From the Mountain, Book IX

Chapter Two


Part I

"My Soul is Troubled!"

"Oh, my Beautiful Father in Heaven! My Lord and my God! How my soul is troubled! My heart is grieved! The days and hours of evil have lengthened themselves; for the darkness thrives twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. There is no end to the evil, which is devised among the secret councils. In the bowels of the Earth, they plot and scheme and lay wait for your people. The leadership of this land has fallen! This country has been hijacked and it being run into the ground! Oh, my Father, my soul is troubled; for the blind are more blind and the deaf are more deaf. We have the dead leading the dead. Those, who truly love you, the light bearers and the truth bearers, are being persecuted and killed. They are being scattered. Here and there, here and there, they are feeling the affliction, feeling the pain and sorrow with few to help. Oh, my soul; for I am troubled! The reptilian hoards from the bowels of hell parade as human beings, but are vipers on the prowl. Oh, my Father, I am troubled; for the Earth, itself, is groaning. The Sun is rising in its anger and from the South comes great destruction!

Oh, my Father, my heart is heavy and my soul is troubled! Onward toward the precipice of destruction goes mankind. It is a swift course. It is a dark course and oblivious to their plight the masses go. Oh, my Father, my heart weeps and my soul cries great tears; for calamities are coming, great calamities, and the masses are mesmerized by the "ignorant box!" They are in love with the world and never the wiser. Their fate looms. Oh, it is a troublesome fate! It is a horrible fate when the Earth shall rumble and the seas shall roar, the mountains shall swoon and billions shall die! Oh, my Father, I hear the wailing! I see the waves! I hear the crackling of the Earth! They are gone! They are perished! Gone by the billions and never the wiser! For, like a thief in the night, it has come upon the world! Trouble, grievous trouble! And, of those, who have made their ways to the tunnels, to the underground cities, few survive! Yes, my Father, the best-laid plans of man and devil are coming to naught! Weep, oh angels of the heavens! Weep for humanity! For, it is headed for the cliff!"

"My Child, My Child, it is so! What you sense, what you feel is so! Grievous calamities are coming up from the South. The Sun is unstable. The Earth is unstable. The planets are unstable. The solar system is unstable; for the great Destroyer is coming up from the South."

"My Father, I know you are referencing the Lost Planet. You are referring to Planet X. This is Niburu."

"It is and it is coming. Like a thief in thief in the night, it is coming. Up from the South as swift as a dark wind in the night. It is coming and the world is sleeping."

"My Father, the evil ones know. They know it is coming and they continue with their tunnels. They continue with their underground cities. For, they do not believe that they shall be touched."

"I tell you, My Child, that a house, which is built on shifting sands shall not stand and what have they built, save a house on shifting sands?"

"My Father, this year, alone, comets, many, many have come up from the South and they are pounding the sun!"

"This is so, My Little One. And, more are coming!"

"My Father, they have the solar satellites and they have the Hubble telescope. They watch the stars and they know it is coming, but My Lord, they hide this information. They lie and they steal public funds for their own greedy desires. They have killed astronomers and shut down observatories so that we would not know what is coming. Father, if You do now tell us, who will tell us? Father, You and You, alone, are the Creator. Please, Father, will You not tell Your people? Will you not warn Your people?"

"My Little One, have I not told you that it is coming?"

"Yes, my Father."

"And, have I not told you that you will begin to see the devastating effects of its approaching?"

"Yes, my Father."

"Then, know this, My Child, you are seeing the devastating effects of its coming. While this planet has been slowly approaching, it is now picking up speed and truly, My Little One, it will be upon Earth before the masses know a thing. And, even when some can see it, even when they know, most will still not ‘know’. For, it will be hidden from the news worldwide. My Little One, My Son is the hope of mankind. He is the Saviour. I am the Creator of all and if each of you will not put your faith in Me, if you will not love, honor, and cherish My Son, you are doomed. For, He is the Light of this very dark world. He is the salvation. So, what difference would it make if I were to say that this lost planet will be here this year or the next? Understand?

I have kept it at bay for several years. It is in fact overdue, but I must say, My Child, as I have told you previous, because the fifth seal is opened, events are being speeded up and one of these events is the speed of the Destroyer. It is speeded up and you will continue to see great upheavals on the Sun. Many satellites are about to be destroyed. I, Myself, shall shut off the Soho feed. I shall pummel the Hubble and I shall even blind those, who think they see and know all."

"My Father, how will your people survive?"

"Am I not able to save a mosquito in a whirlwind if I so choose?"

"Yes, my Father."

"So, My Little One, if I am able to save a mosquito in a whirlwind, whom I esteem lightly, am I not able to save my Loved Ones, whom I love greatly?"

"Yes, my Father."

"Then, My Child, know this. The Righteous live by faith and through faith they are saved. It is the unrighteous, who ought to be fearful; but alas they are in the darkness and in the darkness, they will perish."

"My Father, still I feel so sad. I feel so devastated."

"My Little One, put your burdens on my back; for I am able to carry them. As I have said before, even as this evil system rises, it is falling."

"Father, what about all the genetic experiments within the Earth? Poor souls, trapped by these evil hoards! Father, I beg for their salvation."

"My Little One, I shall set the captives free and their captors shall go to the Lake of Fire. I am bringing an end to this evil. Though evil rises and threatens to consume the world, I will never leave or forsake My Loved Ones. I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 6th day of June, 2003,
Linda Newkirk



Part II



June 07, 2003

"My Beloved Child, I am your Master Jesus, yea Yeshua, Saviour of mankind. My Little One, write this message today that it may be imparted to My Loved Ones in South Africa. Behold, My Child, it is a new day for those, who have sought Me, who have put Me first and who have remained steadfast.

Yes, My Child, I know the toil and I know the trouble. I know the terror, which flies by day and the terror, which flies by night. But, My Little One, this has all been allowed for the testing, for the trying and for the cleansing of My people. I know those, who have drawn close to Me and to our Father. I hear the cries of the forlorn and destitute; but know this, My Child, this has all happened for reasons that these may not understand, for they are in the middle of the fire. But, long before the fire, long before the chaos, rebellion crept in. Pride crept in. Vanity crept in. Greed crept in and as all these things took over, our Father’s words were pushed aside. Therefore, rebellion rose up and rebellion took over and now a great terror has come upon the people.

But, even so, our Father has heard the cries of the faithful. I have heard the cries of the faithful and as they push further into truth and righteousness, I shall go before them. I shall place My angels in their midst and I shall begin to give them back their land, here a little and there a little. I shall give them authority over the heathens; but it must be a right authority, not one of abuse. I shall once again bless their land and their crops shall grow plenteously again, but they must bless the poor. They must not oppress the poor; but show them the Way, the Truth and the Life. I shall cause their enemies to fear them and before their very faces, they will flee. But, they must not rise up in pride, thinking that they have done a thing. For, the heritage of My Faithful is the whole earth; but the evil shall perish in darkness.

Therefore, I say to My people in South Africa, continue to unite yourselves in prayer and be thankful for the victories, which our Father is giving you. Rejoice for the small victories. Be thankful. Praise and honor the Creator of All, who has given you victories, great and small. And, you will once again rule over this land. I will see to it.

Build your places of worship. Train the heathen in the ways of God. Be faithful and I will give you power over the evils of your land and once again you will know freedom. Live by the commandments of God.

Make these your laws and all will be well with you so long as you humble yourselves and live righteously. Put up remembrances of your captivity. Here and there, put them up, so that you will never again want rebellion as a way of life.

Remember the warnings of the Most High in the Book of Deuteronomy; for the curses have come upon you because of rebellion. Live righteously and you will be blessed! I am Jesus. Yea, Jehovah, Most High God. "

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 7th day of June, 2003,
Linda Newkirk




"The Puppet Masters"

"More on Planet X"

June 16, 2003

"My Beloved Child, I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High. My Little One, I look upon you with love and mercy; for you have found favor with me. I look upon you with tenderness, My Child; for I know your great sorrows. I know your great travails. Wherever you are, My Child, I am. Wherever you go, I go. Whatever you do, I am in the midst of it; for I have called you. I have set you apart and I have chosen you for greater works. Yes, My Little One, I watch for every move. I know your every thought, your every word. I know you have a heart for perfection; but your flesh is weary and your spirit at times grows weak. But, listen to Me, My Little One. It is truly a new day, wherein all that has been hidden for millennia is coming into full view. All that has been kept secret shall now see the light of day. That, which thrives in darkness, shall now struggle to maintain in the light.

My Child, many are not seeing these reptilian humanoids. They are not new to this sphere; but have been here since the beginning. They truly pride themselves in their evil. They gloat over their clandestine works and they are truly the authors of great evil the world over. But, even so, My Child, they follow the orders of those above them, of those, who manipulate them. And, these are the fallen one. These are the watchers on high. But, even so, these fallen ones, whom few have seen, shall soon meet their demise. They are the puppet masters. Those, you call the greys and those, which are referred to as reptilians are their puppets and beneath them those, whom they deem as lowly humans. To the puppet masters and their organizer, Lucifer, you are all a grand nuisance, which must be dealt with And, if not through plagues and wars, then surely through the passing of the planet. Their grand design is to leave no humans alive, save the automatons, the robots, who are micro-chipped slaves. And, My Little One, they are headed toward initiation and completion of the plan at several levels."

"My Father, this whole thing is so tragic and my soul is continually troubled by it."

"My Little One, it is tragic; but have you not all been warned through the Book of Revelation? Have you not all be warned through the teachings of My Son? Have you not been warned of the curses upon the rebellions, even in the Book of Deuteronomy? Have you not been warned against rebellion? Have you not been told to study the word so that you may know truth? Have you not been warned to isolate yourselves from the traps of the world that you be not deceived? Have you not been warned to stay away from witchcraft, from divination, from fortune telling, astrology and the like? Have you not been warned against strange gods?

Yes, all this and more I have warned against! Yet, My Little One, the blind get more blind and the deaf get more deaf. Why? Because of rebellion, continued rebellion against Me, for rebellion against My Son! They cannot see and they cannot hear; for I have shut their eyes and ears!

Now, My Little One, I know your heart is full of questions. But save the questions. This is simply put, the way it is. And, those, who are cut off from My Spirit, are falling into a deeper darkness, save they humble themselves and repent before Me and My Son. But, I tell you, My Child, few have a motivation to repent; for as long as they can continue on in rebellion and live as they choose, they will not repent. My Child, I am not to blame for the state of this world, though many will blame Me. My Son is not to blame, though many will blame Him.

My Little One, without the saving grace, which was delivered to mankind through My Son, there would be little hope for humanity. My Child, He is the Saviour of all mankind. There is none other and no one is coming back as the True Saviour, save He. There is none other and those, who will not accept Him and His beautiful gifts of freedom and divine inheritance, will languish in darkness with the rest of the rebellious. They will languish in hell with the reprobates. They will suffer terribly at the hands of the reptilian puppets and their evil over-lords. They will not be free; but will continue in illusion until their bodies perish.

I tell you, My Child, that this planet Niburu, what is called the Lost Planet, or Planet X is picking up speed. Yes, My Child, the Sun is greatly affected by this on-coming planet. The whole solar system is greatly affected. The outer planets are roaring because of this fierce electrical imbalance. These planets are literally dancing with these electric firestorms and their orbits are being affected. My Little One, this is a very large heavenly body. The many comets, which precede it, are minor things and the effects on the Sun, thus far, are minor. Do you understand Me, My Child? These are minor."

"Oh, my Father, my Soul aches so for the lost; for this planet shall mean sudden destruction."

"It shall, My Child; for the world will not see it coming until it is too late. The press, which is controlled by the reptilians and their overlords, will not print about it. The observatories will not reveal information about it. Scientists will continue to die, who speak of it; for these evil overlords would not have any of you know. My Child, I am the hope of humanity and My Son is the Way, the Truth and the Only Lifesource any of you has. Yet, if you, as a people, continue to reject Me and My Son, what do you have, save death and destruction?"

"Oh, my Father, sometimes it is too much to think on. It is utterly overwhelming and my very soul is so troubled that the sorrow of it all is utterly overwhelming."

"But, My Child, am I not able to save a mosquito in a tornado, whom I esteem lightly?"

"Yes, my Father."

"Then, know this. I will save whom I choose."

"Yet, my Father the early-out crowd believes that they will not have to suffer these travails."

"Some may not; for they may be taken."

"What do You mean, ‘taken’?"

"Their time may be up."

"You mean as in death?"

"This is so."

"But, Father, You have said that events are speeded up. This planet is speeded up. And, truly everything is escalating."

"And, this is why. They know that the planet has speeded up and the evil ones know the timeframe. The see and they know. Save you love Me and My Son, the rest of you do not see and know. Even many of their own (kind) are kept in the dark and lied to; for they want this approaching planet kept utterly secret."

"Oh, Father, how long? Last year, I asked You how long and You said that with Your very hand, You are able to speed it up and slow it down. So, I ask You now, How long?"

"My Child, I am still able to slow it down; but I have speeded it up. I will say this.

Count yourselves blessed if you have two years. Count yourselves exceedingly blessed if you have four."

"My Father, every day is a gift from You and I know that we have been on borrowed time for a number of years."

"Know this, My Child. If I cause this planet to continue at this rapid rate, you do not have even one year. But, I regulate the very speed of this planet and this is why I have spoken as I have. For, now it is speeded up and this is one reason why the evil ones have also speeded up. This is what you need to know for now. I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 16th day of June, 2003,
Linda Newkirk

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