From the Mountain, Book IX

Chapter Five

“Changing the Signature of Time and more!”

            “My Beloved Child, I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God.  My Little One, as the wind blows among the trees, the wind of My Spirit blows upon you.  As the sun shines upon the Earth, so does My holy fire bathe you.  As the moon sets and rises, so do My gifts rise and set in you.  My Child, I am raising you up to new levels. I am carrying you to new heights and I will show you great and mighty things.  (As I type this, I tell you that this is already beginning.  Perhaps at some point, our Lord and God will allow me to share some of these beautiful things with you.)  As on the wings of a mighty eagle, you shall travel on the wings of My Spirit.  Neither storm, bitter cold, not extreme heat shall keep you from the destinations I have for you. For, I have spoken it and I have carved these words out with My voice.  I have etched these with My hand and My words shall go forth. My plans shall go forth. Understand?”

                “Oh, yes, my Beautiful Father. I understand.”

                “My Child, foolish men and raging serpents seek to take what is Mine.  They seek to destroy what I have laid out, but My Child, know this.  Their plans shall come to naught; for I shall turn their plans into a pile of dust and I shall visit them in their smugness with My fist in their faces. Yes, My Child, they seek to overcome you and your husband.  The tunnel beneath you night and day as their plans are to steal the very vortex, which I have opened.  But, I tell you, My Child, that even as they carve out this tunnel, I am carving it up. Every military commander and every alien being, who is involved in this cursed thing, will meet with the jails in the pits of hell, and yes some will go on to the Lake of Fire.  They are ignorant, My Child, for they actually believe that they will control, that they will own, this vortex. But, I tell you now that their fates are the pits of hell.  The very base, which is associated with this tunnel, shall be destroyed off the face of the Earth; and this tunnel shall be closed and forgotten. Mark My word on it; for this shall come to pass.  

                Yes, My Child, they are many, and you and your husband are but two, and they falsely believe that you are but a wisp in the wind.  But, I shall take one or two and I shall make an example out of armies of them. And, I tell you right now that I shall make a bitter example out of all, who are involved in this tunnel. From the greatest to the least, I shall make utter examples out of all of them.

                For a very long time, evil has gone unchecked.  It has grown and it is taking over the whole Earth. These evil ones have kidnapped many of you, hybridized you, and used you against your will and without your conscious knowledge to do their evil works. Some of you, they have turned into murderers and they have used you at will to do their dirty deeds and all beyond your conscious awareness. These underground bases are utterly full of evil and they plan to open up another extension of their evil arena beneath you, where they will continue to carry out their evil. But, I tell you right now, My Child, they have picked the wrong mountain and they have picked the wrong person to persecute and torture.  My Child, you cannot imagine what I am about to do, but in due season, you will get a glimpse of it and you will understand. I tell you now that the plans of these evil ones are going to backfire in their faces and they are going to be utterly burned and destroyed.

Until now, I have allowed certain things, but I tell you that it is a new day for My people.   What I have allowed in the past is fast coming to an end.  Just know, My Child, that I am moving out in a new way.  It is a new day and what has been is going to be cut out.  It is going to be cut short. It is going to be terminated.  This is My promise to you.  There will come a time and soon, very soon, that I am going to utterly destroy by fire these underground bases.  I am going to shut down their time travel as I, and I alone, am changing the signature.  When this happens and soon, they will find themselves trapped.   Some of this you will not be aware of, but some you will.  In many, many ways, I am going to confound them. I am going to cripple them and overnight they will find that the signatures no longer work.  They are going to become scrambled and they will not be able to determine the new codes. When this happens, many of them will be stuck between worlds.  They will be stuck in places they do not wish to be.  What they have relied upon as predictables will no longer be predictable.”

                “Oh, Father, praise you!  Glory to Your holy Name!  You, alone, are Most High and I love you so!”

“And, so My Child, these are truly exciting times and what they think they know will suddenly be as ‘Greek’ to them.”

                “Oh, Father this is beautiful. How long before you do this?”

                “Oh, My Child, it is here a little and there a little.  But, you will find as priceless the looks of bewilderment on their faces when they discover that their so-called system is falling apart.  It does not work. And, this, My Child, is what they will find in this vortex in which you live. And, in others their formulas will not work. Their systems will not work. Their evil will not work and this will spread to other systems at other locations. It will be to them like a terrible virus that destroys a computer. All the minds, alien and human alike, will not be able to fix Humpty-Dumpty again. Do you see?  Their ships will go awry. Their computers will go awry. Their best-laid plans will fail over and over. They will not work. For, this is My force they are dealing with and try as they might their plans will fail. But, just as a computer virus can spread, once My plans hit them, My plans will spread among their systems and they will not be able to isolate the cause, to find the problem. They will spend a great amount of time trying to determine the problems, but will not be able to. So, My Child, they believe they will simply come in and take what they want. But, I tell you now that they will never take this vortex. They will never take this mountain.  They only believe they will; but they are about to get a whole lot more than they ever bargained for.  I am about to teach them a lesson they will not soon forget.”

                “Praise You, Father. Holy is Your beautiful Name, I love You, love You, love You! Thank You, Father.”

                “So, be at peace, My Child, for I am about to move out on your behalf in ways that you cannot imagine. I am Your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God.”  

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 23rd day of July, 2003,
            Linda Newkirk 



Dear Ones, I do not know if you recognize the seriousness of what our Father in Heaven is revealing herein.  For, truly when these evil ones are totally locked out of time travel, the evil one, Satan will also be locked down in the Earth.  Unable to travel the upper realms, unable to time travel, unable to go out and change probable future events and unable to time travel and assassinate others (as they tried to do to me and to Stew Webb)  they will become absolutely furious. 

But, all along they have had a choice.  As anyone would expect, when given this choice they have continued to choose evil!  On march 15th of this year, our Lord Jesus gave them ninety days to stop persecuting me and others of His Loved Ones through electronic warfare and other means. But, instead of stopping this persecution, they tried even harder to kill me, Stew Webb and others.  Truly many are already dead at the hands of these evil ones, who know no laws. 

It has now been well over three and one half years since they began to persecute us with audible frequencies and they continue with it.  For well over four years, they have been persecuting us with microwaves and they have been ordered to stop by our Father in Heaven, but they continue on.  Truly, our Father in Heaven has repeatedly warned them to stop persecuting His Loved Ones and these evil ones have only picked up speed in their persecuting and killing.  Therefore, because of this on-going evil, He has begun to hit their backbone even as He promised back on March 15th of this year. 

They have learned little, perhaps nothing at all.  He warned them that He would judge the space station if they did not stop persecuting us and others of His Loved Ones; and subsequently the space shuttle blew up in air.  And, many have sought to blame this on all manner of terrorists, but it is truly judgement from the Most High God Jehovah for on-going persecution of His Loved Ones. He warned them in advance and they scoffed!

All should be well aware by now that these evil ones have no intention of stopping the persecution of God’s faithful! We are most certainly in the midst of a great war between good and evil.  Yet, what our Lord and God wills shall go forth and according to His design.  These evil ones shall begin to see our Lord and God move out in great and mighty ways and He shall greatly cripple them here and there. 

He will not leave His faithful without; for He is moving out ahead of us all and He is doing great and mighty things.  Therefore, Dear Ones, be of good cheer; for our Lord and God will never leave or desert His people, even though this country is about to go through unparalleled hard times.  As our Father has stated, this is truly the time of the sorting of souls, the wheat on one side on the tares on the other. One shall truly know them by their fruits. 


Second Message from Our Father in Heaven

July 30th, 2003

Leviathon is come down, and with great furor!

            “My Beloved Child, I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God.   Listen to Me, My Little One, when I tell you that events are speeded up.  Time is speeded up.   Evil is building and accelerating with its plans of destruction; but know this, My Child:  Mine anointed are building up with more and more of My power and authority and with this power and authority much evil is being stopped in its tracks; and it is being devoured, yea consumed with My holy fires.”

“Oh, Father, I am aware of what You are saying!  For, Father, You have bound up the goathead demon in the Lake of Fire.”

“I have through the works of My Loved Ones and through My power.”

“And, Father the evil ones, who depend on the goathead demon for guidance, are in trouble.”

“They are.”

“And, Father, Leviathon, the evil dragon, is now bound to the Mideast. What does this mean?”

“My Child, I have told you that the signature of time is being changed.”

“Yes, my Father.”

“And, I have told you that soon the evil ones will be bound to the Earth.”

“Father, You have told me this.”

“And you witnessed last night the evil Leviathon, as he came to kill you and to take over the vortex.”

“And, he lost!  Praise You, Father!   Your holy fire repeatedly burned him and his bellows could have been heard through the universes.”

“’Tis so. And, My Child, as of now, he is bound to the Earth through My power and the place to which he is bound is the Mideast."

“Oh, Father, he will not be able to get out through the vortices because he is earthbound.”

“He is.”

“And, he is bound to the Earth in the Mideast, which means great, great trouble in the Mideast.”

“And, My Child, for the rest of the world; for his imps and demonic helpers will soon be cast down as well.”

“And, bound to the Earth.”

“As you well know.”

“Father, when You told me that You would begin to hit their backbone if the evil ones did not stop persecuting Your Loved Ones, is this just part of what You mean?”

“Yes, My Child, it is only part; for if they continue with persecution of You and My Loved Ones, My persecution against them shall only intensify.”

“But, Father, Leviathon tried to kill me last night.”

“He did and he did not succeed.”

“Praises to You, Father; for You alone are Most High. You, alone, are holy.  Thank You, my Beautiful Father. I love you so! And, Father they continue to blast us with audible frequencies and continue to tunnel under this land.”

“My Child, all this is known and this is why Washington DC is under My judgement.   The snakes and belly crawlers are running the show and I am about to smash them as one does when he smashes a burning cigarette under foot. For, My Little One, they are burning with evil and I am about to put out some fires.”

“ And, Father what about the tunnelers?”

“My Child, when the time is right, I will deal with all of them and with their tunnel. In the meantime, My Child, stay close to me and be at peace; for I am with you.”

“My father, with Leviathon cast down and bound to the Mideast, what is going to take place?”

“Great, great destruction.  The world is about to go on a very wild ride. Only those, who have a strong foundation in Me, will stand. The rest will be thrown about like a rag in a whirlwind.”

“Father this is a terrible thing.”

“It is. And, with this said, My Child, we shall stop for now. I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God.”


As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 30th day of July, 2003,
            Linda Newkirk 



Third Message From our Father in Heaven

August 05, 2003

“The Murder Plot of President Bush!  And, more evil plans for America!”

            “My beloved child, I am your Father in Heaven, Yea Jehovah, Most High God.  Yes, My Little One, the battle is raging and it is intensifying by day.  The horrors of war are beginning to touch the entire world.  The whole Mideast is an utter boiling pot and day by day it is boiling over and touching the whole world.”

“Oh, my Father, what these evil ones are doing is an abomination on the face of this planet.  Father, it was so horribly evil to fill the Mideast with radioactive materials.  Not only the Mideast, Father, but this radioactivity will travel through the dust storms.  It will travel on the wind and many, many will be affected.  Father, if You do not judge this evil, nothing will be left.”

“My Child, you are correct.  If I do not judge it, the Earth, itself, will be destroyed. And, these same ones would pollute and destroy space and time if they could.  This is why I am tightening the noose around their necks.  This is why I am changing the signature of time.   This is why I am going to destroy their space station.  This is why I am clamping down on their space maneuvers.

My Little One, a mass insanity is gripping this planet.  Like rabid dogs, these satanists go forth to conquer and devour the whole world.   But, I tell you, My Child, that I am crippling them here and there. I am putting a damper on their evil works. For, they  believe that they can do as they choose, to kill and destroy all life, to kill and destroy, to terrorize and torture My Loved Ones with impunity. But, this very arrogance shall bring destruction down on their heads.

My Little One, for a very long time I have allowed the wheat to grow alongside the tares. The goats and the sheep have been in the same field. But, now I am separating Mine out. I am harvesting My wheat and as I harvest it, I am putting it aside for My own use. I am taking My sheep from among the goats; for I will not have them corrupted by the goats any longer. And, yes, My Child, this sorting, this harvesting is painful for My people; for many are pained to see their loved ones lying with the goats.  They are pained to see their neighbors lying with the tares.  But, My Child, evil is as evil does.  If one does not want to be harvested with the goats and the tares, one must give up the ways of the goats and tares. One must be as the wheat, as the sheep, or one is not.  One must live righteousness or choose rebellion.  There is no in between, as you know.  One will choose to do right in the face of adversity and great trials or one will chose rebellion and evil.  This is a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ choice, a black or white choice.  There is no gray.  There will be no fence-sitters, no middle-of-the–roaders in My Kingdom. Each of you makes your choices on a daily basis.  You choose righteousness and live truth or you choose rebellion and live a lie.

It is a sad day, My Child, a very sad day, when one can put more stock in a man under the bridge than in most church-goers. It is a very sad day; for ‘yes’, My Child, the one, who sleeps under the bridge is expected to be caught up in rebellion. Though this is not always the case.  Life circumstances will put many under the bridges.  But, even so, most are in rebellion.

However, what excuses do the church-goers have?  Do they not know right from wrong?  Do they not read My word?  Do they not seek My truth?  Do they not pray?   My Little One, the answer to most of these question is ‘yes’.  But, unfortunately they choose disobedience.  They choose to do as they please. They choose lying. They choose deceit. They choose tale-bearing. They choose rebellion; and this is why My judgement is about to fall so heavily on this errant church population.

 Many look at you, My Child, and they laugh.  They scorn and they poke fun. I tell you, My Little One that it would be better for them if they had not been born; for it is Me they scorn.  It is Me, they laugh at.  It is Me they reject; not you. My Little One, you are My messenger. You are My scribe, as you like to call yourself.  These messages do not originate with you, but Me and My son. So, the derision is towards Me. 

Yes, My Child, because of ignorance people do many things.  Because of ignorance they say many things. But, My Child, whose fault is it that one chooses ignorance?  Truly, there is no shortage of information , at least in the civilized world?”

“Yes, my Father, this is so.”

“Now, My Child, as I have told you previously, I am changing the signature of time.   The evil ones know this; for they are already having problems, great problems.  This is why they are horning in beneath your home with a tunnel.  They believe that they will take what they want by force.  For, they believe erroneously that they own this planet. But, I tell you, My Child, that this is one vortex that they will never won. I have forewarned them to stop persecuting you and others of My Loved Ones and I have given them adequate time. But, they do not believe a word given to them. Therefore, I will make believers out of them.

The Goathead demon is chained up in the Lake of Fire and they will figure this one out soon.   The signature of time is changing and they are figuring this out. The space station is becoming unglued and they will figure this out when it disintegrates.  NASA will be utterly destroyed.  I will see to it.   They can move it ten, twenty, one hundred miles underground and I will find it.  I, Myself will destroy it.  This year, the horns are coming off the goathead in Washington DC, but not just the horns, the whole head is going and soon enough.  They will figure this out.”

“Father, You have said that You will not give me another warning about the plot to kill the President.”

“’Tis true and I have not given it to you.”

“But, Father, You know of the dreams, which came to me from two different sources. Two individuals in different parts of the world, and they both saw President Bush dead in a casket in a large room. Father, this must be from You.”

“It is; but I did not give you this warning.”

“No, Father, not directly to me, but to others, so that it would get back to me.”

“This is so.”

“So, Father, the plot is back on the front burner.”

“You have surmised correctly.”

“Father now that people know of the plot to blow up dams and bridges and other things and now that people know about their plots to create more wars and people are praying against these things, they plan to resort to Plan A.  Take out the President; for he is worth more dead than alive.”

“You have surmised correctly.”

“And, Father, in one of these dreams, this dear woman saw the face of a dead George. W. Bush and he looked so young. He was all made up with make up and he looked very young.  This is what she said.”

“My Little One, you know what this means.”

“Father, this relates to my seeing him dead on a stage.  It is being staged as an act of theatrics and it is being done to make his evil look good in the faces of the people.  It is all theatrics, all carefully orchestrated to artfully cover up his evil.   They plan to orchestrate this thing like a movie production and the weeping faces of all of the Bush family members will ‘touch’ the hearts of the Americans and ‘poof’, they will forget about the crimes of the entire Bush family.”

“You have surmised correctly.  You have seen it and it is so.”

“And, Father, the two swords behind George’ W. Bush’s head, which I saw in the vision, and this dear woman saw in her dream.”

“My Little One, it is death by the sword, as one group opposes another.”

“But, You said that George H. W. Bush will be in on the death of his own son.”

“I have said it and this is so.”

“Oh, Father, I cannot comprehend this evil.  It is beyond words.”

“It is. Therefore, My Child, all this has come to you so that you would know and so that you would warn the people.  If their plans go as they would like them, this President has days to live.”

“Oh, my Father, as much as I detest what this man has done, I would prefer that You save his soul;  for, I cannot rejoice in the fact that he will soon meet the Lake of Fire. Plus, Father, You have said that the one who follows will be worse.”

“I have said it.”

“Father, yesterday in visions, You showed me many meteors, some very large and they are headed this way in advance of the coming planet.”

“I have shown you these things.”

“Father, in this vision, I saw that some of these meteors are very large and they are going to hit the Earth.”

“This is already happening.”

“Father this could be very destructive, particularly if they are large.”

“My Child, some of these meteors are very large rocks, some almost the size of one of the smaller states in America.  Even when eroded by the passage through the atmosphere, the impact of these meteorites will be great.  These meteors are going to wreak havoc with satellites and with communication.  Some will hit the oceans and cause massive tidal waves.

Unfortunately, My Child, this world is in a very big mess. My Child, truly you, as a people, have seen nothing yet. The lackadaisical shall perish.  Those, who are afraid of persecution, shall know persecution. Those, who are cowards, will run and hide; but they cannot hide from evil.  Evil will seek them.

A great shaking is at hand and only the righteous will be left standing.  Every person will be tried and tested as to who they really are. The backbiters will be backbiters.  The liars and schemers will be liars and schemers. The hatemongers will be hatemongers; but those, who want their heavenly rewards will stand and do what is right in the face of adversity.

This is what the sorting is all about, My Little One, and, just as My Son Daniel warned. A few truth-bearers will warn many, but when they go through hard times, most will drop them like a hot potato. These truth-bearers will suffer great persecution, just as you have suffered and continue to suffer it.  And, My Child, in their times of need, people will see it.  Others will read it and most will turn and run like someone running from an approaching fire.  Yes, they drink the word.  They eat the meat; but they are utter cowards and for fear of reaping persecution, themselves, they turn a blind eye to the needs of the truth-bearers. 

My Child, it has gotten so bad in America that the few light-bearers have become very weary.   They have become very tired; for when they are struggling, when they need the help of others, it is not forthcoming. Over and over this has happened and many of the truth-bearers have fallen back.  Rather than stand the persecution without the support of the people, they have given up.  And, My Child, many of the truth-bearers are now dead.”

“Father, I know it.”

“So, My Child, this is what will happen to the cowards. Those, who see Mine in need and turn a blind eye will endure what they turn a blind eye to.   Those, who drink of My word and refuse to help Mine, who are in need, will one day find themselves cut off from My word, forced to come to Me for a word.  Those, who are now cowards, will reach a time wherein they will stand in the face of evil and be bold, or they will perish in evil.

Every person, every individual, who professes love for Me and My Son, will be tried and tested in their areas of weakness.  If they fail the test, they will get it again.  Every coward will get his or her opportunities to be bold; for in My Kingdom there shall be no cowards. Understand?”

“Yes, my Father.”

“With this, we shall stop for now.  I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God.”


As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 5th day of  August, 2003,
            Linda Newkirk


Upon receiving word of these two separate “death” dreams of George W. Bush, which these two people had within three days of each other, I began to seek God about what more these evil ones had up their sleeves.  I never believed that they would just murder the President and leave it at that. Besides, there is a Mars transit that is so rare that some say it has not happened for 60,000 years, while others say 30,000, and still others 5,000.   At any rate, the very fact that Mars is closer to Earth than it has been for so many millennia is a very significant thing for those, who make all their decisions according to astrology and soothsaying.  And, being that they recognize the position of Mars in matters regarding war, it should be plain to all of us that they would be unable to let this transit go without an even greater act of war.

With this being in my heart, I began to wonder what more they could be planning.  One morning recently as I was praying about this very thing over the telephone with a friend, I saw a missile hit New York City.  Then a second missile hit Baltimore Md. and a third hit Washington DC.  At that time the Spirit of God said, Baltimore and/or Washington DC.  My eyes then went to the West Coast and I saw a missile hit Los Angeles and a second missile hit San Francisco. 

Then, I sought God as to the parties involved in sending these missiles.  Off the coast of  New York, I saw a ship and the Spirit of God took me down, down, down until I came to a very low level.  On the wall was writing, which I recognized to be Russian. This is most likely a submarine and not a surface ship.  Going down to the DC area, I saw an American ship just sitting there in the ocean while these cities were pummeled by these Russian missiles.  Then, going out to the West Coast, I saw a ship, went aboard this ship, and straightaway, I recognized those aboard as Oriental. Unable to determine what nationality they were, I asked the Spirit of God and the word given was, “Chinese.”

Dear Ones, these are their plans and it is incumbent upon you and me to fervently pray to God to stop them. Only He can stop this evil! Each of us must get serious in our prayer efforts, asking our Lord and God to stop this evil in its tracks.  We must ask Him for more time and mercy, day by day, that this country can turn for the better, that these lost souls may be saved and not sent into the pits of hell.  For, if these missiles are allowed to strike, millions stand to perish straightaway!  Much is riding on the shoulders of the Faithful. Therefore, Dear Ones, I am begging you to take these warnings very seriously!  Get into a deep prayer mode this very day!!

Daily, more and more of our troops are being sent abroad.  Many of them in Iraq are extremely sick and dead or dying.  Most recently, I heard talk of President Bush even sending our National Guard overseas.

In the past, our Father in Heaven has revealed that the evil ones in this government plan to get our troops out of America and then cause a major attack against this country. He has also revealed how they plan to use up the American military until there are none left to defend this country. Dear Ones, all these things are coming to pass and very quickly.  

Our Father in Heaven has also told of how these evil ones actually believe that the American people will “welcome” foreign troops, going door to door and setting up road blocks.  It is truly a very sad day!

Dear Ones, your very prayers have stopped many of their evil plans!  Over and over, God’s people have cried our for mercy and He has heard!  We have been on a mercy run before God, day by day, for the last five years. 

This country is so spiritually corrupt that it should have been destroyed at least five years ago, but it is out of love and mercy for His Faithful that our Lord and God has kept this land afloat.  Dear Ones, pray, pray, pray!  There are so many, who are lost, and if they leave this sphere now, they will be in darkness for a very long time.  Many of these are our family members and many are people we know well. We must pray for God’s continued mercy for these very souls, whom we love so!  


Fourth Message from our Father in Heaven

August 07, 2003

“Escalating wars …”

                My Precious Child, I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God. With just days away from the scheduled execution of George W. Bush, the evil ones are working very hard to keep all their plans secret and to carry them out before anyone can be the wiser.  Yes, My Child, they have attacked your computer with frequencies and have torn up your computer, but even so what I want out will, get out.  My Little One, I have told you that the dragon is come down with a furor.  He is come down in great wrath and is out to stop all truth-bearers.   He is out to stop all light-bearers and the persecution against Mine will escalate.”

                “But, Father, without the truth-bearers, there will be no light for the lost.”

                “This is so and this world is becoming increasingly darker.   It is becoming increasingly more evil and Mine are going to be persecuted more and more.”

                “Well, truly Father, many will not stand.”

                “This is so and this is why I am going to allow certain evil to go forth.”

                 “Does this mean that these attacks against America will come down?”

                “Attacks on this soil will come about sooner than most people could ever expect.  And, this will be allowed to some degree to wake up the people in this land.”

                “My Father, I hate to see it.”

                “My Child, with the evil one and his kind cast into the Earth and increasingly unable to go into the upper realms, the wars are going to intensify. They shall escalate in their plans to eradicate all of humanity. My Son has always been the safety net for all humanity. There is no other way back to Me.  Those, who will not accept His gift of salvation, will go the way of the reptilians, into the pits of hell and/or into the Lake of Fire.  My Child, the warnings have never been so great.  The times have never been so serious.  In all the history of the Earth, times have never been so bad.”

                “Father, when will you raise up the Supernatural Army?  It must be soon!”

                “It is soon!  And even now this process is taking place.”

                “But, when will they get their supernatural bodies?”

                “This will be complete at the time of the nuclear war in America.”

                “How long, Father?  Months?  Years?”

                “My Child, once again this specter is upon America.”

                “But, who would believe?”

                “Few, but My Child, it is for the wise to read the times.   Look at the times. Be aware. My Little One, North Korea is a boiling put. There will be no peace with North Korea for the evil ones do not want peace. They want war and they plan to take by force all that they want.  You see how they do.”

                “I do, Father.  I see and Father all must come down for the Antichrist to rule.”

                “And, My Child, it is coming down quickly.”

                “So, Father, this planned murder of President Bush is a sacrifice to Lucifer.”

                “Of course. With Sr. Bush believing that Lucifer will give him more power for sacrificing his own son for causes of the New World Order.”

                “This is a sad day.”

                “It is, just as Diana was sacrificed by the Queen of England. It was a ritual for Lucifer.  Remember, My Child, how much the snakes despise humans.”

                “Yes, my Father, I know.  Father, we will get these warnings out with Your help; but in my heart of hearts I fear that regardless of what is done that the evil ones will proceed with their agenda, at least in part.”

                “My Little One, in this one you sense correctly once more.   They will not let the Mars transit pass by without a greater act of war against this world.  For, they truly believe that they are blessed in it.  With this, we shall stop for now.  I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God.”

                 As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 7th day of August, 2003,
                Linda Newkirk


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