From the Mountain, Book IX

Chapter Nine


Part I

"Niburu, (Planet X), a date with destiny"

"My Beloved Child, I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God. Yes, My Child, humanity is on a head-on-collision with its destiny! Day by day, you see the calamities picking up in the world. Day by day, you see the escalation of natural calamities and the escalation of the beast and its system. And, day by day, you see the removal of My Loved Ones from this system. Yes, My Child, these are fast becoming the worst of times as evil rises on every front and destruction of the world as you know it is coming down all over the world.

And, yes, My Child, you are correct in your assessment. Niburu, the Lost Planet, is coming into full view. What the evil ones have sought to hide by ‘doctoring’ images and shutting down satellite feed can no longer be hidden. Niburu is coming forward at full speed, no longer waiting in the wings, but rushing forth. For, it does have a date with destiny and so does the Earth.

My Child, with the passage of the ‘Destroyer’, all of humanity shall know the sting of My judgement; for I and I, alone, created the ‘Destroyer.’ I set it in motion and I commanded it forth. Day by day, the calamities the world over shall escalate. Earthquakes shall intensify and very large earthquakes shall become more frequent. Landmasses, such as Japan and Australia, and island chains, like the Philippines and others will begin to break up and sink beneath the seas. The super volcanoes will begin to erupt, creating more havoc. Many will begin to die in the earthquakes and tidal waves as this planet gets closer and closer. And, in a frenzy for their New World Order, the evil ones will continue to foment wars. Their killing sprees will escalate. Their evil will accelerate.

Oh, My Child, the world is truly entering the worst of times; for famine the world over is going to increase! Deaths from plagues are going to escalate. My Little One, it is a day of sorrow, a day of great sorrow for humanity the world over. It is a day of judgement for the whole world.

Those, who will not repent and come to Me by way of My Son, Jesus, yea Yeshua, will soon face the torment in the pits of hell. My Little One, time is running out for billions of people the world over."

"My Father, how I wish this were not so! How I wish we had more time to reach the lost; but I know we have precious little time left."

"This is so, My Child. The world, as you know it, is fast coming to a close. And, with this, we shall stop for now. I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, most High God."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 15th day of October, 2003,
Linda Newkirk



Part II

"A Crimp in the Plans of the Evil Ones"

"My Beloved Child, I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God. My Child, you must know that the evil ones will never stop trying to kill you. The attempt on your life two days past was orchestrated by the same evil cabal, the fake Jew/Satanist/Catholic imposters, who come out of Washington DC and are ruled by their handlers in the Vatican and elsewhere. My Child, this is the Satanic New World Order and they hate you as they hate Me and My Son. They are filled with a grand hate for humanity that few of you can imagine. Yes, My Child, it is unimaginable to most the glee that these evil ones get from murdering innocent babes, from raping them and from drinking their blood. It is inconceivable to most the emotional and sexual highs they get from killing and marauding. Even now as they are setting up the deaths of all American troops, they are having a feeding frenzy off the daily murders of the soldiers.

I have told you before and I will tell you again, that the Iraqi war is about oil, it is about greed, but it is also about destroying your military. It is about getting them all outside of America so that you will not be able to defend yourselves at the time of planned attacks. It is about turning the UN troops and NATO troops and other troops of foreign countries loose in America to do what your own troops will not.

My Child, with great glee, they look to this day when each of you will be penniless, homeless and facing death. They look forward to this feeding frenzy of evil, and the time that they will destroy all of humanity from off the Earth. Then, they will use their robotoid humans for their good pleasure. These are their plans; but I am about to put a very large crimp in their plans. Oh, it is a large crimp!

They know the planet is headed in and now more and more people also know; for it can no longer be hidden. It is not in plain view; and they truly believe that they will be safe in underground bases, the many that they have tunneled out all over the world. This, My Child, is one reason that they tunnel under you night and day. Not only do they plan to control this interdimensional door, but they believe that they will be safe. My Child, what is wrong with this picture?"

"My Father, they are what is wrong. These evil ones believe they are gods and they respect no laws. All day long, every day, they go about taking, taking, taking what they want. The worst of all the evil that they do are the horrors, the unspeakable horrors that they commit against children. Father, how anyone could rape an innocent babe, or child, torture this innocent one, kill this precious and innocent being and drink their blood is beyond any words I can come up with. Father, these horrors defy all description and bring sadness and loathing into my soul, which is without measure. All of it sickens me, Father, and I am crying out to You for vengeance on every evil person on the face of this planet, who has done this evil. Father, let it be an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. Judge them all and in the midst of Your judgement against them, if You would turn the hearts of some and cause them to repent of their evil, Father, I ask You to do this. In spite of all their evil, I take no joy in the fact that they will burn in agony in the Lake of Fire or elsewhere in the pits. I can take no joy in such a thing; but Father, I am begging You to let Your hammer of judgement down on the heads of these evil Satanists. Father, do not let a single one escape Your judgement. Father, I am standing before You and I am pleading on behalf of all the innocent babes and little children, who have been brutally abducted, tortured and killed at the hands of these evil ones, like the Bushes, the Clintons, the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds, the Royals of England and all others, who are too numerous to name and count. But, Father, You know who they are. Father, cause them to know that they are under Your judgement and as they flee to their underground caverns and hideouts ahead of this planet, believing that they will be safe, while billions perish, I ask You now Father, let their hideouts become their tombs. And, let them remember the evil that they have done. Let them know the intense fear that they have put into these innocent babes.

I am pleading on behalf of these precious children. Father, hear my cry. Please, Father. Move in this thing and what they have done in secret, You have seen in secret; but let Your judgement be in the open for all the world to see."

"My Child, I hear your pleas as I have heard your pleas for many years. And, I tell you this. Mark My word on it. The evil Bush dynasty is coming to an end! The Rockefeller dynasty is coming to an end! The dynasty of the Royals of England is coming to an end. The Vatican is coming to an end! The Rothschild dynasty is coming to an end! Yes, My Child, the world shall be turned upside down even as My prophet Isaiah foretold and this is sooner than most believe. For, truly as they speak peace, sudden destruction comes.

Yet, My Little One, worry not for these things; for I am able to protect Mine anywhere on the planet. Yes, I am able to do this thing. Fear not what is at hand and have no fear of the evil ones; for I am about to make an example of all your enemies, an example that they will not soon forget. I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God."


As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 23rd day of October, 2003
Linda Newkirk





"A Great Cleansing is at hand!"

"My Beloved Child, I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God. My Little One, it is a dark day for America and for the world. You can see it, My Child, you know it. All around the world, there is a feeding frenzy of evil. There is a grave escalation in war to kill all living things. The Satanists are out to destroy all gene pools, to utterly corrupt and destroy all holy seed. Oh, My Child, it is a time of great darkness upon the Earth, but truly you have seen nothing yet. A time of great cleansing is at hand and, My Child, this is a very great cleansing. It is a very great upheaval. Mark My words on it; for even now, as nation lines up against nation, a great evil is being planned the world over, I am stepping in on behalf of My Loved Ones. I am raising them up to new heights the world over and I am empowering them the world over. Yes, My Child, it is a time of great upheaval and many billions will soon exit the Earth. Yes, My Little One, this is a tragic day; for many will go down into the pits. Many will go into the Lake of Fire. Many will perish the world over; but is this not what I have told? Are these not My many warnings, which are coming to pass?

My Little One, it is for love of My Faithful that I must judge this evil. I must judge this New World Order and I am about to judge it in a way that they will not soon forget. Yes, My hammer of judgement is coming down in their midst. It is an eye for an eye for these evil ones, who know no laws. Yes, My Child, they want to kill you. They want to kill all, who speak the truth. But, I tell you again that they will not kill you and your Loved Ones. Every time, they come up against you, they come up against Me and I tell you that they cannot stand up against Me. They cannot stand up against My sword. My judgement is upon all, who have participated in the on-going plots to kill you, your husband and Loved Ones and I am about to start ‘dropping them like flies.’ There shall be a grand weeping and wailing by the time I am through with them; for many souls are headed into the pits or into the Lake of Fire.

Yes, My Child, the planet is coming in. It is moving in and with its passage a great equalizer. A great equalizer upon the face of the Earth; for many of the wicked shall die in the churning seas. Many of the wicked shall die in their underground bunkers. Yes, many of the wicked shall be trapped in their own devices; but I shall save whom I will. The Righteous will go on to everlasting life, so those, who go and who are righteous, have a time of great rejoicing ahead. I will leave a remnant of My Loved Ones the world over and I will use them as never before. I will empower them as never before. Yes, My Child, as you hear the evil ones cry ‘peace, peace,’ and as you see the push to the Roadmap for Peace and as they cut up and divide Israel, I shall cut up and divide the world, itself. They have made the whole world their cup of evil and I shall dump their cup on top of their heads. Oh, a great howling shall go up and they shall be crippled in great ways, but even so they will be more determined to have their New World Order. But, I tell you now that they will have a tough time of it. Yet, for a very brief season, it will be.

But, My Beloved Ones, wherever they are, will be kept, until I say it is time to come home. And, all will stay for the Second Coming that I deem worthy to stay. Though the evil ones will seek the world over and though they will make an attempt to kill every one, they will not. I will save whom I will save.

Yes, My Child, the next nine months will see the birthing of My Kingdom in the Earth, and as never before I am raising up Mine and I am anointing and empowering Mine as never before to come forward and to take their places in My Kingdom. For, as the evil world system falls, My very Kingdom in the Earth is rising and no man or devil shall stop what I determine shall be.

The next nine months will bring My New Age into the Earth and My New Age has nothing to do with the evil new age, or the evil new age cults. My New Age is a time of My glory, of My Kingdom, a time of the rise of My righteousness in the Earth. The world over, I am about to do a new thing in the hearts and lives of My people. Eyes have not seen and ears have not heard what I am about to do, but the Faithful will soon experience the beauties of My Kingdom as never before.

I say to My Loved Ones, to My Faithful, fear not what is upon you; for these things must be. Be at peace. Put Me, My Son and My commandments at the center of your lives. Love Me above all and love one another; for the hearts grow cold for lack of love. Those, whose hearts are not full of My love, will not see My face. Neither will they see the return of My Son.

Therefore, I say to each of you. Live righteously. Obey Me. Confess your Sins and repent daily. Stay clean before Me; for many, many will soon exit the Earth."

"Father, You told me that the next nine months will see violent upheavals in the Earth."

"I have said it. They speak peace and sudden destruction comes. My Little One, I say to all, go with eyes wide open and ears wide open. For, you are living out the very last days of this Earth as you know it. And, even so, I am right now establishing My Kingdom in the Earth. So, even as you see all these things happen, be of good cheer; for these things must come to pass. I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 25th day of October, 2003,
Linda Newkirk


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