From the Mountain, Book VIII

Chapter Twenty-two


"The Remaining Scrolls"


"The Second Scroll"

March 16, 2003

"My Beloved Child, I am your Master Jesus, yea Yeshua, Lord of Earth, One with the Father and Co-Creator of universes without end. Blessed are you, My Little One; for you hunger after righteousness. Blessed are you, for you love our Father in Heaven with a deep and pure love and your love for Me is the same. Blessed are you, My Child; for you love the lost, the sick, the weak and the hurting and because of this love, you shall minister to many people in many nations. They shall respond to the love of God within you and they shall be set free of all manner of diseases and shackles of evil.

My Little One, this day I bring you back to the River of Life to swim the deep rivers within rivers. You have found the secret corridors and you have come to a bridge, which separates this world from the world to come. My Child, you stand on the precipice between these two worlds and you are about to take a leap into the hidden and unknown. Let the tides carry you forth and then swim ashore to a new day."

"Yes, my Lord." I am now diving into waters, which are warm and inviting, and these waters are radiant with the pure light of God. The waves push me quickly until I am washed ashore onto a beach of sand, so sparkling that the very sand seems to be made of diamonds with pearls scattered here and there. I rise and take a few steps to a beach to sit and behold the beauty.

Suddenly I am transported to a room, where the window is open and the curtains are wafting in the breeze. Far below, I see the beach I just came from and I watch the waves as they come in now, full of every color of the rainbow. My heart leaps with joy at the beauty before me, yet sensing the presence of someone in the room with me, I turn to see a man, who is dressed in a hooded, white robe. He has a beard, a moustache and the kindest eyes and he motions for me to take something from an open box. On first glance I feel this is our Lord Jesus and wonder if I am feeling like the apostles and others, who saw Him after his death and did not recognize Him. I cannot say for sure that this is He, but something in my spirit tells me that this is so. I search His countenance, but He does not raise his eyes from the contents of the box, wherein I see several scrolls, which are all tied up very neatly.

Looking at the contents of the box, He motions for me to take a scroll; but before I can reach into the box to get a scroll, a scroll rises in the air. I reach out to take the scroll and as I touch it, a flash of light explodes before me. Temporarily, I am blinded by this light and when I can see again this man is gone and I am left with a scroll in my hand; and this scroll is so hot that I can hardly hold onto it. As I stand with the scroll, wave upon wave of light rolls through me and with each wave I feel an overwhelming sense of indescribable power. Repeatedly, these waves roll through me and I am beginning to feel very weak all over. It seems for an instant that I will faint or drift into some sort of dream; for visions upon visions are rolling past me, and I seem to be fighting to stay in one sphere and not go into the other.

Then, I remember our Lord’s words about the precipice, so I let go of all apprehension and begin to follow the visions. Suddenly, I feel a deep jolt in the spirit, as if a great explosion has occurred nearby and it seems that all sorts of negative things are going on all around me. I look and see streamers of darkness all around and I am making my way through these dark streamers by reaching out and pushing them out of the way.

I look out through a window, which seems so similar to the room I just came from. The window is open and the curtains are wafting in the breeze. Even the curtains have the same patterns, yet it is not beauty I see, but explosions, and outside are many soldiers and burning buildings. Fire and smoke. As far as I can see are fire and smoke. Within this fire and smoke are soldiers, who appear to be American, and they are fighting. I see one of the soldiers scurry behind a burned out car. He speaks to another, who is hiding from flying scrapnel, and he says, "Old glory has faded. It has fallen into the fire and now it is burning."

I sit watching and tears begin to well up in my eyes. I look at my hands and I am shaking. Through the tears and through the smoke I am hardly able to see. I break down in deep sobs and as I weep I sense the presence of someone coming through the window, or through the wall. Sensing the presence of light, I brush my eyes to wipe the tears and before me I see a most beautiful angel. She has the most beautiful golden hair. And beautifully dressed in white, she is exuding such pure love. "Do you see what I have brought you?" she says. I look at a tray before me and on the tray is a very small book of about 3" X 3" square.

"Yes," I said. "I see."

"Take the book and open it; for within it is a very important message for you."

So, I take the small book and it opens with a click. Inside is a small pocket and in this pocket is a very small egg. I know that this egg is a jeweled egg and I see a small latch, which is keeping it closed. I flip this latch and find myself suddenly beneath a most beautiful waterfall of glowing crystalline water. The water has formed a most beautiful pool of sparkling, aquamarine water and from the top of the water comes fire. I hear the Spirit of God say, ‘Bathe in the fire.’ I feel this fire penetrate every bone, every never, every fiber, every organ, every bit of tissue, every bit of skin and hair, every limb. As I stand in this fire, I hear this fire roar and crackle. This is such a beautiful experience; for this is a roaring fire, which does not burn, but exhilarates. Oh, I do not want to leave this fire; for it is so wonderful. Yet, I sense that I shall soon be made to go. Then, I hear the beautiful Spirit of God say, ‘No, not yet.’ First, you must reach down and get the key.’ Looking down at my feet, I see a radiant key. It is very large, and surely as long as I am tall. I reach down to pick it up and find that this key is as light as a feather. I stand it up before me and I can see that it is taller than I am. "My Beautiful Lord Jesus, what shall I do with this key?"

"Bring it close to you and hold it to your heart. It will be melded into you by the fire and this key will become a permanent part of your makeup."

I take the key and put it to my chest and embrace the key. Suddenly, there is a great explosion of light and I am flying through the air like a blazing rocket. I do not know where I am headed, but am not in the least concerned; for I am caught up in this beautiful fire and feel absolutely free, absolutely full of the love and joy of God, full of His beauty and peace and without a care in the world. Soon, I realize that the fire has carried me back to the beautiful beach and I find myself sitting on this beach, feeling such a great desire to get up and jump and shout praises to God. Rising, I begin to jump and shout, jumping much like a kangaroo, but with each jump I am going higher and higher until once again I am soaring in the sky. I am soaring over the glowing ocean and as I soar, I hear the Spirit of God say, "It is time."

"It is time for what?" I ask.

"It is time for you to know who you are."

Suddenly, I plummet to the Earth, like a fallen bird and I ask, "Tell me what you mean."

"My Little One," our Lord Jesus speaks. "Do you remember when I told you that in the scrolls I would make you see who you are."

"Yes, my Lord and I am afraid to see this."

"I know you are and it has not been time; but today you received the key."

"What does this mean, my Lord?"

"My Child, it means that you have been given the key, which will unlock the mysteries of who you are. For, some have long-waited for you."

"Oh, my Lord, would that I did not have to write these things. For, now I am afraid."

"My Little One, what is there to fear?"

"I fear what you will say. I fear what this mystery key will reveal; for My Lord, I feel to be among the least of the least, a sinner, My Lord, brought out of it all only because of Your love and grace."

"Do you know, My Little One, that you were chosen, even before the foundations of the world? Do you not know that even before you were born, you knew the darkness you would grow up in? You knew the trials you would face and you knew that I would not allow you to perish in darkness. All these things you knew and you also knew your role in uniting the peoples of all nations."

"Me? I knew this? But, my Lord, I do not understand what you say. I am only a housewife, someone, who lives an isolated life. Yet, you say these things, My Lord. I have a fear. How can this be? Oh, my Lord, I do not understand."

"No, My Child, you do not understand now, but very soon, you will understand that what I tell you is very true and now is the time of this impartation of the anointing into you for this work."

"Oh, my Lord, my greatest desire is to do the will of God, but Oh, my Lord, please be patient with me. For, I am at a loss for understanding. Help me, my Beautiful Lord; for these words are very difficult to digest."

"My Child you do not have to digest them now. But, full digestion will come about by degrees as you see that what I say is true."

"My Lord, what you have shown me is beautiful; but my heart aches because of what you showed me about the American flag."

"My Child, America shall surely fall; but I will never desert My Loved Ones. I will not leave the poor without hope. I will not leave them without miracles. Therefore, My Little One, I shall send you and your husband among these people and you shall work great and mighty miracles."

"Oh, my Lord, the evil ones will not like this."

"No, they do not like this. The evil one knows what you are and this is why he has tried to kill you for many years."

"Oh, my Lord, with fear and trepidation, I receive what You say."

"Because you receive, take a step off the bridge and sink into the tomorrows at hand."

So, I leap off the bridge and sink into a substance, which is thick, like pudding, but light and fiery."

"Sit, My Child, for what is will be a part of you wherever you go."

"What is this, My Lord?"

"It is the anointing for what is and for what is to come. With this, My Little One, we shall stop for today. I am Jesus and all is given according to the will of our Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God."


As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 16th day of March 2003,
Linda Newkirk






April 15, 2003

"My Precious Child, I am your Master Jesus, yea Yeshua, true heir and Lord of Earth. My Little One, this day, I have brought you back to the top of My Holy Mountain and as you stand beside Me and look far below, you can hear the rumbling. You can see the smoke."

"Yes, my Lord, I hear the rumbling and I see the smoke."

"My Child, come and stand before Me and as I kneel before you, write as you see."

As I look into the beautiful eyes of our Lord, I see tears coming down his cheeks and I begin to feel a sense of deep sorrow, followed by feelings of being cold all over. As I look around, I see snow falling over this warm valley and over the snow I now see a sheet of ice and over the ice go many armored tanks and personnel carriers. The crunching of the wheels over the ice is loud and now taking the hand of our Lord, we walk out into the valley below and we follow tracks of the tanks, walking at times and gliding through the air at other times. We cross a brook and I wonder if this could be the Brook Kishon, which Elijah crossed during the days that he went after the priests of Baal. Still, we continue over the ice and past other brooks until we come to a hill, which is covered in dry grass. Our Lord Jesus reaches down, picks up a few twigs of dry grass and a few grains of sand and he puts one blade of grass between his teeth. Watching the blade of grass, I hear a snap and our Lord Jesus takes both parts of the blade of grass and puts both pieces in his right hand. One piece of the blade of grass is about 1/3 the length of the whole blade and the remaining piece is about 2/3 of the total piece. Pointing at the two pieces of grass with his left hand, our Lord Jesus says, "Pick one." I reach out and point to the smallest piece of grass and He says, "Take it and read it." Then, he takes the remaining piece and puts it into a pocket on his white robe.

Holding the piece of grass in my hand, I begin to witness a small fire. It is a blaze in my right hand, which begins as a small blaze, but suddenly begins to grow at exponential proportions until I witness a blazing, white light fire. This fire consumes me, the environment around me and begins to light up the whole side of the hill. This beautiful, white fire is full of love, beauty, peace and the power of God, and as it expands it moves out into the valley, past the brooks and it melts the ice. It melts the snow and the tanks are halted in their tracks. Soldiers begin to get out of these vehicles and beneath the power of this fire, they fall to the ground, slain by the power of this fire. I see this fire make, as it were, a river and this river is headed for the battlefield. This fire is so awesome and it is changing everything in its path. I stand back and cannot believe my eyes. Turning now, I see our Lord Jesus and he is rolling up the sleeves of His white robe. He looks at me and motions for me to come and sit beside him. He kneels beside me and says, "Do you know what time it is?"

"My Lord, the night has fallen and it is surely past midnight."

"My Little One, the clock is striking; for a new day is dawning and it is time to get to work."

"My Lord, what do You mean? Have I not been working?"

"Yes, My Child, you have been working; but now is the time of a deeper walk. Now is the time of My power walk in you."

"My Lord, please tell me more about this walk."

"My Child, remember the blade of grass, which I bit in two and gave you the choice of the bigger blade or the smaller blade?"

"Yes, my Lord."

"And, you chose the smaller of the two."

"Yes, my Lord."

"And, because you chose the smaller, I shall give you the larger; but if you had chosen the larger, I would have given you the smaller."

‘Oh, my Lord, my heart trembles. My very spirit trembles; for I so fear doing the wrong thing. I so fear making the wrong choice and I am so humbled by what You say and I feel so utterly unworthy."

"My Little One, I see your tears. I know your sorrows. Daily, I search your heart and I find no guile in you. This is why I have chosen you for this fire walk and this is the same reason that I have bypassed many. My Little One, you delight in doing the will of the Father and you have suffered great persecution because of your love for Him, for Me and for your fellow man. Because the evil ones could not control you, they have been intent on killing you through electronic weapons. But, listen My Child, as I wipe your tears today know this: Every tear, every emotion, every thought, every prayer that you have brought before Me and our Father on behalf of others has not been in vain; and even now many, many are bearing fruit.

My Child, it is a new day and the evil ones are going to quake in their shoes because of the power I am about to put in your words. It is a time of great judgement against those, who have persecuted you and many of My Loved Ones and truly you shall begin to see them drop like flies.

Oh, they rejoice because of their ‘easy victory’ in Iraq. But, I tell you, My Child, that this is no victory, but a lie. And, when they least expect it, a coalition of Iraqis and Arabs of other countries shall rise up and you shall see an utter bloodbath. Yes, My Child, the ‘fake Jews,’ the very ones, who worship Lucifer, are at the helm of this war ship. Do not be deceived by them; for these very ones hate the real Jews and plan again to annihilate every one. This World War III is being staged to bring in the antichrist and false prophet, who will rule out of Israel. All, who applaud this war, applaud the antichrist regime. All, who look upon this war with lust for blood and more blood, are on the side of Lucifer, whether they know it, or not. But, the wise ones will not support this Luciferian war; for it is a war for utter control of the world.

Therefore, I warn Mine to come out of this Luciferian system. Cease to partake of it. For, you are being led by Lucifer with a ring in your noses and when the ‘mark’ is issued, you will also go forth. For, just as the masses are deceived now, they will be deceived then."

"Oh, my Lord, what is this snow that turns to ice and is destroyed by Your holy fires?"

"My Child, this snow and ice represent the hearts of the warmongers. For, any and all, who cry, ‘War, war,’ and ‘Death, death,’ in such a thing as this Iraqi war is a cold-hearted person and only the heat of My holy fires can change this war machine mentality. Therefore, My Child, I am raising up My Supernatural Army and these will begin to go forth under My fire power and now and then, they will be used to destroy this cold-hearted war machine."

"Oh, my Lord, how? How, my Lord?"

"My Child, this mighty anointing is upon you, first as a small blaze, then a mighty holy fire. For, I have long watched you. I have pruned you and raised you up and made you ready for the task, which is at hand. The two remaining scrolls will soon be open and then, My Child, you will know who you are."

‘Oh, My Lord, with fear and trembling, I receive what You say and I await your beautiful words."

"And, with this, we shall stop for today. I am Jesus, and all is given in accord with the will of the One God, Jehovah, Most High."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 15th day of April, 2003,
Linda Newkirk




May 02, 2003

"My Beloved Child, I am your Master Jesus, yea Lord of Earth and heir to the same. My Child, we come now to the third scroll and information is forthcoming, which many have waited long to hear. My Little One, I and our Father have carried you through many battles. You have been through many battles and you have walked through many fires. You have lived through many murder attempts and you have survived on-going torture and persecution through military weapons of the US government and the New World Order. The evil ones have been out to kill you for a long time and save for My hand upon you and the hand of our Father in Heaven upon you, you would have surely succumbed long ago. But, you are still around in the Earth sphere because of the love of God and in many ways your work is just beginning. My Little One, the world has been beat out of you. It has been burned out of you. It has been whipped out of you and you have come to the point wherein you recognize the real reason for your being. You recognize the only reason for you role in the Earth at this time and you are at peace with your reason for being. Now, My Little One, you are ready. Yea, my Child, the avenue on which you are about to embark is an uncharted course for you. But, know this, My Child, I am Captain of your ship and I will carry you where I will that you may do the bidding of the Father.

My Child, I have brought you now to the third scroll and you know some of what is therein; for I have been speaking the same to you for almost a year. You have seen the twelve hawks and you have spoken on more than one occasion with the Grandfather of Three Feathers. You have ridden the horse with the Grandfather of Three Feathers and he has brought you a white fur and put it around your shoulders. You have ridden with him on the white buffalo and he has taken you to the top of His Holy Mountain.

My Child, I am the Grandfather of Three Feathers and you, My Little One, are the only one, who will ride the white buffalo with Me. There is none other and many have waited a very long time for this revelation."

"My Lord, for over a year, You have told me these things and for over a year, I have sought to hide this knowledge from myself; for I could not come to grips with it. Such a feeling of fear and uncertainty would grip at me and I would try to hide myself from this revelation. Even last Summer when You told me these things and gave me pictures in the clouds to make me see, I would not see and believe for the thought it was too frightening. Oh, my Lord, I have sought to hide from this revelation and I have drawn closer and closer to You, longing and longing for Your perfect will. Longing and longing for Your direction in all things, but knowing also what is coming forth in these scrolls, for you have told me."

"My Little One, you have but one more scroll after this one, but in this scroll is what is so very important. See the angel before you, who has the tray with the scroll."

"Yes, my Lord."

"Take the scroll and eat it."

"Yes, my Lord."

I look before me and there is a very beautiful angel with golden hair, who is dressed in white and this angel glows with a beautiful radiance of light. Before her is a tray and on this tray is a scroll, which is rolled up and tied with a ribbon. I take the scroll, which burns with a bright fire and as I touch it, my hand begins to burn with this fire, yet the fire does not physically burn me. I take the scroll and feel like a fire eater, for I open my mouth wide and feed the fire into my mouth and as this scroll goes down, I feel myself begin to expand like a balloon. Suddenly, I feel a great explosion and see myself amidst a great fire. In the fire, I am clutching this scroll as I am carried forth with a great velocity.

Amidst the fire, I am carried through an open door and into a room. Before me is our Lord Jesus and He is seated at a small table. As I come to a halt before him, I bend to kiss his feet; for I love Him so and I cannot help but weep. For, every day of my life, I miss him so. My tears bathe His feet and amidst my sobs, I beg His forgiveness for coming to him weeping again. He touches my head and caresses my hair and my sorrow melts away. He motions for me to rise and he wipes my tears.

"My Child, sit." And, I sit across from Him at a small table. "My Child, you have eaten the scroll and it has empowered you. Yet, you are still clutching it; for it is not yet opened. My Little One, open this scroll and write as you see."

"My Lord, I untie the ribbon and the scroll opens up before me". Suddenly, I see a very large, white buffalo. It looks like a mechanical buffalo with a door that is open in its side. "My Lord, You are there with me and You say, ‘See the door open within the white buffalo. Enter in through the door.’ So, I crawl through the open door and I see that I have entered into a dark night and Native Americans are gathered around a fire. They are passing a pipe among themselves and I just stand and watch them. "My Lord, I do not know why they continue with this pipe; for it is You they should be passing around and not the pipe."

I sit on a rock, now with the telescopes attached to my eyes and I look far past them into the distance. I see Native American children, who are playing with white children and around them are Asian and black children. There is peace and all are happy. "There is no need for a peace pipe; for You, My Lord, are the peace of the world. I sense the beauty and wonderful joy of a time that is near, when races will not divide people, but love will prevail in their hearts and all will be united through You, my Lord. The love of God will unite all and there will be no prejudice. There will be no war. "Oh, My Lord, how I long for this day!"

"My Child, this is the message of White Buffalo Calf Woman."

"My Lord, that it is time to bury the animosities. It is time to bury the differences and to come together as one people in the love of God and under the direction and power, the love and guidance of our Lord Jesus. For, my Beautiful One, You are the Savior of all mankind. There is none other. You are the Grandfather of Three Feathers. There is none other."

"My Child, this is the message of the third scroll. You are White Buffalo Calf Woman. Many will laugh and many will scoff at this, My Child, but there is none other besides you. None other will come. I have brought you up. I have carved you out and I have made you ready for this work. My Little One, I know that this is a lot to digest. It is a lot to deal with; for you do not understand this journey into uncharted waters. But, I do. Therefore, trust in me and My Child, I will open doors that no man can shut. I will shut doors that no man can open. The time is now and your power walk is about to begin; for I shall use you to help unite My people in love. My Child, I am the Savior of the world. There is none other."

"My Lord, I know."

"And, with this, My Child, we shall stop for today. I am Jesus, yea Master, Lord and Savior of all mankind. And, all is surely given in accord with the will of Jehovah, Most High."


As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 2nd day of May, 2001,
Linda Newkirk




"Dark Thunder is coming"

"My Precious Child, I am your Master Jesus, yea Lord of Earth and the only Savior of all mankind. My Child, do you see the beautiful waterfall as it cascades over the rocks and makes a crystal-clear pool below? See the sun as it glistens in the clear water and do you hear the sounds of many songbirds as they come to drink and play."

"Yes, my Lord, I see all this and I hear the many sounds."

"But, My Little One, you do not know why I am showing you this?"

"No, my Lord, I do not."

"My Little One, you have heard the tale of the tortoise and the hare."

"Yes, my Lord and the tortoise travels very slowly, unlike the hare, but it still reaches its destination."

"And, on time, My Child, according to its timeframe."

"Unless, of course, it gets hit by a speeding car."

"And, My Little One, this is a point well-taken; for this whole scenario is relevant to this place in time."

"My Little One, the whole Earth is polluted and how often does one find a clear stream, a pool of clear, pure drinking water."

"Oh, My Lord, if this is to be found, I do not know where it is."

"This is My point, My Little One. The whole Earth is polluted. The air is polluted. People are polluted and the Earth, itself, is dying here and there. My Child, these things are not secret, but are known to many."

"Yes, my Lord, many do know, but most seem to be powerless as to what is to be done."

"My Child, as long as evil entities control this world, this situation will never be corrected. For, darkness breeds darkness. Hatred breeds hatred. War breeds war. Rebellion breeds rebellion. And, all that is of the darkness destroys itself in time; for without the light of God all will perish."

"But, my Lord, you know that under the current world system, this problem in the Earth will never be corrected."

"Yes, My Child, and to use a worldly phrase, …’there is going to be a regime change, and sooner than most realize."

"You mean, my Lord, when the evil ones are thrown into the depths of hell."

"This is exactly what I mean."

"But, my Lord, even before then, there is much evil to come."

"My Little One, this is so; and many, who profess love for Me and the Father of All, will fall away. It is happening already. And, truly, My Little One, the world has seen nothing yet, not in terms of destruction and devastation."

"Oh, my Lord, my heart is troubled to think of what is; for the utter arrogance of these evil ones defies description."

"My Child, does two plus three make two?"

"No, My Lord."

"Then, know this: To a rational mind, evil makes no sense. For, it feeds off sorrow. It feeds off crime. It feeds off rebellion. It loves hate and horror and it thrives off fear. So, to those, who love truth, who live righteously, evil will never make sense. For, righteousness lives according to truth and order; and unrighteousness thrives on destruction and chaos. Therefore, My Child, those, who love Me and our Father can never fit into this system. They are thrown out of it, as a centrifuge would refine and throw out; for they will never mesh in. They will never fit in and many are at a loss, lacking understanding as to why they do not fit in anywhere.

I say to these, who do not fit into a wicked system: rejoice; for there is a perfect plan for you. There is a perfect plan for you within My will, within the will of our Father. Draw close to Me and live righteousness. The refining fires will shape you and mold you and make you right to move on up in righteousness. Do not curse the trials. Do not bemoan your troubles; but embrace all with love and thanksgiving. For, all who profess love for Me and for our Father, will be tried as to their sincerity.

Many will fall away. Many will take the mark; for it is easier for them, less trouble to take the mark, than to persevere in faith. Mark My word that all, I said all, every one, who professes to be a Christian, who professes love for Me and our Father will be tried and tested; and through great trials and tests, this love will be shown to be for real and will grow in intensity. Or, it will explode as a tiny puff of smoke and will be gone in the wind. All, I mean all, every one will go through the fires of purification and not one will be spared.

My Little One, this is why so many, many, many will simply fall by the way because of this early-out rapture creed. When troubles, great troubles come into their homes, they will utterly fall to pieces spiritually and they will curse Me. They will curse our Father. They will curse their churches and the preachers in them; for they have believed a huge lie. And, rather than build a spiritual foundation, which is based on truth, love for Me and for our Father, they have built their houses on shifting sands. My Little One, the time of reckoning is at hand. For what you have seen with terror bill #1 and the two subsequent wars is nothing compared to what is in store for America and for the world."

"So, My Lord, how does the tortoise and the hare fit into this?"

"My Little One, what is the sure way, one that is hurriedly accomplished, or one that is slowly and carefully built, line upon line and precept upon precept?"

"Oh, my Lord, it is the one, which is slowly built, even as the Prophet Isaiah has told, … line upon line and precept upon precept."

"So, My Child, when these perilous times hit, those without a real foundation, a real spiritual connection to Me and our Father, will be swept away. So, I say to those of You, who have found yourselves alone and struggling before Me and our Father, Rejoice, for it is better to be alone and able to swim than to be with many aboard the Titanic. For, I tell you now, that many, many churches are in deep, dark waters and they are about to sink. When these churches sink in these deep and dark waters, how many will be able to swim well enough to make it back to Me? For, those, who have attended these churches, who have lapped up these lies and delusions, will also lap up the judgements, which await them. Those, who have sustained these churches will also sustain their judgements. Therefore, be warned. Come out of them and get a strong foundation, or continue to lap up their lies and suffer the final judgements with them. Am I pleased with these hollow sermons and lukewarm walks? Surely, I shall vomit them out of My mouth. For, truly, it is better to be hot or cold."

"Oh, my Lord, I have only been to two churches in recent months, the first being full of the ‘strange fire’, the early-out rapture and the doctrines of men and the second, though really trying, still full of the early-out rapture and the doctrines of men. But, when the second preacher tried to call up the strange fire to cause someone to be slain in the spirit, it did not work. Praises to the One God, the Most High and to his Precious Son, our Lord and God."

"My Little One, you have discerned correctly. My hand is upon this man; for he has a heart after Me; but the doctrines of men are very hard to give up, once embraced. And, you are correct about the ‘strange fire’; for it is sealed up for a season."

"Oh, My Lord, this is so awesome. It is so beautiful and I thank you and praise you and our Beautiful Father in Heaven."

"And, My Child, this brings us to the fourth scroll. Go out and pick it up."

"My Lord, I am here beside this scroll. It is so big and it is partially opened." I touch it and it rolls open before me, like a large blanket of radiant, white fire. I step into the scroll and sink, as if I am in a world of downy, cotton candy. I wade and splash for I am in the midst of a liquid, yet it is a fiery, white light and all makes me very buoyant. I leap and rise high, very high, to the tops of mountains and I soar like a bird through the air. "Oh, my Lord, this is the most joyous experience." I come to a beautiful rock in a meadow and kneel beside it and pick a beautiful flower, that looks like a daisy, but has the smell of honeysuckles. I breathe in this beautiful smell, close my eyes and hear the sounds of many waters running all at once. As I close my eyes, even with them closed, I know that our Beautiful Lord Jesus is beside me and I open them and there he is. "Oh, My Beautiful Lord, it is so good to se you." I give him a big hug and do not want to let go; for I have missed Him so. And, reluctantly, I leg to of His neck and sit beside Him on the floor of a beautiful meadow. "My Lord, where are we?"

"My Child, you are in Heaven."

"In Heaven?"

"Yes, this is where you are."

"Oh, My Lord, that I might stay … But, no, My Lord, this would not be right; for so many are lost and my soul weeps for them. My heart weeps for them. For, the harvest is great and the workers are few and save they come to You, My Lord, they shall end up in darkness a very long time."

"This is so, My Child. My Little One, do you know what I am placing around your neck?"

"No, my Lord. It is like a long scarf; but is not a scarf. It reminds me of something worn by priests; for it is straight and narrow, with fringes on each end; but is soft and downy, just like the substance I described earlier."

"Feel it, My Child."

"Yes, My Lord, and it truly is like cotton and so comforting that even at the feel of it, I could slumber for a moment. And, even as I say these words, I feel myself becoming very sleepy and suddenly I find myself atop a very tall and pointed mountain peak. The wind is blowing fiercely and it is whipping my clothes against my body. Suddenly, I am transported to a teepee below at the base of the mountain and then through the walls of the teepee. Before me a man is asleep. I hear the words, ‘dark thunder,’ and I shake this man, trying to awaken him, but he continues on sleeping. I open a door and go into his dreams and say to him, "Awake, for the terrible plagues are upon mankind the world over. The locusts will come and devour your crops and if the locusts do not, the hail and the drought will. Wake up; for dark thunder is coming and save you awaken and turn to the True Savior, the Only Savior, our Lord Jesus, you shall perish. Your gods cannot save you. You evil spirits cannot save you. Your herbs and potions will not save you. Only Jesus can save you. Wake up. Pay attention. For, death and dying is coming. It will devour you and there is no hope, save through Jesus Christ. For, He, and He alone is the Grandfather of Three Feathers and He is coming back. Listen to me. Your people will perish. They will die of disease. They will die of hunger. This dark thunder will devour the whole world. Jesus is the Light of this dark world. He is the Savior for your people There is none other."

And with this, I exit the door to his dream world. Then, I close this door and go out through the wall of the tee-pee and back to the top of the holy windswept mountain. At the top of this mountain is our Lord Jesus, the Grandfather of Three Feathers, and he motions for me to follow Him. Leaving the mountain, I follow Him along a narrow trail. In due season, we come to a dead-end and at the end of this trail is a very tall and beautiful angel.

The angel falls to her face before our Lord and begins to weep. "Oh, my Master, they have fallen. The Beautiful Ones have fallen and I fear they shall not rise again." I stand quietly and hold my peace; for I am full of sorrow, not even knowing what she means conceptually; but in my heart is a sinking and I know it is bad.

Our Lord Jesus turns to me and His eyes are full of fire. "My Little One, the hour is very late and the going is about to get very hard. The going is about to get very tough and you will need the mantle, which I have given you. For, many of the beautiful souls, the ones, who love Me and our Father very much, My Child; they are falling. Here and there, they are falling into the traps of Lucifer. They are being deceived by evil ones, like the Bushes. They are falling to flatteries and to the wiles of the enemy. My Little One, these are the Beautiful Ones and they are blinded."

"Oh, my Lord, I am so sorry. I am so sad. Oh, my Lord, would that this were not so!"

"But, my Child, it is so and here is the quandary. Herein is the perplexity. My Little One, many o the Beautiful Ones shall fall and oh how the angels weep. For, some will never recover; but most will come back. My Little One, some of these are tall trees. They have done much good and have been harbingers of truth and freedom."

"Oh, my Lord, my soul is deeply touched."

"My Child, this is to purge them and to make them clean; but some will not make it out of the bogs. This is why the angels weep so."

"Oh, my Lord, help us all; for this is such a fragile walk. It is perilous and save You intervene in love, many, many shall fall. Oh, my Lord, I am so sorry."

"My Child, one of the reasons I put the Bushes into office is to try the hearts of My people. The churches are full of the blind leading the blind. They totally lack spiritual discernment and they believe what their eyes see. George W. Bush is a great stumbling block and I put him there to be a great stumbling block. I put him there to try the American people."

"My Lord, I can see this and I know You put him there, but the blind Christians believe that You put him there because he is a Christian."

"My Little One, he is an idolater. He is a worshiper of idols. He serves Lucifer and the truth is not in him. He is a drunk, a proud and haughty man. He is full of evil and rebellion and he and his Father aim to rule the world. But, it shall not be; for both shall soon meet the grave and Barbara Bush will not be far behind. Do you understand?"

"Yes, My Lord."

"My Child, it is payback time for the Bushes and while they have long gotten away with much evil, this evil reign is soon coming to an end. I have been merciful to them and I have extended George W.’s life beyond the assassination plot earlier this year. But, he will not survive the next plot. And, My Child, this will mark the beginning of My judgement upon this evil House of Bush. Mark My word, My Child, this shall come to pass and when many least expect. With this, we shall stop for today and with this we conclude Book VIII. I am Jesus, yea Jehovah, Most High God."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this eighth day of May, 2003,
Linda Newkirk


And so it is our Precious Brothers and Sisters.

For a long time, I did not know a thing about White Buffalo Calf Woman and if I ever read anything about her, I could not recall it. Even when our Lord Jesus began telling me these things, I could not bring myself to go and read about this woman, but finally in the late fall of last year, I did go on the internet and read a few articles about White Buffalo Calf Woman. If you want to have a little understanding about White Buffalo Calf Woman, you may want to go and read for yourself. For, aside from what our Lord and God has revealed, I know little.

Our Lord and God is the Great I AM. He is the Maker of heavens without end. He is the molder and shaper of the universes and To Him is the praise and glory forever and ever!!

Your Sister through our Beautiful Lord Jesus,

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