these chips for ID purposes to buy and sell. Understand? See how craftily this has been done. Nevertheless, as you have heard, many thousands have received these recent chips, well over 125, 000 and increasing every day, without so much as an objection."

"Oh, my Lord, I fear that they are doomed!"

"My Child, what Lucifer does is very cunning, cunning indeed!"

"My Lord, I do not understand it. Many times, I have given people the warning, which was given by You and our Father, that people need to come away from TV; for it is a mind control device. They need to come away from the movies for these are mind control devices; but My Lord, they do not shut the TV down. They will not give it up! They will not stop the movies!"

"My Little One, all have given their powers to the beast. Those, who are addicted to TV, who believe what they see on it, will go forth and take the chip, save they turn from this evil. For, just as the soldiers have willingly taken these chips, so will the TV lovers. For, to take it will seem like the right thing to do and the brainwashed will go out and take it. But, all have been warned. So, the wise will come out of the world. For, I have shown you the fate of the world."

"Yes, my Lord, I know."

"And, with this, we shall stop for today."

"My Lord, I have one more question. What will happen when these evil ones attempt to grab one of Your Loved Ones to make robots of them?"

"My Child, this is a good question. The evil ones have taken the DNA from many and at a certain time, they will attempt to capture My Tried and True, My Light Bearers, so that they can easily release clones. When this comes about, the perpetrators will drop dead on the spot. Understand?"

"Yes, my Lord."

"So, be at peace, My Child; for the time is at hand that the awesome power of God is coming into My Faithful, the Tried and True, the Pure of Heart. I am Jesus and all is given in accordance with the will of God, yea Jehovah, the Most High."


As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 9th day of April, 2003,
Linda Newkirk

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