From the Mountain, Book IX

Chapter Twelve


"Deliverance from the Oppressors!"


"My Beloved Child, lift up your voice to the heavens and sing; for today is the day of your redemption. Today is the day of your freedom from your oppressors. Today is the day when I take vengeance upon your enemies as never before. Lift up your voice and sing! Shout, My Child, and dance; for a knife shall go into the back of the one, who says he is a President and is not. This man, who ordered your abduction, who sits among rulers and says that he is possessed of Lucifer, shall fall by the sword. And, with him shall go three others, all claiming to rule the world with him. And, with them a general and others, who are numerous. My Little One, patiently you have waited upon Me and you have continued to seek Me and to do what is right in the face of great opposition. And, because you have not crawled into the gutter with those, who have maligned you, but have waited upon Me, I shall now move forth in My fury and I shall begin to cleanse the slate. One by one, they shall meet the fiery furnace. They shall know the power of the One God. And, those, who have laughed and scorned you because of the truths that you have spoken, I shall laugh and scorn. For, just as I judged Daniel’s enemies, I shall judge yours and My judgement shall be complete. My Child, be not troubled. What has happened I have allowed and all so that My judgement would be complete. No, My Child, you do not know what has been changed in time, but those in the New World Order believe you do. I have sent you into time to change many things and I will send you to change more. Little can they do about it. Therefore, My Child, be at peace this day; for My rainbow is upon you."

"It is, Father. I see it and it is so beautiful."

‘My Little One, worry not for tomorrow. Do what you can today. Feed My Sheep while you can; for the day is at hand when you will be unable to reach them in great numbers."

"Father, I am trying. You know I want this more than anything. I only want to serve You and to bring salvation to the lost. Father, I want the greatest numbers to make it. But, Father, so few are turning. So few are changing and time is running out. Father, I am looking at this planet in the sky. It is visible in Arkansas. I do not even want to ask You, ‘How long’ because I know we do not have long."

"My Child, if people knew they had a day, would they change?"

"Father, if they were told, most would not believe it. Most do not even believe there is a planet, even when they are told and shown pictures."

"My Child, their sins have covered their eyes. Their sins have made them deaf. Their sins have confounded them. They will not see. They will not hear and they will perish in darkness. They have a heritage in the pits of hell or in the Lake of Fire. Outer darkness shall swoop up many, but they will not see My Kingdom. They will not receive a heritage among My sheep."

"Then, Father, You have the New Agers, the love and light crowd…"

"Yes, My Child, the New World Order, the New Age … what is new about either? Did Hitler not speak of both? It is the blind leading the blind. Will ‘love and light’ save a single one?"

"My Father, our Lord Jesus is the Savior of mankind. He is the way back to You and the Only Way. There is none other. If they will not honor our Lord Jesus, they will go the way of the rest."

"You have spoken it and this is so."

"I have sent My Only Son to live and die for the freedom of all humanity. Lucifer does not wish to give up a single one of you and he is furious that any of you will get eternal life. For, he and his hoards are going to the pits. They are going to the Lake of Fire. And, each of you will decide by your own choices where you are going.

Yes, My Child, time is running out for humanity. This planet is charging in. Earth, itself, has a date with a cataclysmic destiny and so do each of you. You will choose obedience. You will choose righteousness and life as My Son has brought to you, or you will choose disobedience, deception, darkness and death. There is no in between. Be at peace, My Child; for I am about to do a new thing for My people. It is a new day for My Loved Ones; but the rebellious shall soon perish.

When you see evil rise on every front, do not despair, but draw close to Me. For, through these tests and trials, you will see Me move forth to utterly destroy all your enemies. Mark My word, My Child. Before the day is over, the bodies of your enemies will be ready for the ground, their souls headed for the Lake of Fire. Therefore, go this day and do as I lead you, for My fury is about to be poured out all over the Earth. But, My Loved Ones, I keep in the palm of My hand. I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most high God."


As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 13th day of November, 2003,
Linda Newkirk





Second Message from Our Father in Heaven




"My Beloved Child, I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God. My Little One, as you know by now, the one, who calls himself President of the Earth is dead and he is burning in the Lake of Fire. A great ceremony is at hand as his followers from around the world gather to pay their respects to Lucifer. The ‘white pope’ is critically ill and a grand show has been going on for some time regarding this man. He shall soon follow the black pope into the Lake of Fire. Let this be a warning to the Catholics the world over that they are following after Lucifer and many, many of them the world over will follow this evil system straight into the Lake of Fire.

Yes, My Child, who would believe that the fake Jews have been running the world for a very long time through the Vatican in Rome? Is this not the whore that sits on seven hills? Is this not the whore that sits on many waters? Yes, My Child, this is the great whore of all the world and they are fooling many with their pomp and ceremony. They are fooling many with prayers from books and with rosaries and with their own apparitions of the virgin Mary.

My Child, do you believe that the earthly vessel, which bore My Son, would take precedence over Him? Do you believe such a thing? She was not sent as the Savior of mankind. My Son was sent; and he and he, alone, is the Savior. There is none other.

I have warned My people not to make such images of things in Heaven, not of Me, not of My Son and not of anyone or anything else. Why have I given this command? My Child, it has been for your own protection. It has long been human nature to bow down to idols. How many the world over bow down before statues of this virgin Mary? How many, My Child? Their souls are damned; for they worship an idol!

I have not sent My Beloved One, the earthly Mother of My Son, to appear in these apparitions. These apparitions are just that, apparitions, and they are put in the sky by the Luciferians in the Catholic Church. And, these are not all that you will see projected into the sky by them. The whole world is about to be deluged with false signs and wonders, which are brought about by this Luciferian machine.

Yes, My Child, they are furious. They are furious with you because of the work, which I do through you. Their murder attempt of you failed. Yes, My Child, they kidnapped you and yes this was at the orders of the black pope. Yes, you were taken before him and his court. They subjected you to mind control, memory scanning and then injected you with some of the most deadly substances ever known. They were full of arrogance and pride, believing that you would be dead within a few hours and your death would be ruled a suicide, but My Child, as I told you before, all that they did to you is null and void.

That same day (November 12, 2003), I struck down the black pope and within few hours I called Archangel Michael forth to assist you in pulling up this tree and throwing it into the Lake of Fire. The General, who works with him, is next and three of his command are quickly going into the Lake of Fire behind the general. And, with these go many, who took part in the kidnapping of you and the murder attempt.

Yes, My Child, I allowed it. Remember your own prayer wherein you asked Me to make you see, know and understand who was behind all the attempts on your life. It was this man, who gave all orders to kill you; for it was this man, who ordered the death of George W. Bush. It is this man, who pulls the strings of George H. W. Bush and many leaders around the world. Yes, My Child, as you well know, when they could not go forth with the Iraqi war as they wanted, they set out to kill George W. Bush. He has a great debt to you and to My Son, Stew Webb; for the two of you got out My warnings of their impending plot and they set out to kill you both. Their murder plots have been relentless."

"Father, they have. And, Dennis Bossack ( is one of them."

"He is and his soul, his spirit, is getting ready for the Lake of Fire. You have seen it and it is so."

"Father, You warned them in a message not to touch me."

"I did, My Child and you sent the message to them and they laughed and scorned. Now, however, they are not laughing and scorning; for they shall be hit with sudden death, flesh-eating diseases and bizarre accidents of every kind until each one is in the Lake of Fire."

"Father, what now?"

"The other pope will soon die. The replacement for the white pope will come and there will be a replacement for the black pope. The replacement for the black pope is the antichrist, who has been waiting for Lucifer to possess him."

"Father, who is this man?"

"My Child, he is truly a crown prince and the world will suddenly see a lot of this man. Be watchful and you will see."

"So, he is put into power by the Catholic Church?"

"Of course."

"Father, the inquisition has never stopped."

"It has not. This church is the enemy of all mankind and it is leading billions into hell. Through their Jesuit Order, they have infiltrated every facet of every society all over the world."

"And, this Dennis Bossack is a Satanic Jesuit?"

"He is."

"Father, it is a shame on the face of this Earth that law enforcement and military people blindly take orders to steal, kill and destroy, just because they are told to do so. Through blind obedience, Father, they are willing pawns in the hands of the Catholic Church! Now, I know why the Catholic Church has been so hated down through the ages. Father, these are the most evil people on the face of this planet. Yet, they have the white pope out there with his song and dance and with people all over the world bowing down and worshipping this evil. This is a disgusting thing."

"My Child, it is and this is why the very one, the Antichrist, whom they put into power, will turn on them and burn them to the ground."

"Father, this evil and disgusting thing (the Vatican) should have been destroyed a long time ago. I have never known such evil, but now I do; for I did ask you to make me see, know and understand it."

"You did, My Child, and I answered your prayer, but not in any way you would imagine. Yes, they kidnapped you and all laughed at your imminent death; but you live and each one of them is marked for the fiery lake and very soon all shall be there."

"Father, how many?"

"My Little One, 23 shall go right away and another 46 shall follow. I will not rest until every one involved is in the Lake of Fire. So, My Child, I have used the little tree to bring down the great tree and all the world shall know it. Others, who are brave enough to try to kill you will meet the same fate.

Now, My Child, your work as White Buffalo Calf Woman is set to begin. What is there to fear, My Child, for you have met Lucifer face to face and you have been brought back from a certain death. Rejoice, My Child, for vengeance is truly Mine. This is a mighty victory for My people the world over! And, I say again to the Pharoahs of this world, let My people go! To the Bushes, let My people go! For, it you continue to torture and try to kill My Loved Ones, you are next! With this, we shall stop for today. I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God."


As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 17th day of November, 2003,
Linda Newkirk

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