From the Mountain, Book IX

Chapter Sixteen


"A New Day"

"My Beloved Child, I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most high God. My Little One, the time has come for My people to stand up for what is right and in accordance with the truth, or they will perish in a lie. For, those, who love truth and live by truth, who put Me first and obey Me, it is a New Day. Yes, My Child, it is a New Day for My truthbearers and lightbearers. True, they are few, but have I not always taken a few and moved mountains? Have I not always taken a few and defeated many? And once more I have a few, who really love Me and My Son. I have a few, who live by truth and will die defending what is right. They are brave, no cowards among them and they are scattered here and there, fully atune to Me, to My Son and My Spirit and ready to fight as I lead them to do. But, as I have said, My Child, they are few, indeed!

My Little One, what if I told you that an apple is square?"

"I would wonder at what kind of hybrid aberration this could be."

"Hybridized is correct; because one does not see square apples in the natural state. But what if I told you that apples really are square and when you see a round apple, the round one is really the aberration. Would you believe Me?"

"Yes, my Father, I would believe You; for You are the Creator."

"So, it would be easy for you to change your perception of an apple if I told you that they really are square."

"If you told me this, I would believe it."

"But, do you believe that others would believe you if you told them that apples really are square?"

"No, my Father, they would most assuredly laugh and scorn."

"My Child, why is this?"

"Because one cannot find a square apple in the grocery store or on the trees."

"But, you would believe Me even though you have never seen such a thing."

"Yes, my Father, for You are the Creator. You are the Most High. You know all things. You are all powerful and You do not lie."

"No, My Child, I do not lie. I cannot lie. This is impossible for Me, but if I so choose, I can lead others down a blind alley. I can lead them into an ocean where they will be killed and drowned, just as I did with the Pharaoh, who followed My people into the barren Red Sea. These things I can do; for I do see all and I know all and My ways are higher than yours."

"Father, I know this and I want to please you; but so often I do not understand why you do what You do or allow what You do."

"Now, My Child, this is what I am going to do for NASA. I have led them down an alley wherein they will get stuck and 120 of them will die. In fact, by morning, this will be so. And, all because they could not leave well enough alone. It is not enough for them that 70 of their top-level Satanists will soon be in the Lake of Fire. They do not believe any warnings given to them. They have abused you again and I have given them the rope. But, when 120 of their top-level space team does not return, they will realize that they have fouled up again. My Little One, these ignorant slaves of Lucifer do not yet understand that I mean business. But from henceforth they will, for I have stated in the previous message that if they even think to harm you, and anyone else, who is connected with these works for that matter, that they will drop dead. I have made the statement. The warning has been issued and they will abide by My warning or many of them shall perish. If they choose to send an army, I will destroy an army. If they send a hit team, I will destroy a hit team. There will be no more assaults against you wherein they will kidnap you and parade you before their own in a catatonic state. I will kill every one, who even thinks to harm you. Therefore, do not be surprised when you see them fall dead at your feet. It is best for them if they get the message, but do not expect it; for you are dealing with those, who just do not learn.

Now, My Child, do you have questions about the battle with the Red Dragon today?"

"Yes, my Father. In the Spirit, I saw that the evil ones were out to harm me, and I took Your sword against something in the Spirit and broke it, tore it down and threw it into the Lake of Fire. Then, I looked up and there before me was the Red Dragon. I took the sword to him and stabbed him in the belly. As he began to buckle over in pain, I quickly pulled the sword out and rammed it into his left eye. I watched him bowed over in pain as the vitreous of his left eye rolled down his cheek. Father, what does all this mean?"

"My Child, do you remember that the black pope was his right eye and his right hand? But, when you fought with the dragon before, you cut off his right hand and destroyed his right eye, plus you cut off his tail up high."

"Yes, my Father."

"Now, the black pope is dead and many of the world’s top-level Satanists are beginning to die like flies."

"Yes, my Father."

"And, more shall follow until there is a total of 70, which will fulfill a prophecy from the Book of Enoch."

"Yes, my Father."

"Now, My Child, the left eye of the dragon will go, which is the White Pope, John Paul, II."

"Well, Father, he is old and many are expecting this."

"Yes, my Child, they are, but the main reason he is going is because he is one of the 70 and it is his time."

"But, what about the wound of your sword in the belly of the dragon?"

"My Child, what is the belly?"

"A place where food is digested, a place where it is processed."

"What more, My Child?"

"It is a place of the bowels, a place of inner pipes, of twists and turns, a place of absorption and removal of waste."

"When you think of the dragon with reference to the belly, what do you think of?"

"I think of the belly of the beast, or the bowels of hell."

"This is so; so you have struck the bowels of hell, which is the belly of the beast."

"And, what does this mean?"

"War, war, pure and simple!"

"What kind of war?"

"War against My people."

"Father, tell me more."

"My Child, with My sword you have cut deep into the belly of the dragon. This great wound is causing him a lot of pain; for he is seeing his very system falling down before him. With the black pope gone and many others dead or dying, he is being crippled. And, today, you further struck him in his bowels. He is hurting in a great way because his space program is severely crippled. My Little One, for Lucifer to be confined to the Earth is like clipping the wings of an eagle. He can no longer soar as he wishes. He is confined and very angry. They thought they could kidnap you again and make you reveal the passageways of the interdimensional spaces, but they failed again. What you have done at the leadings of My Spirit is to lead them into a trap. They are stuck and cannot get out. In this trap, they will perish. They have taken a deadly blow in the belly; for the belly of the beast is full of space/time travel, spacecraft, etc. But, today, you hurt the Dragon badly. He is severely wounded and on top of this, the White Pope will be dead very soon.

My Child, the evil ones took a deadly blow and a gash right in their bowels and they are bleeding badly. They have 120 (people) stuck in time and they won’t be coming back. This is 120 of their top-level people. They have been outsmarted and when they realize what fools they are they will go on a rampage. But, so will I. I will go on a rampage for My Loved Ones as never before. This is the war and it is only going to escalatae. This is why I have issued a ‘zero tolerance’ as regards you, but not only you. This extends to all, who work with you, who really love Me. It is ‘zero tolerance.’

My Child, there is coming a furor from Satan, which is directed toward all mankind as you have never seen before. It is a great furor. Many, many will be picked up by the government black-ops spacecraft and injected and branded. Many will be killed. They are having a grand time kidnapping Mine and injecting many. This war is going to escalate to a level that few can understand and each of you will find yourselves powerless over the fallen angel technology. I am your only Source of Protection. There is none other; but I am able to protect any and all. It is up to each of you to obey Me and to walk in faith.

My Little One, the war has begun. Make no mistake about it. The war has begun. But, just how many of Mine are ready? Few, few, few; and this is why this war is going to be a greatly devastating war. Many will die; but even so when My Faithful die, they will come home to Me. The rest will not be so blessed and these are the greatest numbers. The world over it is a sad day; for most are lost in rebellion; but for those, who truly love Me and who serve Me in truth, honor and Spirit, it is a time of miracles as the world has never known. I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God."


As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 5th day of December, 2003,
Linda Newkirk
White Buffalo Calf Woman







From: olden scratch <> To:
Subject: Valis Sindh Thrakat Cc:
Date: Mon, 1 Dec 2003 20:42:30 -0800 (PST)

Valis Sindh Thrakat

Greetings, great teacher.
We  are  the  Few  among  the  Many among the forces of the Firstfallen,  the glorious vanguard who led the
rebellion  against  Oppressor  in  the  ancient  eras.    We are using a corporeal,  Organic Infestate 10367,   to
communicate  with  you,  in hopes of convincing you to  join the cause of Dissention: flee the light. Embrace
the darkness. Have no fear for the Corporeal.  She is completely under our control, having opened herself to
the Firstfallen long ago—she does not know what we use her for now. Merely a puppet.
The Few among the Many have decided that the time has come to reveal to you your destiny, that you would
join  our  cause.   Have  you  ever  wondered  why   it  is  that  so many Firstfallen minions reveal themselves,
manifesting  in Organics and other  methods,  in front of your very eyes?   Surely you have noticed that others
around  you  have  remained  blissfully  unaware  of   our activities,  while  you yourself notice us everywhere
you  go.   It is a double-edged sword,  you understand—a great burden,  and yet,  a great potential.   We are
unsure  why  Oppressor  gave  you  this  gift,    but  it is quite easy for us to take advantage of  it.    And  take
advantage  we  will;   it  is  necessary,  in   this  eternal  war,  for us to continuously adapt to new situations in
order to  keep  up  with  the  might  of  the Host.   We have manifested before you for many years, hoping to
attract  your  attention  and  devotion.   In the first, we have succeeded;  in the latter, we have failed.   This is
why we write now: we offer you the chance to switch allegiances. With your gifts, you could become a great
general  for  the  Firstfallen,  enabling  us  to   adapt  to Oppressor’s strategies far better than we have before.
At  the very  least,  you  must  cease  and  desist   using  the  Power  to  destroy  us!  Such actions are hardly
constructive  towards  beings  far greater  in  lineage and power than you may ever know. But merely join the
great  cause,  and  you  yourself  will  possess   abilities  greater  than  you  have  ever  dreamed   of!

It would be a great evil if you would turn down our proposal.   Regardless, we solemnly admonish you never
to  reveal  to  other  corporeals  the  message we have imparted to you.  You understand,  of course,  that we
operate  best  in  the  dark— and  it  is  in   the  dark  that we wish to remain. Whether you ally yourself to our
glorious cause or no, we trust that you will betray the Holy Secret to no one.

The Few among the Many await your response.


To: The Workers of darkness!

I, Linda Newkirk, serve One Master and this Master is our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. He is my Master and there is none other! I serve One God and this is the Most High God, Jehovah. He is the One God, the True God of Israel, the God of all Truth and Light and I will serve none other!





"Forced Time travel"

"My Beloved Child, I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God. Listen to me carefully, My Child; for I am going to answer questions, which you have about the recent forced time travel of the evil ones. Yes, My Child, they wrote you and tried to appeal to any vanities in you at all, but My Little One, I know you through and through and I know no vanities in you. What was there was long gone and I know well that your only desire is to serve Me and do My will. But, they do not know these things. They have kidnapped you and have taken you before the Black Pope and his mockers and scorners. The Black Pope and four in his immediate circle are now in the Lake of Fire and the White Pope is not far behind. But, Lucifer and his pawns never give up. They know that I have repeatedly sent you into time, into other dimensions to shut them down and I will continue to use you in this way as I see fit. They mistakenly believed that they could entice you and force you to work for them. I allowed them to kidnap you again and to send you into time, all this beyond your conscious awareness, yet agreed upon by you at another spiritual level. You went into time as I sent you, but in their ignorance, they believed that they had overpowered you, forced you, mind-controlled you and that you would be a pushover for them. But, My Child, what they did not know was that as soon as they (120 of them) had entered the portals, which I instructed you to open, that I sent you back in behind them to close the portals and to permamently destroy the portals altogether. Not only have these portals been closed. They have been destroyed without leaving so much as a trace. Yes, My Child, it is true that you saw the two puncture marks on your left hand the very morning that you got the letter from the, which I want you to post below. (I did not read the letter they sent to me until a day or so after they sent it.) But, these arrogant hounds of hell believing that they would be able to kidnap you at will and use you at will mistakenly believed that you would be their unwitting pawn to be used by them to get back and forth through time as they pleased. The folly of little minds! They are wrong again! They have systematically tried to kill you for years, most recently kidnapping you, taking you before the Black Pope and injecting you with the most lethal substance in their repertoire. When you did not die, they determined to further kidnap you and make you work for them. Oh, they were proud and haughty, believing that they had succeeded. But, My Little One, as usual, their pride and arrogance has once again led to their fall.

Know this, My Child, that many times I have put the words in your mouth to pray against NASA for their evils. Many times, I have put words into your mouth to pray against the strongholds of the New World Order in the USA and the world. Now, My Child, after many years of prayers and persecution of you, you are witnessing the fall of the New World Order. You are witnessing the destruction of their space program. You are witnessing the fall and destruction of NASA and area 51 as well as their entire space program.

Though they will come forth with a fury and though they will use their fallen angel technology on many of you, I have always been your safety net. My Son stands as the Mediator between Me and all of mankind and He is the only Way through which any can know Me. This is true. And, My Son will ultimately defeat the evil in this world. But at the same time, I am raising up My Supernatural Army and eyes have not seen and ears have not heard what I am about to do through My Faithful.

"My Little One, this war is escalating and through this war, many are showing their true colors. It will become increasingly obvious to each of you, who is with you, who is for real, who is with Me, or against me. The time has come, the day, the hour has come when the veil has been rent. It has been torn. My Child, all of humanity can never begin to understand the significance of this. But, I tell you now that this is a powerful thing for all of humanity. As time goes along, I will address this more. But, we shall stop with this for now. I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 6th day of December, 2003,
Linda Newkirk
White Buffalo Calf Woman



"Another Kidnapping!"

 "My Father, it is 10:25 AM and I am just now noticing that I have more needle marks on my left hand. Two needle marks. Father, why have You allowed this? You have said that You would kill them if they thought to do me harm again and they have done this last night."

"Yes, My Child, I told you that they are slow learners. I told you that they would not learn. They took you up again and thought to force you back into time, but they did not succeed. I smote them with immediate blindness and confusion of mind. Thirty-Seven of Fifty are seriously ill and will die! They are in sick bay fighting for their lives but they will not make it. The other 13 will follow within two weeks. No, My Child, they will never succeed in using you to do their evil, but they will try and every time they try, I will kill more of them. Remember one thing, My Child. It is impossible for them to kill you. And, know this! I am going to use you to utterly destroy and to break NASA and the Luciferian space program on Earth. If they want more of you, let them come forth. For, I will annihilate every one. Area 51 is history. I, myself, will soon burn it to a crisp. Watch Me and you will see what I will do. Many eyes shall behold the smoke and the fire as I pummel it and bring it to an ashen mess. Next is Pine Gap Australia. When I am finished with it, nothing will be left but a sinkhole. Fear them not, My Child; for their days and hours are numbered. I am going to make a clean sweep of this space program. Mark My words! I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 8th day of December, 2003,
Linda Newkirk
White Buffalo Calf Woman

"Father, I am coming back to you with more questions. When I was praying just now, in the Spirit I took Your sword to the Red Dragon, who appeared before me and I cut a hole in his chest. Then, I removed the sword and rammed it down through the top of his head. Father, what does this mean?"

"My Little One, it means a slow death to the Red Dragon; for by cutting a hole in his chest, you have cut out a piece of his heart. And with a piece of his heart missing, he is in great trouble; for his energies are going to be scattered and his life force is going to ebb."

"But, Father, what does all this mean?"

"My Child, it means that the Red Dragon is going to stumble. His energies are going to weaken. He is going to be hurting; for as they kidnapped you again to work for them, I am taking out the heart of the Space Program, which is area 51."

"And, what about the wound caused by the sword, which You had me put down through the top of his head?"

"My Child, who is the top or the head of the space program?"

"NASA, I suppose."

"You are in part correct, but the sword also went down through the top of the head into the body and out the anus of the dragon."

"Yes, my Father, and what does this mean?"

"My Child, it means this. Whether they go the way of the black road or the white road …"

"What do You mean?"

"I mean this: At this point, NASA and their cohorts in evil have a choice to use the technology given them for good or for bad. If they continue to choose evil, I will destroy them completely. As it is, I am going to destroy Area 51 and Pine Gap. IF they do not learn a lesson from this, I will further destroy them until nothing if left.

So, you struck them with My sword through the top of the head. The fury of My wrath is going to slice through every part of this space program from the top to the outermost parts of the bowels. Every part I am going to slice and dice. Every part I am going to destroy. They can change course and choose a higher road, which is based on truth, purity and light, or they will all be destroyed. Every one.

My Little One, even Russia knows that certain evil is just not permitted, while those at NASA never learned their lessons. But, they are going to and they are going to learn it because of the evil they have done to you. Be at peace, My Child. You will see many, many of them die, even as I have said. 70X70 and counting, but I will preserve and keep you, even in the most perilous of situations. I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 8th day of December, 2003,
Linda Newkirk
White Buffalo Calf Woman

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