From the Mountain, Book IX

Chapter One

"Several Messages From GOD"



On the morning of the 24th of May, and after I had prayed in tongues for about one and a half hours, I found myself in the Spirit on a spiral staircase, and I was traveling downward. Before me and attached to this staircase were a series of open portals, perhaps 30 or more in sequence. I do not know for sure how many; for God was having me take the covers and quickly place the covers over these holes. As I placed these covers on these holes, I would see the spirit of God move in with great power and seal each hole. On placing the covers over the holes, I would notice that dark entities would be pushed back into each hole and with them the strange fire was also pushed back and sealed up. I knew that I was some place working for the Most High to help seal up this strange fire and to shut up these evil entities, but at the time I did not know where.

I continued on down the spiral staircase until I came to the very bottom. Before me were holes within holes, each separated by a barrier, so that in effect I was looking at concentric holes. Upon looking at these very large holes and the great amount of strange fire, which was coming from these holes, I knew that I would need a lot of help from the angels. I asked our Lord and God how many angels I would need and He said, "Five hundred." So, I asked Him to send five hundred angels and I took my place among all these angels and we stood on the covers of these holes, pushing the coverings in place, while the Spirit of God sealed them up. What was left was the largest hole in the center and none of us stood on this cover; for we knew that Archangel Michael was to stand on this cover. He took his place and this very large hole was sealed off.

Then, our Lord and God said, "Tell the people of South Africa that I have heard their cries!" Praises to His Holy Name! He then told me that He has sealed up the strange fires over South Africa for three years.

Precious Brothers and Sisters in South Africa, God is going to give you mighty victories. In areas where you have pushed and fought and have failed, you are going to make headway. As Brothers and Sisters through our Lord Jesus, you must now come together in love and worship of our Lord and God. As you seek God’s direction in overcoming the evil, which has overtaken your land, God will guide you in what you must do. He will show you what you must do and how to achieve victories.

Because He has shut up this strange fire, which has been overrunning your part of the world, You are going to feel His beautiful Spirit in your midst pushing you along to victory after victory. As you get these mighty victories, write to us and we will share them with the people here. Glory to God! Praises to His Holy Name; for He is ever faithful and full of love and mercy!


Six weeks ago, I was invited to appear on an Internet talk show, the hostess having the name of Hehpsehboah. This woman lives in Canada and has a show with At the time that I was invited to appear, our Lord and God told me that I could not be on her show then, but would have to wait for six weeks.

This woman calls herself a prophet of peace; however, in advance the Spirit of God showed me the great demonic influence over her. In all honesty, I did not want to be on this show, but went on it as our Lord and God directed me to. Yet, even before I went on the show, I felt that my presence on it would be short-lived.

I talked for about forty minutes or so of the two hour time period and began to expound a little on what we are headed for as far as prophecy. However, when I mentioned the Bible and the name of our Lord Jesus, this woman began to rise up in ire. She told me that the Bible is written by the freemasons and that Jesus went off to Japan, married, had several children, and lived into his years. She also told me that the Brother of Jesus died on the cross, among other things.

Dear Ones, I have seldom heard such blasphemy against our Lord and God! This great blasphemy against our Lord and God caused the Spirit of God to rise up in me! I could not in any way accept the utter evil, which was coming out of this woman. When I called her ideas of peace New Age mumbo jumbo and warned her that I wanted nothing to do with it, she kicked me off her show.

Why am I telling you these things? So, that you will have some understanding of the message, which our Lord Jesus gave me for this woman; for He has told me to post His message.

It is of note that this woman claims to be Jewish; yet she has no idea that she is fighting against the only One, who can help her. Please pray for her salvation; for truly our Lord and God loves her and He would not have her to be lost!

As for me, I would be inclined to keep my peace and let God deal with this situation, but as He has instructed me to mail this letter to her and to post it on this site, I willingly obey His command. In reading the letter, you would have trouble understanding the reason for the posting without some background.



"I am Jesus, yea Yeshua, Maker of Heaven and Earth, the True Lamb of God, who came to take away the sins of the world. I was martyred for love of My people and for love of My Father, who is in Heaven. I have walked the Earth to and fro’ and I have seen the pollution. I have seen, I have witnessed the utter arrogance of those, who call themselves Jews, but are not. They are the servants of Lucifer. They are of the Synagogue of Satan.


Like a wild horse, you have ridden over My back! Like a fierce tiger, you have verbally assaulted Me and assailed Me. Angry lies against Me have foamed from your mouth. Over and over, you have crucified Me, but even so I stand ready to forgive you. If you will humble yourself before Me and cry out to Me, I will hear your cries!

I have set My rule of judgement against you. I have measured you and you have come up extremely lacking. You have chased strange gods. You have danced with Lucifer. You have swallowed his yarns and you have walked deeply into rebellion and witchcraft. But, even so if you will come to me on bended knees, if you will confess your sins to me, I will hear your feeble cries. But, if you will not honor Me, if you will not humble yourself before me, and if you will not repent, I will break you like a matchstick!

You will not longer evoke spirits from the lower world; for I have shut this door. And, those that have served you, yes these very evil spirits, shall now turn on you; and a great weeping, a great howling shall go up from your lips before I am finished with you.

Even so, if you will confess your witchcraft to me, if you will confess your rebellion, your idolatry, I will hear your cries and I will save you from hell! But, if you will not the jaws of hell shall surely reach up and grab you!

Yes, I know the arrogant Jews, the proud and haughty Jews, who are full of venom. They are the very vipers from hell, who will not honor Me, the True Messiah. But, these very ones will fall to their faces and they will honor the false Messiah.


You will honor Me now or you will honor Me later. You decide!

My Child, send a copy of My message to this woman and post on My site. For, publicly this woman has crucified me and publicly I warn her! I am Jesus, yea Jehovah, Most High God!"

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 27th day of May, 2003,
Linda Newkirk


And so it is our Dear Brothers and Sisters. The judgement of God is coming down on the mockers and the scorners!

I can tell you from my own experiences of being lost in rebellion, YOU DO NOT WANT TO BE ON THE RECEIVING END OF GOD’S JUDGEMENT. Only utter fools would mock and scorn God and His true servants, but alas the world is replete with fools!

Dear Ones, be ever watchful. Be vigilant; for the world as we know it is fast coming to a close. Do not let the evils of the world distract you from your connection with God. Make a determination to do what is right, regardless of what others do; for now is the time of the sorting of souls!

What side are you on? Your daily choices make this known!




"God is judging this terrible evil!"

"My Beloved Child, I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God. My Little One, I am Maker of Heaven and Earth and worlds without end. I am the Creator and have come into your very midst through My Only Son, Jesus, Yeshua, the Saviour of the World. I and I alone, have sent My Spirit into your midst that you may know Me and that you may be free. Who else is the Creator? It is I. There is none other.

Listen to Me, My Child, when I tell you that with My very hand I have parted and made the heavens and with My very hand I shall remove them again from the Earth. The thunder of My voice shall move the mountains and it shall shake the heavens and Earth. Yes, My Little One, every knee shall bow and every tongue will confess that I am the Lord your God. For, I shall walk among you and you shall see Me and you shall know My power. You shall know My glory!

Have I created evil? Do I continue to create all that is? I have and I do. My hand is in all and evil survives because I allow it."

"Oh, my Lord, would that there were no evil!"

"My Little One, if there were only good, how would one know evil? If there were only light, how would one know darkness? If one were not persecuted by evil, how would one know and appreciate the hand that set him free? Understand?"

"Yes, my Lord, but evil is a terrible weed and it is taking over."

"My Little One, to each is given a choice."

"But, my Lord, but the little children do not know how to choose, save what they are guided to choose. And, who is given a choice in being raped and pillaged by these evil Luciferians?"

"My Little One, each souls has a very long history. It is far greater than the one life you see. Yet, even so, I allow certain things for reasons you may not understand."

"But, my Lord, why are you allowing this horrible genetic experimentation beneath the ground? Why?"

"My Little One, I am allowing it so that My judgement upon these evil ones will be complete."

"Father, what do You mean?"

"I mean that I have given them enough rope to hand themselves."

"Oh, Father, would that you never allowed it at all."

"Yes, my Child, I understand your pain. I know your sorrow; but know this. Each of you is spirit and to spirit you return. The physical realm is a lie. It is not reality; but a lie; for all that is of the physical world erodes. It is constantly breaking down and being destroyed. There are far greater worlds and far greater dimensions and as it happens you are now in a concrete world in a lower dimension. Listen to Me, My Child, when I say that now is the time of graduation of souls from this sphere, this dimension, into a higher dimension. Those, who love Me, who love truth, who are beacons of light, will go on. The innocent, the pure, these will go on up to higher levels. These are the peacemakers and they will inherit the new Earth. Understand?"

"But, my Father, it seems that these are so few."

"My Child, at the present, they are few; for most love the physical world. They choose evil. They are content within this evil system and they will remain at this level."

"My Father, I am sorry for this."

"Yes, my Child, I know; but they are not ready for anything else. They do not want it. However, some of them will be beaten so severely by evil that they will turn from this evil system. My Little One, as I have warned previous, the surges of great energy, which are coming in through the Sun, are amplifying what is within a person. These things I have told you. If one is full of darkness, this is amplified. If one is full of light, this is amplified."

"And, this is the war between light and darkness, between good and evil. Oh, my Father, you know what is in my heart."

"I do, My Child, I know it all."

"And, you know how the evil ones attempted to kill me."

"My Little One, they wanted to drive your spirit from your body so that they could take over your body for evil. This is why the hand came through the wall and attempted to put the rag over your face. My Little One, this is government black ops. This is Luciferian. Yes, My Little One, you have seen it first hand. Most would believe that this is science fiction, but it is done to possess, or kill another without leaving any trace. But, My Little One, what happened to those, who came to kill you?"

"Some of these foul spirits did not make it back to their bodies."

"And, the bodies are now dead. The spirits are in hell."

"My Father, You know that these are only gophers. They did not issue the orders."

"No, My Child, they did not. Others issued the orders; but I tell you this, My Child, every one that was involved in these orders to kill you will die and they will all die soon! From the very highest to the low-level gophers, they will all die. Some will die by accidents. Some by fire. Some by plagues. Some by apparently natural causes, but I tell you now, every one, who was involved, from the greatest to the least, all will die and sooner rather than later. Some big names will make the news. You will see them fall and I will say to you, ‘This one was involved.’

Yes, My Child, it is a pity that evil has no respect for Me. I created it and I harness it. My Child, I am no respecter of persons. Those, who love Me, who serve Me in truth, honor and Spirit, despite all obstacles, will know My power. They will see My hand in their lives and over and over I will utterly destroy their enemies. My Child, I have a work for you. You will not die by the sword and neither will you visit their prisons. Every one and I mean every one, who would think to harm you or to lay a hand on you will feel My wrath. Every one will feel My sting of judgement and many will drop dead on the spot. My Little One, do not worry if ten million rise up against you or if billionaires rise up against you. They are no concern to Me. The big shall fall with the small.

"My Father, this reptilian from the DNA radio show. What of him?"

"My foot is upon him and his cohorts and he shall not see the light of day."

"What do You mean, ‘he will not see the light of day.’"

"My Child, this evil man was part of the group that came to kill you. Never again will he touch you. My hot breath is upon him and the fires of hell surround him. As for anymore cowards, who wish to continue to persecute you through the telephone, through the computer, through the satellites, microwave towers, and other government systems of torture, know this. They are all coming down! With this, we shall stop for today. I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God.

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 31st day of May, 2003,
Linda Newkirk




"More of God’s judgement on the Vatican!"

"My Little One, I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God. My blessings are upon you, My Little One, and My power and authority rests within you to bind up, to shut up, to plant and to uproot and to pull down; for I have called you to the nations. And to the nations I send you to carry My word and to do My works.

My Child, I have sent you this day to the Vatican and I have had you bind up and cripple the evil demon, who is the black pope. Furthermore, My Child, I have put My fire in your feet and I have ordered you to stomp with My fire many of their evil plans, that try as they might, these evil plans will come to naught. Furthermore, I have had you further seal up the strange fire in a more complete way and at deeper levels; for these very ones have not heeded My warnings, but have tried to kill your body and hijack your spirit. In addition, I have had you drive My death knell into the evil one, who ordered your assassination, and he shall not be long in this Earth. Do you hear Me, My Child? These evil ones believe that they can commit the perfect murder without so much as leaving a trace by exiting their bodies and traveling here and there, committing murders and leaving no clue, so that it appears that one died of natural causes. But, I tell you this. They do not know My power and they do not know the power that I am putting into My Supernatural Army. For, I shall pluck mine up, send them through walls, over walls, and they shall do My bidding. And, who shall stop what I deem to be done? I am Jehovah, Most High. I am the Creator and I do My will in the Earth.

Yea, I have warned them to stop persecuting you. I have warned them not to touch My anointed and they continue on. I tell you, My Child, that this is a small thing compared to what is headed their way; for they believed not My word. Therefore, they will believe My hammer. I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 2nd day of June, 2003,
Linda Newkirk

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