From The Mountain

The Adventures Of White Buffalo Calf Woman



Table Of Contents

Chapter 2 Satan Is Cast Down!    14 Dec. 2005
Chapter 3 Three Beautiful Visions!    14 Dec. 2005
Chapter 4 The Harvest Of The First Fruits    14 Dec. 2005
Chapter 5 The Farewell Race; The Laser Beam Attacks; Get Geared Up To Finish The Race    14 Dec. 2005
Chapter 6 Satan's New World Order; Tortures; Rev. 9 Scorpions; Woman of Revelation 12    19 Jan. 2006
Chapter 7 Divine Revelations; The Two Lower Legs    19 Jan. 2006
Chapter 8 The Terrible Day Of The Lord Is At Hand; The Number Twenty-Three; Prophecies; The Beginning Of The Day Of The Lord; Warning To Satan    30 Jan. 2006
Chapter 9 'A MAJOR CORRECTION FOR LUCIFER!'    30 Jan. 2006
Chapter 10 Out Of Bondage To Satan; "Because Of Your Suffering, Alone. . ."    30 Jan. 2006
Chapter 11 The War With The Dragon; The Woman And The Dragon    13 Feb. 2006
Chapter 12 Little Time Remains For America; Repent . . .Destruction Of This Planet; Three Strikes Against This Nation; "I Will Kill The Body Of Satan"; Attempt To Steal The Vortex    14 Feb. 2006
Chapter 13 The Old Dog Is Dead; US Navy And Satan's Plot; Howe, A Government Infiltrator    14 Feb. 2006
Chapter 14 The Ending of Revelation Twelve; Intergalactic War In Progress; The Trip To North Dakota; Project Blue Beam; Wars Of The Worlds; The Anti Vortex; The Dracos Coming In     4 Mar. 2006




Table Of Contents

Chapter 15 The Birthing of the Kingdom of our Lord and God; A MESSAGE FROM OUR FATHER IN HEAVEN JEHOVAH, MOST HIGH GOD    15 Aug. 2006
Chapter 16 Israel, You are Naked!    17 Aug. 2006
Chapter 18 The Trumpet Call for The Bride!    25 Aug. 2006
Chapter 19 You, Oh Satan, Shall Struggle To Maintain Your Power; Showdown Over Arkansas; The Fourth Kingdom; The Power Of Yahweh Will Sustain You; Love Our Father Yahweh; Repent Now And Pray That You Are Counted Worthy To Go; Satan In My House; Failures, They Are; The Assaults Continue; They Kidnap My Dogs; Satan Is A Monster; Our Father's Power And Great Mercy; Our Father's Supernatural Way; The Robotoid Soldiers    (edit) 26 Aug. 2006
Chapter 20 THE KINGDOM POWER; Now Comes My Power And My Glory Into The Earth As No One Has Ever Seen; Satan's Present Kingdom Divided In Half   26 Aug. 2006
Chapter 21 They will Tremble Beneath the Power of My Kingdom    30 Aug. 2006
Chapter 22 The Appointed Time    30 Aug. 2006
Chapter 23 An Update on the War with Satan; Moses's beautiful visit and subsequent dream; This New Spiritual Code, Awesome to behold; The Fallen Angels, what humanity now faces; The Fourth Kingdom of the Book of Daniel; These evil ones thrive on torture;The Pride and Arrogance of the Fallen Angels; How beautiful is this spiritual babe; The Continued Fall of Satan; Another failed attempt of Satan and the U.S. Military;They came to rejoice, but alas, egg in their faces; Rejoice through your trials    30 Aug. 2006
Chapter 24 What a Wonderful God We Have; The Games of the Buffoons    01 Sept. 2006
Chapter 25 Understanding Satan's Kingdom; The Electromagnetic Ring; The Implant Technology; The Use of Their Implant Technology Against Me    02 Sept. 2006
Chapter 26 There is No God, No God Like Yahweh; The Dance of the Buffoons Continues On, Know Your Enemy; Satan is a Chameleon; Satan is starved for Attention; Last Night; The Russians Want Out; Our Father in Heaven Sings to Us; Satan fails and he fails and he fails; Continued the following morning; And, the Circus Continues...    06 Sept. 2006
Chapter 27 A Beautiful Life; Many things are happening around me; The Continuing Persecution of Satan on September 06 and 07 of 2006; They are Drunk With Power; Yet, Another Scheme; What Satan sees when the Explosions go off in my body; They fail and continue on in their failures; How these Evil Ones ride their failures; The Venemous Rage; The Double-Devil Day; The Parade of the Wires and Implants Continues On; The Kingdom Power; How the Kingdom Power is Manifesting; Satan is wroth with jealousy; What Satan has been allowed to do and why; The New Generation of Souls, The Kingdom of our Lord and God; Honor our Lord and God! Persevere, and be Faithful; Looking Ahead; Until Next Time...    13 Sept. 2006
Chapter 28 Words from our Father in Heaven; Sex Slaves; Lusts of the Flesh; Why Unrepentant Addicts Will Not Make It Into Heaven; Jesus Came to Set the Captives Free; How Addictions Come About; Resist Satan and he will eventually flee; Salvation is an on-going work; The Truth; First Message from our Father in Heaven, Sins of the Flesh; Second Message from our Father in Heaven, My Kingdom Come;    22 Sept. 2006
Chapter 29 Our Father's Marvelous Works; The War Goes On; Something Beautiful in the Sky;    22 Sept. 2006
Chapter 30 The Beautiful Crystalline New DNA; The Beautiful Way; The Turn-Me-To-Stone Trick; The New DNA, What A Sight To Behold; Evil Schemes to Stop the DNA Spin; 360 Degree DNA; A Beautiful Gift To Humanity; Calling to the Eagles, For, where the Body is, there the eagles will be gathered also; Rejoice! Rejoice!;    23 Sept. 2006
Chapter 31 The Victory March; The War Goes On; So That These Things Might Be Recorded; Satan's Schemes and Lies; The Clowns Have Failed; The Monster from Hell! You Must Know How He Operates; Another Attempt to Burn me Up; Failures and Buffoons; THERE IS ONE, WHO IS FAITHFUL; Satan's Motto: If you can't conquer it, blow it up; OUR SAVIOUR IS COMING; The Fulfilment of Micah Chapter Four; They are Lower Than Any Beasts; Let her be defiled; What a Terrible World; The Night of October 11, 2006; The Satanic Orgy; Many Nations are Gathered Against Thee; Those on the Right Path Will Be Persecuted; I Will Make Thine Horn Iron and Thy Hoofs Brass; The Wild Dogs Will Bow Down    20 Oct. 2006
Chapter 32 Beautiful Blessings Coming To The Faithful; They're out to Blow up the World; The Ultimate Sealing; When will the 144,000 be sealed?; Who are the 144,000?; A Second Illuminati Plot To Assassinate President Bush; The Satanic dog tricks; They Constantly Search for Any Weaknesses; The Buffoons Have failed in all of their tricks; Work for the 'baby' DNA; Our Father has used a baby and a woman to trick Satan and his hoards; How our Father in Heaven has used the 'baby' to trick Satan; Why the New DNA was born into the World in This Manner; Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will be Done in the Earth as it is in Heaven; Message from Father in Heaven    01 Nov. 2006
Chapter 33 What a Glorious Unfolding!; The Works of Demons and Devils!; They will Not Steal Their Way Off this Planet!; The Kingdom Of God in Its Infancy!; A Work Akin to that of Moses!; The Assaults of the Enemy!; The Desperation of the Enemy; Their Never-Ending Schemes!; The Interesting DNA Work!; For the Record!; The Beautiful Love and Grace of our Father Yahweh!; They are constantly Looking!; A Bizarre World, Indeed!; These Evil Ones Never Let Me Out of Their Sight!; They Desperately Want to Know the True Angles of the DNA!; A Most Informative Conversation!; I Believe that this Man Speaks the Truth of His Heart!; Only our Father in Heaven Knows What He Will do!; When The DNA Opens A Full 360 Degrees!; Revelation Chapter Twelve is a Hinge!; How Long Will Our Saviour Sound the Alarm?    01 Dec. 2006;    (edit)25 May 2007
Chapter 34 The Time is at Hand; They're out to Steal the Baby DNA; What they are doing to my body; Electromagnetic Surgery; They Will Use This Terrible Technology In Their Coming War Against Christians; Our Loving Father Yahweh Is Making A Way; So that these things are recorded, I Continue on; Words Fail to Accurately Describe What These Evil Doctors do; They are Obsessed; Copious Amounts of Wire; The Amazing New Human DNA; How the DNA Disposes of Waste; DNA Spirals Throughout my Whole Body; The Baby DNA will soon be Eight Months Old; The Hands of Light; Now for the Shocker! How They are Trying to Steal the DNA!; Why the Skin; And, now for the 'Baby' Dreams; Second 'Baby' Dream; Conversations that I have overheard; Some Want Out; The Mars Man; Message from our Father in Heaven; How Do you know if You Are Spiritually Clean; Baptism and the Laying on of Hands; In Closing; New Developments with the DNA; The DNA Dreams; Interpretation of this Dream; The DNA Dream of January 01, 2007; Interpretation of the January Dream; The Exciting Work of our Father in Heaven   04 Jan. 2007;    (edit)25 May 2007
Chapter 35 THE PLANET, NIBURU, IS HERE; The DNA 'baby' is now eight months old ; What a Loving and Faithful God we have; The Annunaki are Back; Our Father Yahweh Fights for Us; MESSAGE FROM OUR FATHER IN HEAVEN: NIBURU IS HERE;    15 Jan. 2007;(edit)11 August 2010
Chapter 36 The 'Birthing' Continues!; My Apologies!; The Annunaki 'gods' have taken over this torture parade!; Why the Annunaki?; The Jealous and Angry Annunaki!; I am so greatly blessed; blessed beyond measure!; Bring Em On!; For a Little Better Understanding!; Going back a little to The Bushes!; The German Nazi Dream!; They are all Clowns!; More, more, more of everything!; Layers of Wire and Cloth Pockets into my Stomach!; Their Games of Distraction!; The Rubber Masks!; The 'poor' Annunaki Prisoners! Our Father in Heaven will surely save them!; So, I fear them not!; Who are the Annunaki?; Some very good photos of Niburu!; Great Battle Between Niburu and the Sun!; The January 29, 2007 conversation!; Does she usually hear what is said?; The Second Annunaki Conversation; The Raid of the Meat Repository!; They are 'evil' beyond any description!; A Tired and Weary Body!;We must all learn to Rest in the love of our Father Yahweh!; My Precious, Little Dogs!; When they began to mistreat my animals!; The New DNA; Full-term DNA; Will the Human Birth Cycle Change?; Our Father in Heaven loves you so!;    19 Mar 2007
Chapter 37 Not much time left!; The Metal Strips; More on the Metal Strips; Their Devil Day Extravaganza; I am their prisoner until our Saviour comes; The Chemicals; Another wild scheme beat by the power of Yahweh; The effects of so much in my body; Pray for me, my Dear Ones; Galactic Tsunami   21 Mar 2007
Chapter 38 Rounding the Curve; Thank you for your prayers; The new DNA; The Assaults of March 13th, 2007; The Ghoulish Acts of the Annunaki Clowns; The Annunaki plan to enslave all of humanity; How greatly this DNA is needed; So Many Lost Souls; How many are under mind control, and have no clue; Terrible, terrible times ahead; All Will Be Tried and Tested; The price for rebellion; Freedom for the Faithful; They are desperate; A Nation if Truly Being Born!; 360 Degree DNA; The Liquid Light is beginning to Pour In; Satan is whistling in the wind; The Promises of our Faithful Father Yahweh are Being Fulfilled; May We All Humble ourselves before our Mighty God Yahweh; So that these works may be recorded in the Earth; Visits With The Annunaki; The Annunaki Visit; Did the Annunaki man tell me the truth; The 'Melded' Metal in my tissues; More from the Annunaki; The Works of the Evil Annunaki; Their Drugged and Mind Controlled Slaves; Read what our Father in Heaven told Daniel; Other-Worldly Technology; What will Happen to these evil Annunaki; The DNA had to learn evil; The Kingdom of our Father,'will break in pieces and consume all these kingdoms.'; Why there had to be a new human DNA; A Month of Unbelievable Torture; The Wire Designs; They are desperate; The Evil 'hell-hound!'; How the DNA has been tested; How our Father Yahweh Shaped My Education; Passover of 2007; The Long Stream of Visions; What is Going on with this Passover; The Earth Wobbling Like a Drunkard;    04 May 2007
Chapter 39 Eyes have not Seen and Ears have not Heard; Here Comes the Bride; More Understanding About the"Firstfruits" and the Bride; The "Baby boy" of Revelation 12 Has Grown into a "Man child!"; The "Man child," Who Will Rule The World With a Rod Of Iron; Who is Caught up to the throne of God; How the Bride of Christ Will Appear in the Earth; Awesome times ahead for the Faithful, But, terrible times for the whole earth; The Day of the Lord; The On-Going Suffering, What I continue to endure at the hands of Satan and his hoards; The Full Body Suit; A Space within a Space, Is this also called hyperspace? These Implantables Do Not Show Up on X-Ray Film; In all that they have done to me, they have utterly failed; The Holy Seed is Going into Higher Realms of Divine Power; Two recent dreams; The Few, Who Have Been Faithful; The Faithful and the Righteous Will Inherit The Kingdom of God; A Harsh Scrubbing is at Hand for the House of Israel; In Summary   31 July 2007
Chapter 40 PART I; The Stork and the Storm; The Latest Message from our Father in Heaven   17 Oct. 2007
PART II; First Message from our Father in Heaven; Second Message From our Father in Heaven; Third Message from Our Father in Heaven   18 Oct. 2007
Chapter 41 More Beautiful Revelations From our Father in Heaven; Messages from our Father in Heaven; What More is our Father Showing?; The Heavenly Spin!; A Dream, Which I have longed to see fulfilled!   02 Nov. 2007
PART II; The Sign Of The Coming Of The Son Of Man!   22 Nov. 2007
PART III; Important News About The Coming Of Our Savior; And Much More   21 Feb. 2008
Chapter 43 Oh, Howl, All You People; So Great Are The Coming Judgements of Our God on America and Canada; AN URGENT CALL; Look at the Enclosed Map; Do your Part Now; Financial Needs for From the Mountain Prophecies; OUR FATHER'S GRIEVOUS WARNING TO THE PEOPLE OF THE USA AND CANADA; THE VISION OF THE FLAMING WOMAN; MESSAGE OF WARNING: His Great Judgements, which are at hand, for America; VINE MINISTRY INTERNATIONAL; VINE MINISTRY INTERNATIONAL    (edit) 18 Mar. 2008
Chapter 44 The Son of the King is Going Home!; Messages From Our Father Yahweh;   (edit) 06 Oct. 2008
Chapter 45 Daily Visitations; Messages from our Father in Heaven   17 Nov. 2008
Chapter 46 "near-imminent collapse of the United States of America"; "About 28 solid years of warnings through the mouths of latter-day prophets"; The Only Way to our Father is through His Son, Jesus, Saviour, Messiah, King of Kings and Lord of Lords; Jesus warned against being lukewarm; The Wolf is at the Door; A MESSAGE FROM OUR FATHER IN HEAVEN;   (edit) 31 Oct. 2008
Chapter 47 A Technology so Terrible!, NONE can survive it, except through Divine Intervention!; Satan's great attempts to stop the works of Revelation 12!; Wondrously and Supernaturally Carried in the Arms of our Saviour!; The Truth is Being Made to look like Science Fiction!; The True Story of One, Who has been taken captive through this horrific technology!; Will there be a fake UFO Invasion before the return of our Saviour?, Will they pretend to be there as friends, who will save all?; A Series of Judgements Coming upon America!; The Haughty prophets and the backbiters in the Body of Christ!; Why is our Saviour Tarrying?; Repent, oh Children of the Most High,Get Clean and Stay Clean; or you will not be counted among His Bride!; MESSAGE FROM OUR FATHER IN HEAVEN;    11 Dec. 2008
Barack Obama is a Rothschild, And More!    24 Nov. 2008
Chapter 49 A Dilemma for the Whole World    24 Jan. 2009
Chapter 50 Part I: An Urgent Call to the Bride of Christ; This could be the Last Call; The Beautiful Son of the King; Why You Need to Know of this Terrible Technology; In Love to Our Lord and God; A Song of Love for You, Oh Blessed King of Kings; A Message from our Lord and God ; An Urgent Call to the Bride of Christ;    24 Jan. 2009
Part II: The Kingdom Power: Holy Anointed Cloths;    13 April 2009
Part III: Our Father's Blessings To You Through the Holy Anointed Cloths!;    01 May 2009
Part IV: Your Testimonies!;    23 May 2009
Part V: More Of Your Testimonies!;
Part VI: More Of Your Testimonies!;   15 Jan. 2010
Part VII: More of Your Testimonies Regarding the Holy Anointed Cloths!;   24 Mar. 2010
Chapter 51 Three Rings within the Sun    06 May 2009
Chapter 52 America, the Whore of the World, Your Hour of Great Judgment is at Hand!    06 May 2009




Table Of Contents

Chapter 53 The spiritual condition of the churches in America ;
The economic and military condition of the USA ;
Great Treachery among the leaders of this nation!
   02 Jun. 2009
Chapter 54 PART I - "The Deep Waters!"    02 Jun. 2009
PART II - Father, how will they receive the manchild?
PART III - For, I am Creator! I am holy and holiness calls unto holiness!!, The Impartation of the Manchild Spirit, the Son of the King
Chapter 55 Many Perish For Lack of Truth!; Misinformation of Pamela Schuffert against Linda Newkirk; Satanists!; What you must do to remain and stay free!; Remember these Warnings from our Saviour!; ...On-going Slanderous Lies of Elizabeth Sheri Elijah Nikomia...;    17 July 2009
Chapter 56 As Dust is to Dust, Afraid before our Mighty God!    27 July 2009
Chapter 57 Our Father is Still Pleading!, Make Your Way Straight!; Listen, oh Precious Children of the Most High!; I Warn You that You are, Overwhelmingly, Not Ready for My Coming!; Only the Tears of Sorrow can Melt A Frozen Heart!; The True Heart Calls out To My Spirit of Truth!; Will You be Truthful With Me?; You, Who Love the Surface Walk, Must Take Heed!; I Tarry Now, But not for Long!; My Hammer of Judgement!; What Will You do When You are Persecuted?; Weep! Truly be Sorry!; I am Tarrying for Love of You!; The Gulf of California Quakes on August 03, 2009!; The Vision of our Saviour on the Night of Aug 03, 2009!;    08 August 2009
Chapter 58 More Messages for the Bride of Christ!; He is Coming for the Wise Virgins!; Characteristics of My Bride!; Characteristics of the children of Satan!; The Children of Satan; Second Message to the Bride of Christ!'    13 October 2009
Chapter 59 'A New Set of Laws; and My Laws are in Him!';    13 October 2009
Chapter 60 PART I - Salvation for the Children of Satanic Lineage    22 November 2009
PART II - Behavioral Traits of the Children of Satan
PART III - A Precious, Little Child of Mine
PART IV - So that I Might Glorify Myself!; The Fiery Furnace
PART V - Oh, Glorious King
PART VI - Two Types of the Children of Satan
Chapter 61 PART I - The Bruised and Broken-hearted Child, Who lives within each of the Children of The Hidden Goat Satanic Lineage    28 November 2009
PART II - The Backdoors into the minds of the Fractured Children of the Hidden Goat Lineage
PART III - A Prayer of Deliverance for those, who suffer from hidden mind control
PART IV - The Genetic Link, which Manifests in the Children of Satan
PART V - More Hidden Truths about the Children of Satan; The Children of Satan from the Beginning; An Inheritance for the Children of Satan
Chapter 62 PART I - MORE MEAT FOR THE BRIDE, Total peace and joy, The heritage of those, who walk in Perfect Obedience to Me    03 December 2009
PART II - Hear Me, oh My People! Love the world, and know that you are cut off from Me; My Little One, I am your Father Yahweh, yea Jehovah, Most High God! Do you hear that noise?
PART III - The Solitary Walk of the Bride
PART IV - Plain Talk from our Saviour: An Extended Delay!
Chapter 63 PART I - The Developing Pyramidal Structure Within the Manchild    03 December 2009
PART II - The Coming Manifestations of the Pyramidal Power in the Manchild; What the Sons of God can Expect; A Closing Prayer
Chapter 64 PART I - Who Can Receive Such Truths?    04 December 2009
PART II - 'The Two Trees'; "My Little One, take My hand; for I am your Father Yahweh, Most High God."
Chapter 65 PART I - The Fiery Chastisements; Pray for the Salvation of the Sinners; Our Saviour has laid a Very Straight Line; Hard Times for those, who walk the Strait and Narrow; Pistis Sophia;    02 February 2010
PART II - The Terrible Fiery Chastisements; OUTER DARKNESS, The Dragon of Outer Darkness; Those Souls, who go into Outer Darkness; Who will go into Outer Darkness?; Outer Darkness and the Rulers of Outer Darkness; The Great Mercy and Grace of our Saviour, How to get out of the Dungeons of the Dragon of Outer Darkness; Other Fires; The Five Great Rulers over the Fiery Chastisements of the Midst; Specific Chastisements for the Unrepentant Sinner, These are our Saviour's teachings, The Fiery punishments of The Persistent Slanderer; The Bold-Faced Liars, Who Say That They Serve Our Mighty God; In Closing;    02 February 2010
Chapter 66 PART I - Two Little Children;    04 February 2010
PART II - The Two Witnesses; At the Mouth of Two Witnesses, or Three Witnesses, Shall a thing be established;    04 February 2010
PART III - More about the Two Witnesses; At the mouths of two Witnesses or three witnesses, Shall a thing be established.;    04 February 2010
PART IV - More Confirmations from our Father Regarding the Two Witnesses; At the mouths of two, or three witnesses, Shall a thing be established; Our Father's Latest Message About The Two Witnesses; At the mouths of two, or three witnesses , A thing is established;    04 February 2010
Chapter 67 PART I - Another Day on the Mountain; Salvation for the Children of Esau;    15 February 2010
PART II - Our Father's Words, The Children of Esau, The Power in the soul is like the species of the soul; Pistis Sophia; A Message to the Soul of Esau;    15 February 2010
Chapter 68 Tools for Salvation! How To Clean Your Spiritual House!    03 March 2010
Chapter 69 Part I - "great tribulation"; Satan and his many hoards are out to Destroy Your Soul; Get Serious About Your Spiritual Walk and Stay Serious; Clean Your Spiritual House; Satan Deceives the Whole World; A Lackadaisical Spiritual Life is Satan's Campground; Your Works Testify of you; Make your Heart Clean; Dead Spiritual Works, Make Your Heart Clean; We Must Love our Lord with Our Whole Hearts; Things, which Defile One's heart; Unrepentant Sin Causes the Spirit of God to Flee, Then, comes a Blind Heart; Why Many Cannot Seek the Lord, our God With Their Whole Hearts; You May need the Laying on of Hands, For, the Anointing Breaks the Yokes; The Only Way To Salvation; Our Mighty Saviour ; Who Will Stand in the All-Consuming Fires with our Saviour; Television and Movies, Satan's Great Mind Control Agenda; Our Saviour Has Warned us to Come away from the worldly traps; So Many Souls Headed For The Fiery Chastisements; The Precious Son of our Saviour The Manchild of Revelation Twelve, The Holy Heritage of the Sons of God; Our Journey The Journey of the Manchild and I beneath the Feet of Satan and His Many Hoards; Why You need to Know what You Face; The Churches Have Failed; Great Judgment of the Most High Will Soon Fall on the Errant Preachers and Prophets!, For, A Great Judgment is about to begin in the House of the Lord; Proceeding with More about the Manchild of Rev. 12; A Glimpse of These Horrible Tests and Trials; More on Satan's War Against Us;    24 May 2010
PART II - The Testimony of Emmanuel Amos;    24 May 2010
Chapter 70 Father, have mercy; Our Father's Response; My Travail before our Saviour; Our Saviour's Warning to His People; Our Saviour's Continued Response to my Requests; A Prayer for the Workers of Sorcery, Witchcraft and False Doctrine, Our Father's Prayer, as Given Through The Spirit of God; Our Saviour's Great Warning To Those, who Believe and spread False Doctrine; Our Saviour's Great Words of Warning to the Mormons, the LDS Church; In Closing! A Message from my heart to the Mormons; Hear my cries to you, Dear Souls in the Mormon Church! For, it is out of love for you, that all is now given to you;    07 June 2010
Chapter 71 PART I - The Gulf Oil Disaster: Our Saviour's Warnings;    15 June 2010
PART II - Our Saviour's Great Judgments Against America!;    25 June 2010
Chapter 72 PART I - The Monster in the Gulf of Mexico is Gone; The Dream of the Monster in the Gulf of Mexico;    16 June 2010
PART II - Amazing Visions and Revelations from our Saviour; British Petroleum and the Victory Torch; The Next Vision-July 13th, 2010-The Tablespoon of our Saviour's Wrath; The Next Vision-July 17th, 2010-I am about to harvest some unto Me; The Next Vision-July 17th, 2010-Sealed into the Book of Light; Prayer and the Next Vision-July 18, 2010; The Vision-July 18, 2010-The Pillar of Fire; The Love and Mercy of our Mighty Saviour-The Kingdom Power Manifesting; Message from our Father in Heaven-July 19, 2010; The Vision, which followed this message-Standing up, free from the terrible constraints; The Vision of July 20th, 2010-The Great Rip in the Seabed of the Gulf of Mexico-Help from our Saviour;    22 July 2010
Chapter 73 PART I - A Vision;    23 August 2010
PART II - A Time of Miracles; While the Bridegroom tarried; Half of the Bride Will not be Ready; A Love Affair with the World; The Lukewarm Virgins; The Foolish Bride; They will not give up the world; No Longer any Fence Sitters; The Great Grace of our Mighty King; What you must Understand about the Kingdom Power; A Time of Great Spiritual Perfection is Upon Us; The Kingdom of God is Holy; We have been separated unto the Lord; Miracles Among the People; The Miracles of the Manchild of Revelation Twelve, The Healing of the Herniated Disks; The Homeless Woman; The Stove, the Saw and Miracles; The Woman in the Restaurant; The Woman at the Post Office;    23 August 2010
Chapter 74 PART I - Martial Law in America, The Hive Mind;    31 August 2010
PART II - The Great Methane Bubble;    31 August 2010
PART III - WE ARE THE FACE OF THE UNITED STATES, No place for outspoken preachers,;    31 August 2010
PART IV - Martial Law Coming to the Gulf States;    03 September 2010
Chapter 75 The Trip to the desert northwest and 'The birthing of the Holy Manchild!'; The Giant Geographical Angels; My Travels; Satan in my Face; Followed by the U.S. Military also; The Persecuting and Torturing, A time of great travail; Being in the Midst of the Holy Manchild; Now, Back to my trip; From the Snake River in Idaho; Why I traveled the Wahsatch Front, The Wahsatch Mountain prophecy; A Visitation; My Trip Continues; Blessed I am to have such Beautiful Friends; The Birthing and the Latter Rain; The Latter Rain is Near; Another Dream of the Latter Rain; Another Latter Rain Dream; How the Latter Rain Began to Fall; What our Saviour kept from me; The Dreams, The Birth of the Baby Boy, The Manchild of Revelation Twelve; Another Holy Manchild Dream; The birthing of the Holy Manchild, The Christ Child Dream of 11-13-2010, Rick W.; The meaning of 10-10-10; Now, for our Saviour's most important words, read on ; Message from our Father in Heaven, Travailing in Birth, 11-28-2010; The Latter Rain; The Crying Babies; The Latter Rain;    04 January 2011
Chapter 76 The Sons of God!; The Sons of God are Coming!; Now, our Saviour is speaking to you, America!;    15 February 2011
Chapter 77 Hear the words of Yahweh, you people of Japan!;    06 April 2011
Chapter 78 The Holy Son; The Sons of God are Coming; Our Saviour's beginning great judgments Against the Bible Belt of the USA; Great Judgments of our Saviour in America;The Second 911 Event; Prepare; for a worldwide economic crash is not far away; Repent Now! Come to our Saviour now!; First Message from our Saviour 'Judgment Begins in the House of the Lord'; Second Message from our Saviour 'The Pearls of Holiness'; Third Message from our Saviour 'A False Rapture, An Alien Invasion, The Skies the World Over well erupt with UFOs'; Some background information; The War in Heaven-Rev.12:7, Rev.12:4, and Rev.12:16;    19 July 2011
PART II - A Vision from our Saviour today, August 02, 2011; A Message from our Saviour August 02, 2011;    10 August 2011
Chapter 79 PART I - ALERT! ALERT! ALERT!; The Sons of God are Coming, A great coup is on-going in the U.S.A. Government; A VISION OF JULY 28th, 2011, President Obama's Plan to Destroy the House and Senate;    19 July 2011
PART II - THE DESTRUCTION OF AMERICA; 'A Fire has been kindled' and this fire will not be stopped; A Message from our Father in Heaven;
   08 August 2011
Chapter 80 9-11; It Just keeps on Burning;    12 October 2011
Chapter 81 Obama's New World Order Plans to Destroy the House and Senate; The Push for the Hive Mind; The Shaping of the Hive Mind; The War of the Worlds;    12 October 2011
Chapter 82 A Time of Very Great Miracles; Great persecution of the body of Christ ; Many are unprepared because of the lies; The Purification of One's Heart;    12 October 2011
Chapter 83 PART I - The Kingdom of our God is Now Within our Midst; The Holy Babes of Light and Fire;    17 November 2011
PART II - Bringing Down the World System;    17 November 2011
PART III - More Visions and prophecies from our Saviour; THE ROTHSCHILD MANIFESTO;    17 November 2011
Chapter 84 The Mideast Rothschild/Queen Elizabeth Agenda;    12 December 2011
Chapter 85 New World Order Satanic Plots and Schemes Our Saviour's Warnings Coming to pass;    12 December 2011
Chapter 86 PART I - The Satanic Sacrifice of Whitney Houston; And, the deaths of the Songbirds;    13 February 2012
PART II - Will there be two Satanic Sacrifices?; Is Mariah Carey's life in danger? ;    29 February 2012
PART III; Addendum 1 - A Greater Understanding ;    29 February 2012
Chapter 87 The Latter Rain is Beginning Now;    25 April 2012
Addendum - The Latter Rain Continues ;    02 May 2012
Chapter 88 The Birthing of the Kingdom of our God in the earth ;    17 May 2012
Chapter 89 The Five Wise Virgins ;    08 June 2012
Chapter 90 Treason from within: the Russian attacks on America! ;    16 June 2012
Chapter 91 Words and Visions from our Saviour: The Derivatives Market Has Collapsed; The Great Financial Collapse is Imminent;    29 June 2012
Chapter 92 'The Third Great judgement!'; The Great Methane Bubble beneath the Gulf of Mexico is melting; And it's terrible gases are rolling forth!; Repent, oh you people! ;    09 July 2012
Chapter 93 PART I -- More Mysteries Solved ;    10 September 2012
PART II -- Urgent Message from our Saviour: America Under Very Great Attack, America is Going Down! ;    18 September 2012
PART III -- The Wedding Invitation ;    18 September 2012
PART V -- Message from our Saviour: 'The Great Kingdom Events of July, 2012' ;    04 October 2012
Chapter 94 Great Storm Clouds Over America, and Wonderful Promises Fulfilled ;    04 October 2012
Chapter 95 The Wedding In Heaven ;    30 November 2013
Chapter 96 Our Saviour's Words about the colonization of Mars ;    20 February 2014
Chapter 97 An Update From Linda ;    16 July 2014
Chapter 98 "You Are Warned!" ;    07 August 2014
Chapter 99 "A GREAT BLOW TO THE MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE" ;    10 October 2014
Chapter 100 PART I -- The Spread of the Ebola Plague: A Great Dying! ;    13 October 2014
Chapter 101 Warnings; Fire; Visions; Muslim War ;    24 June 2015
Chapter 102 The Kingdom Of Our God Is Coming Into The Earth    24 June 2015
Chapter 103 From the Darkness of the darkness: The Salvation of many precious souls!    24 June 2015
Chapter 104 Message From Our Saviour: "I Am Your Redeemer!"    15 July 2015
Chapter 105 The Fall of the USA; and The Salvation of the Unsalvageable!    29th December 2015
Chapter 17 Soon, comes Victory!;    06 Sept. 2006

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