From the Mountain, Book IX

Chapter Twenty-one


"The Warnings of our Lord and God are soon coming to an end!"



"A warning to the Governing Body of the USA"

"My Precious Father, I come to You today with specific questions. Father, You know that I received a vision from a Dear Brother in Our Lord two days past and that this vision appeared to show smoke and fire coming out of the front door of the Capitol of the USA. Father, I seek You in this; for it appears to me that this governing body may be in serious danger."

What has been sent to you and what you have surmised is correct, My Child, You know well that on the 24th day of November 2003, I tore up My contract with the wayward government of the USA. And, because of this, My Child, save they repent of their evil and come back to Me, the God of Israel, Jehovah, Most High, I shall readily destroy this governing body."

"But, Father, You will not do it, per se."

"No, My Child, but I will allow Lucifer to move against it and destroy it; for the whole governing body is corrupt. There is not one, who is not bought and sold and because of this, there is not one, who can be trusted to do what is right. For, when the money flows, they lap it up. And, where the money flows, they all follow.

Yes, My Child, George W. Bush is possessed of great evil and he dances with Lucifer. He has seen the opposition in the congress, opposition to him and to his plans, and Lucifer has put the thought in there. The intent is there and George W. Bush and his fellow anarchists will be successful, save this governing body repents in great measure and turns from evil. For, I, Myself, will allow it.

My Little One, all across America, you as a nation, will either repent in a great way and come back to me, honoring My laws of morality, or you are finished as a nation. Long, I have pleaded with you, but my days of pleading are fast coming to an end.

I repeat Myself. What has been sent to you through this vision is true! And, this and worse will come to pass if those in power do not repent, come back to Me, and honor My commandments."

"Father, this is dreadful."

"It is, My Child, and one would think that they would have learned their lesson from being anthraxed by the Bushes and their cohorts in crime. But, they learned nothing. Instead, these very whores gave George W. Bush and his cohorts in crime the Patriot Act on a silver platter. They voted for it and never read it. And, even so as the bars were going up around them, they applauded the Patriot Act. Now that they work in an armed fortress and every word on their telephones is monitored, do they feel any safer? No, My Child, they do not; for they have given away your constitutional rights to mad men. They have signed away your government to anarchists. And, as never before in the history of this land, they have given a leader unparalleled power to invade another country for oil and to continue to carry out such attacks against other countries on a whim.

Oh, what a clever war the war on terror; but did I not tell you in the book of Leviticus that I would put terror over any nation when this nation becomes evil? So, I, Myself, have assigned this terror to this nation and you, as a nation, will repent, or perish. And, this means that the governing body of this nation! These bought and paid-for whores will circumspectly survey their lives, clean them up spiritually and come back to Me, or they will soon be out of a job and you, as Americans, will not have to be concerned with a government, which has sold you down the Satanic drain. With this, we shall stop for now. I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 21st day of January, 2004,
Linda Newkirk
White Buffalo Calf Woman


The following is a vision, which was sent to me by a Dear Brother. Read it and weep; for the above warning from our Lord and God is given as further revelation about this Brother’s vision. Not many days past this Brother’s vision, the Bushes and their cronies sent the so-called ricine scare into the Senate. They even sent some to the White House! And, not even trying to hide their identity, they stated that "Fallen Angel" sent this poison.

We must note as well that the "ricining" of the Senate mail took place at the same time that this governing body was threatening to alter or do away with the Patriot Act. This very governing body was first anthraxed by the Bushes and their cohorts in crime to make sure that they voted for the Patriot Act, sight unseen, and now that they want to do away with it, they are ricined! Attorney General Ashcroft has also plainly stated that George W. Bush will veto the decisions of the House and Senate if they make alterations to the Patriot Act that are not pleasing to him!

A’s Vision

JaHWeH has given me a vision on the morning of 17th of January. This was a very short vision but even this means a lot to me as this feels allot like Farther’s voice in my ears although I ask Him to show me humility every day. I saw this after I studied the word in the morning and went to sleep again after that and when I awoke JaHWeH showed me:

I saw a building that looked like a roman roof structure that had two pillars on the side. The double doors of the building where open and black smoke was coming from it and moving out to the right of the building into the air. First I didn’t understand what this building was. I thought that it had something to do with our legal structure here in South Africa but then I saw a clip from Mark S. Watson’s site and I recognized the building that I saw in the vision. This was the AMERICAN SENATE that was destroyed! And then my brother in law confirmed that he had the same idea when I told him the vision but he kept quiet not to influence me.


And, Dear Ones, this may very well come to pass at some point in time. When this governing body wakes up, if it ever does, and decides to go against the New World Order plans, they may very well be destroyed! Years ago, I saw Saddam Hussein take chains and wrap these chains around the congress of the USA and pull it down. I do not actually believe that Saddam Hussein will take actual chains and pull down the Senate and the House of the USA, but let us look at the facts for a moment!

By this time, most discerning people are aware that the 911 tragedy was known well in advance and was orchestrated by those in the highest levels of this government, along with the Israeli Mossad, other fake Jews in America, and the English crown. When we follow the chain of events, which has come about because of this tragedy, we can accurately see the reasons for blowing up these buildings in New York City.

Out of this tragedy, our constitutional rights were taken away through the Patriot Act. The Congress, as stated earlier, and as most know, never read this bill, but voted for it anyway, as they were anthraxed into a state of fear and controlled and manipulated this way.

Because these buildings were supposedly brought down by Arab terrorists, the Bushes and their fake Jew counterparts, as well as the British Crown, had their obvious reasons to make war with the Arabs, take over the world’s oil supply, get rid of the enemies of Israel, and begin to prepare Israel for the rule of the Antichrist.

You must admit that their plans went like clockwork for a while. Then, slowly people began to wake up and smell the rot and the filth. But, even so, what has been done about anything? The 911 investigation has gone into the ground thus far! And, now that people all over America want the Patriot Act repealed, the Bushes and their fake Jew counterparts are well-prepared to nuke America before they will give it up!

So, how will Saddam Hussein put any chains around this governing body and bring it down? Think about it! The very fact that the governing body of the USA gave President Bush unparalleled authority to strike a country and make war, based solely on suspicion, without any provocation, is insane! But, this is what they did when they gave him the right to make war with Iraq and other countries as he sees fit. This very decision to make war against millions and millions of people, all based on raw and ruthless aggression and greed, is the same kind of thing that has started huge wars in past years. Will this very decision lead to the dissolution of the Congress of the USA?

If we consider this past vision, which our Lord and God gave me, we see that this may very well come to pass! How will this happen? I do not know, but the Senate has been attacked twice in recent years, both times by the Bushes and their fake Jew and Royal counterparts! Don’t think that this will not happen. The anarchists will do anything to achieve power and they will do anything to stay in power! And, because they are bought and paid-for whores, our Father in Heaven may allow it!


"My Beloved Child, I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God. Yes, My Child, it is a tumultuous time the world over. Great and horrendous changes are at hand and the masses sleep on. The blind are more blind and the deaf, more deaf, the confounded more confounded. But, those, who really love Me and who put Me first know the hour and the day. They know that My judgement is upon the Earth and that this very judgement is roaring in upon the whole Earth, like a black cloud. The wise see. They know and they understand; but the ignorant sleep on.

Yes, My Child, even as you are thinking it, the days of My warnings to an errant people are almost over. As you are well aware, My Child, few warnings are being spoken out of the mouths of any of My prophets. Yes, My Child, there are some here and a few there, but in all, the numbers are few and the warnings are becoming increasingly scarce. For, I am shutting up the mouths of My prophets and the ones that I have not shut up, I have cut off. For, as I have told you in the past, I have cleaned up My prophets to such a degree that there are few, who are left. But, of the ones, who are left, the days of warning are all but come to an end."

"And, Father, this grieves me so for soon billions will die and they will never know what hit them."

"They will not; but the righteous among them need not fear. It is the lost and rebellious, who are the greatest numbers, who will be cast into fear and darkness."

"But, Father, You know that we have tried to reach the people. I only regret that more people did not come forth to help with the translations of these works. And, still Father, in the few remaining months that we have, You could still provide these translators, but this is all up to You."

"Yes, My Child, many will miss the heavenly rewards they could have had; for when they saw the opportunity to help, they did not. These prophecies are My current words to My people. They are full of wisdom, blessings and warnings to My people; yet few the world over will realize them."

"Father, it is late; but You can still open many doors for Your words to get out and in the end it is up to You!"

"And, open doors, I shall, even in the midst of unlikely places; for I know your constant prayers for salvation of the greatest numbers of souls and it will not go unanswered!"

"My Child, just this past year, many warnings to you saved the lives of countless millions. I gave you the word and you and others helped to get it out. Few realize what an impact these warnings have had on world events. The prayers of the righteous have stopped much calamity. But, now, My Child, the time of warning is fast coming to an end. Soon, I will cease to warn publicly of these impending calamities; for this is My judgement and I am allowing it to come upon the world. If you recall, My Child, in the past I have opened up radio shows for you to speak on to give My warnings, but now I am systematically closing these doors. My Child, I am doing this; for I am ceasing to warn a rebellious people. Those, who would be warned, have been warned; but I am ceasing to warn a proud, a rebellious and a stiff-necked people. Just as I shut Jeremiah’s mouth after a while and just as I shut Ezekiel’s mouth after a while, I will soon shut your mouth as to giving more warnings to these people. And, when you open it to anyone, it will be because I open it.

Yes, My Child, I have a few more prophecies to give and these will make up all, or part of Book Ten and I have prophecies for certain of My people, who are scattered and I will give you these. But, as far as the rebellious people of this land, who do not want to hear My words, they shall not hear them. As for as the churches, who mock and scorn My warnings, they will not receive them.

But, to those, who will hear, I say one sentence: ‘It is late, very late, and it is not only past time to build the ark, it will soon be time to enter it. With this, My Child, we shall stop for now. I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 29th day of January, 2004,
Linda Newkirk
White Buffalo Calf Woman



"My Precious Child, I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God. My Little One, as you sit today and as you hear the clock ticking, know one thing: Time is running out for this Earth as you know it to be. I have warned and I have warned and I have warned; and while many more are informed, few have turned to Me. Few have repented! The world over, few have repented! And, fewer believe that the Earth, as you know it, is about to be destroyed. Yes, My Little One, the Earth is wobbling back and forth like a drunk man. Many are seeing the fulfillment of Isaiah, Chapter 24 and they do not even know that this word is being fulfilled.

Will this be stopped? My Child, the time of the warnings is fast coming to an end. The Satanists are holing up in the ground; for they believe that they will all survive the catastrophes unscathed, but many will be sadly mistaken. Many will perish in their holes. Yes, My Child, they are sure that the greatest numbers of you will die and they will inherit the Earth. And, they are correct in one thing. The greatest numbers of you will die; but their inheritance will be short-lived."

"Father, they have a scheme with the great pyramid, wherein they are trying to clean the viruses out of a very large crystal, thereby moving the Earth into a different timeline and averting the Planet X catastrophe."

"My Little One, you know that I know all about this. These are the same ones at it again. The same ones out to play God. But, have they found anyone?"

"Not that I know of."

"No, My Child, for such a one must have a specific genetic code to be able to change the corruption in this crystal and they do not have this person. This is one reason they wanted you to work for them and this is another reason that they have worked to clone you and have gone insane and died in great numbers. My Child, this code is within your genetic makeup and you will not be going back to Egypt. You will not be working in this pyramid and you will not serve the New World Order agenda."

"NO, my Father, I will not; for I desire Your will and only Your will and in no way do I wish to go back to Egypt in any way. Let the New Agers go there. So, Father, they want play God and they are getting desperate?"

"They are; for they desire more time for their own evil agenda, but this dispensation is coming to an end, whether they like it or not. And, what world kingdom they have will be short-lived. Make no mistake about it."

"So, Father, this planet is very near and it will soon flip the Earth?"

"My Child, the Earth wobbles like a drunk man and then it is turned upside down."

"How long, Father?"

"My Little One, if I told the masses six weeks, would they believe? If I said, ‘six months,’ would they believe? If I said, ‘a year,’ would they believe? Most want to know the time so that they know how long they have before judgement hits. But, they have no plans to repent. My Child, it matters not if it is six months, one year, or six years. What matters is the spiritual condition of one’s heart, and if one will not live righteously and obey Me, all the wisdom and all the knowledge in the world is irrelevant. My Child, I have had enough of warning a wicked and errant people the world over. My days of warning them are coming to an end. And, with this, My Child, shall follow the great judgements. This chain of judgements has been set into motion and will not be stopped until the return of My Son."

"Father, what was the thing that set these judgements into motion and means that we will not turn back?"

"The opening of the Fifth Seal."

"Then, this has set these judgements into motion and now we are getting into the midst of it."

"Yes, My Child, and you are only entering the severe times. You, as a nation, and you, as a world, have seen nothing yet."

"So, Father, You have warned the people and those, who are going to listen, have more or less listened."

"This is so."

"Father, this is sad."

"It is, My Child; but at the same time, it is a New Day for My Faithful. It is a New Day of mighty miracles and beautiful spiritual blessings. It is not a time of worldliness or greed; but a time of simple faith and deep spirituality; and through all the travails, I am going to clean up those, who are left."

So, My Child, as I conclude Book Nine, let all know that even now the Earth, itself, is breaking up in many ways. This is a very sick planet and I will no longer tolerate what I am seeing. Let all accept and repent while they can or die in their rebellion. The line is drawn and there will be no turning back."

"You know, Father! You have intervened so many times and You have stopped the evil ones over and over and I truly believe that many think that you will intervene again and stop this planet."

"Let them believe as they will. The wise ones will heed My warnings. I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 31st day of January, 2004,
Linda Newkirk
White Buffalo Calf Woman


My heart’s desire is that each of you takes the words of this book very seriously, and that you will effectively change your lives so that you are walking the Straight and Narrow Way! We have so little time left!    --Linda


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