From the Mountain, Book VIII

Chapter Twenty-one


"The World of Illusion"

May 05, 2003

"My Beloved Child, I am your Master Jesus, yea Lord of Earth and heir apparent. My Little One, do you see the old, rotten tree stump before you?"

"Yes, my Lord."

"And, if you break a piece off and put it to your nose, can you tell what kind of tree it is?"

"My Lord, I will break a piece off and I will see if I can determine what kind of tree this is." I go to the stump and seeing a small section, which appears more fragile than the rest, I tug at it and a small piece splinters off. Straightaway, I see the resin in the wood and as I put it to my nose, I know that this tree stump is a remnant of a pine tree. "My Lord, this is a pine tree stump."

"My Little One, come hither."

"Yes, My Lord."

"My Child, take the splinter and break it into two pieces." So, I take the splinter and break it into two pieces.

"My Child, take each piece and break each piece again. What have you now?"

"My Lord, I have four pieces."

"And, likewise, My Child, break the pieces again."

"Yes, my Lord." And, I now have eight pieces.

"Can you break them again?"

"Not with my hands; for the pieces are too small."

"But, with a tool, you could further break them?"

"Yes, my Lord; but I do not have a tool to use."

"Yes, my Child, this is so, but if you did, you could break each piece into many smaller ones, but even so, would you have the smallest unit?"

"No, my Lord; for the smallest unit is submicroscopic and cannot be measured by normal means."

"And, truly My Child, even then one cannot get at the smallest unit, which by Earth sciences has not been discovered."

"My Lord, You have a reason for telling me these things and I do not understand what this is."

"My Little One, you thought you were looking at a tree stump. Right?"

"Yes, my Lord."

"But as you went along, you realized that this tree stump, this visible object, is only a manifestation of that, which is invisible."

"Yes, my Lord, but why are You telling me this?"

"My Little One, it is a natural tendency for all to focus on what is visible and to believe that this is the reality of all that is. But, in truth, the reality of all that is, is invisible to the human eye."

"My Lord, You are speaking of the visible world of illusion in which we live."

"I am."

"But, my Lord, we do live in a concrete world, where people deal with the tangible."

"Yes, My Child, but this very world, this concrete world is full of illusion."

"My Lord, I know it is, but is this not the inherent nature of this very world?"

"It is, My Child, but this very thing, this concrete nature, this state of illusion, is a trap from which all must emerge to be free. For, what appears real is not real and what seems like fantasy may very well be real."

"Yes, my Lord, this is so, and the evil ones, being very aware of this, have sought to keep all human beings as prisoners to this dark system of illusion. And, my Lord, the illusions get greater . The lies get more grandiose and more and more fall to them. My Lord, my heart is deeply troubled. I cannot think of these things without weeping my heart out. My soul is full of anguish and sorrow and my heart aches for the lost. Oh, my Lord, I am so deeply troubled; for the world is suffocating beneath lies and illusion and the people are lapping up these lies, like a bunch of lapdogs. My Lord, I am so burdened by what is going on and my soul is so full of sorrow that I cannot make it from minute to minute, save You help me, for these burdens are so great.

My Lord, my Lord, how, how, how, how can people be so deceived about this Satanic government in Washington DC? How, my Lord, how can they ‘support’ our troops on these murderous rampages? My Lord, how, how, how, how can they turn their eyes, their hearts, and their minds away from the bloody murders of women and children? How, my Lord, how? I am literally sickened by this, my Lord. We have thousands upon thousands of troops, young men and women, who are over there with the microchip in the forehead and in the right hand. They are mind-controlled robots, who are killing machines, and people are cheering this on. They are praying for this. My Lord, I am utterly disgusted. I am ashamed and full of sorrow. A deep sense of foreboding and tragedy grips my soul. My Lord, these soldiers have taken the "mark of the

beast" and they have willingly taken this "mark." We are looking at the beginning of a war, which is intended to usher in the antichrist and people are cheering it on, behaving and responding just as they are told to behave and respond through TV and they do not have a clue. Oh, My Lord, how my heart weeps! I am utterly devastated by what I am seeing."

"My Child, they are ripe for the plucking."

"My Lord, what do You mean exactly?"

"My Child, I mean that they, themselves, are ready for the ‘mark.’ They, themselves, are ready for the guillotines. They, themselves, are ready for the concentration camps. For, I tell you, My Child, when the time comes for them to receive of these things, most will buy the illusion, just as these troops have bought it when they willingly took the ‘mark of the beast.’ My Child, the whole world is ripe for the picking and this is why this evil is accelerating. But, even so, My Child, all these things and more must come to pass before My return."

"Yes, my Lord, the ‘mark of the beast’ is being implanted and no one has been ‘raptured’ out. But, the early-out-rapture-crowd would probably not accept that our own troops have willingly taken this ‘mark;’ for it would be inconsistent with their illusions."

"My Child, these, who see and hear, are few and the chasm between those, who love Me and who love truth and those, who love illusion, is becoming deeper and wider all the time. Be of good cheer, My Child, for the redemption of the Pure of Heart draws nigh. I am Jesus and all is given in accord with the will of Jehovah, the Most High."


As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 30th day of April, 2003,
Linda Newkirk




"God’s Judgement against this evil system! Victories for God’s people!"

April 11, 2003

"My Beloved Child, I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God. Listen to Me, My Child, when I tell you that attacks on My people are about to pick up. Through their spy technologies, these evil ones, have kept constant surveillance over many of My Loved Ones and much evil is coming forth through the space station. This day, I have had you take up My rod of judgement on this orbiting horror from hell and I tell you now that the very fate of this evil place is sealed. For, the days, hours and weeks of this evil abode are sealed with my hand. This evil whore house will soon explode into billions of pieces and bit by bit I will take out this house of evil. Yes, My Child, trouble abounds for this evil castle above the sky and this day, My hand of judgement has sealed its fate.

And, know this, My Child, because I have bound up the strange fire for nine months, much of the evil in the world shall be confounded and its progress shall be halted. I shall put victories in the laps of many of My Loved Ones and in the courts I shall hand some victories over this evil. The very camps, which the evil ones have set for many of you, shall now hold them. The torture, whereby they torture many of you, shall be reserved for them.

I shall stir up the nations against this evil government in America and you shall begin to see some fall here and there. I shall stir up the states against the whores in Washington DC and the states shall rise up. I shall cut the foundation from beneath these whores and they shall begin to fall, just as surely as the statue of Hussein fell. And, I shall use this Iraqi invasion to beat the Bushes into the ground and with them shall go Cheney.

My Little One, they have had so many successes in their evil that they no longer continue to hide their evil. It is all out in the open and in the faces of everyone all over the world. I tell you, My child, the horns are coming off the goat head in DC and then I shall smack the goat’s head right in the middle of the forehead with My fist and this hollow head shall utterly explode into millions of fragments.

Listen to Me, My Child. I am beginning to raise up My Supernatural Army and they are going forth to conquer, to overcome, and to overturn this evil, here a little and there a little. You will look out and you will see the impossible ones doing the impossible; for through Me, there is no such thing as impossible and these, though their status seems to be of no consequence, shall rise and they shall do the impossible through Me.

Therefore, My Child, now is the time. It is the time to go forward with government reforms, with prosecution of the evil ones, with demands on a mind-controlled congress. And, you will see My hand move out on behalf of My people over and over, and you will see the impossible move forth into the realm of possibility, then completion and victory.

My Child, know this. I am beginning to empower My Supernatural Army in supernatural ways. I shall send them forth and I shall protect them from all harm. And, though all the hjgh-tech equipment in the world shall surveil them and torture them and though armies come out after them, they shall not die, but live. For, I am in them and they are in Me.

Victories, My Child! I am handing victories to My Supernatural Army, unheard of victories, and many shall stand in awe! Know this, My Child. I shall not leave My people powerless against this evil machine. I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God."


As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 11th day of April, 2003,
Linda Newkirk




"Weep for the sins of this land and get your heart right with God!"

April 10th, 2003

"My Beloved Child, I am your Master Jesus, yea Lord of Earth and co-maker of heavens without end. My Child, weep for this land and for the sins of this land; for these sins are great and stand as a great rule over the back of this land, and the backbone of this very land shall soon crack and crumble beneath this weight. Weep, My Child! Weep for the errors of this war and for the countless souls, who are yet to perish and wind up in dark, desolate and windswept places. Weep, My Child! Weep for the newborn and the unborn the world over, who will die in the horrors of this war. Forlorn are their faces and full of sorrow are their eyes. Yes, weep, My Child, for the fall of America is at hand. And, even, My Child, with the reprieve of the binding of the false fire, how many will see and recognize this reprieve? I tell you, My Child, the world is in shackles. The people are in prisons of their own making and their destinies are at hand. Oh, weep, My Child! Weep! For, if you will not weep, then who? The masses are asleep. They are doped up and tranquilized, put to sleep with the vanities of evil. Oh, the perils that await and few hear the trumpets sound. Few notice the timing; for the world sleeps on. Into dark oblivion it goes and few even notice."

"Oh, my Lord, I know these things; for You have spoken them into my spirit and my heart is broken. My soul is full of sorrow and I cannot get the tears out of my eyes. Oh, My Lord, it is all sin and vanity and it is a hangman’s noose. Oh, my soul is troubled and my heart is heavy! Oh, my Lord, trouble is upon this land and the masses are in love with the theater of war. Oh, how they have been trained by TV and movies and now they are lost in it, captives to fleeting images and pure lies and propaganda. Oh, the troubles of this world! How long, my Lord? How long must Your Loved Ones be in the midst of such horrors? How long, my Lord? The alarm is sounding. The warnings have gone out, yet the masses reject them! Confusion, oh utter confusion reigns and now many go willingly for the ‘mark of the beast.’ Oh, my soul is grieved! Trouble is brewing and my soul is weakened with sorrow. Oh, Lord, come quickly for the sake of Your Loved Ones; for the war is great. The sorrow is seep and few even perceive it at all."

"My Little One, count to three."

"On, two, three …"

"Was that hard?"

"No, my Lord."

"Then, know this, My Child. As easy as it was for you to count 1-2-3, will be as easy as it is for Me to remove My Faithful at the appointed time. My Child, I have told you that some will be counted worthy to escape these things and as I said before, these numbers are small. Nevertheless, these are a few and they are scattered here and there. Many will call this a pre-trib rapture. This is a lie. There is no pre-trib rapture. The whole concept is a lie from hell and many are deceived by it. All, who are worthy to escape these terrors, which are upon the world, will have already been through the refining fires. They will have already cleaned up their lives and they will be spiritually ready to go"

"How soon, my Lord?"

"My Little One, open the letter before you, which bears your name."

"My Lord, I have it and as I open it and take out the letter, the paper is full of fire. It is enveloped in a flame of white fire and it is too hot to handle. My Lord, what shall I do with it for the heat is so great?"

"Eat it."

"Eat it, My Lord? This is too hot to eat."

"My Little One, take one hand and put on one side of the fire and one hand on the other. Roll the fire into a ball and put into your mouth."

"Oh, My Lord, this is hot, but with Your help I am doing this." I roll and roll and roll it. This letter is now one round blaze of white fire and I hurriedly bring it to my mouth, push it into my mouth and a great explosion takes place within me. Suddenly, I feel that I am blown to pieces; for the fire is so great. I see smoke and tiny pieces of me going here and there. Suddenly, a great, white fire engulfs me and I am ablaze in this white fire, ablaze with this beautiful light, and I hear a most beautiful music. I see people dancing, like at a ball, and there is such peace and joy. My Lord, tell me, what is this letter and what does this mean?"

"My Child, this letter is an invitation to My wedding dance and you are invited. Will you come?"

"Oh, my Lord, how greatly I want to come! I delight in this, my Lord. Holy is Your Precious Name and I love You so!"

"My Little One, one by one, I am getting Mine ready for My wedding and by degrees I Am cleaning Mine up so that they will be ready for My Marriage Supper. This time is now. What you have seen is now. The great harvest is now and My bride had better be ready for her invitation or she will be left behind. I tell you, My Child, the hour is at hand."

"My Lord, what does this explosion of light mean?"

"My Little One, the invitations are set and at some point soon, an explosion of light will envelop all, who are worthy and they will be removed. They will be gone. Understand? However, these numbers are few and most will never realize that they did not make it."

"But, my Lord, I want to be clear in my understanding that this is not the same as the time when you put Your feet on Mount Olive."

"It is not; for herein I refer to those, who are counted worthy to escape the horrors at hand, yet truly these have already been through the fires and they are ready. This is not the time when I return in blazing fire for My Faithful. These, who go, will be quickly taken in a blaze of white fire, and out of these, 144,000 of the Pure of Heart will return as the Supernatural Army. Understand?"

"Yes, my Lord."

"My Lord, I have a question, which is unrelated to this, but is related to the space station and all the evil, which comes from it. In visions, You have shown me how this space station explodes into a fiery ball. How long before You take out this place of evil?"

"My Child, know this. From the last message, I have given them 90 days to cease persecution of you and others of My Loved Ones through these frequencies. They do not stop, but get worse. Therefore, I shall attack their backbone and when I do, this space station is history. It will blow up without so much as a remnant of it remaining. Understand. But, this is only the beginning of My retaliation against them for torture and persecution of you and others of My Loved Ones. With this, we shall stop for today. I am Jesus and all is given in accord with the will of Jehovah, Most High God.


As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 10th day of April, 2003,
Linda Newkirk

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