From the Mountain, Book IX

Chapter Seven


Part I

"The Day of Reckoning is at hand!"

"My Beloved Child, I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God. Blessed are you, My Little One; for you hunger after righteousness and I shall never desert or leave you."

"Oh, Father, I love You so, but Oh how my heart mourns for the plight of the lost! How my heart mourns for the plight of the wicked! Day by day, this evil escalates and the masses are all the more blind. Father, Oh, Father, how will You ever reach these people? For, in Your mercy, You plead and You plead! You send prophets with the truth and the preachers laugh and scorn! False prophets are rising on every front with palatable words for the people and in huge numbers, the people chase after lies and vanity! They, having itching ears, cling to every word of the false prophets and ignore or ridicule Your true servants. Father, Oh, Father, how will these people ever see? How will they ever hear? We are going into grave times. We are facing terrifying troubles in the world and the people sleep on. Father, I have written it. We have posted and disseminated what You have said, Father, but so few have listened. It is a dreadful day when most all preachers believe that George W. Bush is a Christian."

"My Child, in no way do I hold you responsible for the behavior of those, who reject My word. In no way, for to each is given a choice. And, through their choices on a daily basis, each determines his or her fate. But, I tell you right now, My Child, that hell is enlarging all the time. It is growing with the rebellious and enlarging itself all the time."

"Father, I do not know what it will take to wake up these people. I do not know what it will take for them to wake up from their comfortable lifestyles and to see and hear the truth."

"My Child, I tell you what it shall take. It shall take death and destruction. It shall take famine. It shall take disease on a wide scale. It shall take pestilence and wars and destruction. It shall take great losses and starvation on many fronts. For, I tell you now, My Child, that all these things are at the door of the USA. My Little One, I have given you a dream and in this dream I have shown you many, many, who were out of work, without any money. Everyone in this dream has depended on government handouts for survival and they all had no desire to work. And, at this moment, most all in the USA are unaware that that one day soon, there will be no government checks. There will be no social security. There will be no welfare; but do they choose to hunt work, even in the face of no money. No, My Child, they choose not to work; for they have been accustomed to having someone else, namely the government, pay them to live. But, I tell you, My Child, that this day is at hand; for as you have found out since this dream, all the social security money has been stolen. Every bit. And, in short season, the checks will be stopped.
When, you in America wake up, you will see that you are naked. You are broke and destitute. The wolves of hunger will be stalking you as a nation and your babies will not have food or milk. And, My Child, I tell you now that this day is at your door. The whole world will see America become a third world country overnight."

"Father, I know this is at hand and my heart is broken."

"But, My Child, this would not be, save the people first rejected Me. They rejected My commandments and refused My Son. They chose rebellion and rejected righteousness. And, because of this, the whole world shall look upon America and say, ‘What went wrong?’ But, I want the whole world to know what went wrong with America. I blessed you above all nations and in your blessings you became all the more the whore. I blessed you and you cursed Me. Yes, My Child, the day of reckoning for America is now. And, you ask, My Child, will there be a terror attack in September, and I tell you now that it is planned and yes, the Bush government and their Satanic friends are the authors of the same. And, you ask, ‘Does this have to be?" My response to you is, No, it does not have to be. These plans as with all evil plans can be stopped at this point if people repent of their evil and return to Me. This is My promise and has always been My promise. But, I tell you now that after a while, I will no longer be merciful to this land. I shall turn My wrath upon it and shall utterly destroy it. But, even so I will never leave My Loved Ones. I will never forsake Mine. Yes, My Child, the world is headed into World War III. You are looking at a deliberate confrontation with North Korea. You are looking at massive terrorism, which is planned for America, Canada, Europe, Australia and you are looking at worldwide famine. The world, itself, is facing economic collapse. Did you hear Me? A worldwide economic collapse. This is at the door. These are My warnings. People will wake up now or many, many will perish in the coming wars, plagues, disasters and terrors. These are My warnings. Post this soon that all may repent and pray. I am Your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 1st day of September, 2003,
Linda Newkirk




Second Message from our Father in Heaven

"God’s Judgements, the World Over!"

 "My Beloved Child, I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God. My Child, I know your heart’s desire and this desire is to please Me. This desire is to do My will and to bring Me glory. My Little One, if all would only realize that I want their hearts and I want them to be clean and removed from the pretenses of the worldliness. I want their eyes on Me and their ears open to My guidance. I want them filled with My Spirit. I want them to be vehicles of My love, My tenderness and mercy, yet full of My wisdom, understanding, truth and discernment. And, even so, my Little One, they are bearers of My light. They are bearers of My truth. But, when their eye is corrupt, they whole body is corrupt. When the ear is deaf, the whole body is in peril; for who can see, whose eyes behold evil and who can hear, when their ears are stopped? Yes, My Child, it is My delight to put My glory in My vessels of light; for are they not extensions of Me? Have I not told that My Faithful shall know My glory; yea that they shall be harbingers of My glory to the people? Have I not told that My Faithful shall bring many to me and that they shall shine as the stars? Yes, My Child this and more is the heritage of the Faithful. This is the heritage of the lightbearers. But, the lovers of darkness shall reap a greater darkness. Those, who love evil, who will not honor Me and My commandments, shall reap the whirlwind of My judgement. They shall know the end-result of rebellion, which is separation from me, and I tell you, My Child, that many animals are better off than those humans, and angels alike, who are separated from me. For, in the darkness of their ways, those, who are separated from Me are worse off than the animals! Their behavior is more vicious. It is more destitute. It bears a great darkness. Yes, their plight often becomes worse than the animals and their behavior worse. My Little One, this is what happens when each of you chooses to forsake the moral codes, which I put over you.

Yes, your antichrist government does not want the Ten Commandments in your schools. They do not want them in your minds, in your hearts, in your Spirit; for their design is toward your destruction. When you will honor no moral laws, you become as the beasts of the field and truly worse in many ways. And, as you have forsaken your divine heritage, you are ready to be scrapped. You are ready to be destroyed as a people; for you are repulsive in My sight.

My Child, this has been the way of Lucifer from the beginning. Being full of pride and vanity, he chose to usurp My power. He chose to usurp My authority. He chose to override My commands and knows no laws. He knows no morality and his comrades are the same.

My Little One, do you not see the sorting? Do you not see the separation? Do you not see the division, which is going on? It is a time, wherein each of you will choose obedience toward Me and My Son or you will choose the path of rebellion. You will either honor My commandments or you will go the way of the evil ones. You will choose to honor Me and live or dishonor Me and die by degrees.

My Child, never in the history of the whole Earth have times been so perilous. It is truly well to work with the right hand and to keep it from the left. Treachery is at every turn. None can be trusted; for their eyes are upon evil and their ears are closed. Through their rebellion, the masses have chosen their own delusions. They have chosen their own darkness and hence their own destruction.

My Child, in all the world, there is not 1/10th of one percent, which is righteous. You have heard Me correctly. There is not 1/10th of one percent."

"Oh, my Father, I feel so sad for the lost. I know what it is like to be lost and how I wish this were not so!"

"My Little One, all that you see when you look around you, I have allowed. As I have blessed this nation, the people have increasingly turned their backs on me. As I have increased your goods, you, as a people have increasingly pushed Me out. You have increasingly substituted the unreal for the real. You have turned your blessings into idols and you have increasingly lusted after more and more of the world. What you have been given as a blessing is now your cursing.

Therefore, My Child, I have no choice, save to judge you as a nation and to judge other countries right alongside you. You, as a people, the world over have given Me no choice. I am sending My judgements, but few even notice. My Little One, in spite of all the deaths in Europe, which were caused by the heat of My anger toward them, do you suppose that they connect these losses with My judgements?"

"No, My Father, they do not."

"You are correct, My Child. They continue on in their self-sufficiency. They continue on with their partying, their drinking, their whoremongering, their perverted lusts, their love of money and of this world, their idolatries, their atheism and widespread rebellion. Yes, My Child, they continue on with blind eyes and deaf ears and in spite of this judgement of great drought and excessive heat, they have learned nothing. Just as America, for the most part you have learned little. And, so now, My Child, comes a greater round of judgements for the whole Earth. It is a time of great rumbling and shaking. It is a time of war on many fronts. It is the beginning of great famine and severe water shortages and even though all these things will happen and in many, many places, the ground will not bear its crops, the people will curse Me. They will raise their hands with a fist toward Me; for they will not see that they are bearing the fruit of their own rebellion. No, My Child, these things will not cross their minds; for only a few really and truly love Me and My Son. Only a few the world over are righteous. Only a few love Me with their whole being and put Me and My Son first. Only a few and I am increasingly separating these out. I am increasingly removing these far away from those, who love the world, so that all the time, they have less and less in common with others. Yes, this is a great separation going on. There is an isolation going on and it is severe. It is critical; for it is painful for My Loved Ones. It is a difficult time for them; for many are asking, ‘What have I done that all these things are befalling Me?’ ‘Why are so many turning on me?’ Why is life so hard?’ And, My answer to all their questions is this. I am removing Mine from among them, lest My very own get tarred with the same brush. For to those, who choose blindness, a greater blindness is given. For those, who choose deafness, a greater deafness shall befall them. For, those, who love a lie, a greater lie shall hit them. For those, who choose rebellion, a greater rebellion shall hit them But, for those, who profess a love for Me and My Son, who want to do what is right, a great purge through the fires is at hand. Through the heat of My holy fires, I shall burn out of them all that is displeasing to Me. It is a time of great purging; for My Son is coming back for those, who are clean. He is coming back for those, who are pure. Ht is coming back for those, who are white as snow. And, I tell you, My Child, that if He came back right now, so few would go. So very few."

"Yet, Father, all the preachers are misleading the people by telling them that they will be raptured out and not have to go through any trials."

"And, My Child, as they have not had a love for truth, they have been given a lie, a very big lie."

"Father, it is a sad day; for millions upon millions have bought this lie."

"’Tis so, My Child, and save they repent soon, they shall make their way into hell. My Child, I know you have many questions and this is understandable."

"Father, I do, but mostly I feel so heartbroken for the state of the world. I feel so sad for the lost. It is a thing, which pains my soul and how I wish it were not so."

"But, My Child, it is so. To each is given a choice. Choose obedience to My Commandments and honor My Son and live on. Or, choose rebellion and go the way of the fallen ones."

"Father, this is the bottom line. Is it not? Each will either choose and honor You and obey You and Your commands, or go the way of the devil and reap His destiny."

"My Little One, with each choice, every person either chooses Me or Lucifer."

"So, it is You and Your Kingdom or Lucifer and his. There is no in-between."

"You have said it and this is so. Right now, this determination is being made every moment of every day by each of you. You either choose to love, honor and obey Me and My Son and live a life more abundantly or you choose to dishonor Me and thereby choose darkness and rebellion. There is no in-between. You choose one or the other with each decision you make."

"And, the effects of these decisions are cumulative."

"They are, and in this way one is either filled with more and more light or with more and more darkness. Right now, I am becoming more and more strict with My people. No longer will I tolerate half-measures. No longer will I tolerate shades of gray. You will either walk the Straight and Narrow or you will go the Broad Way. You will no longer arbitrate My word and give Me half-measures. I am expecting more and more from My people. I am expecting purity. I am expecting perfect obedience."

"Oh, Father, but we all fail."

"This is so, My Child, and this is why I expect you to confess your sins daily, that you may be forgiven daily. But, if you will not do this, these sins will build up and shades of gray and black will settle into your being. This will not do. It will not work; for I am expecting a deep loyalty and continued obedience from My Faithful. Nothing else will do. Understand?"

"Yes, my Father."

"Now, My Child, you want direction for My people. You want to know that is coming down. You want to warn the people."

"Yes, Father, so long as this is Your will."

"And, it is My will, that all would repent, come back to me, honor My Son, and not have to go the way of Lucifer and his."

"Yes, my Father."

"Know this, My Child, a greater judgement is coming upon Europe, even war in their midst. More fires shall hit Europe and famine shall set in. A mighty earthquake shall rattle parts of Europe, including Italy, Spain, Belgium, France, Germany and England. The ground shall buckle in places and volcanoes shall erupt. The Sun shall begin to be darkened as I pour out My judgements in Europe.

And, Canada and Australia shall feel the heat of My anger. For, they have gone whoring after every whore under every strange tree. My whip is cracking over Canada and the USA right now and a double crack of My whip is sounding over Australia. Australia shall soon begin to break up from mighty earthquakes and parts of it shall begin to separate. Parts of the South Pole shall break off in greater measure and South America shall begin to feel the great sting of My judgements. Great rumblings, mighty earthquakes and erupting volcanoes shall begin to rip through South America and Mexico shall not go untouched. A mighty quake shall soon destroy Rio de Janeiro and it shall rip inland burying a large amount of land. My Child, I am deeply saddened when I look upon the people of South America; for they are lost in all manner of occult. They are in bondage to the Catholic Church and live a kind of godliness, obedient to the doctrines of men, yet cut off from My Spirit. A great howling shall go up in South America; for the natural calamities shall be great and a great pain shall be upon the people But, if they will repent of their evils, if they will forsake their sorceries and if they will turn to Me and honor My Son, I will turn to them. I will hear their cries and I will not utterly destroy their lands. But, if they will not repent and come to Me, I will systematically destroy them and their way of life shall come to a standstill.

Argentina shall be submerged under water for the most part; for the waves, which are created by the passing of this incoming planet, shall make it so. And, few shall live to tell of it, save they come to Me and repent in a great way. One third of Brazil shall be covered with water and these people swept into the seas and covered with debris, save they repent of their witchcraft and forsake the doctrines of men. Many shall say, ‘Mountains fall on me!’ For, the fear shall be so great!

And, as for American, woe to America, the great whore of the whole world! With your fornications, with your rebellion, with your lusts, you have polluted the whole world, and My wrath upon you shall be as a red-hot fire. For, with each passing day, My anger is mounting toward you. Even as the heat of Yellowstone is My anger mounting toward you. You are a proud and haughty lot and few, few at all listen. You turn a deaf ear to Me and to My prophets. You are full of derision and scorn. Your churches are utterly polluted and you have driven out the righteous. Oh, you are a rebellious lot and soon, very soon, My fist shall strike your heartland. With one blow, I shall destroy one third of the grain belt. With a second blow, I shall destroy much of the eastern seaboard. With a third blow, I shall pummel the West Coast. With a fourth blow, I shall turn summer into winter. Oh, My Judgements are coming upon you and many of you shall raise a fist at Me and you shall openly curse Me. But, in your anger, you shall only know more of My wrath. Oh, you are arrogant, prideful, deceptive individuals! Long I have pleaded with you! Long I have called out to you and you have turned a deaf ear! You have turned a blind eye! Now, at this late hour, some of you shall call out to Me. You shall call out to My Son, but because you would not listen in your time of plenty, I shall be slow to hear you in your times of little. Yes, the great judgement of America and the world at large is at hand and you shall not escape it. Every person on this planet shall feel the heat of My judgement. You shall know it. You shall see it, yet even so, many will not recognize the source of it. Yes, My Child, Yellowstone will soon ignite. It sill blow out, like a fiery furnace. But, this is only round one. As you have seen in visions, I will release My judgement through it in stages. Yes, this one volcano could destroy life on this planet, but there is so much more that will. And, as you look around, you know what I mean. The world, itself, is facing a nuclear war. This nuclear war is breathing down the neck of America. The word is facing famine and more and more disease. Many will plead to die, but death will not come. This incoming planet will continue to stir up the Sun. It will continue to stir up the Earth. It will continue to bring in asteroids, meteors and comets."

"Father, how long do we have before this planet comes?"

"My Child, I have told you before that it is not just the passing you need to be concerned about, but what happens before and after the passing. You are beginning to see the pummeling that comes before its passing and this pummeling shall get more and more intense until instability is the everyday word."

"So, Father, we are about to see a nuclear exchange in the world?"

"And, sooner than you think, for the USA and its coalition have declared war against North Korea."

"Father, You warned of this."

"And, war with Iran is imminent. The whole Arab world is in an uproar and they have nuclear weapons, given to them by America!"

"Oh, Father, how I wish this were not so!"

"But, it is. The whole world is on the verge of a nuclear war. Super volcanoes are at the point of going off and ash, from these alone, can shut down life on Earth. Overnight, temperatures can plummet from warm to freezing."

"Father, my heart is broken by all this."

"And, so it should be; for billions stand to die and soon. The whole world is on the brink of a grave nuclear catastrophe."

"Father, will America be attacked soon?"

"I tell you, My Child, that the enemy has the capability and this is all planned. But, I tell you, My Child, I Myself, am bringing judgement upon America. Yes, I have a few Faithful in this land and it has been the prayers of the Faithful, which have kept this land afloat. But, My Child, the few can no longer save the many. I must judge this evil; for even some of My Loved Ones are falling to it. No longer can I extend My hand of mercy to an errant land."

"Father, I have seen Your whip crack over this land!"

"Yes, My Child, you have and My judgement is going to roll across America from one end to another. Not just judgement for My people! But, judgement for the evil ones over you! You will see My judgement hit the Bushes and the Clintons in plain view of the whole world. I am putting enmity, a great enmity among the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds and the Royal Family of England. Those, who have been united through evil, will now turn on one another, like rabid dogs. I am putting enmity among the secret societies and I will begin to empty them out. Their evil schemes, which have worked in the past, will fail them over and over. I am putting a great greed in the heart of Putin of Russia and he shall set out to undermine all agreements with the USA, with the Royal family of England and with other nations. I shall cause a furor to rise up in him and I shall draw him forth, bit by bit against the Bushes and against any and all agreements with America. I shall align him with the Arabs and with the Chinese toward destruction of the free world.

A nuclear explosion, a very great nuclear explosion shall soon go off and it will be deemed as an accident, though it will be no accident. This will involve both Russia and China. All these things are heating up. The world, as you know it to be, is being destroyed, here a little and there a little and many, many souls the world over are about to exit to eternal life, or eternal damnation. To each is given a choice."

"Father, when You say, ‘eternal damnation.’ What do You mean?"

"I mean that those, who chose the way of Lucifer are eternally damned. This is what I mean. And, every day, with each choice, each of you chooses life and light or death and destruction. There is no in-between. And, so it is My Child. My Son is the safety net for all humanity. He if the Savior of all mankind. There is none other. He is the Way and He is the Life. Through Him comes all truth to My people; for through Him has come My Spirit of Truth. So, My Child, let all receive these things; for in the world there is no safety. My Son is the safety-net for all mankind."

"Father, will we see a war in September?"

"It is planned."

"With North Korea?"

"These are their plans."

"Will this be stopped?"

"It can be altered through the prayers of many. As always, these things are not set in stone. But, My Child, remember this. My judgement is falling upon the whole world."

"But, Father, I must warn the people. I must."

"This is your calling. Warn them. True repentance is the answer to the problems of this world. But, as few have heard in the past, do you believe they will hear now?"

"Father, I pray so that they do hear."

"My Child, I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God."


As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 14th day of September, 2003,
Linda Newkirk



Part III


"New World Order Plans to destroy Washington DC and more"

"My Beloved Child, I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God. My Child, you have come seeking Me for confirmation of more terror, which is planned against America. And, because of your prayers, I have shown you the plans of the enemy. My Child, this is My mercy towards America; for there are many therein that I love greatly. And, as I have told you, Washington DC is the prime target of terrorism in America. Yes, it is true that New York City and the West Coast are also prime targets. But, what I have shown you is a planned attack on Washington DC, especially the bombs in the subway system. My Child, this is to further terrorize the lawmakers and to get them to pass more ‘terror’ laws against you as a people, thereby making it possible for them to pick up any and all dissidents.

As I have shown you, another of their targets is the power plant in Pennsylvania, along with the various parts of the rail system all across America. As I explained to you, Russia and China are figuring heavily in these planned attacks of terror and once these bills are pushed through, the plan is for round one of martial law in America.

My Child, as you know, the whole economy of the USA is about to fall and the dollar is all but history. You are looking at a very grave situation with North Korea and a nuclear situation, which could explode at any moment.

My Little One, times the world over are grave, indeed! All that I have warned you of is at the door! As I have shown you, Yellowstone is about to create great destruction in America. This volcano, alone, will set off earthquakes and destroy much of the grain belt."

"So, Father, the Bushes are itching to put Russian and Chinese troops in the streets of America."

"And, all for the ‘good of America’; for most of your troops are out of the country."

"Father, this is a terrible thing!"

"It is. And, with this, we shall stop for today. I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 19th day of September, 2003,
Linda Newkirk



Part IV


"Pray against the plans of the enemy!"

"My Little One, I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God. As you go to type these words, you ask, 'Are the plans of the enemy (September 19th) still in progress and for the given date.’ And, My response to you is this: Yes, these plans are still in progress and whether this date or at a later time, these are still their plans. It is incumbent upon each of you, that when their plans are revealed, you must pray against these things. America is in a mercy state. You are in a state of grace and you are still standing as a country only because of the prayers of the righteous. In my anger, I would have destroyed this land years ago, but because of My love for My Faithful, I have not."

"Father, how will You take the horns off the head of the goat in Washington DC and will this still be done by year’s end?"

"My Child, this is a mystery to you."

"Father, it is and I want to know what it means."

"My Child, how does the goat defend itself."

"With its horns and with its head."

"And, as a nation, are you not having trouble defending yourself?"

"Yes, my Father. There is no money for the Iraqi war. We have lost in this war, in a very big way as You said we would. In fact, every word that You gave in Book Eight, Chapter Fifteen and elsewhere in these writings about this war, has come to pass."

"This is so."

"And, now, My Child, your military is in terrible shape. They will die like flies because of radiation poisoning, poor eating habits, not enough water and from other toxic chemical sources, not to mention the heat, which they have had to endure. You, as an American people, have been lied to. On all accounts regarding this war, you have been lied to. Now, your country is on the verge of economic collapse and this will not be stopped. You will not have money for these military excursions. You will not have money for government-funded programs, like welfare and social security. Your military is in severe distress and soon you will not be able to defend yourselves. My Child, the whole world system is facing economic collapse.

With a national debt approaching 50 trillion dollars, America is totally bankrupt and the international community will not long tolerate a bloated windbag! You, as a nation, will wake up, live according to My moral instructions, and you will survive, or you will be destroyed. This is simple. I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this25th day of September, 2003,
Linda Newkirk


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