A Message For You

Feb 25, 1999

My Precious Brothers and Sisters, I hope this correspondence finds you well and safe and secure beneath the wings of our Precious Lord. These past weeks have been very difficult on this end, with our facing many changes; but our Beloved Jesus has been faithful in every way.

I trust that you are paying attention to what is going on in the desert as Russia feeds more and greater arms to Iraq and Iran, and China backs Russia in this dark fighting frenzy. Watch and listen to Hussein’s threats to attack Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait; and know that in the end birds of a feather shall flock together. Who will win in this situation? Iraq? The USA? Great Britain? Russia? China? Remember the prophecy of the Queen’s dance with Bill Clinton and the devastating results the Queen suffers because of this dance. The Iraqi War is no more than a bully war; and the biggest bullies are lining up.

And, as you know, Kosovo is back in the headlines. Remember what we have seen about this war previously with Russia fueling arms to the Serbs and the USA pushing the Albanians. See the article below detailing Yeltsin’s threats against the USA regarding an attack on Kosovo. Following it, you will see the article about Russia’s sending missiles into Armenia. The nuclear giants are all pushing for world control; and, although it seems that North Korea has settled down a bit, their news reads like the Who’s Who of communism, with their boasting of recent meetings with Russia, China, Yugoslavia and Cuba. Look at this lineup; and you will be made to see where North Korea’s threats to invade the USA in December of 1998 came from. They saw a serious opportunity with Bill Clinton under impeachment and were ready to move as our Lord showed. We were very close to war, but were saved from it by Our Father’s intervention. How many more wars and rumors of wars will we face in the coming months; and how long will our Father be merciful? Pray, pray and pray for His mercy; for surely we are headed for a war at Kosovo!

I received mail from some of you as regards the recent betrayal of America by the elected Senators, who swore to uphold the constitution of the land. Any, who love truth, are disgusted to see the majority of the Senate vote not guilty to a crime for which the man, Bill Clinton, is obviously guilty. If anyone can see and hear, they can see and hear Bill Clinton lying on film about having an improper relationship with Monica Lewinsky. But, the majority of our Senate can neither see not hear; as they are pawns in the Luciferian dance. In the early morning hours before the vote in the Senate, I prayed long and hard; and the following is what I beheld when I prayed.


Feb 12, 1999

The Senate Prophecy

"As I prayed this morning, our Lord Jesus said, ‘Take the rod of Moses and hit the Senate chamber seven times.’ So, I took the rod and pounded the Senate seven times. Then, I saw a great fire start in the Senate and heard sounds of breaking, crashing glass. Then, I beheld glass falling in great shards all around the periphery of the Senate. From within the clamor of the breaking glass, I heard our Father God Jehovah say, ‘A portion of mine anger!’ Immediately I saw a huge bucket appear over the Senate; and it began to pour out a liquid fire called ‘Wrath of God.’"

"The wrath of God fire spread throughout the Senate; and it began to escalate in intensity. Amidst the roaring fire, I heard our Father Jehovah say, ‘A double portion for the White House!’ Suddenly I saw two buckets appear over the White House and from the buckets came a double portion of this roaring fire. Clearly, I saw the words, ‘seducing spirits’ among the flames. The fire filled with seducing spirits poured into the White House, quickly overcoming it, rushing out the doors and windows, and heading down Pennsylvania Avenue. It burned a road into the Capitol Building; its red flames shooting upward creating a great cloud of smoke. This cloud of smoke resembled a great mushroom cloud from an atomic explosion; and within the smoke I saw the words: ‘Lucifer’s Delight!’"

"Then, I heard music like that of an Irish tune; with the voice of a man singing: ‘Weep no more my lady!’ Suddenly, the arm holding the torch broke off the Statue of Liberty, and it came crashing down, taking away the light from The Lady. As I looked upon her face, I saw tears streaming abundantly from her eyes; and she muttered, ‘Justice for a penny. Freedom for a dime. For a nickel, a place in any man’s pocket.’ Then, the statue began to cough; and plumes of dark smoke belched from her mouth. Upon the smoke rode words in a stream, much like those pulled behind airplanes in advertising campaigns. These are the words I saw:

‘Liberty is as liberty does,

A rope,
A noose,
A hangman’s noose.

For, hope divine
Is all that’s left
For a giant so blind.

It is blind.
It is blind.’

The statue continued to spew out great plumes of smoke and to shed many more tears; and alas, I heard more words coming from within the smoke and tears:

‘No hope for me,
You see.

No hope for me,
Save what is shed
In the blood,

Of The Perfect Man Divine
With the plan
Of salvation for all.

For, I am dead,
Save for His grace.

Look at my face.

It is black
With the soot Of unrepentant sin.

Save for His grace,

No one can win.

No one can win!

Then, I looked out across New York City and it was very dark, with muted lights twinkling here and there. Across the city and for miles above the city lay a dark, heavy blanket; and from within the blanket of darkness, I heard the voice of a young child cry out. Suddenly, a beautiful, perfect, blond child emerged from within the darkness; and the child said, "Help me; for I am a Child of God; and, I shall not be consumed of this darkness. Yea, within me is a ray of hope for all humanity. Yea, I am a Child of God and I shall not be lost.’

"Yea, ‘tis so, Child. I am Jesus, yea Jehovah, Most High God of Earth."

In this message you see that Our Father has poured out His wrath on the Senate and has given the White House a double portion, filling the White House and the Capitol Building with his wrath and hoards of seducing spirits. We see the fire of God’s anger and see that the US Capitol is Lucifer’s delight. Why? Because so many love lies, and what lies can do for them. When the votes rolled in, time after time lovers of lies stood up and voted not guilty. By making these blasphemous choices before God and all mankind, they have become cohorts in Lucifer’s plan of deception for the American people and the world. They have chosen darkness over light; they have been bought with a penny, a nickel, or a dime.

On the day of this vote, you witnessed firsthand the political whores and prostitutes in control of this country. This is a sad day in this land, and I believe that a great judgment will befall this land very, very soon. Each senator, who voted to cover up for Clinton, to put him above the law, will fall under the Clinton curses in some way. In time, we will see this come to pass in the lives of many, many of them. They will lose in many ways, whether it is through sickness, disease, death, poverty and so on.

And even if we do not see it in this life, be apprised that it will happen. All of us are responsible for our actions. We are responsible to uphold Our Father’s Laws; and we are responsible for upholding the laws of the land. Yet, all will fail to some degree; and this is why Our Lord has provided us with the tool of forgiveness. But, when we knowingly break them and have no remorse, as so many Senators have done, our judgement can be swift and severe.

Everyone, who voted not guilty, to these crimes should be impeached! They should be thrown out of office! But, this will never happen, as their numbers are so great! They think they have won, but everyone has lost. However, be apprised that Our Father sees and knows all and his wrath has fallen on them. You have seen fall from the buckets.

In previous prophecies, you may have read of the vision wherein the congress of the USA is shut down; it lights are put out. These elected officials had a choice to follow God’s laws and to follow the laws of the land. They had a choice to do what is right; and they have let us down. They have let God down. They have made our system of government a mockery before the world, placing themselves above the law.

Woe, woe, woe to the political whores, who have been bought for a penny, a nickel, or a dime. Our Father’s wrath has fallen upon them and upon the government of this once great land!

With each passing day, the Luciferians running this country get bolder and bolder, believing that they are accountable to no one, that they can get away with anything. This day, I bring their actions before Father God Jehovah begging Him to make them accountable sooner, rather that later; and that their retribution shall be swift for their love of lies and outright deception of so many. And when their retribution falls upon their heads, let them know, Holy Father, that it comes from You. For, You, Holy Father Jehovah are all powerful. You are our all and to You, we owe our every breath. These liars shake and tremble at the thoughts of what men can do to them. What utter fools! For, You, Holy Father, have given us a soul and You can take it away. To You, Holy Father Jehovah is the glory forever and ever.

We, who love You, Father, submit in love and honor to Our Beloved Lord Jesus; for He is our Life. Before Him, we fall in deep reverence; for He came in love and died for our salvation. You, Father, have placed Him over us as a powerful and perfect Shepherd and to Him we owe our salvation, our life, our truth, our light and our Way. To Our Precious Lord, Our God, let us give thanks night and day; for He is our true love.

As I write this, I hear Our Father Jehovah say:

"My Precious One, wisdom begins in knowing Me and recognizing My power. Many fools ignore Me until their time of need or convenience; but I do not know them. For, in their good times, they have not known Me, but have loved the world. Woe, woe, woe to those, who chase after vanity. For their cups are empty; and when they hunger and thirst after Me, they shall find their cups empty and their cupboards without a morsel.

I am ashamed of many, many, who cry, ‘Lord, Lord, God, God!’ For, most have made me a God of convenience and need. Where are these same ones, who are commanded to love me with all their heart, strength, mind and soul? Where are they when I need them to serve me in love and honor?

Yea, the churches are filled with people, who make me a God of convenience and need; and when they need me, I do not know them. For, I have commanded you to love Me above all; but you lust after the world and what it can give you.

Do you no not know that one day even the Earth shall pass away? Each of you has a certain time appointed for your soul growth and mastery of the laws I have given you. Do you believe that you have an infinite amount of time to live in your rebellion? Nay, you do not! But, only I know how long I will allow. Is this understood? I am Jehovah, Most High God of Earth."


So, it is, My Precious Brothers and Sisters. Remember the Child of God above, who emerges from within the darkness. Our Father is raising up His Children, a humble, teachable, but tenacious group, who love and serve Him. They are quiet, yet they are valiant as He commands; and they cling to Our Father and to His Beloved Son.

Our Father wants our hearts. He wants us to put Him and His Precious Son first in our lives. He wants us to love Him above all, realizing that we are on spiritual journeys and that all of us are only visiting this sphere. How easy it is to be overcome by the illusions of the world, thinking and believing that they are real.

In and through Our Father comes all truth, knowing and understanding; and His Precious Son Jesus is our link to Our Father. To the degree that we love the world and what it can do for us, putting its illusion first in our lives, is the degree to which we will be cut off from Our Father’s truths.

There is a penalty for living, loving and seeking after our Father’s truths; and this penalty is that we will be misunderstood often; and we will be rejected by the world. Our Lord tells us to be in the world but not of it. In other words, we must realize our temporary place in this world, and be satisfied with only what we need to live peacefully. We must divorce ourselves from lustful wants of the material illusion. They are traps, which seem oh so appealing, but they steal the Light of God. Their dark tentacles entangle us, demanding a greater and greater place in our mind, body, emotions and spirit; and things and stuff quickly become our idols.

If you don’t have much, be grateful for what you have; and go in peace thanking Our Lord for supplying your needs. Go in faith, knowing that you will be supplied for, just as the birds of the field are supplied for. We don’t need much; and through accepting this and walking the simple way comes our freedom.

Remember to take a part of your time and income and dedicate these to The Lord; and you will be amazed at the blessings, which will come your way. Help those, who really need help; and they will be grateful; but be mindful of showering your resources on the rebellious, lest they take your gifts and beat you with them.

The world is full of people, who struggle daily, barely making ends meet, especially the elderly. Often, they must survive on little more than $500.00 a month. And there are many children, who go to bed hungry in this country, who are easy to find in the poor parts of town. Spread your love and income to help the needy; and you will be blessed many fold. This is Our Lord’s promise; and I have seen it firsthand many times. Even when you think that you cannot afford it, make small sacrifices here and there to help others. You will see that your blessings will always come back; and when you least expect them. This is Our Lord’s promise and is basic to the law of love. When the muscles of love and compassion are exercised, they expand and grow in our very lives.

But, on the other hand, if you believe that you will have enough by being selfish, you will find your spiritual cup empty. In selfishness, many deny themselves blessings. So, cast out your bounty in secret and watch it come back many fold. Do this in love and genuine concern, expecting nothing in return as Our Lord has commanded; and He will reward you in secret.

Following are some of your articles and letters. We have heard from many of you; and you have brought such joy into our lives. These works of our Precious Lord have touched many of you; and we are so grateful to know you and to be a part of your lives. You are precious to us; and we know that we shall meet you one day, if not in this life, then in the one to come. We pray that you share these works with your friends and neighbors; and even though so many are skeptical remember that you never know which hungry heart is ready for these morsels from Our Lord. So very many are without anyone to feed them and they are lost and hurting. I know this feeling, as it has not been many years that I was in the deepest and darkest of spiritual ditches. The world over, people stumble in darkness, not knowing the Way; and they are stalked and assaulted by all manner of demons, even controlled completely by them, without knowing that Our Lord Jesus loves them and wants them to be free. Yes, indeed He wants all of us to be free and to receive the bounty of His Word and Spirit. He loves each of us, especially the lost, the sick, the hurting and the disabled; and He wants to forgive each of us and to bring the lost back into His fold.

So, don’t hide your candle under a basket. Let it shine. Though many may despise the Light; remember that through you comes the Light of God; and you are His instrument.

Do not look to mankind for you light and salvation. Look to the author and finisher of you faith. Look to Jesus Christ. Get on your knees each and every day praying for Our Lord’s guidance, love and protection; and when the day is done thank Him for your blessings and guidance that day, seeking His love, guidance and protection throughout the night. Pray for your loved ones and for your neighbors; and pray for this Earth, Our Beloved Home. For, so many take it for granted; and it moans beneath the weight of darkness, which has come to bear all over the world.

Let us join in thanks and gratitude for Our Beloved Earth and be thankful that we can share in this journey here at this time. For, Our Lord says that there have never been times like these, which are upon us; and there will never be the likes again. Our Beloved Jesus shall return soon and Lucifer does not want a single Child of God to remain when He returns. What a blessing that you and I are here at this time; for this time has been prophesied for thousands of years.

Remember to look upon your trials as periods of cleansing and healing; indeed they are opportunities for spiritual growth; and ask Our Lord to give you understanding and strength to get through them. Often, our trials are based on something we need to forgive; or we may be paying back a debt from another life and lack understanding in this. For this reason, we need to look to our trials with a heart of acceptance, begging Our Lord for the strength to endure. And when the weight gets more than we can bear, we must ask Our Father and Beloved Jesus to take the weight and to bring peace, joy and love back into your life. They will do this; I can promise you that this is true. If you ask them to take your heavy burdens and do so with a sincere heart, even humbling yourself and begging over time if you need to, it will happen. You may feel an immediate release of the burden, or it may be a while; but it will happen.

So very much of our grief is because we cannot forgive; so when this is the nature of our grief, we must forgive. And, if we cannot forgive, we must go to Our Lord and beg Him to help us to forgive, to give us the will to forgive. Then, we must ask Him to heal our memories of this thing, which has been so painful for us. We must do this day after day until we know that we have been forgiven. And we will know that we have forgiven when we have love and compassion and understanding for this person involved, instead of anger, hate or sadness. Our hearts will radiate these beautiful feelings for them and nothing more. Then, we must ask Our Lord to forgive us for any part we played in this thing, which has wounded us so.

So many "say" that they have forgiven, when this is a lie. To forgive brings a lasting change in our hearts and we remember this thing only with love. Our Lord says that we must forgive if we want His forgiveness. So, if forgiving another is a problem for you, get busy on it so that your soul can advance. Remember Isaiah’s words that we go line upon line, precept upon precept. This is the nature of our spiritual walk; and we do not skip steps.


Some interesting articles

I thank all of you, who continue to send news articles. I realize that this is work for you; and I no longer have the time to get back with many of you to thank you personally. Please accept our thanks for all your hard work. Many eyes are better than two and many ears are better than a pair. So, as you read something, which may be of interest to all, send it along. What I pass on to you is for your information; and I encourage you to check out any article, as I cannot guarantee the authenticity of every article. As I reprint them, I must say that these appear to be legitimate. If you find out anything to the contrary, let me know.

Subject: Russia
From: W.
Thu, 25 Feb 1999

Russia warns US against military force in Kosovo Friday 19 February, 1999 (7:27am AEDT)
As NATO military officials intensify preparations for possible airstrikes against Yugoslavia over Kosovo, Russia has warned the United States against using military force.
Russian President Boris Yeltsin says he has told his US counterpart, Bill Clinton, directly that the use of force is unacceptable.

Despite the warning, US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright has announced that Washington is preparing to evacuate diplomatic staff from Yugoslavia as peace talks on Kosovo near a deadline without sufficient progress to reach an accord.

The White House, meanwhile, denies that Mr Yeltsin has spoken to President Clinton.

President Yeltsin was unequivocal. "I conveyed my view to Clinton, both by phone and letter, that force will not work," he said. "We will not let you touch Kosovo."
It was Mr Yeltsin's strongest condemnation of planned military action and follows months of high-level Russian criticism.
But his comments have confused some White House officials. A spokesman said there had been no communication between the Presidents in recent days.
© 1999 Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Do you remember Russia’s warnings to the USA against attacking Iraq? And, what has happened since the attack? Well, we were threatened by North Korea, which was backed by Russia and China, of course. But, at this point, Russia is feeding arms into Iraq, Iran and others. Read on:

We received an article reportedly from Radio Free Europe, which advised that the Russian Air Force commander Anatoly Kornukov said that Russia had begun delivery of the components of an S-300 Zenith Air Defense System to its Gyumri military base in Armenia. The ITAR-TASS news agencies reportedly announced that Kornukov attended a ceremony commemorating the first test flights of Russian Mig-29 aircraft deployed in Armenia last December. The S-300 is reportedly known for its precision and firepower. Kornukov reportedly said that Russia is prepared to deploy the S-300 Zenith missile system in the territories of all willing members of the Commonwealth of Independent States collective.
This article also reports that Russia finalized details of the installation on Crete of Russian missiles, reportedly bought by Cyprus.


Subject: 2 Articles
Date: Mon, 15 Feb 1999
But if the watchman sees the sword come, and blow not the trumpet, and the people be not warned; if the sword come, and take any person from among them, he is taken away in his iniquity; but his blood will I require at the watchman's hand. (Eze 33:6)
" It is not so much Y2k that we have to be concerned with, but rather our own Government and the Powers of Darkness that absolutely control it."
Steve P.

 MONDAY FEBRUARY 15, 1999    © 1999 WorldNetDaily.com   WND Exclusive

Is the Army invading Texas?
Officials, residents concerned
about rash of exercises
By David M. Bresnahan

One Texas police chief has complained of attempts to bribe him into letting the Army Delta Force into his town for training exercises. Other Texas towns have seen recent exercises as part of Operation Last Dance, and complaints from citizens are numerous.
"End runs were done around various community leaders," San Antonio Chief of Police Al Philipus told Austin radio talk show host Alex Jones, on assignment from WorldNetDaily. He was asked to host the exercises last May, but refused. "Once I said no, they went to various individuals in the community to bring pressure to bear to get me to change my mind," explained Philipus. "For example, there was a community leader who I have a great deal of respect for, and we have a very good relationship. I get a call from him and he says, 'Chief, there's some people in here. They're in town and it's part of their role here, they need to meet with the mayor and the police chief.'
"Of course, this gentleman, who I've worked very closely with on a number of projects, I told him to have them give me a call. Now I'd already said no. Well now I find out they're the same group. So they identified somebody that I know that's very high in the community to make an approach to me and get me to change my mind. Then when we said no, some elected officials were contacted to bring pressure to bear," said Philipus. "Then offers were made to give money, cash money to elected officials' charities if they could get us to change our minds. As one of my deputy chiefs said, in some circles, that's called bribery."

Operation Last Dance began Feb. 8 with an explosive exercise in Kingsville, Texas, near Corpus Christi. Community leaders have come under heavy criticism from residents who were badly frightened when Knight Stalkers fired live rounds and set off explosions very close to innocent civilians.
Army spokesmen have confirmed plans to continue with additional exercises in the Corpus Christi area until Feb. 20. Several reports of military activity throughout the area have been received by WorldNetDaily. The town of San Augustine had an unconfirmed military exercise within the past few days. Residents report they were frightened by black helicopters at night. Further details were unavailable, and local officials could not be reached last night.
****These "Black Helicopters" are actually a extremely deep green in the case of the Army and a very deep navy blue for other agencies (an intentional illusion). And they have no identifiable numbers or marks. Thus the legal deniability when they are asked about having/using "Black Helicopters". Steve***********

A confirmed exercise took place on Friday in the little town of Port Aransas. The mayor there claims he knew nothing of the exercise until it happened. Port Aransas Mayor Glenn Martin said he did not know what to say to the many angry residents who were calling to complain. Port Aransas is just outside Corpus Christi, and has a population of just over 2,000. The soldiers involved come from Ft. Bragg Army Special Operations. Military sources told WorldNetDaily the specific group is called the Knight Stalkers, an elite group from the Delta Force. They are a secret group trained to get into an area quickly, kill, and get out.
"It happened right at the ferry landing," explained Tomas Sanchez, the emergency management coordinator working for the Federal Emergency Management Agency in Kingsville. He said the ferry is a very busy area that operates 24 hours a day. The local constable was upset that he had not been notified in advance of
the exercise at the Port Aransas ferry. He had been on duty and observed the very brief exercise.
Black helicopters flew in low over the city and hovered over some large fuel tanks in the beach area. The tanks are enclosed in a fenced area. Soldiers dressed in black rappelled down ropes to the tanks, and within a few minutes took off again, and it was all over. No one seems to know what it was all about.

"I just wonder how the mayor's going to handle this thing. They really caught him with his pants down. The police department was not really involved in this. None of the law enforcement was," explained Sanchez. Sanchez lives in Knightsville, where the first and most dramatic exercise took place. As a highly decorated Navy veteran, wounded in Vietnam, Sanchez has many concerns about what is going on. He was personally involved in many special operations and top secret missions. Sanchez is now a lieutenant colonel in the Texas State Guard military police. He is extremely concerned about Operation Last Dance because live rounds have been fired and explosives used in civilian areas. "They pulled the same stunt in a little county south of us in a little town called Sarita, population 500," Sanchez disclosed. Black helicopters were reported hovering over a private residence with search lights. That incident happened prior to the start of Last Dance.
Another suburb of Corpus Christi was "attacked" by Army Special Forces. Residents in Calallen were badly frightened when Last Dance came to their back yard. This attack took place at an abandoned water plant on the Nueces River along route I-37. Houses and an apartment complex are located within a few hundred yards, according to residents.
More details are needed, but initial reports from witnesses claim the military used the water plant for practice bombing runs. Police had surrounded the area to keep bystanders away, and printed notices wereplaced on resident's doors about 30 minutes before it began. The notices did not disclose the nature of the exercise. Residents who called 911 and asked for help were told they could not be serviced because they lived outside the response area.
Last Dance is not over, according to Carol Darby from Fort Bragg public affairs. She says to expect more activity in the same area until Feb. 20. She would not give details, and said the operation is secret. She also denied a request for a WorldNetDaily reporter to observe, saying it was not safe.
© 1999 Western Journalism Center

Article #2
WorldNetDaily       MONDAY FEBRUARY 15, 1999      WND Exclusive

Fear and loathing in Kingsville, Texas
Local residents fuming over Army LIVE-FIRE exercise
By David M. Bresnahan

A group of Kingsville, Texas, citizens now plan to pursue action against their city for permitting the Army to use live ammunition during an exercise in their town known as Operation Last Dance. Angry citizens are expected to crowd the next city council and county commission meetings, both scheduled to be held Feb. 22. At least one citizen is looking into legal action. <Picture>Back door to building blasted open.
Some residents said they were terrified when helicopters swooped into town from the Army Special Operations Command, Ft. Bragg, North Carolina, last Monday night. One helicopter hit a telephone pole, which started a fire and horrified residents who saw it happen.
At least eight helicopters are reported to have participated in an assault exercise using live ammunition and explosives very close to innocent bystanders who were not warned of the planned action. Fire officials confirmed that they responded to the resulting fire, but had no warning that the exercise would take place. They were also summoned to put out a building fire caused by explosions set off during the exercise. It has since been learned from military sources that the actual group involved in the exercise is known as the Knight Stalkers, an elite group from the Delta Force. They are trained to conduct assassination missions, according to several retired military officers who had served in various special operations assignments. The Army Special Operations Command at Ft. Bragg, North Carolina, has acknowledged that the event was the kick-off of a series of similar training operations going on in Kingsville, Corpus Christi and Fort Sam Houston, but would not confirm that the group was the Knight Stalkers. Additional training events have been confirmed in the area.

Austin radio station talk show host Alex Jones went to Kingsville to investigate for WorldNetDaily. He arrived just in time to find work crews covering up the evidence of the extensive damage caused by the exercise. A former police station and an old Exxon office building were nearly destroyed. Evidence of bullet holes in walls, explosions from grenades, and other explosive charges could be seen. Fire damage was also extensive in at least one of the buildings.
<Picture>Lt. Judy Hayes, 3rd in command at Kingsville Police Department "There was a joint training session between the United States Army and the Kingsville Police Department," Lt. Judy Hayes, third in command at the Kingsville police told Jones. "The Army was doing some sort of extraction type thing. They used eight helicopters. Our training involved sealing off the area, as if we were involved in taking care of a hazardous materials type incident. We were rerouting traffic and making sure there was no civilian foot traffic in the area. So we got quite a bit of training in that area. "The only participation on the part of the Kingsville Police Department was in a hazardous materials training session. We did not participate in any way with what the Army was doing," insisted Hayes.
Throughout the interview with Jones, two men in black SWAT team uniforms stood behind her. Jones believes it was an attempt to intimidate him.

The Kingsville Fire Department was not given notice of the exercise, and it was not invited to participate in the alleged hazardous materials training, even though it would be called in if there were a real even of that kind. The fire department spokesman claimed officials were not aware of the event until they were called to respond to the telephone pole fire and the fire at the former police station.

An elderly lady who lives in an apartment across from where the exercise took place told Jones that she was frightened to death and crying. She was sitting on a bench in full view of the area where the helicopters first appeared and where all the shooting took place. "I sit on the bench, and then I get scared because the noise. It was so terrible and too loud, you know. They were throwing some bombs. I think they were using some rifles too, and the other kind of rifles that go pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, you know," said the elderly woman, identified only as Gracie. She described seeing many black helicopters with men in black coming out of them. She heard explosions and apparently machine gun fire. She said it lasted at least two hours. "I was so scared I went back to my apartment, but I could still hear the noise," Gracie said. She said she was so scared that she cried and her heart hurt. She said no one warned her or came to tell her what was going on.

Business owners are also complaining. The police claim they warned businesses in the area of the exercise in advance. If they did, WorldNetDaily was unable to find any that would confirm that. The businesses in the area that were open at the time of the exercise had no idea what was going on. A former police chief and former city council member have expressed dismay over the incident and are contemplating filing an official complaint. <Picture>Police Chief Philipe Garza was appointed to his position even though he did not have the required training. He is currently under investigation for police brutality and abuse. Police Chief Philipe Garza has been the object of a number of investigations lately. Currently the U.S. Department of Justice has been asked to investigate accusations of police abuse. Several residents, who did not wish to be identified, claim that Garza is very abusive with citizens and rules by intimidation. Garza claims there are very few complaints from residents of Kingsville. He says the only complaints are coming from people in other parts of the country.

The head of emergency management for Kingsville is the Federal Emergency Management Agency coordinator Tomas Sanchez. He is a highly decorated Navy veteran, wounded in Vietnam and retired after 30 years of service. He now continues to serve as the head of the military police unit of the Texas State Guard, which is under the National Guard. Sanchez has had extensive experience and training in special operations,and he expressed deep concern to WorldNetDaily about events in Kingsville. He was asked what was the purpose of the exercise. He said the plan involved a scenario that required military action because local police could not deal with civilians effectively.
====> "Martial law has been declared through presidential powers and war powers act, and some citizens have refused to give up their weapons. They have taken over two of the buildings in Kingsville. The police cannot handle it. So you call these guys in. They show up and they zap everybody, take all the weapons, and let the local P.D. clean it up," described Sanchez of the scenario the Knight Stalkers were likely given.
Sanchez says the military exercise in his town was illegal under the Posse Comitatus Act, but he says that Presidential Decision Directive 25 has given an exception to Special Operations. He believes the men involved have total immunity from any legal action against them. Although PDD 25 is top secret, Sanchez has seen it because of his position with FEMA, and he has a security clearance. He would not provide a copy to WorldNetDaily. "Some folks are talking about seeking some legal counsel. Some are asking for the crisis incident stress management counseling. They would like to see some of that," said Sanchez.
<Picture>Shell casing used by Knight Stalkers to blast their way through doors. "When the helos are right above the rooftop, and the windows are vibrating, and people are ducking under the bed, and so on and so forth, they need that," he explained.

Sanchez was able to locate some of the helicopters and some of the soldiers used in Operation Last Dance. He decided to take a drive to the Corpus Christi Naval Air Station and the Corpus Christi Army Depot where all the helicopters are given maintenance. "Parked between hanger 45 and 46 on the tarmac were four Blackhawk, no marking, helicopters. They've got it all blocked off with a chain link fence that says ID card required to gain access. No security guard. One can drive up close enough to look through the fence and see the Blackhawk helocopters. Only four of them were parked there," said Sanchez of his findings. He said the men involved are most likely staying at the bachelor- enlisted quarters, which is a three-story barracks building. Some of the men have been observed eating in a fast food restaurant right near the bachelor-enlisted quarters. "You can always tell these guys because even when they put on civilian clothes they still look like Army Rangers. White sidewalls we call it. Short crew cut," Sanchez explained. ------------------------------------------------------------------------
© 1999 Western Journalism Center

Dear Steve,
   Thank you for being a watchman; and for passing this along. I trust that all is going well with you and your family. Forgive me for not writing back; time here is so short and we have been deluged with so much activity.
   I pray that all take notice of these articles; as this could happen to any community. Is this Last Dance a work-up for Y2K martial law, or even greater crimes against the citizens?
   Remember: we are not powerless! Our Father is all-powerful! Get on your knees and get going for God! Take your place in His army, not with the sword, but with the two-edged sword, His Word! Mighty is Our God; and our Savior is coming back with a mighty fire and sword. In our Father’s time, all evil shall fall and every demon shall tremble before His power.
   We must remain faithful and abide by the laws of the land, so long as there are any left. We must be strong spiritually and keep our faith; for what we see in Texas shall escalate at home and abroad. We have a God of miracles; so let us forge ahead, armed with His truth, living for Him and expecting His miracles.
   My Brothers and Sisters, this evil is going to rise, but it is going to cave in upon itself. It is not going to last! Praises to our Lord! Glory to God!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Subject: FWD: Everyone is sick 1
Date: Wed, 17 Feb 1999

Subject: Art Bell Says Everybody Is Sick. Part 1. Feb. 10, 1999.
   Last night Art Bell, on his talk show that broadcasts on over 300 radio stations said that everybody he knows is sick and he didn't know what was making them sick. I'll now put down some information that that is so bad that if you are not sick already you may be sick after reading this. Incidentally I'm not sick myself although some may question that statement. I know that in the past I have said that the contrails are made by jets that have a substance in their fuel that is making us sick. That may be still partially true. I then said that the government is spraying us with some substance that will immunize us against any attack that may come from terrorist who may try to kill us with Anthrax. That may be true. I don't know what is really happening but that hasn't stopped me from saying what may be happening in the past. Here's the latest dope on the subject and I do claim to be the world's expert on putting out dope.

Subject: U.S. Military Conducting TOXIC Biological-Chemical Warfare Against Civilians
U.S. feds well on their way to reducing population to further New World Order goals!
   Dear Citizens, Patriots, and Veterans:
For the past 3 weeks I have been receiving first hand reports of U.S.Military jets spraying toxic substances over populated urban areas testing the effectiveness of their biological and chemical warfare protective suits and monitoring equipment. The substances are SUPPOSEDLY "harmless" simulants which have extremely toxic effects of their own. To date, literally thousands of civilians have been made very sick mostly with respiratory illnesses and distress and even scores of deaths.
The military has deceived the public and other authorities by saying that what they are spraying are harmless simulants while in actuality they are really conducting chemical and biological warfare with weapons of mass destruction under the guise of merely a "test." Yes, a test, to see how many people will be made ill, contract respiratory diseases, and how many die. So, do you call that at "test" or actual warfare?
We do not have to wait any longer for Clinton to antagonize the Middle Eastern countries to the point of them lashing out with international terrorists against U.S. cities and U.S. citizens, as Clinton is doing what he is told to do by the Insiders, the Elites, the bosses of the Illuminati and New World Order. As I posted to you all numerous times in the past, if Clinton can't get the Islamics to attack the U.S., then Clinton will just go ahead himself and do it. That is exactly what he is doing now.

Citizens, Patriots, and Veterans, no need to wait for these NBC - Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical warfare attacks against us because they have been going on for quite some time now. Why? Because the New World Order's Elites' plan is to reduce the population of the world by 25% by the year 2000 (Y2K is truly an appropriate crisis), 50% by 2025, 75% shortly after that, and by 85% to 95% as a final goal to leave only 200 million people alive world wide. Of course these surviving people will only be comprised of the Elites and their prison labor slaves incarcerated in Clinton's Civilian Concentration Camps here in the U.S. and in other concentr-tion camps around the world.
Why? Because the Elites want to "save" the world's natural resources for themselves. They don't want other people using them as they think our resources are running out when in actuality all we have to do is use our technology to use them more efficiently and produce replaceable natural resources. Like why use up our finite petroleum resources when we can use bacteria and yeasts to grow on discarded organic matter to produce alcohol for fuels?

England has had 6,000 deaths in the past two weeks from respiratory failure caused by this Military spraying currently. Please read the following post forwarded by jham@iahf.com (John Hammell) and by William Thomas regarding the information from Leanard Cole's "Clouds of Secrecy: The Army's Germ-Warfare Tests Over Populated Areas," by Leonard A. Cole (http://amazon.com) and from numerous personal reports nationwide about the criss-cross spraying by our U.S. Military. Please take care and prepare. The NBC attacks against U.S. Citizens are occurring NOW.

IAHF LIST: I have hesitated, until now, to forward this information about contrails, because it seemed just too bizarre and outrageous. But look at the information below from Christine Smith, Will Thomas, and Ian Goddard. Listen to the audio file of Will Thomas discussing this on the Art Bell Show, and read what Will has to say below. Read the testimony below of Dr. Cole from Rutgers University re Military Experiments involving spraying of toxic substances on civilian populations. Draw your own conclusions. This is Genocide, and WE, the people of the world, are clearly being targeted. You think I've lost it? Don't take my word for it, read this:
To: John Hammell
From: William Thomas
A retired friend in Santa Fe -- one who reads your information that I print out, but doesn't have a computer--just called me to say that planes have been making contrails in the sky there since 7am this morning. Her comment, People need to know about this!" She's staying inside. -Christine Smith -------------------------------------
   John, yes, absolutely! Tell everyone to STAY INDOORS when contrails are being woven overhead. I've got a BBC photo of a freezer - semi filled with dead bodies in England - all from sudden respiratory ailments. We're talking (according to the BBC) 6,000 deaths from respiratory failure in two weeks. People are VERY SICK here. And spraying continues after heavy spraying last Friday over Asheville, Knoxville, Dallas and other US centers. I have this morning received reports of "many deaths" from a "cough that never leaves" in Louisiana.
   This is big. This is real. I have positively verified that Emergency Rooms are overflowing with acute respiratory cases from coast to coast. Doctors are telling the New York Times that this is NOT the flu. People are dying they say far more quickly and at rates far beyond "flu".
The only lab test I have shows JP8 present in soil samples after spraying. The ethylene dibromide in JP8 is banned by the EPA as a knowncarcinogen and an extremely toxic substance that attacks the respiratory system at very low doses of exposure. There may be a viral component to the spraying, as well. I am tracking this and will get back to...
STOP PRESSES! I have just this minute received a call that confirms my worst fears. According to a source within the Canadian Intelligence Service, heavy spraying taking place over Victoria, BC (near me) and other population centers throughout North America are classified "tests". I now know what the "tests" are aimed at achieving. And it is not pretty. This is a MAXIUMUM RED ALERT for everyone on your list, John. TAKE COVER! Stay indoors during spraying. This is NOT "woo-woo". This is NOT a drill.
Check my website for upadtes:
Good luck to all of us,
William Thomas

Dear D.,
   Does this surprise any of us? The Spirit of God is showing me that they are also praying some kind of parasite, which looks like a protazoan. These are falling into some of the water sources, infiltrating the water and fish population. I believe that many people are already infested by these parasites, which settle in various parts of the body, specially the blood, but I am seeing a lot of these in the lungs. Perhaps, some are breathed in as they strewn through the air.
   As I write this, I hear Our Lord Jesus say, "Yea, My child, it is this and more. You have been infected with an array of viruses, bacteria and even various plagues. I am turning these plagues back on those sending them. I shall make it known that several, powerful public officials shall die of rare diseases particularly rare cancers caused by these mutant viruses they have sprayed on you. I am rolling back the tide of destruction on the ones, who hatch such schemes. One in particular, which shall soon meet his demise is Henry Kissinger. For, He has long been a tool of Lucifer, working for the demise of each of you. You shall see some of the political whores get retribution soon; as they have aided in the dark schemes to bring down your own government. What they have devised to kill you off will in effect ill them off. For, some of the viruses they think they are immune to shall mutate and they have no cure. Yea, My Children, you are in a great war, and it is a war for your very souls. Stay close to me and be obedient, lest you fall under some of the curses, which are about to befall the evil ones running the world. Yea, each of you is dispensable to Lucifer; but those in bed with him cannot see this. Watch for a powerful hate group to rise up quickly in the Old Soviet Union, which shall drip with blood. This hate group has one plan and only one plan. And, this plan is the demise of the USA. This demise shall come about! And I fear that some of you have become comfortable thinking that you shall not undergo a war of great proportions. Do not be deceived; for you have members of your very congress, who are working night and day to help bring you down. They partake of the bloody cup and they know that you are going down in favor of a world government. One of these is Bill Clinton; and while he may talk of the Hollywood crowd in public and his desire to go there and to work with them; in private he schemes about how he will govern the world.
   But, be warned, My Children, that this shall not come to pass; for Bill Clinton’s life is hanging by a thread. The very ones, who promise him great wealth and fame, plot in secret about how and when they shall take him out. Bill Clinton has been and is a great pawn for Lucifer, but remember that Lucifer has no respect for anyone, especially any human. So be warned, My Children, that the days of the destruction for the USA are hanging upon you as the sword of Damocles and this sword is positioned to fall. Be warned and know that you have only one source of peace and salvation and this is through Me, as Our Father has given Me this dominion. I am Jesus. Yea, Jehovah, Most High God of Earth."
   Many thanks to you, My Beloved Brother for sharing.
I see that you are under heavy Satanic attack and that your spirit is, and has been very oppressed. You must re-dedicate yourself in sincerity to God; seeking and giving forgiveness in all things, making your way straight.  Our Lord wants to use you in His work; but His way requires discipline day after day. Be apprised that our Lord gives much, but He expects much; and this journey is fraught with many trials. We are tried and tested often to see if we are true. I send you my love and pray for your spiritual strength. In and through Jesus comes our freedom; for He is able to break any and all Satanic holds.
Let me know how you are doing; I am concerned about you.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Thank God for both of you. Please pray for my husband who needs prayers badly. He has an ongoing legal case for unjust and inhumane dismissal. But his ex-employers are rich and powerful and they have not hesitated to use their resources to win this labor case against my husband. He has lost in the initial stages of the legal battle, and not because his case lacks merit. Now that the case is in the last and final stage, we need all the prayers we can get, to help us storm the gates of heaven for my husband to receive this victory, which I know Jesus already won for him a long time ago.
Thanks to you both and may God continue to bless you in every way!
UserName: Winnie

Dear Winnie,
   I have prayed for your husband and see that there is and has been a great number of dark tentacles connected with this situation.
   Our Lord says, "Be not overcome, My Child. For, you shall be tried and tested; but I have seen your plight and heard your situation; and you shall not come up empty handed. If they offer you a nickel ask for a dime. If they give you a dime, ask for a quarter. Lucifer seeks to beat down the sick and to spit upon the weary. I am your source of strength. Rely on Me, My Child; and do not accept that black is white and white is black. Persevere and stand strong in Me. Forge ahead and be not moved, but steadfast in your claims. Be faithful, I say, ‘Be faithful.’ For, the faithful are rewarded. I am Jesus. Yea Jehovah, Most High God of Earth"
   Let me know how things are going!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Thank you for your web site. I have found it to be very true and sobering. I do have a prayer request and would be honored if you would intercede on my behalf. For many years I have suffered with depression. I want God to replace my sadness and dispair with his love and joy. I also need his direction for my life. Thanks for reading.
Brian K.

Dear Brian,
   I have prayed for you and in the name of Our Precious Jesus have cast out a huge demon. This demon has depressed you, suppressed you and brought great darkness into your life. You must not drink or smoke dope; and remember that if we look at life as a gamble we will feel powerless. Instead, we must remember that life is a series of planned choices over which we have control. Our Father gave us laws by which to guide our choices and when we break his laws, we will suffer the consequences of our actions, namely that we will be cut off from the light of God, according to the severity of what we do. And, when we continue to break his laws, we cut ourselves off totally from His Spirit; and we will live in darkness. I can tell you about this darkness; and once we come out of it, we hold great sorrow for anyone lost in it. I caution you to be mindful of Our Father’s Laws, especially His Laws of Love. For, we show love of our Lord by obeying Him. We must pursue Him through prayer, putting Him before things of this world. For, if we do not, we will be lost.
   You are never alone, though I know that you often feel alone. You have felt this because you have not had The Spirit of God with you. When we have Our Lord’s Spirit, we never feel alone. But, there again, if we lie, or break one of the commands, or put things of this world before our Lord, His Spirit will leave and will be with us only now and then. This is what has happened to people in a lot of the churches. They have made Our Lord a Lord of convenience or need when they are in church; and they do not love Him the rest of the week.
   In and through Our Lord Jesus is our freedom. He is our only freedom. No one will ever find freedom in a glass of liquor or in a joint of marijuana. These are prisons, which temporarily numb our aloneness, or provide us with an escape route into the world of illusions and delusions; but the next day we are worse off than the day before.
   We are all on a spiritual journey (though this may not seem the case for so many of us). Nevertheless, it is true; and we must be obedient to Our Lord to be able to find our way back home, which is Heaven. There are no short cuts in the service of Our Lord. We must dedicate ourselves to Him day after day, one day at a time in truth and honor; and He will be with us, helping us to survive each storm, even helping us to come out stronger. Jesus is our only hope, our only way in a world, which is full of darkness.
   You don’t have to have a church to love Jesus. It is good if you can find one, where you can partake freely of the Spirit of God in truth, but many have no churches. And, when all is said and done, a church is not responsible for our spiritual journey. Each of us is responsible for our own spiritual walk.
   I hope that I have said something to help you in some way. Let me know how you are doing. You will be helped to spend some time beside flowing waters, like rivers. Go there and pray, and in this you will find some peace and freedom. In time, Our Lord will speak quietly to you and will give you direction.
   Let me hear from you. I am truly concerned.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

   I wish to thank you for your work and all that you have done in following what the lord has directed you to do. I hope that this e-mail finds you in good health. I am on a journey to get to know christ and to have a relationship with him. I was allowed to see his feet and part of his thrown at one point in my life, but that was many years ago, and now I am striving to rid my life of the evils that have plaqued me since I was a kid. Everytime I read one of your books my ears ring so loud at times it is deffening. I wish that I could send you money to help you with your web site and all that you are doing, but at this time I don't have any to contribute to the cause.
   I know that the lord hears me when I pray, but will you tell him that I love him dearly, and that I thank him for all the help he has given me over the last year.
   If there is anything that you need, I will help you in any way that I can. I live in Pocatello Idaho. I used to live in Salt Lake City but was unable to make a life there with my family, after loosing everything that we had worked for we left it up to the lord, and now we are back in Pocatello. All I can say is that the lord works in strange ways. do you by any chance have any of the handkerchiefs left?
   May the Lord allways bless you and keep you in his grace. can you do me a favor, when you are partaking of the tree of life will you pray for me, I would love to be able someday to partake of that with you and my family.
   Please take care of yourself. Remember that ALL IS GOOD.
      Shawn A.

Dear Shawn,
   Thank you for writing. I am sorry to hear that you have undergone so much suffering. Many, many of us know what you are speaking of. Our journey back into the presence of Our Lord will be most difficult once we have strayed. But, we must persevere in dedication to Our Lord Jesus, putting Him first, no matter how hard times get; and, Our Lord will be with us. He will deliver us from the dark clutches of evil; and we must put our trust and faith in Him daily.
   My Precious Brother, ALL IS NOT GOOD. If this were the case, Lucifer and his demons would be described as good. He is the Father of lies and his servants are the lovers of darkness. Lovers of darkness do not choose the good and honorable way. They choose the dark and unacceptable way; for they break every law and command given of God; and they think nothing of it. So, don’t buy into this lie, which is straight from Lucifer, himself.
   You may not know this, but you are hounded and followed by a number of demons. I see them, particularly around you head. These affect your moods and mind, making you seem unpredictable ways.
      Thus says the Lord, "You bear the brunt of many curses, which you have brought upon your very back. The    weight of things done will be heavy, but I can and will lighten your load in many ways. However, you give    me a token, a tribute now and then, expecting a miracle. You will not get what you are seeking in this    life, and neither in the life to come if you do not knuckle down and forsake the kind of life, which    brought you down to ground zero. The wages of sin and rebellion are death and or insanity and neither is    a good choice. For to die in sin is darkness for anyone’s soul.
      I have given you many choices to do what is right with your life. When will you come back and serve Me    in truth and honesty? I want your love and respect. I want your heart.
      You could make a great difference in the lives of many people if you came back to serve me in truth in    honesty, even bringing others back to me, who are lost. But, you will not do this as long as you wish to    serve me a token amount here and a token amount there. My Son, I came and gave My life that you might be    saved the darkness, which awaits all, who live in rebellion.
      What will it be today? More of the same? Or real service to Me? When you wish to serve me in truth and    honor, I will cast out the demons and they shall not return. But, so long as you are in rebellion it    would do not good to cast them out, as many more would come in their place. I am Jesus. Yea Jehovah, Most    High God of Earth."

   Yes, I do have more handkerchiefs and will be glad to send you one. Please get back with me and let me know you address. I am concerned about your welfare. Please give Our Lord your heart and He will heal you. Jesus is our only Light. Linda

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Dear,sweet Linda: I have read some of your files with trepidation and awe. I am also receiving revelations, but on a somewhat different perspective. Could I have your perusal and review? Thx. Cornelius.
"For, lo, the days come, saith the Lord, that I will bring again the captivity of my people Israel and Judah, ...: and I will cause them to return to the land that I gave to their fathers, and they shall posess it....Alas! for that day is great, so that none is like it: it is even the time of Jacob's trouble; but he shall be saved out of it."
   It seems that most eschatological, prophetic apologists believe that the seven years time span spoken of by Daniel (9:24-27), the last week of the seventy, is almost here, and predictions about its timing fly fast and furious. Most predict that the beginning of the seven years tribulation period will be marked by the seven years peace treaty brokered for Israel.
   However, it only seems logical to me that before there can be a new peace treaty there will have to be a new war. It is the new war that will signal the beginning of Jacob's trouble, and so the seven year period for the desolation of Jerusalem begins at the beginning of the major Mid-East war, not at it's conclusion!    That means that the Anti-Christ will begin his rule as soon as the Mid-east war begins. He might even be the instigator and director of the war. And he will surely write the Peace treaty, only to be broken three and one half years later, after his power is universally secure.
   The scenario that comes to me is this: the Mid-east war will be between Israel, Egypt, and the Syrian confederacy (including Iran/Iraq?).

Egypt will be so devastated that it will remain desolate forty years (Ezek. 29:12).

Syria also will be devasted, particularly Damascus (Jer.49:23-27; Amos1:2-5).

Even Gaza will not escape (Amos 1:6-8).

   None of the above entities are mentioned in the armies that are part of the Armageddon war. They will already have been wasted, and therefore cannot contribute at Armageddon.
   What about Israel? Israel will be so badly incapacitated and emasculated that it will sue for peace, and will have to accept a very damaging treaty, having little choice in the matter. It is during this conflict that their "Messiah" will appear as their political Savior (incognito to them: the Anti-christ!)
   Jesus said that He had come in His Father's name, and He had not been received. But that after Him someone would come in his own name, and him they would receive! The Jews are going to goof the second time, unfortunately for them!
   Jesus never promised anyone - Jew or Christian - escape! He said that the believers would be hated of all nations, would be brought before magistrates, be killed etc. So, don't expect escape from suffering. The "Blood of the martyrs is still the seed of the church!"
   What will this "Time of Jacob's trouble" mean for Christians? I believe Jesus' story of the ten virgins and the coming of the Bridegroom, (Matt. 25) - coming as it does just after He described the great tribulation (Matt.24) - is a portrayal of what will happen to Christendom: half the Christians will not be prepared ahead of time to suffer the long "night", and so will fall away (see also II Thes. 2:3). Israelitish women knew how much oil it would take to give light for an ordinary night - ordinary circumstances - but, because the tribulation is extra-ordinary circumstances - prolonged suffering and persecution, beheading, starvation, imprisonment, etc. - half of Christendom will fall away because they did not have enough "oil"!
   Are you ready to suffer? Are you ready for imprisonment? Are you ready to starve to death in order to remain faithful to Christ? Are you ready for martyrdom?
   Better get your lamps filled with enough oil so you can outlast anything that comes your way: life, suffering, or death!
         Dr. Cornelius B

Dear Dr. Cornelius,
   Thank you for writing, though I do not necessarily share your views about the timing of certain circumstances. Yes, Christians are going to be persecuted; but we must not fear death. We must work while we can and face death as it comes, a gift from Our Lord and a ticket home. When it comes time to die, let us run to the firing squads or to the guillotines and not love life unto death. For, all of us are here for only a short while, so let us work while we can.
   As I read your letter, I felt troubled, and was not able to put my fingers on everything, which was troubling me, so I sat down to pray. And, immediately, Our Lord Jesus began to speak to me; and told me to get up and read Jeremiah 23. I suggest that you read this chapter and if any of it pertains to you, soak it up. One thing particularly stuck with me in this chapter; and this was the part about seeing our God as a burden. Yes, this walk is difficult, but Our Lord our God is no burden as some may come to think.
   Our Precious Jesus is our salvation, our joy, our hope and our peace. He is our freedom. Yes, our Light, our Life, our Truth and Way. There is none other. So, when the evil ones rise up in ire against us, we must accept that this shall come to pass and rejoice in our hearts. For, this has been prophesied and must come to pass.
   Yes, many, many shall fall away, as they are akin to the seed planted upon rocks, or among the thorns. The hard times come and the seed of God within them dies as they have no foundation in Jesus. All along, they have loved the shallow and the superficial way with no rooting in God or in His Spirit. They have chosen the Broad Way and will be carried away with the current. Yes, they have little of The Light of God, but this is not Our Father’s fault. It is the fault of the ones, who have loved the material illusion over God; and when times get rough and they need God, He does not know them because all along they have forsaken Him. They have loved that material lie over what is real and lasting and of our Father. So, they are quickly consumed of darkness. And, My Brother, I suspect that far more than 50% of the so-called Christians fall into this category.
   As for being afraid, I am not afraid. For, the Lord, my God is with me. I have seen the power of His Spirit conquer and move demons as huge as skyscrapers and others as huge as large houses. I have seen his mighty angels and known his miraculous hand in many situations. His love bathes me and delivers me from sadness and despair. He takes my burdens and fills me with peace and joy. The Lord is My Rock. He is my Salvation. He is my anchor to all that is good and lasting. Yea, The Lord is my Shepherd and I shall not be afraid. His glory is like that of the Sun and His power comes straight from our Father; it is everlasting.    The Lord is my strength; and He is with all, who love Him and serve Him in truth.
The Lord Jesus says, "My Son, you want to serve Me. If you want to serve me, wash your brother’s feet. Feed the hungry. Give to the poor. When you give to the least of them you serve me. I am Jesus. Yea Jehovah, Most High God of Earth."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Dear Linda,
   I read with interest your website comments but one thing was of particular interest to me. It was your comments about people who have been implanted with implants against their will. I am wondering if that may have happened to me at one time. I have no recollection of any such event but it might be a plausible explanation for many events in my life.
   My question is-what type of implants are you referring to and what is the purpose of such things? Wouldn't a person remember an event like that? Wouldn't an implant show up on x-ray? How can you tell if you have such an implant? Your comments about this would be most helpful.
Sincerely, Brad B.

My Dearest Brother,
   Thank you for writing about this phenemenon. Many should be very concerned about these implants; but we must remember that this is not something the Luciferians and world government leaders have just begun. The lovers of darkness hide in darkness and through darkness they have carried out these evil works for generations. They have kept records of genetic experiments of large populations in the effort to collect samples and make their own race according to criteria, which they have deemed appropriate. They also use these implants for mind control and to spread of disease and destruction.
   They are getting very sloppy now because they know that they are controlling the leaders of the world. The Lord has revealed to me that the leaders, who belong to Luciferian organizations, are implanted with these devices and are often not working under their own minds at all. Interesting how they have sold us for alien technology, but in the process they have also been implanted and have become pawns. This is what happens when you trust the devil.
   No, you may not know if you have an implant. But, if you are their pawn, you will lack peace in your life. You many be trying to run away and not know what you are running away from. You may have nightmares and or strange dreams. You may be loaded down with sadness and not know why; and you may feel that something in your life is missing without knowing what this is, or why this is so. You may have a keen interest in, or fear of UFOS and not understand what draws you so to them. You may feel that you have a deep void in your life, which is full of darkness and you may be afraid to look within that void. I believe that many are driven to alcoholism or addictions in an attempt to run away from the memories, which try to surface. These are only some of the things, which I sense the Spirit of God revealing, but I am sure that there are many, many more, with some people remembering much of what has happened to them.
   I hear Our Lord speaking:
   "Precious Children, Lucifer’s idea is to control each and every person through implant technology. And, many, many are implanted against their will. They are primarily captured in the darkness of night and carried via these saucer craft to various locations, where they are branded and catalogued as cattle. Various tests are run on each and every one, including various brain tests, and various genetic experiments including bone marrow extractions. This bone marrow is kept and sealed away until such time that it may be needed for other kinds of research and implants.
   Some of the implants can be seen on x-ray, but others cannot be seen as these implants are made of human substances, such as bone substances, which are implanted back into the body, carrying implant substances, which are so subtle that they look like the bone, itself or other tissue. They have become very adept at deceiving human machines. However, many are implanted by your own governments, who are collaborating in the Luciferian scheme for total control of the planet; and many of these are crude and can be seen of film. These implants are central to their idea of control. For in and through them, they are able to monitor any person at any time and to control many, many ideas and thoughts generated by the person by a series of interconnected implants.
   Many of these implants are placed in various parts of the central and peripheral nervous systems. Some of them can produce pain and much suffering. Many humans are controlled by thought transfer; and others are driven to insanity and crime by these authors of human control. Other humans are used as automatons in Lucifer’s distasteful work and are no more than zombies, due to the amount of control exhibited though these implants.
   Some of your scientists live double lives, working for them in their sleep with little remembrance of it, save as a dream. Some of your most intelliegent scientists are worked like horses on these alien crafts in somnambulistic states, where they are involved in on-going settlements on the moon and mars. This enslavement of sharp minds grows by the year; and the number of the implanted grows also.
   The Luciferians are in complete control of NASA and they are in control of the international space station. They have taken over higher levels of control of the government of the USA and many, who are implanted, are being pruned to make war against an innocent populace. This Last Dance situation in Texas is a dry run of what they plan to do to you. Many of these involved are not under their own free will; and have little remembrance of what they do in these dark missions against the people. For, through these implants, ones memories can be confused and/or erased.
   Then again, some of you, who work in these dark missions, have vague memory of things you do; or you have strange dreams about these things. You must walk the straight and narrow to be free of this evil control. Many of you are under this kind of mind control because you have believed in aliens and UFOS; and you have invited them into your minds because of your curiosity.
   Listen to Me, My Children. Stay away from their works. Do not give them a place in your minds; but rebuke this evil and all that is connected with it. All UFO websites are infiltrated by the Luciferians; and all UFO groups are infiltrated by them. Many, who run these sites and who attend and carry out these UFO meetings, have several implants. These meetings and homes of those involved in the UFO research are constantly bombarded by high frequency waves, which interfere with the normal functions of the brain. Through these waves and through the implants, the Luciferians attempt to create an idea of naivete and love for their sick games so as to entrap each, to make them more concerned, and to bring in more innocent people through concern and thus a license to be controlled. This concern, which is seen as normal, does not come without its control. Thus, you are warned. Rebuke these works and pray constantly for your protection and for the protection of your household and for the protection of the ones you love.
   It is too late for your leaders. For, they have sold their souls to the devil for a penny. But, it is not too late for many of you. You must be wise to their schemes and rebuke them. In and through your Father comes the power to break the holds of any and all implants. But, you must not be a willing participant. When you seek them out and want to go onto these saucers, you become willing participants. You are being warned, and this is a stern warning to reject and rebuke all their works, lest you become their willing slave. I am Jesus. Yea, Jehovah Most High God of Earth."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

   I have stumbled upon your Web Site and was glued to the pages which tell of things to come which I had been reading in many other books.
   I am a servant of Jesus Christ and keep him in my heart daily.
   I long for some direction from Him to fight Lucifer and all of his followers. However, the time may still come for me to fight.
   I will keep praying and hoping for mercy for me, my family & friends, and all of us that will have to endure these last days.
      --Soldier of Christ.

Dearest Soldier,
   The Word of God is a Two-edged Sword. If you do not have the gift of the Speaking in Tongues, you need this. While some say that this is the least of the gifts, to me it is one of the most powerful. The Spirit of God flows through one’s mouth and often with such power that it can break any and all Luciferian holds. This gift is a powerful tool in spiritual warfare and I use it often, sometimes for several hours at a time.
   Lucifer hates this gift, as he will never have; and he cannot interpret it. Our Father has given it to His Saints as a two-edged sword, full of His Word. If you do not have this gift and really want it, write me back and I will pray for you. In the meantime, just keep on loving and serving our Lord; and He will be with you through all things.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Dear Linda and Dennis,
   I hope this finds you both well and in the grace of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Glory be to the Father! Be of good cheer as the Lord is our great provider. I thank the lord daily for all he has given me and my family. I also thank him for answering prayers as to taking care of your needs as well as other saints. dont be sadened that you are going from one dwelling to place to another that seems unfit. The Lord has placed you there, and is only temporary. Strive on and know that my prayers go out for you both daily. Our walk is a hard and sometimes lonely one, but thank the Lord for his never ending love for us that he brings us comfort.
   Please continue to pray for me as evil is trying to bind me every minute. Also pray for….. Be comforted this day in the love of a brother and from our lord Jesus.
   -- Joel

Dear Joel,
   You are a precious soul to Our Lord. I thank you for your precious help in Our Lord’s work. You will be blessed many fold. We received the seeds and will plant them with love, knowing that you sent them in love. I think of you often and pray for you and your family.
   Be not saddened, My Beloved Brother, at what you see in others. You cannot change another’s choices. While we cannot change others, but we must accept them for who they are, and where they are spiritually, loving them as they are, praying constantly for them, lest Lucifer further strangle them and carry them down.
   You are worried about things to come, but worry pushes out faith. So, we must cling to Our Lord as our anchor, knowing that because of our love for Him and love for truth and righteousness we are at odds with the world.
   Allow others their right to be and seek sanctuary in the Lord our God. Be free of worry this day and be not afraid for what comes. Just do what you can today and at the end of the day, know that you have done the best you can for our Lord. Knowing that some days, the best we can do is to get up and make it through the day; but, when the day is ended, we must be thankful for the love of our Lord, that His love carried us through another day. For His love surpasses all and is always us. He especially loves the lost; as you and I know. In time, others, who are lost, will also come to know Our Lord’s mercy, compassion and love.
We send our heartfelt love and thanks for your kindnesses.
   Your Sister in Jesus,

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

   I have read a portion of your prophecies and would like to ask you a few questions.
   The pediction for the invasion of the USA is Dec. 12, 1998, following a deep recession of our economy. Have I missed something or is there an explanation?
>From what I have read, the Catholic Church is indicated to be the "Great Whore" as referenced to in Revelation. Is the Catholic Church, Pope John Paul II and people of the Catholic faith considered to be evil? Has God indicated to you which churches are true?
   Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you soon.
May God Bless You!
UserName: Dennis

Dear Dennis,
   Yes, My Precious Brother, you missed the downturn in the economy in the late summer and early fall of this past year. To understand how Our Lord, in His mercy, gave us a short reprieve from this war on Dec. 12, you must go back and read previous "Messages for You" in the fall of 1998.
   Yes, the Catholic Church is a great whore church, but it is surpassed by one of greater proportions, and this is the universal church of Lucifer, which shall assume world dominance in the not too distant future. The Pope belongs to the "secret" Luciferian societies of the world and he is communist. All communism is Luciferian; for its aim is to make prisoners of all, to take away their right to choose and to destroy freedoms. No, everyone in the Catholic Church is not evil; they are unfortunately under an evil and deceptive system.
   As for which churches are true… All churches, which take the Luciferian tax-exempt number, fall under considerable Luciferian influence. With this number, a covering comes to rest upon the churches, which looks something like a black octopus, with dark tentacles. By nature of having this covering, the light of God coming onto the churches is distorted. Therefore, all churches, which take this number from a Luciferian government, which this government has become, are affected to varying degrees. For this reason, prophecies coming out of them are distorted and/ or limited in many ways.
   So, while it is good if all can find a church group with which to commune, be apprised. It is best for the churches to go on and pay taxes on what they take in than to be under an assigned number from a Luciferian system. This covering of which I speak is very real, as Our Lord has made me see it over and over again.
   I know of small groups of prayer warriors springing up here and there and people worshiping freely within these small groups.
   Know, as well, that when we are invaded, huge numbers of churches will be destroyed overnight, and those, who cannot have God, lest they have a church, are going to be very lost. So, my advice to all is that you get very grounded in The Lord and His Word from the depths of your very soul. Begin to make a time daily in which you devote it solely to Our Lord; and all through the day, give Him praises and thanks for loving and keeping you and yours. Remember: Each of us is responsible for our own spiritual journey.
   The Lord took me out of churches years ago so that He could feed me and teach me. And for this, I am eternally grateful. If you want what Our Lord has to offer, get dedicated and hungry for His truths and seek His guidance and understanding day after day with discipline. Even if you are very tired and/or sick continue on, and Our Lord will reward you for your discipline.
   I pray that Our Lord leads you into a spiritual group, which pleases Him. Let me know how you are doing.
Jesus is our only Way,

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

   many are now given implants under the ear drums- and being followed day and nite by four five thugs who monitor the car and the same organisation hears all your phone fax and internet requests. i have been followed in canada, usa brazil and am trying to figure my way out of this deep hole- your interpretation is much appreciated- tgbtg to god be the glory amen

My response to you…"Evil is as evil does!"

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Hello Dennis and Linda,
   I want to thank the both of you who are now strong enough in the Lord to publish these prophecy books for all to read. I am a brother in the Lord in the New England area. I prayed to Jehovah a few months back about teaching inmates in prison about the Lord. A month later a brother in California called me out of the blue about business and computers. I found out that he is a brother in the Lord who ministers to people in prisons through The Prison Fellowship Organization! I have also had several dreams that are all apocalyptic in nature, and these seem to come from the Lord, but I am not sure. One such dream is that I was in a room and that I seemed to be tied up. The dream was somewhat scary, but I noticed that I had holes in my feet, like that of our beloved King Jesus, but that I didn't know why I didn't also have holes in my hands.
   I have prayed about this dream, and have gotten a feeling from our Lord that I am halfway there on the road to start doing his work. I have very strong feelings that I should buy a supply of food for my home, and that I should start storing supplies in the foothills of the White Mountains, forty miles from my home, and about 60 miles from the NH seacoast.
   The urgency to teach about the Lord is very strong, as I sense from the Lord that the time is very short. I am still struggling to leave the temptations of this world. I still smoke and drink and smoke pot once in a while although I have cut down considerably. Its strange that I am not as close to the same crowd I use to hang with and I feel uncomfortable when my girlfriend wants to go to a club or bar as I am starting to not fit in. I know that drinking and smokingare wrong, because Jesus and Jehovah wants us to be clean. I also know that I can't teach others if I am a phony and a hypocrit. I could use some prayers from the both of you in my behalf. I pray that with all the work that you are both doing, that I am not being selfish. May Jehovah keep you both in the times ahead.
   Best Regards,

Dear Jason,
   The Spirit of God is tugging at your heartstrings, as Our Lord wants to use you in His Work; but first you must stop drinking and drugging. If you cannot seem to drop these vices, go to NA or AA, where you will find many of like mind. I strongly support the 12 Step Program as it helped me to give up alcohol. The 12-Step Program puts God back onto people’s lives and teaches the need to forgive and to take inventory of your life.
   So many times, we, who have had a problem with drink and drugs, just want to walk away from all the crazy things we have done and not address them. And, we might attempt to do so, but this is always fraught with many unresolved conflicts. We must clean out our houses and this can take years. We must make amends to those we have harmed and seek their forgiveness, then asking forgiveness from God. I can assure that this is the only way to go. There is no easy way. People have tried the easy ways for years, and these escapist ways do not work.
   So, my advice to you is that if you are serious about serving God, clean up your own house before you try to help anyone else clean up theirs. Yes, indeed it would be hypocritical to go into the prisons preaching to others, and the weight of what you would come in contact with would drag you down. You would be assaulted by demons all the time as this environment is teaming with them.
   So, do the bold thing. Clean up your own house. Get right with God and settle your debts before Him. And, get some sobriety time under your belt, say at least one year. Then, think about working in the prisons. Even a year is not much time and three or four would be better. But, we do have little time.
   In all things, seek Our Lord’s will and ask Him to close the doors He does not want you to go through and to open the doors He wants you to go through.
   In the dream, you were tied up by evil. This is Lucifer’s way; and it happens so often to all. We do not even have to open the door; and he will take the liberty to oppress and depress us by literally tying us up in spirit. The Spirit of God can break any such holds of Lucifer; but It will not as long as we choose to stay in the bed with Lucifer. The holes in your feet show holes in your spiritual walk. These are holes in your spiritual armor and demons loves to enter through such holes and take control.
   I agree that all need to prepare for what lies ahead. I pray that you give up drink and drugs altogether. And, then and only then can you start to grow spiritually. Keep me posted on your spiritual journey; I am concerned.
   -- Linda

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Best of prayers be with you.
   Though I find the site intriguing, I find it too much beyond my understanding. I sense something is not right and the hard times will come again. But faith is the only thing anybody can hold onto.
Just Ramblings from a fallen spirit.

Dear Luy,
   So says our Lord,
"My Child, I have not forsaken you. But, you have forsaken Me. I have gone nowhere, but in your error you believe I have. I have loved you when you ignored me and pushed me away. Stand up, and take note that you are a Child of God and that your soul is a gift from Your Father. Cherish your walk among men; for it may come to a halt all too soon if you continue to choose darkness over Light. I love you, My Child. Will you give Me a chance to be Your Lord? For, I know your aloneness and your sorrow runs deep. Be sincere at heart and I will forgive you. I will deliver you from the clutches of darkness. Listen to me and come back. I am Jesus. I am Jehohah, Most High God of Earth."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I Thanked and will continue to thank our Father God and our Lord Jesus Christ for you and your on going work to open our eyes.
   Please pray with me that our Lord Jesus Christ will restore what the cankerworm and locust has eaten in me and that I will be able to preach and be a witness to his HOLY WORD. I so ever much want to please our God and Lord!
   I can no longer straddle the fence like I have been, for I do not want to be spit out of my Lord's mouth because I am luke warm.
   Please pray for me and my family that we will be able to endure to the end, that anything that is prideful or other hinderances be removed from our path. And please say a special prayer for my Husband D., he is less than a child beliver (relying on teaching from when he was a child, he is now 45 years old) that God will do a strong awakening in him so he can believe, be saved and endure to the end otherwise I may have to leave him when the tribulation starts getting severe.
   I will be sending a donation (not to buy prayers or Jesus's Love, I already have that gift that can't be bought) but it is my way of saying thank you for being available in helping your Christian Siblings like me who are asleep, half asleep to wake up. JESUS IS SO LOVING CARING AND WONDERFUL to me by allowing me to reach this Website and locating it at the top, PRAISE GOD JEHOVAH our FATHER, but also because he gave my daughter the same vision (shorter version of course, smile) the following day before I had a chance to tell her what I received from you.
   AND WE AIN'T HARDLY WORTHY! Yet he loves us so much, he is warning my family one last time to prepare. THANK YOU MY LORD JESUS, I pray that in the end I will be worthy of your reaching out me me and mine which was yours first.
   Thank you again Linda. I know you will not have time to read this because the Lord has so much work for you today, but thank you for letting me praise our Lord with you.
   Thank you God for Blessing my sister in Christ Jesus
      -- Teresa

My Precious Sister,
   Thank you for a heartwarming letter. I have prayed for you and for your husband, who I have seen to be sleeping, though rising up somewhat.
   As for you, Our Lord hears your heart and will guide you in all things. Just put him first and make every day a day of love for Him.
   As I see that your heart is and has been full of sorrow, I have prayed that Our Lord circumcise your heart and make it pure. I pray that Our Lord anoint you fully with His Spirit and that He raise you up to serve Him in truth and honor, bringing others to Him as you witness to them. For, in you, My Sister is the very key to love, which is placed within you by Our Lord; and on this key of love are the words,
   "I Love You, My Child," on one side and on the other, "Be bold for Me." This is a gift from our Lord Jesus.
   "Great trials are coming your way," says our Lord. "And, you will be attempted to go to sleep or not to fight. But, you must know, My child, that all are purified as gold and silver that their robes may be made white as snow. So, when these great trials come your way, know that they have been foretold. But, continue on with faith in Me and you will come out of them with a greater and stronger faith. For, your very Father is going to test and try you and see if you are true.
   Now, My Child, you must rededicate yourself to Me in truth and honor; and you must do this day after day. For, you know how, but you have fallen back. You have put other things of little or no value before Me and you have walk in darkness.
   Yes, My Child, I love you more than you can ever imagine; and your Father loves you with a love that you cannot imagine. But, you have forsaken those, who love you the most. So, now you must come back and show that you really love and serve your Lord and God.
   Reach out, My Child, and take My hand; and do not look back upon the worldly. Divorce yourself from it, so that it has no more of a stranglehold on you. Keep your eyes focused on Me, for in and through Me is the only Way. And, you must work in humility and surefootedness as the night is about to fall on this once great land. Now, go, My Child, and do as I say, lest you be carried away with the dark waters of the Broad Way. I am Jesus, yea Jehovah, Most High God of Earth."

      ---   Linda

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Linda you mention that life will continue in the " tiny Nation "
is this New Zealand because we recently seem to have become a sort of Noahs Ark for people of all races.
thankyou, Brian

Dear Brian,
   So often, I have had the opportunity to think about New Zealand, as every time I see Our Beloved Lord standing tall over New Zealand. I believe that He has a very special love for this tiny nation. And, I believe that He is raising up a very special people over the land. In fact, as I write this I hear our Lord beginning to speak:
   "My Beloved Children of New Zealand, prepare for what lies ahead. Though much of the world shall rock and reel in terrible wars, I shall preserve much of New Zealand. However, I warn you to prepare for great droughts and even terrible famines. I am warning you to of the need to start great stores of grains and other foods that you will not be able to grow in drought, such as green foods.
   But, watch that the insects and the mice do not devour your food storehouses.
I have many saints in New Zealand and these from my heart. Be blessed in truth and light, My Beloved and help your brethren. For, there are many, who are lost and struggling. I am Jesus, yea Jehovah, Most High God of Earth."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I happened upon your web site and noticed that "receive" is misspelled (you have it as "recieve"). The URL of the page is:
Sorry for making such a big deal of a simple misspelling; my therapist says I have an obsessive-compulsive personality<g>. But these web pages seem to live forever and this could be embarrassing.
When I find something like this on my website, I use a free utility that helps me correct typos and make quick edits right in my browser. It's called JustEdit and you can get a free copy from
Good luck,

Dear Chris,
   Thank you for sending this along. You are not the only one to spot errors; and I hope to get them corrected one day. However, for now it seems that we will have to settle for what we have.
   Be easy on yourself. You will never find all mistakes and will never stop making them. We have to lean on Our Lord’s grace and know that He loves us and just wants us to keep on trying.
   All obsessions are demon-fed. If you would like prayer for this, write back; and I will be glad to pray for you.
-- Linda

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I am a very deep thinking seeker. So deep that I almost cannot belive anyone or anything 100 %. I am a member of the Sevent day adventist church. I haven´t found any other church which has a more balanced intellectual-emotional style although it could have been better. It is probably the best and the least "dangerous" church for me!
   I have read Your writings here quickly and because You wrote mostly about conditions where You live I cannot fully tell what I thinkabout it.
   What worries me however is all the prophecies spread by non christian sources. Even though they´ll might show to be false it´s a sign anyway that something is going to happen.
   You wrote about president Clinton and OJ Simpson. I have listened to a few things that they have said at www.reversespeech.com where it´s easy to hear from various samples of audio played backwards, that they are really(? Only God knows howevever) telling the real truth which could be horrifying for some to hear. ( I mean You might be right about yor accusements but please remember that they belong to God to decide.) Do not keep on doing it, that´s my belief.
   By the way I live in Sweden. Unless You receive to many email replies, I´ll be happy to receive one from You.
   Take care,

Dear Dick,
   By this time, OJ Simpson has been tried for murder and freed, tried again and found guilty. Anyone can believe what they will about OJ Simpson; but my opinion is that if it looks like a frog, croaks like a frog and hops like a frog-- it is a frog.
   As for Bill Clinton, Our Lord has revealed a great deal about the real Bill Clinton and what He has shown me is that Bill Clinton is deceptive to the core. So, I go with what Our Lord reveals.
   Get off the fence, My Brother!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

So, My Precious Brothers and Sisters, this is your update. I know that it has been a long time in coming and I apologize for so many delays. But many things have come up, which have been beyond our control, and they have taken up much of our time. Mary R., thank you for the heartwarming letter. I hope that by reading everything above, you will learn something about walking the walk. And, David S., thank you so very much for the Jewish New Testament. I love this translation and feel the Spirit of God springing from every page. It is truly anointed; and I encourage each of you to get a copy. Until next time, walk with Our Precious Jesus and you will walk in love and peace.
      Jesus is our only Way,
      Linda and Dennis

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