From the Mountain, Book IX

Chapter Eleven


"New World Order Terror"


"My Beloved Child, I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God. My Child, seasons come and seasons go and generations pass by like running water, but My people shall never be without My word. For, My covenant with My people is from everlasting to everlasting. My Child, I know your soul is troubled today."

"Oh, my Father, my soul is troubled; for we are seeing the move of the Bushes and their Satanic counterparts to take over Saudi Arabia."

"My Little One, My Son warned you of the plans of the New World Order to take over Saudi Arabia. Clearly, My Little One, the attack on a largely American and foreign compound by the New World Order crowd, yet made to look like a Muslim attack, is only the beginning of their terror against Saudi Arabia. And, how clever of them, as usual, to warn the world ahead of their own terror."

"My Father, what will become of all this?"

"My Little One, you know their agenda. You know their plans. You know the direction they are headed in. They are pushing hard to control the world’s oil supply any way they can. And, they will not be deterred in their thinking; for their plans have included this third World War for a very long time. What you are seeing are well-laid plans of the Satanists. Clearly, their goal is to control all nations. Clearly, their goal is to make all people of the world subservient to their wishes and commands. You know these things."

"Yes, my Father, I do. And, I know that the Bushes, particularly George W. Bush, plan to rule the world."

"And, so does the Prince of England."

"Prince Charles?"

"You have seen it."

"Yes, my Father."

"And, so do many others, and those, who are in the background, do not like what is being done by the USA, Israel, and England. They are waiting. They are watching. And, they remember, My Child, that the New World Order plan has always been to destroy America. So, it is in their plans, all their plans, to bring about a nuking of America. They delight in getting rid of all of you; for they believe they will rule the world from Israel. But, as I have said before, Yes, China and Russia will do their bidding. Yes, they will gladly help to do away with the USA; but in the end, they will turn on the New World Order crowd and they will move to destroy them from off the face of the Earth. In the meantime, the English Monarchy is going to receive a fatal blow."

"What to you mean by ‘fatal blow’?"

"My Child, do you see the Princess at the ball with the dancing Prince?"

"Yes, my Father."

"And, My Little One, do you see the Prince with a knife in his boot?"

"Yes, my Father."

"And, do you see the Prince take the sword and cut off the head of the Princess?"

"Yes, my Father." And, I look down into the neck, into the body of the Princess, and I see emptiness. And, there far down in the body I see Princess Diana sitting on a tree stump. Her eyes are red with tears; for she loves and misses her children and she is knitting something, which is intricate and full of design. Father, what is this?"

"My Child, go to the first design, which looks like a black star and touch this design."

I do as He asks and the design turns into a door, which opens before me. I step through this door and there are many cobwebs. This is dreadful! It is very dark, yet light is trailing in behind me, and as it does it begins to illuminate the area before me. I push my hands forth, and as fire now goes before me, the cobwebs begin to melt. To my right is a treasure box. It is old and very dusty and is locked as well. I find a key in my right hand and I bend down to open the box. At this instant, I hear a very loud roar and look up to see the red eyes of the red dragon. He spits fire at me and I rise and take out a sword, which is blazing with a white fire. With this fiery sword, I advance on the dragon, and I slash him the dragon across the chest.

The Red Dragon begins to bleed a green blood and he screams at me, "Look what you have done, bitch! I am going to kill you!"

I blow upon the dragon and a stream of white hot fire heads in his direction. The fire hits his head and burns out one of his eyes. I advance toward him with the sword once more and sever his right hand, which bears long, hideous claws; and this hand drops to the floor, leaving an arm without an appendage.

"I will get you, bitch! Just wait!" He blows fire at me and then turns to leave. And, as he turns, I take the fiery sword and cut off his tail, up high near his rear end. Still twitching, this tail lies in the hallway; and as he trails down the corridor, he bellows in pain.


Back to the treasure chest. With key in lock, I turn the lock until it clicks. Now, I remove the lock and key and lay both aside. With two hands, I lift the lid of the chest and at once, I hear the nursery rhyme, "Twinkle, twinkle, little star." I look inside the chest amidst sounds of the nursery rhyme and there before me is a most beautiful female doll. Written on her chest are the words, ‘The Child that Prince Charles killed.’

I take a small scroll, which lies beside the doll, and on the scroll are the words, "I would have united the Arab and Christian worlds. But, the evil Prince killed me and My Mother." A single tear falls from my eye and it lands on the dress of this doll, near the heart. As she opens her eyes, this beautiful babe says, "Take me to My Mother, for she weeps for me."

"Dear One, you have slept in great darkness and in the midst of great evil; but the love of God would have you to be free. He would have you to be liberated from the darkness into which you have been held." And, as I say these things, the Spirit of God descends, like a dove of white fire. It touches this beautiful babe in the treasure chest and as it does so, the chest is made empty, then disappears altogether.

I walk back through the door, where I see Princess Diana, who is still knitting, unaware that I have been there at all. I touch her head and whisper into her ear. "Jesus is the Savior of all mankind. Cry out to Him and He will hear your cries; for in death, as in life, He loves you very much."

Seemingly oblivious to what I am saying, she gets up, rolls up her work, and disappears into a dark forest. Yet, up high, high upon His Holy Mountain, our Lord Jesus sees. He opens His arms to Diana and she is no longer walking in the dark forest. Now, she has thrown down the knitting and she is running toward a clearing in the forest. Faster and faster, she runs toward the light and with outstretched arms our Lord Jesus is descending toward her. With a beautiful flash of light, which bears every color in the rainbow, all is gone. And, my heart, which was full of sadness, now sings with joy! For, what was is and what is was. The love of God is eternal. Praises to His Holy Name!

"And, so it is My Child. The lost need righteous intervention in life as in death. For, the soul goes on and in some instances, due to great tragedy, the journey of a soul is impeded and this soul needs, more that ever, the love of God."

"Father, what does all this mean?"

"My Child, most is obvious or should be obvious to all. The killing of this Princess is a tragic thing, but all is not lost. For, vengeance is now Mine. The battle you just had with the Red Dragon is real. I have put My power in you and I have given you My sword and as of this day, the Red Dragon has suffered a grievous wound. Mark My word."

"Father, should the people know of the four angels?"

"Yes, my Child, all should know. The four angels at the head of the Euphrates are now loose! This is what they should know."

"Father, how will this effect the world?’

"My Little One, it is chaos as the world has never seen. The Mideast shall soon erupt into a thermonuclear war, the likes of which few can comprehend; and these angels will possess the bodies of four people."

"Father, who are they?"

"My Little One, they are four Muslims."

"They are all Muslims?"

"They are and they will do what I put into their hearts to do. They will be a great problem for the New World Order; for they will go against them in ways that they can never imagine. My Child, it is a very bad day for Satan, the devil, the dragon. It is a very bad day for England, Israel and the USA. With this, we shall stop for now. I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God."


As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 9th day of November, 2003,
Linda Newkirk


Dear Ones, take special note of the liberating of Princess Diana and her unborn child! Also, take special note of the war with this dragon; for very soon in these writings you will see what the dragon means when he tells me that he will kill me! Of all that our Lord and God has given me over the years, the following messages are some of the most amazing!




Second Message from our Father in Heaven

"The Opening of the seals in the Book of Revelation"

"My Precious Child, I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God. My Little One, behold the Pale Horse, which is full of sickness and every kind of disease! Does it not ride the Earth with death and destruction?"

"Yes, my Father."

"And, the Red Horse of communism. Do you not see it?"

"Yes, my Father."

"And the Black Horse of Satanism, of oppression and death, do you not see it? It is a system of weights and measures, based on deceit and lies."

"Yes, my Father."

"And, the White Horse with the crown, have you not seen it?

"Yes, my Father, it is the United Nations, which is being used to govern the world. And, I now see their white vehicles everywhere."

"Thus, My Child, are the Four Horses not riding?"

"Yes, my Father."

"And, My Child, have I not told you many months past that the fifth seal is now open?"

"Yes, my Father."

"And, you wonder, My Child, how the fallen angels at the head of the Euphrates would be released before the Sixth and Seventh seals are open."

"Yes, my Father, I wonder about it. For, these seals go in sequence."

"My Child, did the United Nations come into effect before Communism?"

"My Lord I do not believe so. I think of Hitler, Mussolini, and France and I believe that all were in power before the United Nations. "

"What about the unjust scales of Satanism? Did this come into effect before the United Nations?"

"Yes, my Father."

"So, My Child, the truth is that the Four Horsemen have been riding for many years, oblivious to the most, and they have not necessarily been riding at all in the sequence given, but they have been riding. Is this not so?"

"Yes, my Father."

"But, a few months past, My Child, I made you see that the Fifth Seal has been opened, by nature of the fact that many martyred souls are beneath My altar crying out for vengeance. Did I not?"

"Yes, my Father."

"Now, My Child, the opening of the Sixth Seal is at hand and this also corresponds to Isaiah Chapter 24." (Take time to go to the Book of Revelation and read chapter Six, verses 12-17. Then, go to the Book of Isaiah and read Chapter 24. You will see that these prophets are seeing the same thing.)

"Yes, my Father. This is the passing of Niburu and the flipping of the Earth."

"’Tis so. Now, this is where you are."

"Father, have any souls been sealed?"

"My Child, every soul to be sealed has been marked for sealing and this sealing process has begun in some, though not entirely completed. For, this sealing is a process and relates, as well, to the cleansing fires and the purification of one spiritually at all levels. But, in an instant, it shall be completed in all, who are ready and meant to receive it. And, these are first the 144,000, but later others will be added as they become pure and clean before Me and My Son."

"So, Father, we know that the first four seals were not necessarily opened in the order in which they were seen, but the horses have surely run parallel, for the most part."

"This is mostly true, but now all do run neck to neck."

"Father, after this sealing, which is spoken of in Revelation 7:3-4, let us go on to Revelation 7-9, wherein we are told of great multitudes, which no man could number. They are of all nations and people and tongues and they stand before the Lord and God in white robes, with palms in their hands. Then, proceeding to Rev. chapter 7:14, we are told that these are they, which came out of the Great Tribulation, and have washed their robes and made them white in the blood of the Lamb."

"My Child, if nuclear war had hit America in 1998, the Great Tribulation would have begun then. It would have begun in 2001 if nuclear war had hit America then. But, I tell you, My Child, that nuclear war is again at the door of America and it will not be stopped this time."

"Father, in the Book of Ezekiel in the Bible, chapter 38:3-4, when Russia and the Prince of Tubal are drawn down to attack America, the great earthquake follows in chapter 38:19-21. (This also speaks of fire and brimstone raining down on the Prince of Tubal in chapter 38, verse 22.) But, if we go by the Book of Revelation, Chapter Eight, beginning with verse 6, we see the fire and brimstone and one third of the trees, waters, grass, etc smitten after the flipping of the Earth in the opening of the Sixth Seal. In this part, we are told that a star falls from heaven and waters become bitter, with one third part of the sun and moon smitten and stars fall from heaven in verse 12 of Chapter Eight. But, not until we get to Chapter Nine, verse 17 and 18, do we see fire and brimstone kill one-third part of men. Father, explain this; for there seems to be a great discrepancy here."

"My Little One, this worldwide nuclear war is up to mankind. The prayers of the righteous have held it off this long. This series of events is not set in stone. The prophet Ezekiel saw the destruction of America long ago and shortly after this destruction comes the huge Earthquake, which effects all of the world. Whether the nuclear war comes before the flipping of the Earth, or after, depends on the repentance of the people and the prayers of the righteous. Understand? These things are not set in stone. What My servant, John, was seeing in (The Book of Revelations) verse 7 of Chapter Eight relates to verse 18, chapter Nine. They go hand in hand. Understand?"

"But, Father, these angels mentioned in these relevant chapters, which John saw, have sounded one after the other."

"And in so doing, My Child, they have showed him what will be. They have called his attention to what will be, though some of these things will happen at once, just as the Four Horsemen, who have been riding for a long time. What seems to follow, one after the other, may actually be things, that happen at the same time. Do you understand?"

"Yes, my Father, but the Earth has not flipped yet, which is the opening of the Sixth Seal, so I do not know how the angels could be sounding the seventh trumpet, which is the Seventh Seal."

"My Child, remember what I said. The opening of the Seventh Seal and the sounding of the angels’ trumpets therein precedes worldwide nuclear war."

"But, Father, how could the Sixth angel sound (the releasing of the four angels at the head of the Euphrates) when we have not yet seen the others?"

"Remember what I told you, My Child. My servant, John, recorded the angels as he saw them. In fact, several angels may have sounded at once. In fact, My Child, Revelation, Chapter Eight, verse seven relates directly to Revelation Chapter Nine, verse 18 as you have seen. And, this is where you are right now, with these two angels, angels one and six after the opening of the Seventh Seal, who are sounding at the same time. They are sounding My Child. They are warning that one third of all life upon this planet could die very soon through nuclear war. This warning is now and whether this is averted through repentance and prayer is up to the people on this planet. Whether this war is delayed until after the calamities of this planet’s passing is up to each of you. And, it is up to each of you whether these things come to pass at all, but what you have seen is so. The four angels at the head of the Euphrates have been loosed."

"Father, I feel that this means that nuclear war is imminent and I pray with all my heart to see the greatest numbers of souls see salvation. But, if they perish and they are lost, they will not be saved and my heart weeps for them."

"My Child, this tribulation is needed for the purification of My people."

"Father, in Ezekiel chapter 39, when it is spoken of this attack on America, it is told that afterwards, the people will pick up and burn the weapons of the enemy for seven years." (Ezekiel 39:9)

"Yes, My Child, this is so and is also the indicator of the seven years of tribulation, which will begin with the nuclear destruction of America."

"And, the people, who are left in this country, will be scattered."

"This is so, My Child. Do you have more questions?"

"No, my Father. You have answered them all. I pray, Father, that you touch people’s hearts, open their eyes and ears and make them see the hour, the day and the year. Touch them, Father. Cause them to repent and save their souls!"

"My Child, I hear your cry on behalf of the lost and it shall not go unanswered. For, an awakening is coming upon America and the world. I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God."


As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 11th day of November, 2003,
Linda Newkirk


Dear Ones, it is important that you get out your Bible and study the verses given. This will help open your eyes to the reality of where we are at this very moment!


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