From the Mountain, Book IX

Chapter Six


"Our Father gives understanding"

August 23, 2003

"My Beloved Child, I am your Father in Heaven; yea Jehovah, Most High God. My Little One, you see that I have brought you to a ledge, a precipice high up in My Kingdom. And, if you so choose, you can step off this precipice and you can soar to heights heretofore unknown."

"Oh, yes, my Father, and this is a beautiful place of great joy and freedom. Oh, that Your beautiful and faithful ones could have this beauty and joy at all times! My Father, the world is so troubled. It is a sad day and a part of me feels so troubled. It is a sad day and a part of me feels so guilty for basking in this love and beauty while the world, as we know it, is headed off a cliff of destruction. It is not just the USA, which is headed off the cliff, but the very world as we know it."

"My Little One, come hither and sit upon this bench. Take this case and open it."

"Yes, my Father." So, I take the case, which reminds me of a box, which holds fishing gear, and I open the box. Inside is a shimmering garment, which is made of light. I pull the garment from the box and hold it up to my body. "Father, what is this and what am I to do with it?"

"Take it, My Child, and put it over your robe."

So, I take it and put it over my robe and it has a hood, which fits over the top of my head. As I look upon this garment, it sparkles with every color of the rainbow and as I move about, the awesome colors catch my eye and they sparkle with a great brilliance. This electricity fills me with a great joy and I take off running, leaping, going now to great heights. I fly out past the precipice and feel the wind of The Spirit as it bathes me. The colors of this beautiful robe make sounds, which remind me of many wind chimes. Suddenly, it occurs to me that I have been disrespectful to the Most High; for I am soaring in this light and have not sought permission. In an instant, I am back on the bench and before me is a man in a robe. I take the seat and this man says, "Eat and be filled."

I ask him who he is and he responds, "Peter, the Apostle." Then, I ask him, ‘What is this you have for me?" And, he responds, ‘Manna from heaven.’"

I sit before him and look into his kind eyes and as I do I feel such sadness. Such great sadness grips me that I feel I can hardly contain the weeping.

"My Sister, eat. For, the days of freedom grow short. The night is upon the land and world; for Lucifer is increasingly bound to the Earth."

I open my mouth and he puts a spoonful of manna into my mouth. I feel the heat of the manna as it warms me, a smooth comforting food, a filling food, a substance of great light. He hands me the container and says, "Eat all you can; for the darkness is becoming so great and few want the Kingdom of God and what is in it."

"Oh, Peter," I say weeping. "What are the people going to do? What, My Brother? So few are awake and so few even care anymore?" Tears bathe my face and I can no longer contain my great sadness. I fall to my knees and weep at his feet. He reached out and touches the top of my head as I sob uncontrollably.

"My Sister, darkness breeds darkness and at this hour great darkness is consuming the whole world." But, his very words only intensify my great sorrow and I cannot stop sobbing. "My Sister, I understand your sorrow; for mine is great; but you must eat, for soon I will go and soon you will leave this place."

I raise myself up, wipe my tears, and eat readily from the container. I spoon the manna into my mouth until I feel myself getting very full, but continue on until I have eaten all. "Peter, why did you come and why did you bring me this food?"

"My Sister, the Most High God sent me to comfort you and to bring you heavenly food; for the battles are raging in many realms and you are going to need this food." Having said these things, he is suddenly gone. In an instant, completely gone.

I sit on the bench and ponder what he has said. The sadness begins to abate and the sparkles of the rainbow catch my eye. "Father, Oh, Father, how I love You and Your Beautiful Son! I can never, ever show You, Father, or express my true love and gratitude toward You and Your Beautiful Son"

"My Little One, this is known; but for you, My Child, and for many of My Loved Ones, it is truly a new day. As this darkness increases, so does My power, which I am placing in My Faithful. For, I will never leave Mine without My power and authority. As the evil escalates, so does My love, so does My grace and My power escalate in My Faithful."

"Father, what is this robe?"

"It is a manifestation of the increase of My power, of the increase of My anointing in you. And, truly, My Child, you have not even begun to see what I shall do through you and your husband. You have not even begun to see the power of My rainbow in your life; but you are about to. And, for those, who have the Rainbow cloths and who use them faithfully and believe, they too shall begin to see the manifestations of what I am putting in you. For as they believe, as they trust in me and trust in what I am giving you, they, too, shall receive these increases as they are worthy."

"Father, this is so beautiful."

"So, My Child, because of your love for Me and My Son and because of your love for your Brothers and Sisters, I am raising you up to higher levels in My Kingdom."

"Praise You, Father! Praise You! Holy is Your beautiful name."

"Now, My Child, you have more questions about the power blackout in America."

"Father, I do. Much information is coming forth from many sources and all I know is what you told me the day of the blackout, that this was planned by this very government and that out of it the Bushes want to redo the power grid to further enslave America and to bankrupt it."

"My Child, this is what happened. As you know, prior to this attack on the power grid, I showed you plans of the Russians and Chinese to send missiles into New York City, Baltimore, Washington DC, Los Angeles and San Francisco. But, My Child, you exposed their plans and then it became too risky for them to proceed. So, they hatched another plan to come up with a ‘patsy,’ a fall-guy in which Russia would come to the rescue of America and save the day by stopping the attack on Baltimore. Then, My prophetic words through you would be put to rest. In the process, the plans to send the missiles were temporarily scrapped. Russia came out ‘smelling like a rose’ and after the Satanic sacrifices of the 13th, they moved forward with their secondary plans, that is to set off the power grids through electromagnetic pulse weapons. Yes, My Child, the Russians were involved in this. They set this weapon off, just as they set one off over Georgia, their Georgia, a few days later.

Yes, you have heard many rumors as to why this was done at this time, and when all is said and done, you may find some truth in many of them. But, the greatest initial reason is to begin a series of attacks against the infrastructure of America, and also Canada, as I have been warning for some time for America. Through these attacks on the infrastructure of America, they plan to cripple America, and Canada, as you can see. But, as you know, My Child, the Bushes and their evil cohorts plan to use this attack and others to gain utter control over all utility companies. They know better than to call martial law right now. All are expecting it. So, they feel safe in creating these disasters and then through planned chaos, gain greater ownership of the very backbone of this country. In the process of this destruction, they will further rape America of their last bit of income and all, of course, in the best interest of America."

"So, Father, they used an electromagnetic pulse weapon. But, few have heard that vehicles were also shut down along with the lights."

"This is so, My Child. Most have not heard; for the media is absolutely controlled."

"So, in effect, Father, this is one big test for things to come."

"It is."

"But why did Russia attack its own power structure?"

"Because they can and to make themselves look innocent before the world."

"Father, I feel utterly disgusted."

"And, rightly so; but My Child, America has seen nothing yet."

"Oh, Father, we will never hear a word from this government about this EMP weapon."

"You will not; for they colluded with Russia to make it happen."

"My Lord and my God, my soul is troubled! I am pained, in deep anguish, for what is."

"And, with reason."

"So, Father, the Russians sent in this weapon via a ship."

"You have seen it."

"But, their original plan was to send in actual missiles to destroy cities."

"This is so."

"But chose to hit the infrastructure instead."

"This is so."

"But as a test, which is to be used by the Bush cabal to further gain control over the power industry."

"And, other parts of the infrastructure of America."

"Father, if something is not done, we will soon have no country."

"My Child, little do most know that America is already gone. Your riches have been plundered. Your government has been stolen and it has been taken over by the Satanists, who hate you. Their whole plans are for the death and destruction of all of you. And, to bring this about, they are working feverishly along with the Russians, the Chinese and the European Union. America is all but finished. Your days and hours are truly numbered. But, this would not be, save first you, as a nation rejected Me and My commandments. You have willfully rejected My word and the consequences of this willful rejection are upon you as a nation."

"Father, last night I dreamed of Chinese, many Chinese, and they were going around rationing out food."

"Yes, My Child, and these are their plans for America. Save the people repent of the sins of this land, I will turn it over to evil foreigners of other lands and they will descend upon this land and take all that you have. Famine will hit this land because of war and food will be doled out, here a little and there a little. Many will die of war, disease and starvation; for I am just before cleaning house in America. I have warned and warned and warned and few hear at all. Even many, who have heard, no longer hear. They are asleep and choose to remain asleep."

"Oh, Father, have mercy upon Your people. Have mercy, Father. Please do not ever leave us!"

"My Little One, My judgement is upon Canada because of homosexual marriages. They will not escape My judgements and neither will America; for you have become the world’s whore and you, as a nation, have become repulsive in My eyes. But, for the sake of a few, who pray and seek Me often, I would have destroyed this nation years ago.

My Child, you often say that every day is a grace day. It is a gift from God and this is so, particularly as regards America. But, I tell you, My Child, that I will not long stay My hand of judgement across this land. For, no longer can I stand the sight of those, who overwhelmingly reject My laws. No longer can I stand the stench of sodomy, of abortion, murder and blatant rebellion. No longer!

The blackout over the Northeast of America and into Canada will be seen as the initiation of the destruction of the infrastructure of America and Canada. You, as two nations, as twin whores before Me, will wake up and repent, or you will die in darkness. Yes, this is a wakeup call, an act of the Satanists, of those who hate you, but a wakeup call for you. You will long remember the day the lights went out in the two nations. For, from this time forth, things will never be the same again in America and Canada."

"My Father, on the 27th of August, the day of the Mars transit, the USA, Russia, and China will meet with North Korea. Father, what does this mean?"

"My Child, this means war against North Korea. They will either disarm or be disarmed. Understand? To many it may seem like just a meeting. But, My Child, it is a declaration of war and those, who rely on the occult, believe that Mars will bless them in this declaration of war. But beware the Ides of March."

"What do You mean, Father?"

"On the Ides of March, these evil ones concocted and finalized their Iraqi war plans. These plans have not worked as they thought and neither will the August 27th plans."

"Father, what more should we know?"

"My Child, you should know that the Antichrist is busily working behind the scenes. There is a very big push now to destroy America, to hit you from all sides, and before you can recover from a given disaster, to pummel you with another. These are their plans. You will see these escalate; and the reason you will see them escalate is to wake up America, that those, who truly love Me, will clean up their lives.

I cannot long allow America to stand as the whore of the world. This country no longer bears My Name, save in ways as it seems convenient. No longer can I stand idly by and allow such evil to go on unpunished. My Little One, the Antichrist is rising and America is surely falling. Few, few, few care at all, and this cuts deeply into My heart. And, even with the prayers of the few righteous, My Little One, I can no longer ignore this filth. I can no longer ignore this stench. It is judgement time for America and for Canada."

"Father, I am sorry that You have no prophets in Canada, who are revealing the on-going plans of the enemy to Your people. This pains me, Father."

"My Little One, I have prophets in Canada, but I have not been led to show them the plans of the enemy as I have shown you; for with some of the prophets I am distressed. They have become lackadaisical. They have become complacent and do not seek Me as they should. Therefore, I have ceased to reveal the hidden to them. There was a time when they were on fire for Me; but have lost this fire. They have lost this zeal and some have used their Internet sites to criticize My work through you. I cannot bless this. I cannot work in this; for it is an abomination for one of Mine to accuse another of My true prophets. How can I ignore this? For, it is one of Mine accusing Me. My Child, this must stop!"

"I am sorry, my Father. I do not wish any harm to these people, but have only love and forgiveness for them. Father, Canada needs prophets, who want to know of the hidden plans of the enemy. Father, You have many Loved Ones up there, who are in the dark and they do not believe that the fate of America is also the fate of Canada."

"You are right, My Child. They do not believe, but I tell you that Canada and America are twin whores and they share the same fate. It is time for My people in Canada to wake up to their heritage. For, they have sown rebellion and they shall reap the whirlwind of rebellion."

"Oh, my Father, how I wish we did not have to go through these heartaches! How I wish people would come back to You!"

"Yes, My Child, and so do I. But, they do not choose Me. They do not love Me; but love evil and this is why I must judge these two countries and other countries around the world. And, with this we shall stop for today. Type these two messages and get them out soon. I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 23rd day of August, 2003,
Linda Newkirk





God’s judgement against the evil ones!

"The Horns off the Goathead in Washington DC"

August 20th, 2003

"My Beloved Child, I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God. My Child, as you look outside, you see that there is no wind. Not a single leaf moving. The skies are full of poisons, which have been put there by the Bush crowd and the temperature is very hot. Is this not so?"

"My Father, it is so and I believe that it was 103 degrees yesterday."

"My Little One, as the wind blows, My Spirit blows upon My Faithful."

"Yes, my Father, this is so; but now there is no wind. What does this mean?"

"My Child, it means that now is the time to draw close to Me; for evil is abound."

"Oh, my Father, I know, for with this Mars passage, those in the occult are in high gear."

"My Child, multiple assassinations are prepared to coincide with this Mars transit. These are meant to be a sacrifice to Lucifer." (Note: Did one of these surely happen in Sweden?" Linda)

"Father, I pray that You intervene and that none of them come to pass."

"My Little One, evil will be evil and evil will reap the rewards of evil."

"But, Father, the evil ones like the Bushes never seem to reap the rewards for their evil works."

"My Little One, you may not see them reap them, but they reap them all the same."

"But, Father, they do their evil in full view of the people, so why do they not reap their rewards for evil in full view of the people?"

"My Child, you ask a very god question and I tell you that soon, very soon, the whole world shall see the Bush gang reap what they have sown."

"But, Father, truly it would take them many lifetimes to reap what they have sown. They are responsible for the deaths of millions of people. They are responsible for the addictions of millions through dope peddling. They have stolen trillions. They have done more evil than any family I know of, outside of the Royal Family of England, the Rothcshilds and the Rockefellers, and they continue in their evil. But, honestly, Father, their evil may top that of any of these families. So, for them to reap it in one life, I just do not understand how this could be."

"My Child, you are correct on this account. Save they repent, their reaping could go not for a long, long time. But, I tell you, My Child, that in plain view of the world, as you have petitioned, they shall truly begin to reap as they have sown."

"Father, as for me, this could not be soon enough. It seems that regardless of the evil they do, they have never come to justice. They truly believe they are gods. They set themselves above all laws of any land, but most importantly above Your laws. Father, I am appalled at the evil that they do, the lies upon lies they tell, the murders they commit, etc., etc. and they never come to justice. Father, I am asking You to clean out the evil. You have said that you will remove the horns from the goat head and even the head of the goat off Washington DC this year. Father, as You have said this in the past, even then I did not totally understand what You meant. Father, what did You mean by this?"

"I meant what I said."

"Father, tell me exactly what this means; for You know that You speak in symbols. Your mind is not our mind and we just do not understand."

"My Child, you are correct in what You are saying. You cannot understand this symbolism, save I give you understanding. My Child, you know a little of the occult symbolism in DC."

"Yes, my Father."

"And you know, My Child, that righteous ones fought for a constitutional republic."

"Yes, my Father."

"And, since the beginning, the evil ones have sought to undermine this constitutional republic in every way."

"Yes, my Father, the goats among the sheep. The weeds and thorns among the wheat."

"Exactly. So, there has been this evil force, which has set out to undermine all that I have been determined to give you."

"Yes, Father."

"And, all the while, My Child, the evil ones have pushed and pushed to dilute My word. They have pushed to dilute My power. They have pushed and pushed to destroy the moral fiber of this country; for therein is the strength. It is the backbone."

"And they have succeeded, Father."

"Yes, My Child, and particularly through the media."

"This is so."

"And, My Child, you are thinking, what does this have to do with the goat head and the horns of the goat head. My Little One, it has a lot to do with it. First, each of you must understand the determination of Lucifer, even from the beginning to destroy this nation and to destroy you as individuals. My Little One, Lucifer and his hoards hate each of you with a hate, which runs so deep, that you could never grasp it. This hate is real and what they plot in their hate is annihilation of every Christian and real Jew. They know that this annihilation must be done in stealth. It must be done in secret, for if the masses ever wake up, they, themselves will be history. Well, now, My Child, more and more are awakening. The truth of their evil is coming out and truly, My Child, they are running scared. And, in their fear, they are stumbling all over themselves. With their guide the, goathead demon, bound in chains in the Lake of Fire, they are having trouble. A lot of trouble. But, in no way does this stop their evil. In some ways, they are like blind soldiers, stabbing in the dark. But, they continue on."

"Now, My Child, the Mars transit is coming up within few, short days and the occult practices are moving into a crescendo. They are moving toward a big blowout, if you will. But, My Child, in many ways, this blowout may be little more than a fizzle. It is up to My Faithful to get into high gear in spiritual warfare against them, and their big bang can and will become a whimper.

"My Faithful know the power of spiritual warfare and it is time for them to get into high gear. My Little One, this is full-scale war between good and evil and many souls are at stake."

"Oh, my Father, I know. But, still, Father, what does this have to do with the goat head?"

"My Little One, first I am taking the horns off the goat head in DC. In other words, this year I am going to destroy the power base in DC. And, this year, I am also going to remove the goat head."

"Father, does this relate to the goathead demon being in the Lake of Fire?"

"It does and these are two separate things. This year, I am going to destroy this evil power base in DC and the goathead demon, itself, is in the Lake of Fire."

"Yes, Father, I know this."

"And, in the process, I am breaking the evil chains over the Capitol. Plus, My Child, I am going to break the Bushes and their evil cabal. My Child, I know that you cannot imagine how this will all come about; but just know that it is at hand. I am bringing a shake-up to America that is going to shake it to its very foundation. No longer will the evil ones be able to hide the Sun with their hands. No longer! For, the Son is falling on them."

"Praise You, Father! Praises to Your holy Name!"

"My Little One, it is a new day for My Faithful! I tell you, My Child, that every one, who has received these prayer cloths and who uses them and believes will begin to see My mighty hand in their lives. Many will be propelled into never before experienced visions. Many will begin to hear Me and My Son speaking clearly to them and they will have depths of spiritual experiences as never before. This is My blessing through you to My scattered sheep. My Little One, through these very anointed clothes, I am using you to reach and to anoint My scattered sheep and to prepare them supernaturally as never before for battle."

"Father, this is beautiful! Three times in one week, I have received word of such a thing and all have Your anointed cloths."

"My Child, I have caused this; for they have had the faith to order the cloths and to believe and I am opening them up to new spiritual dimensions."

"Father, this is so beautiful."

" So, it is not just healings or miracles that they will receive, My Child. Remember the House of Israel anointing."

"Yes, my Father."

"And, My Little One, this is being imparted to those, who continue to use the cloths and who believe."

"Oooo-eeee!!! Thank You, Father. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Father, there is a beautiful woman, who has helped in sending out these clothes, even before I knew You would anoint them. This Precious woman has helped with these works and has said to use what she gives to bring You glory. , Father, she has regularly helped to send out these cloths so that You would get the glory. Father, I want You to dip Your finger down, touch this woman and impart to her Your House of Israel anointing. Father, bless this beautiful woman. Give her dreams and visions and show her great and mighty things. I cannot send her a cloth as I do not even know how to reach her, but Father, You do. Will You do this?"

"It is done."

"Thank You, Father! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!"

"And, with this, My Child, we shall stop for today. I am Your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 20th day of August, 2003,
Linda Newkirk


Dear Ones, my apologies for taking so long to get this to you. There has been a lot going, which has taken up much of my time. Very soon, I will post more messages, so keep checking back. It will not take so long this time. Much love to you, our Dear Brothers and Sisters!

Jesus is our Precious Lifeline.

Your Brother and Sister,
Dennis and Linda

PS:  Is Hurricane Isabel about to help in taking the horns off the goathead in Washington DC?

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