From the Mountain, Book IX

Chapter Twenty





"…come hither, I will show unto thee the judgement of the great whore that sitteth on many waters. 2. With whom the kings of the Earth have committed fornication, and the inhabitants of the Earth have been made drunk with the wine of her fornication. 5 And, upon her forehead was a name written:"Mystery Babylon the Great, The Mother of Abominations of the Earth." 6. And, I saw the woman drunken with blood of the martyrs of Jesus… 9. The seven heads are seven hills on which the woman sits.

    -- Book Of Revelation, King James Bible, Chapter 17


His real name is Karol Woityla, but almost everyone knows him as Pope John Paul II. What few realize is that this man was formerly a chemist, but not just any chemist. He was a chemist, who manufactured cyanide and then sold it to the concentration camp at Auschwitz, specifically to kill Jews and their families. One would think that after the war, this man would have been sought out and put to death for the many hundreds of thousands, if not millions that he helped to kill at this camp alone. But, this was historically not the case. According to public information, this man, Karol Woityla, was taken in by the Catholic Church in 1946 and quickly became a priest in this church. In 1958, this Dr. Death of Auschwitz became the youngest Bishop of Poland. And, quickly he rose to take over the Papacy when after only 33 days in office, the last Pope was murdered.

Within the last few days, I have received much information, which relates to the rise of Hitler, which was made possible by the huge support of the Catholic Church and I deeply thank our Dear Friend, who has so graciously supplied this information! In fact, one of the articles states that when Pope Pius XII was cardinal, he signed a concordat with Hitler. This concord denoted a writ of total accord and this concord apparently meant that Hitler was a servant of the Pope for life.

In one picture of Pope Pius XII, he had two raised fingers, which are supposed to represent his claim to power over the secular world and the church. Whom have we seen raising these two fingers ( the index and the middle fingers together) in recent years?

From this research, which was given to me, I also read that Hitler and all his staff, including the entire SS were all Catholics! Is anyone surprised yet? The "fake Jews" and the Catholics, Satanists by two different names, out to destroy all of humanity!

In view of this information, which is readily available on the Internet, no one should be surprised in the least to hear that the Pope is calling for a New International Order. The following is an excerpt from his speech as posted on the Vatican website on January 01, 2004: "More and more, we see the necessity of a New International Order, that is the fruit of experience and results achieved in these last years by the organization of the United Nations; a system able to give suitable solutions to the current problems, based on one society’s integral development, on the solidarity between rich and poor countries, on the sharing of the resources and the extraordinary results of the scientific and technical progress."

Does this sound like your cup of tea? Or, like the New World Order mumbo-jumbo that it is? For, the discerning, however, there should be no doubt about the stance of the catholic hierarchy in the building of this Nazi/Satanic New World Order! From the mouth of the Pope is the evidence in his own words!

The obvious goal of the Roman Catholic Church is a one-world religion, which all the churches will obey. Through their inquisition, they have strived to do away with all Protestants for hundreds of years. The inquisition never went away. It just went underground. Through their Jesuit organization, the Catholic Church has infiltrated every major religion and every facet of governments worldwide. This push to control the world and to control all people through a one world religion is an old one, indeed; but is now coming to fruition!

In recent days, especially since the death of the Black Pope on the 13th of November, 2003, a stream of high-level members of the Catholic Church from all over the world, as well as leaders of other religions and lay people, have flooded the Vatican. The push is on the get the one world religion organized around the dictates of the Roman Catholic Church! And, as I understand it, many in secular positions from around the world have been called to the Vatican to receive their particular position in this one world religion!



According to information, which comes to us regarding the Vatican website, the last time the Black Pope posted a message to the people was on the 11th of November, 2003. Since he was struck down on the 12th of November and cast into the Lake of Fire on the 13th of November, there has not been a single public mention of his death in any news around the world as far as it can be determined! Since that time also, the Pope has ordained many new leaders in the Catholic Church around the world. Earlier information on the Vatican website showed that the Pope recently nominated 33 cardinals on one single day!

As I understand it, on the 16th of December, six new cardinals were appointed to the Vatican, itself, with one from each of the following countries: Italy; Sudan, Japan , and Spain and two from France. One is left wondering if these most recent cardinals have been appointed to the Vatican to replace those, whom our Father in Heaven vowed to take down with the Black Pope. As I understand it, the cardinals are appointed for life, and if this is so, whom did these most current cardinals replace in the Vatican?

It is interesting to note that on the 12th of November, 2003, Pope John Paul II gave a message, which was centered around the death of St Francis of Assisi. On the 13th of November, the White Pope celebrated a mass for the cardinals, the archbishops, and the bishops, who died in the last year.

In view of our Father in Heaven’s words that He struck down the Black Pope and 69 others would follow, I am including the current information about recent known deaths in the Catholic Church. I do not know if these represent any of the 69, but I am including it for your information.

  1. Papal Nuncio Michael Courtney, 58, an Irish national, was killed as he was traveling by car in the south of  Burundi. He was reportedly shot dead by rebels. He was a Vatican ambassador. Dec 30th, 2003
  2. On December 18th, 2003, the Vatican listed the following as deceased:

            a. Bishop Panlos Tzadua … Ethopia
            b. Bishop Joseph Anthony Ferrarario, Honolulu HI, USA
            c. Bishop Luiz Roberto Gomes de Arruza Guajara-Mirim Brazil
            d. Bishop Johannes Sudiarna Hadiwikarta, diSurabaya Indonesia
            e. Bishop Augustine Eugene Hornyak, O.S.B.M. Esarca Apostolico (Jesuit) Great Britain
            f. Bishop William Edward Power Canada g. Archbishop Fernando Vargas Ruizde Somocurcio,
                S.I. Arequipa Peru.

On the 5th of January of 2004, Pope John Paul, II announced that the "Meditations of John Paul II" will be released next May. It is reportedly a book of "deep, religious reflection" of the Pope. This same Pope, who has had two confrontations with death, states that the "Holy Mother" saved his life!" There certainly would be no need for this man to give any glory to God Almighty; for he is, after all, god on Earth!

Because the hour is exceedingly late, I am beseeching any and all, who are members of this Catholic Church cult, to divorce yourself from it immediately. I am also pleading with you to you rid yourself of any and all "Mary" idols, rosary beads, and prayer books, which have come from or are associated with this church. I earnestly hope that you will get rid of any and all "canned" prayers and that you will stand before our Lord and God and renounce any and all oaths to this church.

I have stated it before and will clearly state it again for those, who missed it the first time. The Catholic Church is the headquarters of Lucifer on Earth. This was made very clear to me at the time that the Black Pope kidnapped me and ordered my death!

At this time, more than a billion souls are prisoner to this church. More than a billion souls have taken oaths to this church and more than a billion souls pay homage and allegiance to Lucifer, who is the head of this church. More than a billion souls are prisoner to Luciferian doctrine and they know it not! I pray that you are not one of them, but if you are, it is time to walk out of the devil’s den! It is time to be free; and to this end, I am including the following prayer for your freedom.

Read this prayer and then get it into your heart. It is not necessary that you repeat this prayer word for word, but that you get the basics of it in your heart. Cry out to our Lord and God from the depths of your heart! Pray with emotion and mean every word you say. Then, He will hear you.

This will seem strange to you at first, if you are a Catholic, as you have been used to reciting prayers that someone else wrote or you have been used to praying prayers out of books that were written by unknown authors many years ago. It is time to learn to pray from your heart! This is how you must pray to our Lord and God so that He will hear you and answer your prayers!

I stand in agreement with each of you, who wants to be free of this mass mind control, and I am right not praying for your freedom and deliverance!



"Father in Heaven, in the beautiful Name of Your Precious Son, our Lord Jesus, Savior of all of mankind, I come to you today on bended knees. Father, Oh, Father hear this cry from my heart, for I have made a grievous error! Father, without even knowing that I have entered into a covenant with Lucifer, I have done so through my agreements with the Catholic Church. Out of my own ignorance, Father, I have put myself in bondage to doctrines of men and secret covenants with Lucifer, himself! Father, in so doing, I have put myself under control of Lucifer and his demons, who have instituted spiritual wickedness in High Places, and for this, Father, I am eternally sorry.

Father, I want to do what is right for myself and for my family. I want no other gods over me, Father. I only want You, Father, Jehovah, Most High. And, I want to know and have a personal relationship with Your Son, our Lord Jesus, who is the Savior of all of mankind. I accept Him as My Savior, Father, there is none other!

Father, by having in my presence statues of Mary or other replicas of things or people in Heaven, I have made a grievous error. You have commanded us not to make replicas of anything in Heaven or in the Earth, and not to honor such a thing, and I have not obeyed this. Forgive me for this, Father. Do not hold this against me; for many things I have done in ignorance.

But, now, Father, you are making me see the evils of this church to which I have entered into a covenant and I know that I have done wrong. This is why I am confessing my sins to you! And this is why I am begging you to break any yoke, any shackle, and any dark chains off me, which the devil has put on me because of my own agreement to obey and serve him through this Catholic Church.

Father, I no longer want to belong to any organization like this and I beg You to keep me free from such an organization so long as I live. This is why I am asking You, Father, to deliver me completely from the teachings of this church and to make me free through the beautiful gift of salvation, which comes only through Your Son.

Father, fill me with Your beautiful Spirit and guide me in Your holy ways so long as I live. And, Father, keep me from evil and deliver me from temptation; for Father, I desire to please you. I desire to obey you and to bring you glory. Father, I praise you and I thank you for hearing my prayer! Holy is Your Precious Name! Amen!"

Read this prayer and then get it into your heart. Then, in your own words, pray to our Lord and God with deep emotion from your heart and mean every word you say. He will hear you and He will deliver you from the blindness and deafness, which has come upon you because of your covenant with Lucifer. Don’t put this off! You cannot serve two masters! You cannot serve Lucifer in the Catholic Church and our Lord Jesus and Father in Heaven at the same time. It should be enough of a shock to you to know that the Catholic Church, "god" on Earth, the Pope, is a serial killer and a NAZI, but he is now publicly calling for a world system of killing, as the world has never known! Wake up and renounce this evil system while you still can! Jesus is your only way to freedom! He came in the flesh and he sacrificed his own life that you and I might have LIFE more abundantly. It is yours for the asking! Ask for it now!





On the morning of January 08, 2004, I had the following dream about Pamela Schuffert. As many of you may remember, this is the woman, who seemed to take great delight in spreading blasphemous, slanderous things about me, calling me a New Age false prophet and witch among other things. Our Father in Heaven gave her a warning to repent, or face her destiny in the Lake of Fire, but when he was merciful toward her and did not bring about her demise within a month, she got even louder in her assaults against me and others, even calling for people to gather up stones to stone me. I am including the following dream as our Father in Heaven has told me to do, along with the interpretation, which He has given.


This morning, January 08, 2004, I had a dream about Pamela Schuffert. I dreamed that Dennis and I had a very large house and also a smaller house, which had been recently built, and that both set on hills. I was in the large house and everything was neat and orderly, and, I was well aware that Pamela Schuffet was there in a back room. A small, but steady stream of visitors was coming into our house to see this woman and she was regularly giving out printed information against me, particularly as regards reincarnation. Even though, I was well aware of her behavior, I never tried to interfere with her, or stop her.

Along with her were two young children, both girls. One of them appeared to be about seven years of age and the other one was younger, maybe age five or so. The child, who appeared to be about seven years of age came to me and asked me for money for Pamela and I told her that I would have to pray about it.

Suddenly, Pamela came out of the back room, approaching me with a sealed plastic bag, which was full of dead fish. From looking at these dead fish, I knew that they were "pickled" in vinegar. And, oddly enough, among the dead fish, was a singular fish, which was fully alive and swimming freely. This struck me very strange and I began to more closely observe this fish, which had many very sharp teeth and several sharp fins.

As she handed me this bag of dead fish, I pointed to the living "piranha" and asked her why this singular fish was among those, which were obviously dead. As I looked down at the bag of fish, she said, "I will take it out." Quickly, she put her hand into the bag of fish and pulled it out. Then, while catching me still looking at the fish in the bag, she quickly threw my hair back and tried to stab me in the head, just behind the left ear, with one of the sharp fins of the piranha. I was well aware that she was trying to kill me, but felt absolutely no pain.

And, strangely enough, in spite of what she tried to do to me, I had no anger toward her. But, at this point, I knew that I would have to throw her and her two children out of my house, so I looked at her and told her that she would have to leave my house. Hurriedly, she gathered up her two children and left through the front door. Now, feeling sadness for the children, I reached through the door and gave her $100.00. As she took the money, she said, "Well, I guess I will go to Dallas."

Interpretation of this dream by our Father in Heaven

"My Little One, I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God. My Child, it is apparent to you that for one month, there has been a great Satanic assault against you, your husband and these works. And, you, My Child, have become tired, very tired, weary and even sick; for you and your husband alike have been under such heavy attack. But, My Child, you are not alone; for attacks against My people the world over are escalating. But, My Little One, let all be the wiser in knowing that I am beginning to rise up in My wrath, in My anger against the enemies of My people. You will not fight alone; for you will increasingly see what I am doing for My Faithful. My Child, one reason you come to me now is for an understanding of this Pamela Schuffert dream that I gave you almost a month ago."

"Yes, my Father."

"And, you want to know if you should put this in My book; for you believe that you have written all that needs to be written. But, My Child, I gave you this dream and I want you to put this dream in My Book Nine. I want you to type it, put it there and beneath it My interpretation. Why do I want this? Because I have judged this woman and those, who have supported her continue on with a lie. Now, My Child, what questions do you have about this dream?"

"Father, this large house must be your website,"

"It is."

"And, the smaller house is"

"It is."

"Father, is the back room one of the chapters in Book Nine, in which she is mentioned?"

"It is."

"And, this stream of visitors is coming into our house to see what is written about her?"

"’Tis so. And, from My site, they have gone to her site, where until fairly recently, she has continued to spew blasphemous things against you. Yes, My Child, you have seen this, but you have only shaken your head in dismay, wondering why I allowed her to live past the given month."

"I have wondered."

"I allowed her to live because of your own mercy toward her and because of the prayers of others on her behalf. But, did she stop the blasphemy? No, she got worse, working even harder to convince others that you are a false prophet because she lived. But, even so, My Child, I will get to this later on. In the vision, you next see two small children with her."

"Yes, my Father."

"My Child, these are two additional personalities of Pamela Schuffert. This woman has been with multiple personalities, two more besides the one, who is known. These are the two, who wrote letters to her on her site almost daily."

"Why would this little child ask me for money?"

"Did a child-like Pamela Schuffert not appeal to you when you knew her, delineating her hard times and playing on your sympathies for money?"

"Father, I never thought of it like this. I just felt that we should help her as she was in need. This was an act of love toward her, Father, on our behalf, and nothing more."

"I know this, My Child; but you and your husband helped her and she tried to destroy you ."

"I know, Father, and this makes me feel very sad."

"My Little One, there is too much of this going on in this world and I am judging this evil. Enough is enough!"

"My Father, tell me about the sealed bag, which is full of fish and vinegar."

"My Child, this is what Pamela Schuffert sent you . She has given you vinegar. She has poured out acidic words upon you and she has gathered up the dead fish, the spiritually dead and has given them to you as a gift, all of them pickled in the vinegar that she has poured upon them."

"Father, tell me about the Piranha fish."

"It is a very nasty demon, who has possessed this woman for a very long time. Pamela Schuffert has been a victim of satanic ritual abuse. She was brought up in this and this is a part of her make-up. Through her religiosity, which has been a front, she has sought to cover up who she really has been all along. Through her self-righteousness, she has fooled many people as she fooled you for a while. Through her witchcraft, which has been at the core of her spiritual makeup, she actually tried to kill you in the spirit. My Child, this woman has never been free, but has always been under mind control of the Satanists and they have continued to pick her up and to use her two alternate personalities in satanic rituals, even in one great ritual against you wherein they tried to kill you. Now, when this happened, you were not expecting it. But, I tell you that it happened one night after you were on a radio show. This ritual was to instantly kill you by making you have a massive stroke."

"Father, I know the incident You speak of. I remember how they sent something horrible over the phone and I felt a severe pain in my left ear; but You intervened, Father, and stopped this."

"Yes, My Child, I did; but if I had not done this, you would be dead. Instead, you did not die. But, this woman was hit with the stroke, instead. One of the last things that she wrote was about feeling dizzy and saying that she was under attack. No, My Child, she was on the attack and she merely reaped what she sowed. And, no, My Child, this did not happen to her because you have any anger or malice toward her. It happened to her because she tried to kill you. Now, My Child, you have thrown her out of your house."

"Father, how did I do this?"

"My Little One, her chat room was closed. And, you ask, ‘Why?’ Pamela Schuffert can no longer hurl wild accusations against you; for she has gone South, where it is very hot."

"But why would I give money to the children if she would be going south?"

"My Child, this is not your money, but My money, which is coming from My house and it is My payment to her for what she has done. And, it is 10X10."

"Father, what does 10X10 mean?"

"It simply means that My judgement upon her is complete. I gave her grace and she abused My grace. With this My judgement is complete."

"And, Father, in the vision I saw that her spiritual robe was filthy dirty. Her clothes beneath it were filthy dirty and she was very fat. Father, does this represent her true spiritual state?"

"Yes, My Child! All, who want to be with Me and My Son will repent and get their spiritual robes white and pure, or they will share the fate of Pamela Schuffert. Any can talk, talk, talk and any can live a self-righteous life; and these fool many. But, these all have their place in the Lake of Fire. I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 7th day of February, 2004,
Linda Newkirk
White Buffalo Calf Woman




The Dream of the "Second Sun"

There are many pictures circulating on the Internet, which show an object near the sun, which appears to be a second sun. This second sun is very bright and seems to rise with the sun and to set with the sun. Many are seeing this in the sky and many have thought it to be Niburu, also known as Planet X. I have even thought that this must be the incoming planet as well, even though the ancient writings clearly state that Niburu is red. Even so, it is easy to believe what others put out and this is why I went to our Father in Heaven at the urging of a Dear Brother, asking Him for further clarification as regards this object. I asked Him to give me a dream so that I would not get His words mixed up with anything that I might have in my mind about this incoming planet.

On the night of January 14th, He gave me a most interesting dream. In this dream, I was working alongside a few in a house, when one said, "Come to the window and look at this." I went to the window and looking out, I saw the "second sun." I looked at the real Sun and I also noticed that it was about 3:20 PM and that the sun was still relatively high in the sky, but this second sun was closer to the horizon, possible about 10 to 15 degrees above the horizon. As I looked at the second sun, it suddenly began to move off to the left and I was very surprised in this. As I watched it, this "second sun" stopped in its motion and began to stand still. Suddenly, the color of this very bright "second sun" began to change from a brilliant white light to a deep yellow, almost the color or prepared mustard.

I thought this was very strange, but it got even more strange when a green substance began to drip down the face of this "second sun." It appeared as if someone had take green paint, about the color of army green, and began to drip it over the round face of the "second sun." Suddenly and without any indication that such a thing would take place, these colors disappeared. The "second sun" disappeared; and I saw in its place a huge spacecraft, absolutely huge. Soon, this spacecraft began to move and disappeared quickly out of sight. A few moments later, I was aware that this craft was near to us and what happened then is of a personal nature and I will not share this.

What our Lord and God was showing me is that this very bright object, which is almost as bright as the Sun is His abode. After all, He is the Lord of Hosts of Heaven! Praises to His Holy Name!


The Abode of our Lord and God

Our Father’s Interpretation of the above dream!

"My Beloved Child, I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God. My Little One, I have given you the dream last night so that you will know that what is being called Niburu is neither Niburu nor is it any portal to other stars as some say. This is the heavenly abode of My Son and even of myself from time to time. It is cloaked in My glory and as you saw in the dream, it is very bright, and day by day it will grow in brightness. My Little One, Niburu is coming and is clearly visible; but I stress again that this "double sun" as some call it is not Planet X, but is a planet of My own creation. This is what you need to know and as you have had a question about this, I have shown this to you in a dream, that you may be the wiser, and that others will know that what is being touted as Niburu is not. Niburu is seen as a red star, not a star of great light or brightness. Remember this difference. I am Your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God.

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 15th day of January, 2004,
Linda Newkirk
White Buffalo Calf Woman


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