From the Mountain, Book IX

Chapter Eight


"A Dark Forest"

"My Beloved Child, I am your Master Jesus, yea Yeshua, Lord of earth and heir to the same. My Child, I know your heart and I k now your love for Me, for our Father and for Your fellow brothers and sisters. Yes, I know this love. Our Father knows this love and we know of your hate for the evils of the world.

Yes, My Child, the whole world is a dark forest. It is full of every imaginable evil. Many have sprung up to great heights in this dark forest. They are tall trees, very tall and very wide. They have grown taller and taller through the years, pushing out more and more light and taking, taking, taking more and more of all things until little is left for the average person, save to work, work, work with little reward.

These tall trees continue to spread. They continue to block the light and the forest of humanity is becoming darker and darker. The wealth is in the hands of a few, who are utterly evil and totally corrupt. Steadily, they are pushing out the light of God and the masses are falling in the darkness of this forest.

Those, who bear the light of God, who bring light into this darkness, are continually persecuted. They are being continually persecuted, tortured and killed. Those in government, whose job is to protect the people, are continually being bought off or threatened into submission. Many the world over are dead. They are falling to these deceptions and others are already dead.

My Child, there is an on-going plot to kill you. These evil ones never stop devising more and more creative ways to kill you. They have bought off the local police. They have bought off the local sheriff. His pockets are full of filthy lucre. And, My Child, you are correct. The local police and local city officials have all received new vehicles for their spying on you. For, their evil, they have been handsomely rewarded. Riding over your back, they gloat in their spy network. From one to the other, they are busy relating the handiworks of their spy network. Oh, they are proud! They are full of glee; for they believe that they are doing a good job. Yes, My Child, this is the world you live in and I know you hate this world system. Any and all, who love Me and our Father hate this world system. If they do not hate this evil, they cannot have love for God. One cannot love our Father and evil at the same time.

My Child, I know that you want to know what our Father is going to do about this evil and I tell you now that upon all the face of the Earth, evil is multiplying. It is escalating. It is growing at an alarming rate. Many, many call good evil and evil good. Many, many call white black and black white. Do you believe that the local police believe anything other than what they are told, that you are evil? Do you believe it?"

"My Lord, I know that they believe I am a terrorist and they are running as fast as they can for the Satanists, who run this government and they are proud of it. At the end of the day, they get an "attaboy" and they believe they have done a good thing on spying on us through their many cameras and running to the Catholic-church-controlled CIA and other government spy agencies and revealing any crumb."

"You are correct, My Child. This is exactly what they do. And, you are correct about the Vatican and the fact that it is controlled by a very evil, Satanic group, which does run the intelligence agencies of the world. You have the threatening letter, which was sent to you from the elite Satanists whores in the Vatican, threatening you and then asking you to work for them. When you refused to work for them, they set out to kill you. Then, they began tunneling under the land where you live, setting up a military base, right under you.

My Child, they are desperate and in their desperation, they are getting more and more bold. They know they control the intelligence agencies of the world. They know they control the militaries of the world. They know that their alliance controls the wealth. Therefore, they can buy off any and all that they choose. They can coerce and threaten the rest. What do they fear; for they believe that they are gods and that each of you is cannon fodder.

But, My Child, there is one problem, one very large problem with their thinking. They cannot control Me. They cannot control our Father and they cannot control those, who have a heart after doing God’s will. But, the problem, My Child, is that most all (people) are controlled; for very few wish to do the will of God.

My Little One, you are a thorn in their side, a very large thorn. For, I have put you at the portal of this interdimensional door! I have called you into My service and you have worked faithfully to do the will of our Father. I have called you and you have run and our Father loves you so. We are pleased in you, My Child; for your trials have been great, yet you have continued to fight the good fight. You have struggled. Yes, My Child, it has been hard; for they have continually tried to kill you. Over and over, they have sought to kill you and the hand of our Father has kept you. But, now, My Child, the push to kill you is feverish. It is greater than ever; for I have called you and placed you over this interdimensional door. So, day by day, twenty-four hours a day, the Satanists are tunneling beneath you. The local police department and sheriff are paid off to spy on you. Your every move is recorded. Your every telephone call, your every conversation, these are all recorded so that they can harass you, so that they can further plan ways to entrap you and to kill you.

Yes, My Child, the world is thick with evil. It is rampant and taking over like a weed; but know this My Child, My Father and I shall never forsake you. Yes, My Child, you have been told it and this is so. You will not go into their prisons and they will never succeed in killing you. But, I tell you what is about to happen to your enemies. I tell you what is about to happen to these corrupt local police and to the corrupt local sheriff. My Little One, our Father is going to send in among them a plague. This plague shall attack their skin and boils shall erupt all over them. The, their hair shall begin to fall out and their eyes shall begin to bulge in their sockets. One by one, they shall be hit and one by one they shall die. Those, who paid them to do this evil, shall be hit by the same disease; and those, who sit above, giving the orders, shall be hit by the same disease. One by one, they will fall. All the filthy lucre they have taken and given out to spy on you and to help kill you will be for naught; for their demise is at hand. All the vehicles are accursed. These new vehicles shall literally fall apart before their very eyes. This is the fate of the Judases among you. This is their heritage."

"But, still, My Lord, if they would but see their wrongs and repent of this evil, I pray that you would save their souls. For, in ignorance, they have cooperated with the Satanists to kill me and I would prefer to see them saved and not have to go through these horrible things. Father, I do not wish ill upon them, but in view of all that they have done and continue to do, I ask for your mercy."

"My Child, your heart is known to Me and I know that you do not sit by and wish malice upon anyone. But, even so, you have many enemies and our Father is about to begin to level the playing field. And, know this, My Child, and this is as you have been told before. All the tunneling is for naught. It is for nothing; for steadily, all who situate themselves beneath you, will come to the same fate as these corrupt law enforcement officers. They will all perish and day by day, they are building their own graves. My Child, they are foolish, indeed. For, they come up against Me and our Father, not you; and vengeance o the Most High God is being poured out on your enemies. Be not troubled by the evil that you see; for our Father is about to do a new work through you and through others of His Loved Ones. It is a new day and the Supernatural Army is being steadily empowered. I am your Master, Yea Lord and Saviour, Jesus, yea Yeshua."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 8th day of October, 2003,
Linda Newkirk






"Our Father’s Kingdom in Earth"


"A Message for South Africa"


"My Beloved Child, I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God. Oh, My Little One, let all fall on their faces and mourn; for it is not a time to rejoice, but a time of sorrow. It is not a time of blessings for the masses; for the whole Earth is full of curses. It is not a time of light, but a time of darkness. It is a time wherein all should rent their clothes and fall on their faces in despair; for My judgement is upon the whole world. The fiery crackles of the Earth are only a warning of My imminent judgement upon the whole world; for a mighty shaking is at hand for the whole Earth. Yes, from ‘sea to shining sea,’ this shaking shall be felt as My hammer of judgement hits, not only the USA, but nation after nation. For, I am rising up in My anger .My wrath is being kindled against the evildoers of this world and I shall lay waste to those dens of iniquity. Woe, woe, woe and darkness as mankind has never seen is upon all the Earth; for it is day of great darkness, not light

But, even so, My Child, as you see the world falling down around you and as you see nation rise up against nation, as you see wars on many fronts, and famine, pestilence, disease, know that I will never forsake My Loved Ones! I will never leave those, who faithfully love Me and serve me and My Son.

Yes, My Child, even in the midst of this utter darkness, I am about to do a new thing. I am about to supernaturally empower My Faithful as never before. Yes, My Child, even as you see evil rise on every front, and even as many of you see destruction in your own neighborhoods, know this: I am doing a new thing with My people.

Here and there, all around the world, I am calling forth My Faithful. I am calling forth My Loved Ones, those, who faithfully serve Me and My Son, those, whose robes are white, and I am doing a new thing through them. Yes, My Child, it is a new day for My Faithful. It is a new day in My Holy Kingdom and even in the midst of great persecution I am calling aside My Faithful and I am renewing My covenant with My Chosen ones.

One by one, I am bringing them up My Holy Mountain and one by one, I am assigning them to their stations. One by one, I am giving them a knowing of who they are. Yes, My Child, I am building My Supernatural Army. One by one. One by one, I am calling and one by one, I am selecting My priests, My prophets and My kings and queens. One by one, all around the world, I am calling them forth.

Unknown to most, I am investing My Chosen Ones with great power and authority and they are being placed in strategic positions, wherein they will move mountains. They will call down fire upon their enemies. They will speak to the skies and the skies will rain forth a rain or they will shut up the skies and no rain will fall.

Yes, My Child, one by one, I am calling forth My warriors. I am calling forth My Holy Ones and I am empowering them in a great way. All around the world, they shall rise up with My righteous anger, and they shall speak great and mighty things against the enemies of My people. Yes, My Child, out of their mouths shall flow great blessings or great judgements. Out of their mouths shall flow My holy fires and even as they speak, these things shall be done.

Yes, My Child, this is My Kingdom in the Earth and it shall not be stopped, but in an attempt to stop it, the evil ones will rush forth and kill many, many the world over. But, all that I deem to be in the Earth shall not be killed. They shall not die. They shall not taste death.

Even so, My Child, the world over, evil shall rise up and armies shall be called forth to kill all Christians, to kill all Jews. Yet, even in the midst of great persecution, I shall imbue Mine with more power, I shall imbue them with more authority.

"Father, these words are bittersweet. I long to see Your Kingdom on Earth, but the thought of such suffering, of such great sorrow, brings tears to my eyes. Oh, my heart is full of sorrow and my eyes are full of tears; for I hate evil. But, Father, I know that this evil system must fall and those in it will kill and destroy every living being, if they can, to stay in power. Father, I know this; but I ask for Your grace, Your love and mercy toward the lost. For, with all my being, I want their souls to be saved. I want them to make it, Father."

"My Child, as you have asked so many times before, I will hear this prayer, now and into the coming days; for I know your love for the lost. Do not weep, My Child. These things must be."


"Our Father’s beautiful message for His people in South Africa"


"Father, I am asking your special blessings upon the people of South Africa. Father, I am asking for a mighty awakening for South Africa and I am asking for Your supernatural intervention in the lives of all, who further these works in South Africa."

"My Little One, eyes have not seen and ears have not heard what I am about to do in South Africa. What has started as a trickle shall become a river of living waters. What has started as but a drop of faith shall become a continual flow, for I am coming into their midst, like a roaring thunder. I am coming into their midst like a raging fire. I am about to do a new thing among them and eyes have not seen it. Neither have ears heard it. For, I have heard the cries of the Faithful. I have come among them. I have walked in their midst and I have seen it.

My Little One, I shall take this small faithful remnant, the outcasts among them all, and I shall put My thunder in them. I shall put My fire in them in a new measure and I shall cause them to ride like mighty horsemen and women! Yes, My Child, it is a new day for South Africa. And, neither eyes, nor ears will see it coming. But, those, who are of spiritual minds and hearts, those, who put Me first, who love, honor, respect and serve Me and My Son, these shall see. These shall know. These shall see it. These shall hear the thunder and they will know that I am doing, even now, a new thing in South Africa. Yes, My Child, My Spirit shall sweep South Africa in a new way and even the skeptics shall be astounded."

"Oh, Father, this is so beautiful. Glory to You, Father, forever and ever! Holy is Your beautiful Name."

"I shall touch the young and old alike. I shall put My flag in South Africa and once again I shall say, ‘You are My people and I am your God!’"

"Father, this is beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! Praise You, Father, forever and ever! Praises to Your holy Name!"

"And, with this, My Child, we shall stop for today. I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 12th day of October, 2003,
Linda Newkirk


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