From the Mountain, Book IX

Chapter Eighteen


"The Good and the Bad of ‘Christmas’"

"My Beloved Child, I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God. My Little One, do you see My Son, who is seated on the bench in the beautiful forest?"

"Yes, my Father, I see Him."

"My Little One, go and take a seat beside Him."

"Yes, my Father."

So, I go in the Spirit and our Lord Jesus, awaiting me, turns to greet me. "Come, My Child, and sit beside me that you and I might proceed."

And, feeling as light as the wind, I am drawn to Him through the Spirit of God and such joy fills my heart; for He is so beautiful. He is so full of love and mercy and I love Him so. I fall on my face at His feet and do not want to be moved; for it is at His feet that I find such peace and comfort. I long, from day to day, just to be near Him, to even behold Him in the passing and it is such a beauty and joy to be at His feet.

"My Little One," He says, "Come hither. Take you seat beside Me; for I have keys for you and mysteries to unravel."

"So, I arise and take my seat beside Him and suddenly I find myself with Him on a sleigh, and pulling the sleigh are two reindeer. I feel a bit of apprehension about this sleigh and these reindeer and He knows what I feel. But, before He can say a word, I ask, "My Lord, why have You put me on this sleigh with these two reindeer pulling it? You know all the myths, which have crept into this season. It has become a time of fantasy. It has become a time of the occult. It has become a time of merchandizing. My Lord, it is supposed to be Your birthday and it is not; but is a time of worldly traps and feasts and more and more lights and pagan trees. My Lord, it is a sad time for me and while I love You so and want to honor Your birthday I cannot honor this worldly event."

"My Child, I know how you feel and I know why you feel this way; for in years past I have shown you the truth about what is called Christmas. And, the truth is that few honor Me in this event at all. Some say that they do and they call it the Spirit of Christmas, when in fact, it is the Spirit of the World that they honor. And, you are right, My Child, the date is not the date that I was born into the Earth, but an occultist substitute. Nevertheless, My Child, in spite of all the illusion, I honor the good that is done during this time and during any day of the year. But, the real Spirit of Christ, My Child, is a humble heart and a contrite spirit. This is the real spirit; for in this spirit all can be taught and all can learn."

"But, My Lord, why are You carrying me on this sleigh at this time?"

"My Child, it is to make this point to you, that all that comes out of Christmas is not bad, but much good also. So, I take the good, My Child, and I use it for the benefit of My people. Understand?"

"Yes, My Lord."

"But at the same time, I am keenly aware that for those to proclaim that they honor Me at Christmas when they ignore Me the rest of the year is a waste of time. For, if one does not know Me the rest of the year, I do not know one on this one day. Understand?"

"Yes, My Lord."

"Now, My Child, do you have questions about the last vision?"

"Yes, My Lord. I was in the cave and the angel put the tongue depressor down my throat. Then, I saw through the closed door of the cave, and outside was Hillary Clinton with her witch’s brew. I ask you, My Lord, what does this mean?"

"My Child, what happened immediately after the angel put the tongue depressor into your mouth?"

"I looked through the closed door and saw Hillary Clinton working her witchcraft."

"My Child, what is her witchcraft?"

"She wants me dead."

"She does. This is so and has wanted you dead for a long time."

"But what does this have to do with the tongue depressor?"

"My Child, she is among those, who have set out to silence you, and any way possible. Yes, this woman is a serial killer and how clever of her to be now on the armed services committee. How clever, when she can give orders for more military weapons to be used against you. But, I have a little surprise for Hillary. She is going to be the recipient of her own brew. She is going to fall into her own brew and it is going to cost her her life. She means for you to be killed; but she, herself, is going to die and when this time comes, I will send you to pull her up and to throw her into the Lake of Fire.

Yes, My Child, these evil ones have millions of dollars. They have billions and they have huge houses and multiple residences and servants of every kind and they have networks of power and in their back rooms, they cut shady deals to annihilate all opposition. And, this is the way they all operate. It is about murder and mayhem and power and intrigue. This is how they do and they kill, kill, and kill and get away with the killing. But, they come now between a rock and a hard place; for they have sent many to kill you and you are alive. They are mystified and frightened; for their big boss kidnapped you, ordered your death and he is dead, instead of you. They see their comrades dying around them and they are becoming all the more determined to get rid of you. But, My Child, what is happening is that I am making you a stumbling block for those, who would try to harm you. Already, many, many are dead. Many are insane. They are sick and dying among those, who kidnapped you. Yes, My Child, they had it all figured out. They had it all planned out how they would trick you into working for them, keep you their slave, use you up and kill the real you in due season. But, in the interim, they would substitute a cloned robotoid for you. This would be the end of Linda Newkirk and the end of White Buffalo Calf Woman. But, My Little One, they forgot whom you work for. They chose to forget the power of our Father in Heaven. So, He has come forth, My Little One, with great revenge against them. Now, two underground bases are finished. They are history. But, our Father in Heaven is going for the jugular of Lucifer. He is going for the total destruction of his space program on this Earth and outside of it. The vastness of this, My Little One, you cannot understand. But, know this. Any and all, who come into contact with any facet of the so-called cloning of you is history. Madness, insanity, incurable, fatal, sudden diseases and death shall hit them all. You have received a report of insanity hitting many scientists at Livermore National labs. This is true. And, why do you believe it to be true?"

"My Lord, it is because of the part they have played in what was done to me and others."

"This is so. You have been told as much by our Father in Heaven, My Child. It is all so. Now, a great madness has taken place therein, wherein many have gone absolutely mad. Many are dead through sabotage and murder. A severe explosion has taken place therein as well. And, this is underground base number two, which is all but history. My Little One, it will not be long before all see the smoke and fire of Area 51, and other underground bases will follow. As for those at the highest echelons of this government, who ordered the capture and cloning of you, aside from the black pope, you will see them openly become more and more insane and you will see them perish. Those are high-level people and Hillary Clinton is one of them. This is why her days are ebbing and George H. W. Bush is another. His days are all but gone. He is history and His Son shall follow. In addition, My judgement is upon the house of Windsor in a great way. You shall soon see this evil empire crumbling at the seams. My Little One, as our Father has said, ‘It is a New Day for His people!’ And, My Child, you know this is true. Now, My Child, you have questions about the sealing of the 144,000."

"Yes, my Lord."

"And, you know, My Child, that it is now 99% complete and will be finished within few, short days."

"Yes, My Lord and I know what comes next."

"You are correct, My Child, and this great nuclear catastrophe is looking the world in the face."

"My Lord, I know. The Russians and Chinese are sending missiles into America. Those in customs are finding them and they are losing their jobs."

"This is so, My Child and this is the case before any invasion or attack. The enemy gets their troops and supplies in place. This attack on America is being orchestrated at the highest levels of this government by the satanists. Foreign troops are already all over America. There is being planned, as our Father has told you before, a wide-scale terrorist attack on the infrastructure of America! Richard Cheney, Bush Sr., Rumsfeld, and others are in deep study as to the incoming terrorist attacks they are planning. Know as well, My Child, that with most of your troops out of America, they rationalize that you will welcome the foreign troops, who will go door to door, picking up the American terrorist dissidents. As the world and the American population rides along on the so-called Saddam Hussein victory and while this is taking up the news, they are busy planning a series of multiple terrorist attacks on America. As you are well aware, they have cried wolf so often that the Americans no longer believe at all. So, when these attacks occur, they will say, ‘I told you so.’ These missiles from China and Russia will be used on targets all across America. This is their plan to further weaken you and to terrorize you into giving up more rights and to make you ready for the nuking. The targets include dams, bridges, nuclear power plants, railways, ammo storage facilities, national parks, subways and ports."

"Why national parks?"

"My Child, for years, they have steadily been claiming more and more national parks for their own purposes. This is to gain control of more and more of these parks for reasons that they are dens for terrorists. And, My Child, as our Father has told you, these are already many hundreds of thousands of foreign troops all over America. Hundreds of thousands and they are ready to be mobilized by Bush, all for your protection. Just know, My Child, that the Bushes, the Cheneys and their counterparts are right now planning a string of terrorist assaults against America, with the purpose of destroying the infrastructure of America."

"My Lord, what can be done?"

"My Child, if all would repent and pray, some could be averted. Even though our Father has torn up His contract with this evil government, He has not torn up His contract with his people and never will. So, as you have been told so often, My Child. Repent. Repent and pray and the plans of the enemy can be averted."

"Oh, my Lord, the evil never stops."

"And, it will not until My return. Then and only then will all know and understand the meaning of the New Day."

"My Lord what blessings are inherent in the sealing of the 144,000?"

"This sealing signals the coming of the Supernatural Army. This sealing means that soon the 144,000 will receive supernatural bodies. They will not die. This sealing means also that grave war and destruction is at hand. This sealing sets into motion a course, which will not be altered. It is a course of horrific death and destruction. From here on out, many events will be altered through the prayers of the righteous, but the outcome is still the same. Death, destruction, chaos, the world over. But, remember one thing, My Little One. This is also a time wherein our Father in Heaven will be pouring out miracles and blessings as never before. It is a time of great hope for My people; for truly it is the dark hour just before dawn. I am your Master, My Child, I am your Lord and I am Saviour of all mankind. I am Jesus, yea Yeshua."

"My Lord, before you go, I have one question. In the beginning of this message, You told me that you have keys for me and mysteries to unravel. My Lord, I see how You have unraveled the mysteries, but what do You mean by ‘keys?’"

"My Child, I am the key to salvation for all of mankind and from Me proceed many keys to our Father’s Kingdom. For any to receive these keys, they must first go through Me to get to our Father. Understand?"

"Yes, my Lord."

"And, you have long since gone through Me to get to our Father."

"Yes, my Lord."

"And, so My Child, you have received many keys."

"Yes, my Lord."

"But, the keys that I mentioned at the first have been imparted to you without your conscious awareness and they hang at your side, but you are unaware of this."

"Yes, my Lord, I see them and they are all bathed in and surrounded by purple light. What are these keys, My Lord?"

"My Child, they are they keys you will need to guide My people through the very difficult times, which they are facing. When the time is at hand, you will know which key to use. These are powerful keys, which will open the hidden and unknown to My people. Understand?"

"Yes, my Lord."

"And, with this, we shall stop. I am your Master Jesus, yea Lord of Earth."


As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 23rd day of December, 2003,
Linda Newkirk
White Buffalo Calf Woman




Part II


"Father, judge this evil!"

"My Beloved Child, I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God. Listen to Me, My Child, when I say that the whole world is on the brink of a disaster of unparalleled proportions."

"My Father, I see a great red area and it is like a red star with many points, or even a red explosion. I am now standing within this red star and I am in a desert area. The wind is fierce and grains of sand are pummeling me in the face. The pieces feel like glass and they cut into my skin. This is a fierce storm and all around me is this red light. This red light does not burn me, but seems as if it should burn. Up ahead, I see two Arabs and each is fighting with a sword. As they fight, one does acrobatics and turns and dances with his sword. He does cartwheels, turning himself upside down and all around, each time landing on his feet and each time cutting a deep gash in the other Arab, who seems confused and caught off guard. After a while, the Arab with the gashes, who is cut and wounded, but shows no blood, turns and walks away, disappearing into the red light. The remaining Arab sits, takes off his mask, rips off his military clothes, and across his head is written, "CIA." Under his battle armor he is wearing a business suit. This CIA/fake Arab takes a flask and drinks from the flask, and on the flask are the words, "CIA/Arab front." I watch this man drink from the flask and as he gets up to leave, I see on his back the words, "I am a Rumsfeld whore. Killing and stealing is my way. I am a killer, a liar and a thief. Al Qaeda am I." Then, he disappears into the red light.

Sitting now on a rock in the red light in the midst of the blowing sand, I kneel and begin to cry out to our Lord and God. "Our Father, I am so ashamed. I am so ashamed to belong to a country like this. I am so ashamed to be a part of any land, which sponsors worldwide terrorism and blames it on innocent people, all to control and rule the world. My Father, I am ashamed of what this land has become. I have love in my heart for the people, who have been victimized by liars and schemers for so long. I have love in my heart for them, Father, and I am begging for the salvation of all of them. And, at the same time, Father, I am begging You to punish those in the CIA, the FBI and the leaders of this country, who lie, kill and steal, all for power and control. My Father, I know that America is under Your judgement and it should be. But, Father, what I know from Your past warnings about the USA’s bombing of Bali, about the USA’s recent bombing of Saudi Arabia and then making it look like Al Qaeda, makes me feel ill. Father, I am disgusted with these lies. I am disgusted with all the killing. I am disgusted, Father, and I am begging you to judge this evil. Father, it must be judged; for it is eating up and devouring the whole world. I am disgusted with those, who lie and steal and kill and say at the same time that they love and serve You. Father, this world is full of lies. It is full of evil and no more can I ask for Your mercy. But, Father; Oh Father, I ask for salvation of the lost. I am begging for salvation of these Arabs. I am pleading for salvation of the Chinese and Japanese. Father, help us to reach these people with Your words. Help us, Father, for time is running out. And, help us, Father, to reach the Native Americans, as well as those from India. Father, these are Your words and only You can open these doors. But, even as I beg You to judge this evil, I am also begging for the salvation of the greatest numbers. Help us reach them, Father."

"My Little One, the truth of the fake and staged Al Qaeda attacks will soon emerge. The whole world is going to know that it is the USA and none other, who is staging the fake Al Qaeda attacks. It is the USA government and their Israeli and English allies, who are creating terror all over the world. They have the reasons to do so, not the poor and unorganized Arabs, whom they are blaming. I will bring this out before the whole world and soon the wrath of the world will be turned against the Bushes and Cheney and Rumsfeld. The wrath of the world will be turned against the Queen, against Sharon of Israel and the terrorist allies around the world. Yes, My Child, they plan to conquer and rule the whole world through their antichrist and false prophet, but I tell you, My Child, that they are all headed for trouble. They are all headed for a great and horrible trap. For, I am raising up enemies all over the world, enemies to their plots, enemies to their schemes, who will see through them and who will not go along with them. My Little One, as I have told you so many times, even as this evil system is going up, it is coming down. You will see that this is so.

Yes, My Child, the recent earthquake in Iran was an act of war. It was caused by a military weapon at the hands of the rogues, who are running America. Surely, there are many earthquakes all over the world, which are caused by the approaching planet, but this one was man-made. It was/is an overt act of war against Iran, just as the bombing of Riyadh was an overt act of war against Saudi Arabia. What you see, My Child, is the New World Order plan of the USA, Israel, England and other countries and this plan is to bring down the whole world through orchestrated plots of terror. The USA is the terror capitol of the whole world. The USA has created and orchestrated more terror through their covert operations of the CIA, the FBI and other dark agencies than most of the world combined. Now, the USA has teamed up with Israel, England and others and this is terror on a worldwide scale. My Child, matters all over the world are going downhill from here They are going to escalate. These evil ones will use whatever weapon they have to conquer and defeat the whole world, including scalar weapons and nuclear weapons. The red light, which you see in the desert, is a scalar weapon. Before they will be stopped in their bid for the New World Order, they will kill all life. They have stolen the nuclear keys of the USA, which are now in the hands of Rumsfeld and Cheney and they will use them as they see fit. Make no mistake about it, this is ‘Star Wars’ against the whole world; for more and more will use their antigravity machines and their particle beam/death rays. My Child, this terror is going to escalate and more and more countries are going to enter into this terror war against America, against Israel, against England. A bloody, world war, the likes of which you cannot imagine, is at hand. Know that this is coming, My Little One. It is escalating. For mad men are running the world. Mad men are running the USA. Mad men are in control and madness, more and more madness you will see. There are no restraints on them. Only I and I, alone, can bring an end to this evil. And I tell you that the passing of this planet shall destroy much of it. But, this will not stop them. For out of the ashes of this World War III, out of the ashes of destruction, their two-faced black bird will rise. But, I tell you now that he will not have an easy time of it. No, My Child, he will not. Nevertheless, he will rise."

"My Father, I know that you must judge this evil and I am begging You to do so, or there will be none left."

"My Little One, 2004 will be a year of hell on Earth. Mark My words on it. It will be a hellish year, so all be warned. I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 27th day of December, 2003,
Linda Newkirk
White Buffalo Calf Woman


Part III


"A War that lasted all night! And, Lucifer tricks them all!"

"My Father, Oh, my Precious Father in Heaven. My very soul cries out to You today. My heart mourns, my Father, It is as if my very body is bleeding from war and more war. Father, what happened last night? From around 1:00 AM until I got up at 7:40 this morning, I was in the Spirit fighting. I was up from around 2:30-3:00 AM praying, then back to bed, with more and more wars. Father, I do not know what happened, but the war was so great and the evil so thick. The evil plans of the enemy, which they had solidified, were destroyed at many levels, but Father, this is not all. It is only the beginning of a very great war and I do not understand all that I went through, but I know that many evil people were destroyed last night."

"My Little One, you are one of My mighty warriors on this Earth. You have been on the front lines for many years and I have positioned you in this battle in such a way that you will be on the front lines for long as I leave you in the Earth. My Child, much did happen last night. It was planned to be a night wherein many of you would be assassinated. But, instead of many of you being assassinated, many of them died instead. My Child, these orders have been given by Lucifer, but he knows that he cannot accomplish them; for I wish certain ones of you to live and as long as you obey Me and put Me first, you will live. As for the numbers that died mysteriously last night at my hand, these numbers were many hundred and they were all involved in the on-going murder attempts of you and others of My Loved Ones, such as Stew Webb and Jeremy Floyd."

"But, Father, what was stopped? What was it that they planned last night, that also involved the underground bases and some kind of time capsule, or something?"

"My Child, just know one thing. They had devised a scheme to blast more holes into time and their equipment and base was utterly destroyed. With it went many, many people. This scheme involved bases both under the ground and under the water as you have been told. And, yes, Pine Gap in Australia was involved! But, this scheme, this plan to create this massive destruction, was stopped. In was foiled. They will not be allowed to blast more holes into time and each attempt will be met with great death and destruction for them."

"Father, who were all these people that I kept fighting? There were so many and I knew that many of them died!"

"My Child, they were the same Luciferians in high-level positions of power all over the world, who have ordered your demise for quite some time."

"Father, have these evil ones cloned me?"

"They have tried, but everyone, who has had anything to do with this cloning is either insane, dead, or dying. This is the curse of Linda Newkirk/White Buffalo Calf Woman. They have in their hands something, which dooms them all to insanity, sudden death, plagues and bizarre circumstances. My Child, this very thing that they have done is such a great curse upon them that many, many are already dead or totally insane. This thing that they have thought to do to you is going to take out an entire scientific community. It is going to take out leaders, who are going to go insane and/or die right in front of the world. Mark My word on it, My Child. They have brought curses of indescribable severity down upon their very heads and they are reaping great destruction. Now, My Little One, I have given you a vision earlier, wherein I have sent you through a very dark door."

"Yes, my Father, and I have asked you about things that took place last night. And, you sent me through a very dark door. And, I saw a hallway with rooms on either side and a leader of a nation was in each room. Then, I saw Lucifer go into each room and he empowered the leader in each room. He touched each leader and told each one that he would make him the antichrist. I did not see him go into all rooms, only a few, but I clearly saw him impart power to George W. Bush and tell him that he is the antichrist. Then, to Putin of Russia and the same message was given to Putin. Then, to Prince Charles, making him also the antichrist. Then, to the leader of China, the same and to the leader of France the same. And, I know that there were more, but at this time cannot remember them all."

"Yes, My Child, there were others and it does not matter so much who these were; but what is important is that Lucifer empowered many to be the antichrist. This is what is important."

"Father, as You have told Me previously, the 144,000 were sealed on December 27th, 2003. At least, this was the completion of the sealing."

"This is so."

"So, on the heals of this, Lucifer gives many power to be the antichrist?"

"This is so."

"What does this mean, Father?"

"It means chaos. It means great destruction. It means terrible war. It means terrible times for people the world over."

"But, why were they trying to blast another hole in time?"

"To override My orders. To do as they very well please without regard for any laws. This is why they lost more underground facilities and will lose more still. For, I will utterly destroy all their so-called ‘time machines.’"

"Well, Father, it looks like the particle accelerator in New York will go."

"And, sooner than most realize. Know one thing, My Child, Even as their system is rising, it is falling. I am clipping the wings of Lucifer and the fallen ones and they are roaring with anger. And, I will allow certain devastation for the people are so evil, but certain things I will not allow and they are going to quickly figure this out. Yes, My Child, many of them died last night. Many. But, the world will not be made aware of these things. However, just know that these things have come to pass. But, this is truly only the beginning. Soon, I shall send an earthquake right through the Vatican and this is only the first obvious physical sign that I am destroying the power base of Lucifer. Just know one thing, My Child. I will never leave or forsake My Loved Ones, but will use My very own over and over to utterly and completely destroy the plans of Lucifer."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 30th day of December, 2003,
Linda Newkirk
White Buffalo Calf Woman


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