From the Mountain, Book IX

Chapter Seventeen


"Get Spiritually ready for the New Day"


Part I

"My Beloved Child, I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God. My Little One, in recent days, you have seen gale-force winds. You have seen the temperatures go from warm to very cold. In short, My Child, you have seen great changes in space of a few days."

"Yes, my Father, I have seen it."

"My Child, the whole world is on the verge of great and tumultuous events. From day to day, all will be shocked at what they see. The whole system, as you know it, is coming down. Evil, which has thrived in a great way and has gone unchallenged, is now going to feel the wrath of My judgement. Whole governments, which stand because of evil alone, are going to topple the world over. My Child, few realize that it is a New Day for My people, but I tell you again, it is a "New Day." It is a New Day for the oppressed and the poor. It is a New Day for the persecuted.

While I have tolerated much in the past, no longer will I tolerate the same kinds of things. No longer will I tolerate half-measures from My Loved Ones and no longer will I tolerate abuse of those, who really love Me. My Little One, few can imagine what I am about to do for My people the world over. Yes, few, My Child, for what I am about to do for Mine, the world has never seen.

My Little One, do you have questions about the so-called earthquake in the Richmond Virginia area, which affected even Washington D.C.? (This took place on December 9th, the day after the evil ones last kidnapped me and injected me.)

"Yes, my Father, I do."

"And, you know that I have shown you that this was no earthquake at all, but a huge underground explosion."

"Yes, my Father, you have shown me this."

"And, My Child, I have shown you that a huge underground base, which is a base for the evil workings of a shadow government within America, has been all but eradicated."

"Yes, my Father, You showed me what appeared to be an underground city, or a base."

"Yes, My Child and it is 67% gone and 98% un-operational."

"In other words, Father, this base has been destroyed."

"It has."

"And, many lives are lost."

"Yes, My Child, thousands of lives lost and some of them top military people and others with top-secret clearances, who are valuable to your government."

"Father, what brought about this destruction?"

"I brought it about; for this is the government hub, which has continually executed orders to kill you. It is the government hub, from which orders have been given to kidnap you and others and to kill many, who spread My truth. The eradication of this base is but My first step to rid the Earth of this plague of evil, which is out to destroy all good. But, even so, I am just beginning. I have warned them about what I will do to them for their murder attempts on you and others of My Loved Ones; and I have warned them about what I will do to their space program because of kidnapping you repeatedly and injecting you with all manner of things in an attempt to make you work for them. Oh, yes, My Child, many of them are now in the Pits of Hell and the Lake of Fire and I am only beginning. Remember, My Child, that they are the ones, who set out to make war with Me for the truths that you have given. They are the ones, who have tried to kill you over and over for telling the truth and for saving the life of George W. Bush. It is they, who are and who continue to be the aggressors. Right now, they have swat teams in America to kill you and others of My truthbearers; but I tell you, My Child, that I shall kill the ones, who have sent them and then I shall kill the swat team. The huge numbers of deaths, which I am bringing among these satanic leaders and followers, shall soon be too many for them to successfully cover up. My Child, I have said it and I will speak it again. "You will walk through the blood of your enemies. Fear them not! But, if they have any sense at all, which most do not, they will get some fear into their hearts for what I am about to do to those, who continue to issue orders to kill you, to stalk you and to harass you. My Child, it is a New Day for My People and in My wrath, I am going to utterly destroy this evil. I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 11th day of December, 2003,
Linda Newkirk
White Buffalo Calf Woman

Part II

"The evils of the Dark Forest"

"The Beautiful New Forest"

"My Beloved Child, I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God. My Little One, see the dark forest."

"Yes, my Father, I see the dark forest and it is all around me. Wherever I go, I see a dark forest. There are thick briers with many thorns and the light is almost gone from this forest. As I walk through this forest, I see, up ahead to my right, a dark door, like an opening to a mining tunnel. I walk ahead and enter the tunnel. And, once therein, I find a rock to sit on, knowing that darkness is approaching. Whispering to myself, I say, "Jesus is my Rock. Jesus is My salvation. He is My Hope."

And, even as I say these words, an angel of great light appears before Me and the whole tunnel begins to light up. The angel says, "Jehovah, Mot High has much work for you. Why are you so sad?" And, as the angel says these words, a wind whips up, closing the door and I begin to feel very cold. The angel takes a tongue depressor and holds down my tongue, while looking down my throat. As this happens, my vision carries me through the closed door of the tunnel and out into the dark forest. There in the dark forest is a witch, who stands before a pot, which is brewing over a hot fire. As the witch stirs the pot, she says, "Double, double toil and trouble. We will feast on Linda Newkirk for dinner." I gasp as the angel removes the tongue depressor from my mouth. As the Spirit of God carries my vision carries once more through the closed door, I see all manner of beasts, like hypos, tigers and snakes. "What is all this," I ask the angel? And, the angel says to me, "This is hell on Earth."

Now, pleading with our Father in Heaven, I say, "But, Father, why are you making me experience this and go through this right now?"

"My Little One, does the old saying not reveal that the ‘darkest hour’ is just before dawn?’"

"Yes, my Father, the old saying reveals this."

"And, My Little One, this year has been a dark hour for you, wherein you have seen great treachery. You have seen the worst of times. You have suffered murder attempts. You have been kidnapped several times, brought before Lucifer and his dragons, and you have been stalked; and constantly you have been pummeled with military mind control and military weapons. You have been followed and persecuted, libeled, slandered and stabbed in the back by so-called friends. Enemies have risen up against you on many sides and your life has hung by a thread over and over. And, you ask Me, ‘What is the dark forest?’ My Child, this is the world and this is hell on Earth."

"Yes, My Father, You are right. There are few on the face of the Earth, who will not take a knife and put it into the back of another. Father, this whole world is rotten to the core, without a doubt. Some of the very worst ones are those, who say they love You. They are often the first to pick up a knife to stab another in the back. Father, as for me, I am disgusted with this whole system. Then, there are the witches and the warlocks, the workers of darkness, who are constantly on the prowl to make a meal out of me."

"Oh, yes, My Child, they are on the prowl and with their winter solstice coming up, they think to make a meal out of you. My Child, do you see the witch, who is stirring the potion in the caldron?"

"Yes, my Father."

"And, when you go out (in the spirit) and lift up her black robe, whose name is on the back of the shirt?"

"It is ‘Hillary Clinton.’"

"This is so, My Child. I want you to leave the cave. Go out in to the cold, pick up the witch and throw her into her own brew."

"Yes, my Father."

So, I push hard against the closed door; for the cold wind is fierce and as I do the door slams hard against the wall. Ahead of me is the witch. She has her back to me and she is chanting to the devil. I come up behind her, pick her up by the kicking heels and cast her headlong into the boiling pot. All I see are clothes and piles of fat and grease, which are floating up now on the surface of the boiling pot. I take her witch’s scepter and I break it and throw it into the fire. Up to the top floats now a ring with two hearts, which are joined. On one heart is "Bill" and on the other one is "Hill." I stand back and shake my head, "Yea," I say to myself, "Bill put her on the hill."

"Now, My Child, look around you. What do you see?"

"My Father, I see that the briars are drying up and dying. Thorns are disappearing before my eyes. Light is coming into the forest and as I look ahead, I see our Lord Jesus, who is approaching me with open arms. I run through the forest toward Him with open arms; but I sense something slimy and hot, which is grabbing at my ankle. Looking back, I see that it is the skeleton of Hill, which has climbed out of the pot. The skeleton has red, glowing eyes and out of its mouth a demon says, "Linda Newkirk, you are a dead woman."

"Not at your hands," I say, and I reach down, grab the skeleton, wrap it into a knot and command it into the Lake of Fire. Now, as I stand beside our Lord Jesus, He says to me, "My Child, the dark forest is full of evil."

"Oh, my Lord, it is! And I want no part of it."

"Yes, My Little One, I know; but from time to time, you must go there to fight."

"Yes, My Lord, but I do not like it at all."

"My Little One, this is known."

"My Lord, what is this about Hillary Clinton?"

"She want you dead and has wanted you dead for a very long time. But, it is Hillary Clinton, whose days are numbered and they are few. She will leave this world in short time and far ahead of you. She has been working evil against you through her satanist practices for a very long time; for she and Bill truly hate you. And, as you have heard, so do the Bushes. But, it is not wise to hate someone, who has risked her own life to save another’s, as you have done in warning of murder plots against George W. Bush. So, My Child, as you have risked your life to save his and he is out to kill you, he shall soon die! My Little One, you are going to see many of your enemies meet the fiery lake and soon; for our Father will no longer tolerate these on-going murder plots and diabolical schemes. This is a New Day wherein the retribution of our Father against those, who seek to harm you, shall be immediate. You will not have to wait many years to see it. This retribution shall be quick and swift."

"My Lord and My God, I love You so!" And, I fall to the feet of our Lord Jesus, weeping profusely.

He kneels down beside me and strokes my head as I weep. Within a short time, I begin to feel very relaxed and feel totally at peace, like a small child, who is being tucked safely in bed at night. As I snuggle up to rest, I hear our Lord Jesus say to me, "You will swim the Holy River and you will go to greater depths than you have even known; for the profundity of our Father’s words calls out to you."

"As I, like a very young child, begin to nod off, I hear myself say, "My Lord, I am ready." Suddenly, I awoke to find myself in a beautiful forest. Through this forest is a clean path and the path is well illuminated with a great light from above. Before me, the path is full of light and behind me as well. The trees are beautiful and all are very tall and full of greenery. There are no briars or thorns, no weeds or brush, only beautiful, tall trees, with a beautiful, clean, clear and well-illumined path. "Oh, My Lord, this is so beautiful," I cry out. As I look among the trees, I now see many, many angels. They are all dressed in white, and they have eyes of fire. All have swords and upon looking at them I feel so happy. Running down the path, I shout praises to our Father in Heaven. "Holy, holy, holy is His Name! Holy, holy, holy!" And, as I sing, the angels sing and the trees sing, "Holy, holy, holy is our Father in Heaven!" And as we sing, a fire of white light begins in the forest, at first coming from behind and then moving forth to touch all things. The trees become alight with white fire. The angels, the path, and I, myself, now alight with and blazing with this white fire. Oh, this is a wonderful thing and it takes my breath away. For, within this light is only beauty. Only joy and only that, which is pure. I sit upon a rock and creatures of the forest come to me. There are rabbits and squirrels and birds and they come to me, some of the birds resting on my shoulders and I feel so greatly blessed that I begin to weep for joy.

A rabbit looks at me and he says, "Why do you weep?"

And, I say to him, "I weep tears of joy and I also weep for those in the dark forest. I weep for those in the caves and dens. I weep for those, who only know the briars and thorns. I weep for all of them."

"But, now is a time to rejoice," says the rabbit.

I reach forward, pick him up and hold him close. Then, many animals jump into my lap and it is so great to know their love. "My Friends," I say, "you have known the dark forest. You know how it is." And, they all nod in agreement, some saying, "yes."

And, as I look at my feet, there I see a little chipmunk, and he is breaking down and sobbing. "The whole world if ruined," he says. "The forests are ruined. The skies are ruined and the waters are ruined."

I reach down and pick him up and put him in my lap with the others. "It is not good to cry alone," the rabbit says to the chipmunk.

"No, my Precious Friend, it is not good to cry alone." And, I wipe the tears from the eyes of the chipmunk, now holding him close to my heart.

"Listen," I say to the animals. "Do you hear the heartbeat of the Earth. It is beating very slowly now and pretty soon, the Earth, as we know it, will die. There will come a New Earth. As we have seen a new and beautiful forest, so we shall see a new and beautiful Earth and there will be no more dark forests. You will not have to be afraid; for no one will eat you. No one will kill you; save they pay a great penalty. Dear Ones, we are now a part of this New Earth. It is in you and it is in me and the law of the New Earth is now in effect for those, who have pure hearts. Do you see? But, some, Dear Ones, even some of the Pure Ones made an agreement with the Most High to die at the hands of the evil ones. These are the tall, beautiful trees; but worry not; for we will see them again in the New Earth. They will be kings and queens and priests of the Most High."

The animals begin to jump and shout, all talking at once and I say to them all, "We need to thank our Father in Heaven; for He is bringing us into the New Earth and its law, even while the old Earth is fading." And, we all kneel and in the silence of the forest, we all give thanks to our Lord and God for the awesome blessings at the time of this transition.

As the little creatures fade from my sight, one by one, the forest, itself, begins to fade and I awake at the feet of our Lord Jesus. "Oh, my Lord, what a beautiful dream!"

"But, My Child, that was no dream. The New Earth is in those, whose hearts are pure. It is the Pure of Heart, who will inherit the New Earth. You are now receiving your heritage, not years from now, and the law of the New Earth is in effect for all the Pure of Heart, save those, who have chosen martyrdom. Even these will not feel the sting of death."

"Oh, my Lord, this is so beautiful and I do not even know what it means."

"My Child, the law of the New Earth, the single law, which is operant is the Law of Love. You know this law and it is to love our Father with all ones’ heart, with all ones’ mind, with all ones’ soul and with all ones’ strength and to love another even as you also love yourself."

"Yes, my Lord, I know it."

"My Little One, those, whose hearts are pure are full of love and righteousness. They choose truth and honor Me as Saviour. They put our Father first and seek His will in all things. But, My Little One, these suffer mightily; for the whole world hates them. People hate them and stick a knife in their backs over and over. But, these do not retaliate. They continue on and speak only the truth as much as they know the truth to be. But, My Child, as you have been told, it is a New Day. The law of the New Earth is vibrant in the Pure of Heart and this law states that if any would harm the Pure of Heart, they shall die. This is the heritage of the Pure of Heart and this heritage is now.

My Child, you have seen the fakers over and over. You have seen those, who tell you they love you and they pick up knives and stab you in the back. You have seen this many, many times and now you expect this kind of thing."

"I do, My Lord; for the whole world is a dark forest."

"Yes, my Child, it is, but even so I am elevating the Pure of Heart to new levels and, ‘Yes,’ My Child this does have to do with the splitting of the veil and with the establishment of My Kingdom in Earth. Therefore, My Child, you will see many world leaders and high-level satanists drop dead; for they will collude in attempting to kill you over and over. But, you will do only as the Spirit of God has you to do. Understand?"

"Yes, My Lord."

"Now, My Child, there shall be more given to you on this very topic and it shall be for the Pure of Heart."

"Thank You, My Lord."

"Now, My Child, you seek to clarify one thing."

"Yes, My Lord, it is about the "capture" of Saddam Hussein."

"And, My Little One, what has our Father told you?"

"He has said that it is a well-orchestrated lie."

"This is so."

"Do not believe what you see; for all is a lie."

"So, do they have the real Saddam Hussein."

"He is real to them and for their purposes; for they believe their own lies. But, is he the real Saddam Hussein? The answer is ‘no;’ but just as they got away with all, and just as they got away with the Patriot Bill, they will carry out this phony scam to the highest levels. But, will the Arabs be fooled? Only for a short while. Will the rest of the world be fooled? Yes, for a long time. And, with this, we shall stop for today. I am your Lord and Master Jesus, heir to the New Earth."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 16th day of December, 2003,
Linda Newkirk
White Buffalo Calf Woman

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