From the Mountain, Book IX

Chapter Nineteen


The following excerpt was taken from "A Message for you", which was posted on this website, on January 04, 2004. Many of you have read this warning, but you have not read what follows it. Read on for some very revealing information!


"Imminent Plot to Blow up a Nuclear Power Plant in the State of New York"

January 04, 2004

Our Cherished Brothers and Sisters, it is with a sense of urgency that we come to you today! Within the last two weeks, or so, our Father in Heaven has told me of plans of the evil ones in this country to try and pull off another "911". However, He states that what they have planned this time will make "911" look like child’s play.

As I was praying today, I saw a large nuclear explosion in the Northeast part of the USA. As I prayed for more discernment regarding this nuclear explosion, our Father in Heaven gave me a vision of a nuclear power plant on a river and I heard the word, Catskill. From this brief bit of information, I knew that the power plant must be in the state of New York, but was not altogether sure. I passed this information along to Stew Webb and he came up with some information, which seemed to point toward Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant in New York State. While I am not altogether sure that this is the plant, I feel comfortable is stating that this planned attack is against a nuclear power plant in the state of New York.

With this much information, I went back to our Father in Heaven in prayer and He showed me a vision of Richard Cheney, who was looking at a map, and planning this great devastation. Alongside of him I saw Donald Rumsfeld. I did not see the Bushes, but it is surely understood that they would know very well what is going on. I asked our Father in Heaven why they wanted to target New York and New York City again and He told me that they are facing such horrendous economic problems that they want to destroy the economic seat of this country. This would surely set the stage for increased martial law across America and would set the stage for them to bring foreign troops into the streets of America as well. It would also serve to blind the people of this country to the serious economic plundering that they have done in America.

This is horrendous and we must each get into serious prayer right now before our Lord and God begging Him to intervene and stop this scheme and bring these evil ones to justice.


The following is a most interesting dream, which was sent to us on January 06, 2004.

The dream would have been given to Jackie on January 05, 2004.

Comments: Hello! I have had dreams that foretell events, since I was very young. Most of the time I don't put two and two together until much later. I read your latest message about the power plant and realized that last night's dream reinforces what you have seen. The main message was "2 bombs for 2 brothers", They were to be set off up-river from a large city surrounded by rivers/canals (like Manhattan Island). From where I was watching, up in the hills, I could see a river but also there was a lake. The other thing that made me write you was a mural that I saw on one of the city's buildings. It was a profile of a Mayan chief with Quetzal feathers, thus connection with Indian Point power station. Thank you for keeping us informed. Please pray for us all and my family-who do not want to even think about any of this!!
Name: Jackie


You have provided very valuable information in sharing this dream. I, too, saw a river, which was connected, to a lake and this is what I told Stew Webb to look for. I saw the mountains and heard the word, "Catskill," which is a chain of mountains in New York, but I did not know at first which power plant could be involved. But, this amount of information was enough to help find what appears to be the right plant. "Two bombs for two brothers" is most interesting and we know that there are two brothers, who were used to steal the presidency and to bring about a coup in this country! These two brothers are, of course, Jeb and George W. Bush! The large city is obviously New York City! And, the Mayan Chief is a beautiful clue in identifying the placement of these bombs.

Dear One, keep a record of all your prophetic dreams and share them with others; for you may help to stop disasters and in so doing, you will also strengthen your own faith. Thank you for giving this understanding; for it reinforces and clarifies the truth of their plans!

In view of this dream and in view of what happened below on the sixth of January, I am led to believe that they most likely had their terror attack on New York and New York City planned for January 06, 2004. But, just because they failed this time, does not mean that they have shelved their plans. To the contrary, they are just regrouping and will be back for more of the same. What horrendous and perilous times we live in and what a great tragedy that the masses do not even know what is going on!

Read on!

 "The Cheney-Bush Retaliation for the above warning!"

Few have heard it in the news!

January 06, 2004

Early in the afternoon of the 6th of January, at around 1:00, or so, a Precious Sister called me from another state to alert me to the fact that a chemical plant had blown up very near to where we live. As I understand it, this explosion happened at a chemical plant in Conway Arkansas around 11:00 in the morning and I would not have known if she had not called. After she called, I contacted a neighbor, who told me to be alert because the heavy chemical cloud was headed right for us. I looked out the window and immediately I saw this black, chemical cloud, which appeared to be about a mile or so away. This was not good; for we have been having winds out of the North for about three days, or so, and these Northerly winds were bringing the cloud right in our direction.

Immediately I began to pray in the Spirit! Soon, I saw the wind stop altogether and then within very few minutes a strong westerly wind came in and began to blow the poisonous cloud off to the East. This was the most amazing thing and such a beautiful miracle from our Father in Heaven! Praises to His Holy Name! The chemicals that were meant for us never touched us! Glory to His Name!!!

As the black cloud began to move off to the East, I began to pray to our Father in Heaven about the explosion in this chemical plant, and our Father in Heaven advised me that this explosion was planned. It was a well-orchestrated event. He then revealed that this explosion was a retaliation of the Bushes, Richard Cheney and his warlord Donnie Rumsfeld in the Pentagon, all because of my writing our Father’s warning and exposing their plans to blow up a nuclear power plant in New York.

In looking for their satanic signature, I began to add up the numbers of the date. The date is 01-06-2004. These numbers, when added consecutively all add up to 13. 1+6+2+4=13. As you should know, 13 is one of their favorite satanic numbers and you should know by now that numerology and astrology all figure heavily in all their satanic plans. (I thank David Meyer of for writing so many excellent newsletters about occultism in the US government and how to identify their satanic symbolism!) In addition, as I understand it, the explosion happened around 11:00 this morning, eleven obviously being another one of their favorite numbers, which we well remember from the horrors of 911.

The attack on this chemical plant is just one more act of planned terrorism against America, one that they pulled off because their plans were revealed against New York and New York City. And, being furious that they are unable to carry them out, they blew up a chemical plant near us in clear retaliation! Yes, this is the hi-jacked, satanic government of America in action!

This chemical cloud, which was meant to come right over our house, did not! Praises to the Holy Name of Jehovah Most High; for He is able to protect His own. Twenty million people in New York City are still alive, but unfortunately several are injured in Arkansas because of this explosion. The culpability for this crime leads right back to the terrorists at the head of this government. This is a tragic time in the whole world, but you have been warned that it is going to get much worse!

Get on your knees and thank our Lord and God for intervening so far and for stopping the devastation that they have planned for New York! Pray for those, who have been injured in this needless act of sabotage and destruction. Then, beg our Father in Heaven to judge these evil hoards, who are destroying this country and the whole world. Dear Ones, get serious with our Lord and God and stay serious; for in due season, you may need a west wind!

Praises to the Holy Name of our Father in Heaven, Jehovah, Most High; for He is our Everything!



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