From the Mountain, Book IX

Chapter Fifteen


"Sound the Trump! A great shaking is at hand!"

"My Beloved Child, I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God. My Child, stand high upon My Holy Mountain and sound My trumpet, for a great shaking is at hand. A great rumbling is at hand. A great cleansing is at hand. My Child, this is the sound of the Seventh Trumpet and let the whole world awaken and be aware; for nation shall rise up against nation and bondman against free man. The Earth, itself, shall begin to rock and sway. Mountains shall begin to crash into the sea and winds shall howl the world over as I rise up in My wrath against the enemies of My people.

Yes, My Child, even as I have shown you this day in Psalms Chapter Two, these evil ones rise up and plot and scheme as to how they will break the bonds of My Holy Ones and how they will scatter all. Oh, Yes, My Child, their plots and schemes are elaborate and they fit into all facets of life on the Earth. This, My Child, is why I am raising up and empowering My Supernatural Army; for they go, one by one and alone all over the Earth.

Who can scatter what I have already scattered and because they are scattered, they shall hunt for them and not find them. These are the 144,000 and the complete sealing of all is near completion. The veil has been rent and torn and now these will travel freely between two worlds, the Earth, itself, and My Holy Kingdom.

I am steadily equipping My army and empowering them for a battle, like the Earth has never seen. Yes, My Child, this is a continuation of the battle in heaven a very long time ago when Lucifer rebelled and took with him one third of the angels of heaven and fought for control of the same.

And, as you know, the evil ones have been cast down into the Earth for a great battle, which is at hand, wherein these evil ones will be cast into the Lake of Fire. One by one, they will go at the hands of those in My Supernatural Army and in due season, the rest will go at the coming of My Son. But, between now and then, a great war is escalating on every front as the antichrist rises to power.

Yes, My Child, the Vatican is very busy. As you have been told, daily since I struck down the Black Pope ( Count Hans Kolvenbach) a great stream of high profile individuals from all over the world, have swarmed the Vatican. They have come to pay their respects and to receive acknowledgement of the one world religion, which is at hand.

Let all be warned that if you have made the occult your way of life, you will be deceived. For, the occult will begin to take center stage in every facet of this "new age" Satanic religion the world over. Yes, My Child, it is a new day for My People! It is indeed a new day! But, for those, whose hearts are not pure, whose robes are not clean, it is a day of great trouble. For, save they repent in a great way, they shall follow the occult, new age pied piper right into the Lake of Fire.

Yes, My Child, the two occultists, "Zeph Daniels" and Pamela Schuffert have come after you with a vengeance and I have given them plenty of rope, with which to hang themselves. And, with this rope, they have securely fastened it around their own necks, and they are hours and days away from their own demise. "Zeph Daniels (AKA Crimson Warrior) is an occultist. He is a government disinformation specialist, who has fooled many. He is a proud and haughty man, a wolf, who is parading as a lamb, along with his Satanist cohort, Pamela Schuffert, and both shall soon meet the Lake of Fire.

My Little One, I have tolerated much persecution of My Loved Ones in the past; for this has been a time of cleansing through the fires for them. But, I tell you emphatically that I will no longer tolerate what I have tolerated in the past. I will no longer tolerate to any degree blasphemy against My Spirit as both have done! I will no longer tolerate abuse of My Loved Ones as both of these have done. My fury is upon both of them and My judgement is going to pummel them both.

Yes, they mock and scorn My words and they call you "new age;" and the blind and deaf will follow after them, all to their own demise. But, the wise will see that these two are the hounds of hell and to the fiery pits they will return. Yes, they mock and scorn My word and call you "new age" for revealing that reincarnation is true. But, the two evil ones had better pray long and hard for another chance to rectify their wrongs. For, they shall reap as they have sown.

Yes, as they have blasphemed My Spirit, both shall find their names removed from My Book of Life permanently, save they repent in a big way. For, one has her name removed already and the other one is about to know the same. No longer will I tolerate the profane! No longer will I tolerate the liars and the disinformation specialists! No longer will I tolerate the hatemongers and those, who blaspheme Me and My Son and My Spirit.

Yes, My Child, it is a new day for My people! It is a new day in this world, wherein I have rent the veil and because this veil is rent, My Tried and True, My Loved Ones, shall know a greater freedom. They shall know a greater amount of My power and My Spirit. The renting of this veil is synonymous with the raising up and empowering of My Supernatural Army. It is synonymous with the pouring out of My wrath upon the enemies of My people! It is synonymous with the gathering up on My Sheep the world over! It is synonymous with the blowing of My trump on My Holy Mountain, signaling the opening of the Sixth and Seventh seals.

Yes, My Child, great and mighty works shall My people do; for it is truly a new day for them! But, for the double-tongued, for the two-faced, for the backbiters, for the gossipers, for the fence-straddlers and for the unrepentant sinners, it is a day of great trials. For those, who have consistently chosen the fake and phony over what is real, who have not loved the truth, but have loved a lie, it is a day of darkness and great gloom! It is a day of great trials, of great temptations and severe persecution. For, they shall be carried along in a dark, a very dark stream, to their own destruction.

To My Loved Ones, to those, who put Me first, who love Me with all their minds, with all their hearts, with all their souls and with all their strength, it is truly a time to rejoice. For, I shall go before you! I shall go behind you and all around you are My holy fires and My armies of angels. Yes, it is a new day for those, who truly love Me and who truly obey Me. For, I shall fight your battles. I shall slay your enemies on every front and you shall walk through their blood! For, I have called you and I have tried you in the fires and you are now ready for a greater walk through Me.

But, for those, who lie, who steal, who cheat, who blaspheme Me, My Son and My Spirit, it is a time of delusions and darkness, as they have never known.

My Child, I have said through My Son that there is nothing hidden that I will not reveal. Through you, I have revealed many hidden mysteries and for those, who want this information, it is available through these works. One of these mysteries is reincarnation. I have shown you through visions, dreams and revelations that this is true and because of this revelation many mockers and scorners have been cut off from My Spirit. For, those, who mock and scorn My Spirit, who blaspheme My word are straightaway cut off from my Spirit.

They could seek Me as you have done; but they do not. Instead, they choose to go about destroying you for truths that I have given you. This is why a considerable number of those, whom I originally called to prophecy, no longer get any prophecies at all. For, in their high-mindedness, in their pride and arrogance, they sought to destroy you for this very truth. Those among Mine, who are lacking wisdom, will seek Me for wisdom and understanding. But, the proud and haughty, believing that they know all, will stumble and fall.

So, My Little One, it is a new day for My people and because of the great light from My throne, which is bathing My anointed, they shall more readily know the fakers, who are before them. To My Loved Ones, it shall become increasingly more apparent who these fakers are. But, to those, whose hearts are not pure, and whose lives are not clean, the occult shall seem like the right way.

Yes, My Child, it is a new day. The prophecy from the Book of Enoch, which relates to the 70 evil servants of Lucifer, who were slain by My Son from the Pleasant Land, relates to the Black Pope and the 69, who will follow. This prophecy, which was given many millennia ago is now being fulfilled. These 70 are well-known, high profile servants of Lucifer and you, My Child, agreed to go among them, be abused and violated, that this very prophecy would be fulfilled. For, in another life, you were Enoch and in due season, I shall put you again on a Holy Mountain and those, who would come to harm you will be consumed by My raging fires. For, what is was and what was is. This is the destiny of all souls. The wise will understand, but the deceived will sink further into darkness and in this darkness, they will perish. I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 1st day of December, 2003,
Linda Newkirk



Our Father’s words from Book Nine, Chapter Twelve!

"My Little One, 23 shall go right away and another 46 shall follow. I will not rest until every one involved is in the Lake of Fire. So, My Child, I have used the little tree to bring down the great tree and all the world shall know it. Others, who are brave enough to try to kill you will meet the same fate."

Dear Ones, including the Black Pope, this is a total of 70 evil servants of Lucifer, who will go into the Lake of Fire! At the present, we know that Leonard Millman, trillionaire, high-level Satanist, Knights Templar banker, drug dealer, money launderer and serial killer is now in the Lake of Fire! This has never made public news, just as the dead black pope has never made public news. But, intelligence sources have revealed to Stew Webb that both are now dead and that there are other high-profile Satanists, who are dead, and all is being kept in the dark!


The Awesome Way our Lord and God works!

Below is part of an e-mail, which was sent to me by a very powerful man of God and a Dear Brother! From the depths of my heart, I thank him for sharing this fulfilled prophecy that you and I might all be the wiser! His name is "D" and you will see some of his comments as well as some of my own, in parenthesis.


Below is a section of the Book of Enoch that forms part of our 'Bible' that we compiled as per instructions of JaHWeH. This book was removed from the Vulgate by the Catholics in 800 AC. This book can be drawn off Internet. See Chapter 90 verses 20 to 27. This came to me while I was reading your Book 9, Ch 11 to 13 regarding the destruction of the black pope and the 69 other Jesuit priests. Thus a total of 70 shepherds who killed plenty sheep on this earth. Inserts my own.

<Dear Ones, I have seen our Lord Jesus on His Holy Mountain in the midst of His people! At the very top of it is Our Lord Jesus and He rules from his own throne! Praises to His Holy Name!>

20 And I saw till a throne was erected in the pleasant land, and the Lord of the sheep sat Himself thereon, and the other took the sealed books and opened those books before the Lord of the sheep.

<These sealed books are now being opened! Linda>


21 And the Lord called those men the seven first white ones, and commanded that they should bring before Him, beginning with the first star which led the way, all the stars whose privy members

<From previous books, do you recall the Seven judges, who are beautiful beings, all dressed in white, great and mighty in the Kingdom of our Lord and God! All souls must pass before them and give an accounting! Linda>


22 were like those of horses, and they brought them all before Him. And He said to that man who wrote before Him, being one of those seven white ones, and said unto him: ' Take those seventy shepherds to whom I delivered the sheep, and who taking them on their own authority slew more

23 than I commanded them.'  And behold they were all bound, I saw, and they all stood before Him.

<The great and on-going inquisition of the Catholic Church. Linda>

24 And the judgement was held first over the stars, (EVIL SPIRITS FROM THE FALLEN ONES WHO POSSESED THESE SEVENTY. D.)   and they were judged and found guilty, and went to the place of condemnation, and they were cast into an abyss, full of fire and flaming, and full  

<"D", could the stars also be very high profile people, who have heaped great attention upon themselves, demanding to rule over all? Could these be the greatest among them, who have usurped and abused much power? Linda >

25 of pillars of fire. And those seventy shepherds (SEVENTY JESUIT PRIESTS D.)  were judged and found guilty, and they were cast

26 into that fiery abyss. And I saw at that time how a like abyss was opened in the midst of the earth, full of fire, and they brought those blinded sheep, (CATHOLICS WHO REFUSE TO SEE THE TRUTH D.) and they were all judged and found guilty and

27 cast into this fiery abyss, and they burned; now this abyss was to the right of that house. And I saw those sheep burning and their bones burning.


<From previous chapters, you will recall how our Lord and God took showed me the Black Pope burning in this Lake of Fire! This is a horrible thing and I would not wish this on anyone, but this is truly the fate of all, who choose evil! Linda>



"NASA Hounds from Hell and their Satanist Counterparts!"

"Father, Oh, Father, Oh, Father, in the beautiful and precious name of Your Son Jesus (Yeshua), who is our Lord and Savior, I come to You today. Father, Oh, Father, these evil hounds from hell have the audacity to write to me, seeking to appeal to me in a vain way, calling me great when there is none among us, who is great, no not one. For, we are all sinners, all fallen, Father, and brought out of it only because of Your love and grace and the salvation given through our Lord Jesus. Father, they have had the audacity to kidnap me, try to kill me, implant me with all manner of things and now they come with their evil, accusing You and the hosts of the Most High, blaspheming You, Father, calling good evil and evil good. Father, Oh Father, I petition You this day to smite them, smite them with Your rod of judgement and take them all into the fiery lake. Father, I am begging You this day to judge every last one of them right into the Lake of Fire. Father, I am begging You to rain fire and brimstone down upon them all and to destroy all their antigravity machines. I am begging You, Father, to destroy their bases, both under the ground, around the Earth, on the Moon, Mars and elsewhere. Father, I am begging You and your beautiful Son, who is our Savior, to rid this solar system of these hounds of hell. Father, they disgust me. They are repulsive snakes, disgusting demons from hell! Father, I beg You to destroy this evil, to clean the Earth and the heavens above of all of them and their filth."

"My Child, these are the very ones, who kidnapped you and tried to kill you! These are the very ones, who are out to carry all of humanity into the Lake of Fire and into the Pits of Hell. These are the very ones, who have stalked you for many years. These are the very ones, who have hounded you and have tried to kill you over and over. Now that many of them are set for a sure fate in the Lake of Fire, they are out to appeal to any vanities in you so that you will align with the forces of evil. Yes, My Child, they want to keep their proposals in the darkness for they do all their evil in darkness. But, at this final hour, I am shining My light in their midst. I am bringing to light their evil works. They all know their fate in the Lake of Fire and they are out to destroy My army, but I tell you, My Child, that this day, I am raising you to new levels in My army. This day, I shall give you the gift of calling down fire, literal fire upon your enemies. This day, My Child, this day is a new day for My People! For, this day, I put My fire into your hands and those, who would seek to harm you, shall know the heat of this fire. No longer will I tolerate these assaults against My Loved Ones! No longer!"

"Father, with this new gift, I am asking You right now to send down fire upon all of them! Send down fire upon their spacecrafts and cause them to burn up and explode all over the world! Send fire into their bases under the ground and in the ground and destroy them! Send fire into Lucifer’s whorehouse, the Vatican, and burn it to the ground. Send bolts of lightening into them individually and carry them into the Lake of Fire. Father, I am asking that You send destruction upon them as they have never seen and never could imagine. Father, deliver me and my Loved Ones from all evil and keep us safe! Provide for us, Father, and destroy our enemies.

Father, I know that among these evil ones are the "Watchers." And I am asking for Your immediate judgement upon all of them. Father, please do not delay in this; for this evil totally disgusts me. I abhor this evil and I am standing on the Rock of our Lord Jesus and begging You today for immediate destruction of these evil hoards!"

"My Little One, the fires are coming, both to them in this Earth and to them in the afterlife. The fires are their destiny!"

"Let it be today; for I despise the evil that they do. In the holy Name of our Precious Savior, Father, make it so."

"My Child, you are the White Buffalo Calf Woman. They know this and they know of your destiny among My People. This day, I put a sword of flaming fire in your hands that is greater than anything you can ever imagine. This sword has the power of 350 plus dimensions and will continue to increase in power. Let them rise up against you and they will feel the fire of this sword. For, I shall slay among them, not just 70, but 70 X 70. 70 X 70 of the most powerful Satanists in the world. Yes, My Child, you are White Buffalo Calf Woman and from now on, you will put this name beneath your name. It is time for the whole world to know that White Buffalo calf Woman is here in the Earth and I am raising you up to send you to nations around the world. Upon My Rock, you stand, upon My Rock, you will slay the enemy! You will pierce the dragon over and over and over and over you will defeat him with My fiery sword, through the power of My Spirit. White Buffalo Calf Woman is coming into her full power and anointing. This is why they tried to kill you and being unable to do so, they now seek to appeal to you through lying vanities.


This day, I issue a rebuke to them all: ‘ The very one you tried to kill will now be used to slay you in great numbers. Because you believed not my warnings but suppose you are gods, and because you touched and tried to kill My Anointed, 70 of you are now dead! Those, not yet in the Lake of Fire, have hours and days! Those, who even think to do evil to My Anointed from henceforth, shall drop dead! All of you, who plan evil to this woman, to this anointed servant of Mine, shall from henceforth drop dead! This is the anointing of White Buffalo Calf Woman! You are warned! You are fully advised! Now, you will reap as you sow! Death shall hit you in great numbers; for everyone of you is under My judgement! I am Jehovah, Most High God."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 3rd day of December, 2003,
Linda Newkirk
White Buffalo Calf Woman

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