To Our Precious Jesus and Lord God Jehovah, I bow down with gratitude and humility and great love for making this work possible, and for providing a way to get it out to you. In all He is faithful. I trust in His Way.

I stand before God with all my frailties and claim no power or authority of my own. I have been called of God to prophecy, anointed for this walk and given freely of His Spirit. You will read the visions, prophecies and experiences given me of God. I have worked diligently, but can claim no perfection. Try as I might my human frailties come through. I pray that I have not made too many errors, but if I have made them I beg God to look at my heart. For it is full of love for Him. I only wish to serve Him.

God told me early last summer to get ready to do much writing for Him. In the course of these writings, I have been given three meat dreams. In each dream angels came and brought me more and more meat. I had never seen so much meat as I saw in one of these dreams. It was all over the counters, in the refrigerator and in the stove.

The Bible says that meat is not fit for one new to the Spiritual Path. The babe cannot digest it, as this one needs milk. Many will not accept the meat of the word in these prophecies. They are still at the milk stage. In I Cor. 3:2, The Apostle Paul writes, "I have fed you with milk, and not with meat; for heretofore ye were not able to bear it, neither yet now are ye able." But now we are in the very last days before the return of Christ and He wants the truths to come forth. Many of these truths have been hidden or denied the masses since His journey on earth. This shall be no more. The meat shall be made available for those who can digest it.

God told me that He would make the way to publish these works and to be quiet, sit still and wait on Him. For the space of a month, from the middle of December 1997 to the middle of January 1998, I waited on the Lord. Jesus told me to go on a modified fast for five days and, after five days had passed, to make a decision about how to proceed.

During the interim, one called to prophecy from another state wrote me and told me that God directed him to build me a website. But God had not told me this. So, I prayed and Jesus told me to wait for three more days before I made a decision. On the third day, which was the fifth day of the modified fast, Jesus told me that this man who offered to build the website would take offense to some of the writings and that he would make decisions in his mind against them. I sent the man what Jesus said and did not hear anything for several weeks. But Jesus’ very words would come true at later date when this man turned on me, leveling accusations from his mind.

The same day that I e-mailed the above man, I went to the post office and received a letter from a prophet in another state, who had been going through a hard time. In this letter he sent enough money for us to build a website. We ended up buying numerous programs before the website could be built.

My dear husband studied these programs day after day, week after week, working, correcting, studying, and working. I have been so touched in his dedication. God has given him a talent, a perfection, and He is using it for God’s glory.

This precious prophet who sent the money also sent a note from God. I wish to share this note with you:

"Here is a prophetic word the Lord gave me for you:

Hold fast, My Angel, to what I have shown you. Though ten thousand or ten million be against you, they are as nothing before Me. I AM architect of over a hundred billion galaxies, yet I watch over every hair on your head, so be at peace.

You are marked with My Precious Blood. It is upon the doorsteps and lintels of your house, and the angel of Death must pass over, for I the LORD have spoken it.

Be not afraid of the arrow of criticism that flies by day or the terror that comes by night in Satanic attack. My rod and My staff are your comfort. I will never leave you nor forsake you.

Though a hundred fall at your side, the enemy will not harm you; though fire consume all around you, you will not be burned, for I created all and My power is limitless. Rest in the land and enjoy safe pasture, for your Shepherd watches over you and is on the lookout for wolves day and night."

J. Douglas Swaffield

To receive this word was so very meaningful and timely. For several nights, I had fought demons in my sleep. His words about criticism are so precious, as so many criticize me already.

As you read this page, know that I thank God for your life and hope that you know the hand of God in your daily affairs. We cannot make it on our own, though we may think so. I have been there and never wish to go back to the darkness I have known. (See "God’s Hand in My Life".)

Know that the world sits on the eve of great destruction. It is time to take your spiritual walk very seriously. If you love complacency, you will be lost. Seek God and He will give you salvation. Jesus is your truth.

Standing in Jesus Love,

Linda Newkirk



God's Hand In My Life Blessings And Warnings