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On the night of April 26, 1997 I had a dream of standing alone at the base of a mountain. In my hands were the prophecy books stacked one on top of the other. From the top of the mountain came the mighty voice of Jesus, which said, "I am well pleased in these works."

I stepped back in astonishment as the books turned suddenly into a mighty steamroller, which was guided by some unseen hand or power. It rolled forth, cutting large swaths of wheat, which grew in fields among tall buildings.

Suddenly, I found myself at home, but it did not look like the humble abode we call home. In this very large room was no furniture, save a desk. I stood behind the desk and heard the great voice from the mountain. Jesus said, "Sell the books."

At that instant, someone with a battering ram charged through the door. He was from law enforcement and brought along many hippie friends, who were stoned or drunk. They ambled around this simple room and when told to leave they would not.

The man from law enforcement said, "You had better not sell the books. There is a very rich man down the street, who will not like this!" But, I told him that I was not afraid of this man and would sell the books! Then, I ordered him and his hippies out of our house. They refused to go, and I told them that I would pray to my Father in heaven for some miracles against him if they would not leave. One by one, they ambled out; and I watched as the last one moved past me with eyes red from alcohol or dope.

Not long after I got this dream another prophet was given a prophecy about these works being a steamroller, but he had been told nothing about the dream. These prophecies are truly harvesting souls, cutting wheat (and tares). They are trying the hearts of those, who read them.

The law enforcement agent with many demons came to visit. After a few weeks I told my husband that he must leave; and in the end the law enforcement man sided with those, who reject these prophecies.

I tell you about this dream to help you understand prophetic dreams. This dream was one of counsel, teaching, warning and prognostication. We have published Books I and II and hope to have Book III out soon. All books will be sold, as this has been commanded. I pray that the prophetic words of these books will help you in making right spiritual decisions about your future and that you will share these books with others, that they might be the wiser.

For example, Jesus said in December of 1997 that within six months the stock market would take a downturn. The market reached a high of 9311 on May 04,1998. On June 16, 1998 it dipped to 8524. Many are not concerned about this downturn, but those who are vigilant will be. The stock market will fall to great lows before the year of 1998 over. This year truly begins the seven-year-period of tribulation.

If you are on the spiritual fence, you are wearing spiritual blinders. You many think you see, but you are in denial. You are living an illusion and suffering delusions. Soon, you will find yourself flung violently to the other side. God will take what spirituality you have and you will find yourself in total spiritual darkness. If you profess a love for God, but love the material, you will be given over to the material illusion. You will not believe that your material, golden cow will soon run dry.

When you die in your materialistic world, will your materialistic idol keep you out of the dark pits? What is your idol? Your job? Television? Your hobbies? Dope? Alcohol? Sex? Will your idol keep you from roaming as a lost soul in this sphere after you die?

In death as in life many continue seeking the same kinds of things, which caused them to be lost while in bodies. They will not leave the thing, which gave them the most pleasure. Folks, disembodied spirits are down here in great numbers. In death as in life these souls continue to choose the material over God, because they loved the material when they had bodies, and did not love and serve God. Sound strange and unbelievable? Yea, if you cannot see them.

Do you keep you head buried in books or glued to the television? Do you fill your time with anything or everything, so that you do not have to face your aloneness before God; so that you do not have to repent and be accountable for your actions? Stop putting off until tomorrow the spiritual work you need to do today! You might not have the chance tomorrow! Make amends to those you have hurt and shut down the tube! Get your heads out of the computer long enough to spend quality time with God daily. Buy your wife some flowers or to spend some quality time with your hubby and children! Don’t let the coming disaster catch you with no spiritual connections to your Father or to His Precious Son. In all things, seek God’s will for your life: and remember…

Jesus is our Light,
Linda Newkirk

Table Of Contents

Ch 1___The Cave Man
Ch 2___The Cave Man & Coming of Lucifer Clarified
Ch 3___Anointings and Blessings of the 12
Ch 4___Spiritual Death
Ch 5___The Two Coming Prophets of Israel and More
Ch 6___Moses and Star of David
Ch 7___Moses' Blessing
Ch 8___The Moses Papers, Part 1
Ch 9___The Moses Papers, Part 2
Ch 10__The Moses Papers, Part 3
Ch 11__Blessings Given, Blessings Denied
Ch 12__The Moses Papers, Part 4
Ch 13__The Moses Papers, Part 5
Ch 14__The Moses Papers, Part 6
Ch 15__The Moses Papers, Part 7
Ch 16__The Cave Bat
Ch 17__Oil in Israel
Ch 18__Back to the Page of Time
Ch 19__The Millenium
Ch 20__Another Look at the Page of Time
Ch 21__Economic Problems in North Korea
Ch 22__Clinton's Downfall and the Truth about...
Ch 23__The Crown of Perseverence
Ch 24__Praises at Christmas
Ch 25__Jesus' Message About Prophets
Ch 26__The Bitter Fruit
Ch 27__Level Three of the Tree of Life
Ch 28__Disaster From the Page of Time
Ch 29__The Page Reveals More
Ch 30__Timeline Reveals
Ch 31__The Smoking Gun
Ch 32__Words of Encouragement
Ch 33__The Crown of Life
Ch 34__A Look into the YR 2000
Ch 35__The Option Given
Ch 36__Through the Fire of Adversity

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