From the Mountain, Book IX

Chapter Fourteen


"Mockers and Scorners!"

"My Beloved Child, I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God. Be unto Me a monument, a beautiful heavenly creation of love and truth. Though mockers and scorners rise up and though they shout their lies from the rooftops, this does not make them so. Though they rise up on many fronts with stones in hand, and though they seek to destroy you and My works through you, this shall not be so. Know one thing, My Child: The Pamela Schufferts and the "Zeph Daniels" of this world, who know to do right and do not, will never inherit My Kingdom. Though they boast that they are lambs, they are ravenous wolves. Though they boast that they are in the Lamb’s Book of Life, the very one, who boasts the loudest is not, but is and has been from a very young age a servant of Lucifer.

Yes, My Child, the demons in this woman spin many a convincing tale, but this is what they are. Tales. Tales, issued out of the mouth of a lying, deceptive, manipulative, cunning servant of Lucifer. A fear monger, indeed, always warning of the imminent plans of the very ones, who have programmed her to do so. Plans of martial law. Plans of internment of Christians. Yes, My Child, a time is at hand when these things shall come to pass, but be very alert to those, who make these things their calling cards.

Yes, My Child, Pamela Schuffert is headed for the Lake of Fire and sooner, much sooner than she will ever believe. And, "Zeph," who has spread absolute lies about you is not far behind. He would have done well to get his facts straight before callously accusing you and labeling you a false prophet, but as he lacks discernment he has done so, all to his own demise.

My Little One, you have seen the so-called prophets come and go. Many have attacked you because I and My Son have revealed to you over and over that reincarnation is not only true, but law. For, all shall reap as they sow. I forgive those, whom I shall forgive; but when there is no forgiveness, there is no grace. Where there is no grace, there is an eye for an eye. This is the law.

Will Pamela Schuffert and "Zeph Daniels" reap what they have sown? Yes, My Child, they will reap it. They will reap every bit. For, they have taken what is true and labeled it as a lie! They have taken what is precious to Me and scorned it! They have taken My word and blasphemed it! They have called the words of My Spirit as given to you through My Son, "doctrines of demons and devils." Yes, My Child, they have blasphemed Me. They have blasphemed My Spirit; for which there is no forgiveness.

The time is at hand, My Beloved Child, that I shall enwrap them in their evil and remove them from the Earth, save they repent. But, as they are stiff-necked, proud, haughty, and blasphemous do not expect this. For, in their pride they believe they are doing the world a great service in calling the truth a lie, in blaspheming Me and My Spirit, in calling you a false prophet. Yes, they believe this. They believe their own lies, for this is convenient and elevates them temporarily to a position of power. Oh, Yes, they feel powerful, but I tell you, My Child, that in due season, which is soon, indeed, they will not feel so powerful. For, My hammer of judgement is going to hit them both and all their cohorts in crime. Yes, My Child, what they have done to you is criminal. I see it all and I know it all and I shall settle this once and for all time. Those, who continue to blaspheme you and spread lies and disinformation are all known to me. I know every person on every message board. Yes, I know them all and I know the ones, who are giving the orders.

Did Pamela Schuffert hide her own purse in order to manipulate this family, who reached out to help her in love? I have shown it to you through My Spirit. You have seen it and it is so; but for her to be found out as the liar, conwoman, satanic pawn that she is, was unacceptable to her. Oh, Yes, My Child, she would do or say anything to convince the world that you are the liar and that she is the victim. My Child, innocent people have been victimized by this evil woman, who claims that she is one of Mine and she is not. Yes, innocent people, people, who have done her no wrong. Over and over, this liar from hell, has lied to and deceived My people with her "Christian talk," but I know her through and through. I am not deceived, My Child. No person would want to be in the shoes of Pamela Schuffert and her accomplices in this evil that they have done. For, soon, very soon, My Child, I shall judge them all completely.

And, you know, My Child, from what you went through with the Vatican stalkers and assassins, even with Lucifer, the head of the same, that I abide My time. And, when I see fit, I make a clean sweep. You have another set of enemies, who serve the same master, the god of hate and fear-mongering, of dissention; and I shall deal with them all. Oh, they are smug now, truly believing that they have won in their assaults against you; but My Child, this pride, this high-minded pride, truly precedes their fall. Every lie that they have spoken against you shall turn into a hammer and this very hammer of My judgement shall hit them in every area of their lives. And, soon, very soon, save they repent, they shall have their place with all liars in the Lake of Fire.

My Little One, I fight your battles. Because they espouse their lies and believe them does not make it so. Because they believe their own lies, they are all the more the fool.

Be of good cheer, My Child, for even as I smote the "President" of the Earth for the harm he did to you, I shall likewise smite your enemies. Yes, My Child, there are those, who would say that these two are your brother and sister, but I say that your brother and sister are those, who put Me first. They love Me and My Son and they do not lie. All liars have their part in the Lake of Fire, save they come clean before Me.

My Little One, through you, I have revealed many mysteries of My Kingdom, perhaps as much if not more than to any of My current prophets. I have told you that you are one of the Seven Thunders, who do speak the mysteries, but soon, My Child, the Seven Thunders will cease to reveal My mysteries. My words through you have enlightened, helped and blessed many, but now, My Child, evil rises up on every front.

Those, who profess to work for Me, are being shown for what they are. The real is being separated from the unreal, the truth from a lie and only those, whose hearts are clean and pure will know the difference. Yes, My Child, they will hold onto a lie, believing this lie with all their being and this lie will destroy them. With their lying vanities and with their venemous hatred they will all be destroyed. Know, My Child, that I stand with you against all railers, accusers, slanderers, backbiters and gossipers, who go behind your back and spread malicious lies. I am against them and every one of them shall fall. Make no mistake about this, My Child. My Judgement will not be next month or next year. It is now and every one of them shall feel the wrath of My anger.

With this we shall stop for now. Be of good cheer, My Child; for though evil shall rise up against you at every turn, I shall never forsake you. I shall fight your battles unto total victory. I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 27th day of November, 2003,
Linda Newkirk



Our Father has well-summarized what these two have done to me, but there is more, and I have sought our Father long and hard as to what I should reveal to each of you. As for me, I would just as soon let our Father deal with the whole thing as He surely will. But, it is important that you get the truth of what has taken place so that you will be the wiser! I solemnly pray that you will learn from the heartaches of others and that you will be spared the ravaging and raping of those, who come in sheep’s clothing, but are inwardly ravenous wolves!

It is a sad day when two, who profess to be prophets of God, hurl wild accusations and seek to discredit what is real and is of God. I pray that all would learn a lesson from this evil that has been done to me and this precious family in Minnesota.

As for the wild assaults against me for revealing the words of our Lord and God, that reincarnation is true: If you do not know whether something is true or false, it is wise to spend time with our Lord and God seeking for truth, seeking for wisdom and understanding. Many have attacked me and tried to destroy me because our Lord and God has revealed that reincarnation is true, and to their own detriment.

He revealed the truth of reincarnation to me after I sought him many months for understanding. He gave me dreams, visions and prophecies to show me that reincarnation is true. However, this very revelation from our Lord and God has become a stumbling block to many, who have set out to make an example out of me because of it! But, in the end, the so-called prophets, who have set out to destroy what our Lord and God has given have wound up in great trouble with God! Several of them come to my mind right now; for I have witnessed how our Lord and God has dealt with them, cutting them off cold for their attempts to destroy me individually for what is true!


The Real Pamela Schuffert!

I am deeply saddened to know what Pamela Schuffert has done to a precious family in Minnesota. Fred and Katy Sasse have come out and told their story, which Pamela Schuffert hopes will never see the light of day. I support them in their efforts to reveal the truth of what this lying, manipulative woman has done to them. Many people know the works of Pamela Schuffert and her "reporting" about the New World Order and the concentration camps in this country. But, few know that she was raised in a Satanist home. She has repeatedly stated that her Father was a high-level Satanist, who had a high military commission.

I am well aware that the Satanists begin to sexually abuse, rape and pillage little girls as early as the age of three. This is written in the Talmud! I am also aware that many of these sexually abused children begin to split off and fragment in their minds because of the abuse, which is so incomprehensible. From my own studies in psychology, I also know that 95 % of all those, who have multiple personalities, were sexually abused as children.

I do not know what Pamela’s psychological problems are! Only our Lord and God knows all, but it is time for everyone to ask serious questions about the identity of this woman, who lies, manipulates and slanders those, who love and serve our Lord and God. I have serious questions about anyone, who writes letters to her own message board and uses aliases, these aliases in this case being none other than Pamela Schuffert parading as many people. I thank Sherry for doing the research of these IP codes and passing along this information, which further shows that Pamela Shuffert is a deceiver and manipulator of the greatest kind!

It is a sad day indeed when we wake up and see that the Christians have been infiltrated by those, who pose as prophets; yet they are ravenous wolves, who are taking the names of the Christians and collecting their correspondence for obscure reasons and hidden sources. As for me, I have seen enough of the "Zeph Daniels" and the Pamela Schufferts to last me a life time.


Our Own dealings with Pamela Schuffert

We personally had our own dealings with Pamela Schuffert over one and one half years ago when she came along and pretended to be a prophetess of God. There is one part of this woman, which is a very convincing "Christian" and she is able to fool many with this Christian persona. At the same time, I had my doubts about Pamela as she "pushed" to know of other prophets that I knew. I was very reluctant to give any information to this woman, but she was/is a pushy woman and in the end I asked the two prophets, whom I knew at the time, if they would mind talking to Pamela. After she was given these names and contacted these people, she confronted me about reincarnation in the last conversation I had with her. I told her that it is in fact true! On the telephone that night, she let out the most heinous laughter. Four times, I said, "Pamela, we must pray" and each time she ignored me, continuing on with this heinous laughter. Then and there, I know that something was not right with this woman.

When Katy from Minnesota wrote me that Pamela Schuffert was coming to stay, I did not know whether to warn them of my suspicions or to take a "wait and see" attitude. I did not know how well Katy and her husband knew Pamela. They spoke highly of her and I did not want to bring about dissention. I am sorry that I did not warn them of my own suspicions. Now, however, because of what these people have been through and what I have now personally been through because of the evils of this woman, I know that I must warn each of you about Pamela Schuffert.


Pamela Schuffert is a Mocker and a Scorner!

As for Pamela Schuffert, our Father in Heaven issued her a warning about the evil that she has spewed out against me and she mocked and scorned His every word. From her own words, it is obvious that Pamela Schuffert is one evil, demon-possessed woman, who is out posing as a reporter and is gathering up information for some very questionable reasons and obscure sources. I am shocked and dismayed every time I think of the things that she has done and said against this family in Minnesota.

I am printing our Father’s warning to her and her mocking comments, as well as the letter from the family in Minnesota. It is enough that these people have had to go through great heartaches and pain because of the pilfering of Pamela Schuffert, but in addition to all these things, they have had to undergone deep humiliation as Pamela has publicly slandered the loving woman, who reached out to help her and who blessed her in many ways. Pamela has publicly called this loving woman borderline personality with schizophrenic behaviors and states that she is capable of making such a diagnosis because she worked as a nurses aid. This is criminal behaviour and is an abomination before God Almighty!

Why has Pamela gone to such great lengths to destroy Katy, her husband and me? Because Katy confronted Pamela Schuffert and told her that a prohetess of God said that her purse was not stolen, but hidden beneath many things in her own van! Because this woman confronted Pamela Schuffert with the truth, Pamela has repeatedly contacted Katy Sasse’s husband at work and has stated to him that Katy is in serious need of psychological counseling. Pamela Schuffert has also repeatedly contacted him and told him that Katy wants to have affairs with other men. The vicious attacks, which have come out of the mouth of Pamela Schuffert are the words of devils and demons, which have been viciously spewed out to destroy all that is true and right.

I have awaited the time when the Spirit of God would give me the go-ahead to write and expose Pamela Schuffert and "Zeph Daniels" for the disinformation experts that they are and this time is now. You can take this information and do what you choose with it, but you are well-advised to avoid them like the dark plague they are!



The following warning comes from Pamela Schufferts’ own website!

<snip>.... WARNING

Please be advised that "personal attacks", inappropriate language or

posts not in line with the goals of this website will be deleted.  ....<snip>

Yes, this is the real Pamela Schuffert, who is operating a message board, which she can use to slander others, but never gives them a chance to defend themselves! For these very reasons Pamela Schuffert would never publish what these people in Minnesota had to say. She would never publish what others wrote to her regarding these topics, which was not in line with her own demented ramblings. Obviously, she only publishes the truth so long as she can manipulate it to suit her own twisted desires, just as she has done with the warnings, given to her by our Father in Heaven.

When I went to Pamela Schuffert’s site and read her wild accusations against me and against the people in Minnesota, I felt the righteous anger of the Most High rise up in me and He began to dictate the following letter to her. I posted this letter to her message board, which she quickly took down, but she later posted it along with lies put out by "Zeph Daniels," bold-faced lies stating that I had issued death threats against him and put curses on him. It is most obvious that the two of them colluded in their attempts to smear me and to issue false allegations against me in order to please their god, Lucifer. But, in the end all the truth does come out. It stands alone and the evil ones hang themselves with their own words. Yes, the intentions of the heart come forth and reveal what is hidden behind many facades and this is what has happened with Pamela Schuffert and "Zeph Daniels." They are just two more servants of Lucifer, who are posing as sheep, just two more wolves in Lambs clothing!!!



This message was given by our Father in Heaven to Pamela in response to Pamela’s calling me a liar, among other blasphemous things!

So says Jehovah the Most High God To Pamela Schuffert. I shall walk on you like a giant, who walks over a matchstick, and with my fury I shall pulverize you into the ground; for you are a mocker an a scorner and a lying manipulator! You have come out against My true prophet, spewing lies and filth, and you will not win! The President of this world is now in the Lake of Fire for the evil He did to My Anointed. Do you believe that you are any better off! Within a month, I shall too carry you into this Lake of Fire if you do not repent. There is one and only one between the two of you, who is lying, and that is you! No more will I tolerate what I have tolerated in the past! You will either repent or you shall perish. I am Jehovah, Most High God!
        As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 21st day of November, 2003 Linda Newkirk


Pamela Schuffert’s mocking scorn!

(Our Father’s words are in bold print!)

Re: "That the Mouths of Liars May Be Stopped:" Linda Newkirk
Fri Nov 21 2003 3:51:47 pm
So says Jehovah the Most High God To Pamela Schuffert. I shall walk on you
like a giant, who walks over a matchstick, and with my fury I shall
pulverize you into the ground; for you are a mocker an a scorner and a
lying manipulator! You have come out against "My true prophet..."

[Oh, ah...Linda Newkirk, false prophetess, you mean???-PS]

....spewing lies and filth, and you will not win! The President of this world is now
in the Lake of Fire for the evil He did to My Anointed.

[Sorry, Linda, but Satan has NOT YET been cast into the lake of fire! Check out the BOOK OF REVELATION! He roams this earth as a roaring lion to this very day, weeking whom he may devour. Your end-time eschatology is WAY all New Age witches' theology is off.-PS]

Do you believe that you are any better off! Within a month, I shall too carry you into this Lake of Fire if you do not repent.

[Sorry again, "Lyin' Linda,", but MY NAME IS WRITTEN IN THE BOOK OF LIFE, and I am a born-again Christian justified forever in the sight of the Living God I serve through faith in Jesus Christ. As such, I have NO PART in the lake of fire! Get your theology straight!-PS]

....There is one and only one between the two of you, who is lying, and that is you! No more will I tolerate what I have tolerated in the past! You will either repent or you shall perish. I am Jehovah, Most High God! As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 21st day of November, 2003 Linda Newkirk

What a SORRY example of false prophecy from a lying deceiver, who uses her false prophecies to convince the unwary that REINCARNATION IS GOSPEL TRUTH...and her "god" says so! The Bible states clearly that anyone who professes to epeak "in the name of the Lord" BUT who is later to be found WRONG, IS TO BE STONED! I would look out if I were YOU, Linda!

-Pam Schuffert

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The following is a letter to Stew Webb from Fred Sasse, and following this letter is their accounting of what took place in their home regarding Pamela Schuffert!

Date: Sat, 22 Nov 2003 17:12:23 -0600
Subject: Abused and manipulated by Pamela Schuffert

Dear Stew,

I do not know you, but I spoke with Linda Newkirk this morning.
My wife and I were "ransacked" by Pamela Schuffert. She stayed in our home for a month. I wanted to send you our account, which Pamela deletes from her website. She does not want anyone to know what she did to us.

Please review this information. I think it might help someone else from being abused by this woman. You may share on your website if you wish, or I respect your right not to share it. It is a true and honest account of what it was like to live with Pamela Schuffert for one month.



Our contact with Pam Shuffert began with my wife reading her website, donating some money, and ordering (paying for) her book. Late July, we received a phone call from Pam stating that she was in an emergency situation, being evicted from her Bible College. She used the phone number on the check my wife sent her to call us up. She stated that she would be passing through, and I repeat passing through, our area. Pam ended up staying exactly one month, until we simply could not take it anymore. At the breaking point, I told Pam she needed to leave in a week. She took that, and another four days to boot.

Anyway, about Pam's arrival from New York State. She needed $200.00 gas money to make it to St. Paul. We wired her the money. She arrived, and later that day she said her purse was stolen. I rushed home from work, to find out what happened. My wife and I both believed her completely, but in my spirit I knew something was wrong. We suggested she call the local gas station, it could be possibly left there. I ran down the alley, looking for a discarded purse, with nothing in sight. Pam said this was impossible; she could never leave her purse. The normal thing to do is believe a theft took place, but as time went on, our suspicions grew. Pam is just now "filing" a police report. Doesn't it seem a little late?

We said nothing and took Pam for her word. During this time, Pam was doing very little, if nothing, to recover her lost driver's license, van title, and other documents that she needed. Pam quickly made herself at home. Then the manipulation began, slowly at first, but gradually building to the point where we were put in the position of "I can't leave here until this need is met".

We are in the process of adopting an orphan from India. Pam yelled at my wife while she was driving to various stores for items she needed (which we were paying for) about what a terrible decision this would be. My wife nearly got in an accident because of this. Later, while taking her out to dinner, she began to chew me out as well. She said we should not do this; we should be using our money to store up food for the upcoming martial law. My wife was devastated by her intrusive, bullying, "I know God's will for you" attitude.

All the while, we kept paying for things for Pam. The total bill was over $2000.00. Pam would pile things at the counter at the last minute, and expect my wife to pay for them. Our checking account was nearly closed; we were put on the bad check list with the credit bureau (Telecheck) due to Pam's manipulation of my kind-hearted wife.

During this time, I also learned of Pam's work ethic. Like some of the extreme survivalists and anti-govs, Pam Shuffert does not believe in paying taxes to the IRS (in her mind, because the federal government subsidizes abortion). While we oppose abortion as well, why was it our responsibility to support her, with our money that WE (my wife and I) have to report to the IRS? So, Pam does not believe she really needs to work a regular job to support herself, believing that in doing so she is betraying her beliefs.

We tried to arrange for Pam to speak at our local church, but the Pastor refused. He had some insight that I did not have at the time. We also helped Pam set up a TV show taping with a wonderful healing/worship/deliverance ministry that is located in downtown Minneapolis. This ministry, after praying about the taping, immediately cancelled it. These other believers and church leaders were seeing something that I was not at that time. But now it is all clear to me.

The reason I believe Linda Newkirk's prophecy is this. I believe Pam Shuffert hid her purse in her van to stay with us for as long as possible, to use as an excuse so she could get what she needed, and of course have a place to live. Pam Shuffert plainly stated to us that she could not leave unless she had her driver's license and other documents replaced. Do you believe that this was our responsibility to her? And to extend a visit that was only supposed to be a couple days into a month long spending spree? Of course, everyone forms his or her own opinion.

After living with this for three months, a heartbroken wife (who now really needs counseling after the backlash for adopting an orphan from India) I had to come forward and tell my story. This boy will be raised a Hindu and have a terrible future unless we act. Pam had no business touching something so close to our heart and God's.

I had to come forward with this, even if it means Pam's wrath. If you get in her way, prepare to be bulldozed. I have heard her criticize just about every known ministry, except Dimitri Duduman (he has universal respect). So now, we are the liars according to Pam. I refuse to be intimidated by Pam Shuffert. She owes my wife a huge apology, which she has refused to date. She has plainly stated that she has done nothing wrong and my wife is mentally ill !!!!      Fred Sasse, November 22, 2003.


Dear Ones, this is a great tragedy, for evil has been returned for good! This very thing has happened to us more times than I care to remember and this is one of the most painful things one can experience! I so regret what these precious people have gone through, for I know the sting and sorrow of it all!



As for "Zeph Daniels", I do not personally know this man, but by the evil of his works I certainly can say that I now know him spiritually. Just before Thanksgiving, someone called and alerted me to the attacks, which were taking place against me on his site. I was also alerted to the assaults against me on Pamela Schufferts website. I wrote a letter to the administrator of "Zeph Daniels" site, expressing my dismay that he had chosen to attack me for what is true. I am posting this letter below; for "Zeph Daniels" has taken this letter and has told the world that I issued death threats against him and put curses on him. You read and you find the death threats and the curses.

There was also a letter on Pamela Schuffert’s site, supposedly from "Zeph Daniels", telling of how I went to his message board and posted death threats and curses! I have never been on his message board. He has never issued me a password to be on his message board and I have never had a desire to be on his message board. I have much better things to do with my time!

Zeph Daniels is an outright liar! He is an accuser! He is a creator of dissention and has blasphemed the words of our Lord and God. To this day, he continues with his lies and with his false prophecies. What I have read of his so-called prophecies are nothing more than ramblings from his own mind! I am also aware that he recently took our Father’s words from Chapter Eleven of Book Nine and attempted to give his own interpretation of the seals and the horsemen and much of his interpretation is wrong.

One night, I told someone over the telephone that "Zeph Daniels" has accused me on his site of being out for money. I flatly told this person that we do not even have donation information on our site. We give away seven prophecy books and only two must be ordered as our Lord and God has directed. The last time we asked anyone for help was about five months ago when we asked others to help us bless the beautiful brothers and sisters, who translate these works! (Let it be known that what anyone does to help with these works is at the promptings of the Spirit of God and for these blessings we are eternally grateful! We have never made "money" our reason for disseminating the word of God and we never will!)

The very next day after I spoke these words over the telephone, "Zeph Daniels" claimed that God told him to take down his donation information and to stop selling his two books on his site! Clearly his impetus for ending the selling on his site came via the very conversation I had on the telephone with someone else the very night before. The "ears" and "eyes" of the telephone are the Spirit of God for this man! Since his "profound" decision to remove the selling from his site, he has started a personal vendetta against others, who ask for donations! This is the utter madness of this man, who claims to be a prophet of God!

The following is the message that I wrote to "Zeph Daniels," the very message that he lied about and disseminated untruths about. Where are the death threats and the curses that he says I sent him?


To: Zeph Daniels of The Zeph Report!

You are the wolves in sheep's clothing! You are viciously attacking me behind my back about something that you have branded as false, when in fact it is true. If you had taken the time to consult our Lord and God about the veracity of reincarnation, He would have shown you that it is true, but you have not done this. You have instead chosen to brand me as a false prophet and New Ager for revealing the mysteries of God. You have branded a true Prophet of God as false! You have called what is true a lie! You have given evil for good, and you will find soon enough that you are under God's judgement!

As far as Pamela Schuffert is concerned, if you had taken the time to hear the truth from the people in Minnesota, or if you had even contacted me regarding what I know of this woman, you would know the real Pamela Schuffert! But, again you have not done this! If it obvious that your decisions go the way of the wind and if you do not repent of this evil, the whirlwind shall carry you away!

Pamela Schuffert has less than a month before the judgement of God Almighty falls on her. And, save you repent, you will find the fury of God on you! But, of course you are not concerned. Why would the words of a "false prophet" mean anything to you?

Jesus is our My Life!
Linda Newkirk

So, where are the death threats and the curses that "Zeph Daniels" has wildly accused me of????


I have one reason and only one reason for revealing the truth of what has taken place and this is to keep you from falling into the traps of these manipulators. There is an infiltration of the Christian camps in great and unprecedented ways! The very government of the USA has an office, which is called Domestic Contact Services and this very office employs between 40,000 and 200,000 disinformation agents. Stew Webb has given me this information and I thank him for passing it along. Many of the ones, who work for DCS are common criminals and if they are not criminals when they are employed, it is not long before they become so. They are all paid to break the law and to disseminate lies and slander about those, who tell the truth! Each of these terrorists is paid between $4,000 and $20,000 annually just to sit at their computers and smear those, who write the truth.

Let it be known that I will say no more about this matter. If the evil ones rise up in swarms to assault me for truths that I have given, I will sit back and patiently await the time for God Almighty to judge them as He sees fit. It is a new day and He has said that He will no longer tolerate what He has put up with in the past. Those, who have nothing more to do than spread lies and seek to discredit what our Lord and God has given, had better be prepared to face the consequences of His wrath!

"Father, God Jehovah, it is time for a housecleaning of America!"


We thank Stew Webb and Barbara Hartwell for their on-going commitments to exposing the truth! Plant Pam Shuffert Barb.html               ps.htm


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