From the Mountain, Book IX

Chapter Ten


"Hounds of Hell"


"The Niburu Transit"

"My Beloved Child, I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God. Yes, My Little One, when you look around with due vigilance and with ears wide open; and when you see first hand the unfolding of the plans of the enemy, not just now, but throughout much time, you know, My Child, that you are dealing with powers and principalities of great darkness. For, these are not just the plans of evil men and women, but of demons and devils, all in service of Lucifer, master manipulator and liar extraordinaire.

Yes, My Child, this cunning, which has taken place, has been relentless and it has been toward one goal. And, this goal is to morally destroy, spiritually destroy, and kill and/or enslave all of humanity. Those who have failed to see this on-going plan are either dead or enslaved. And, even those, who see the plan, are still enslaved to some degree to the ‘system.’

And, at this point, what group could save themselves from this corrupt system? What group? Have some not tried? Did your forefathers not try to save you from them; but systematically, over time, these same evil ones have eroded all your rights? They have systematically destroyed the moral fiber of this land and have worked very hard to make your churches empty and vacant pawns of their own molding.

Yes, My Child, the handiwork of the fake Jew Satanists is obvious all over the world. And, now, they are moving in for the kill. Out in the open and without regard for anyone or any laws, they’re moving ahead according to their grand Luciferian design. In their bid for the New World Order, they will go out and kill any person, who gets in their way. They know no bounds and they despise all sources of truth, which would paint them for what they are: cold-blooded and ruthless murderers, swindlers of the greatest kind, frauds, fakes, rogues, sexual perverts and egocentric hounds from hell. Yes, My Child, they are hounds from hell. They are virulent, vitriolic, loud, angry, cunning, ruthless, and barbaric demons from hell, who will do or say anything to get power and to stay in power. For, they lust for power, like some lust for sex. They are drunk with power and stay drunk with power as they continue to walk over the dead bodies of their pawns in their bid to control every facet of every person’s life.

Yes, My Child, these are the fake Jews, the very hounds from hell, who have tortured and killed My prophets down through the ages. They are the very hounds from hell, who hated My Son and contributed to His persecution, who demanded his murder. These are the very hounds from hell, who sent their number one hit man to murder you. These are the hounds from hell, who spy on you and who torture you day by day with their military hardware. Yes, My Child, they are the hounds from hell and to the fiery lakes they will return. For, I see and know all. I am not like those among them, who must spy through devices and pay others to go out and spy. I see it all and I know it all. I know their every foul deed. I hear their every foul conversation. I know their plots and I am blind and deaf to nothing!

I see their plans in the Mideast! I am well aware of their World War III plots and schemes and I tell you, My Child, I am rising up in My fury against them. I am rising up in My wrath against them and I am going to smite them right between the eyes. Yes, I am going to make believers out of these hounds from hell. I am going to make believers out of them; for I am going to take their carefully crafted plans and I am going to make them as the dust in the wind. Then, I am will gather again this dust and turn it into a hammer. I will put this hammer into your hands and you will take My hammer and you will do as I say. First this one, and then that one will hit the Lake of Fire.

One by one, I am going to rid the Earth of these hounds form hell and one by one I am going to free up My Loved Ones all over the world. Vengeance is truly Mine and this is My day of vengeance against these hounds from hell, who label themselves as Jews, but they are not. Yes, My Child, I am rising up in My wrath. My anger is kindled, like a roaring fire, and I am about to smite these fake Jews the world over in ways that they will not soon forget.

Yes, My Child, with their filthy lucre, they truly believe that they can do anything they wish and nothing will ever be done to them. Yes, they have gotten away with their evil for a very long time, but the time has come when I shall put My fist to their foreheads and down they go.

Yes, My Little Child, it is a new day for My people! The world over, I see the plight of My Loved Ones. The world over, I see the plight of My Faithful. For, just as in the days of Egypt, you are once more in bondage to the Pharaohs and once more I am moving out on behalf of My people with signs and wonders that you have not seen in modern times.

Yes, My Child, eyes have not seen and ears have not heard what I am about to do for My people! As the Antichrist system moves into high gear to accomplish its New World Order, I shall move into high gear to provide for and to protect My people. The world over, I shall pour out My love and mercy upon My Faithful as never before.

And, My Child, I shall raise you up and I shall use you as a harbinger of My truth, My love, My mercy and My power towards My people. I shall put My word in you. I shall put My power in you as never before and I shall send you forth to lay waste to the evil plans of the enemy. Those, who choose to fight against you fight against Me. For, My power is in you and day by day, it shall increase.

Fear and trembling, trembling and fear shall begin to fall upon your enemies as never before. And day by day, I shall make you see the fate of those, who come to kill you and your loved ones and to make war with Me. Just as I used Moses to smite the Pharaoh, I will use you to smite the modern-day Pharaohs. For what I put in your mouth to speak, you will speak. And, when I put My sword in your hand and tell you to strike the evil hounds of hell to death, I tell you, My Child, they shall fall. They shall fall to the sword, to pestilence and disease. Their best-laid plans shall go up in smoke; for it is a new day for My people. And, I say it again to the Pharaohs of this world. ‘Let My people go!’ And, if you will not let My people go, I shall smite you with boils, with tumors, with plagues, and every kind of destruction and in the end, you will let My people go. For, in the coming floods, I will drown you by the millions.

I am doing a new thing in this Earth and neither man nor beast will stop what I deem shall go forth. Yes, it is a new day for My Faithful. It is a new day for My Loved Ones and though you hounds from hell will kill many in your evil and destructive wars, a remnant I will save. And, through this remnant, I shall bring forth My Kingdom into the Earth and you will be unable to do a thing about what I decide shall be!

My Little One, stand up and rejoice this day! For, it is a day of new beginnings for My people! It is a new day wherein all My Loved Ones the world over shall rejoice. For, it is a day wherein I am calling forth My Supernatural Army and I am commissioning them according to rank and I am placing them here and there all around the world. And, My power, I am putting into them, and they shall go forth, one by one, each called and commissioned by Me, and to the end that I desire, they shall all fight. And, not one of them shall taste death; for this is My decree!

Therefore, I say to you today, My Child, rejoice! And, I say to all, rejoice! For, I shall begin as of this day to lift up My sword against the hounds of hell and I shall smite them unto death. One by one, I shall begin to destroy their ungodly empires. One by one, I shall destroy their Satanic groups until none are left standing. Yes, it is a time of woe for the hounds of hell; for I am sending forth My angels of death and they shall smite them into the Lake of Fire. With a weeping and wailing and great gnashing of teeth, they shall begin to meet their destiny.

And, let it be known to all your enemies, My Child, that there will not be a one of them who will come out unscathed. Yes, My days of mercy toward your enemies are come to an end. Now, they shall know My wrath and save they fall on their faces in repentance very soon, they shall meet a fiery fate.

As you hear in Earth circles, the words are ‘zero tolerance.’ I say to you this day that for all of them, I have zero tolerance. It is a new day and they will quickly find this out. No more will I tolerate what I have tolerated in the past. With this, we shall stop for today. I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God.

"My Father, before You go, I want to ask You about this incoming planet. Isaiah Chapter 24 describes how the Earth will be turned upside down. Is this what we will soon see and how will this affect life on this Earth?"

"My Child, you have read it in Isaiah 24 is what you have read is true. Even as you have surmised, the Earth will stop spinning for a brief while and as the planet passes by, the Earth, itself, will roll over like a ball. As you have seen in visions past, the moon will roll over and over like a ball. All satellites will be destroyed as they fall back into the Earth. And as the Earth rolls over, the poles, the physical poles, will change location. My Little One, this means immediate death for billions of souls. The evil ones have been into time and they have seen the destruction that is coming. This is why they have planned their underground bunkers as they have, in areas that they consider safe. But, little do they know that what they have seen in time has been changed. And, lands that they saw as safe are now unsafe. This is one reason they are tunneling under you. They believe they will be safe, but again they are wrong.

So, My Child, the US government is once again employing many remote viewers. They (the evil ones) are 98% cut off in their time travel and they are hurting, especially now, because they have incorrect information about safe places. Vengeance is Mine, My Child and I will do as I will. But, truly, many of them will perish in their underground bunkers.

As for specific places on the Earth, certain ones will be absolutely safe, even when the Earth flips; for I will make sure of it. I say to Mine, ‘Stay close to Me. Do what is right and you will be fine, whether you go or stay. You are in My hands and if you go, I take you. If you stay, I will keep you. So, what My people must do is to walk in faith. If I put it into your heart to flee, flee! If I say to you, ‘Stay,’ then stay.

My Child, this is walk of faith for each of you. This planet is coming in. It is in plain view for those, who want to see it, and with its passage a violent cleansing of the Earth shall take place. As I said, certain areas shall be totally safe and secure. In these areas, it will seem like a very bad storm has passed and to other areas, especially many coastlines, total destruction and devastation."

"How long, my Father?"

"My Child, this planet (Earth) is undergoing the effects of the passage of this planet right now and these effects shall only escalate. With this, we shall stop for now. I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, most High God."


As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 3rd day of November, 2003,
Linda Newkirk


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