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BOOK 6 Information



The following are our Lord's words regarding Book Six orders.


"My Precious Child, I am your Master Jesus; and I have summoned you to take up the pen on this last day of 1999, that you begin to receive dictations for the sixth book of prophecies. Yet, My Child, there remains one more, a seventh book, which will be given to you as a series of loosely-bound prophecies; and this will be given to and received by those of a new face in a new land.

My Little One, your Father has promised much for this book, which will both enlighten and shock many. But, those, who are awake and hungry for the Word of God, will be richly blessed by these words; for they open up new dimensions to all, wherein angels walk and mankind aspires to tread.

As in the last book, I direct you to send this book out in sections, and this time there will be fewer sections and more chapters per section. This will cut down on the costs of mailings, thus the cost to the reader. A good price is $30.00 for those, who order from within the USA and $50.00 for those, who order from abroad.

I advise those, who can afford to send a little extra, to do so, that these works might continue go out to the poor and unfortunate. It is a great pity that fewer wish to give to My servants as times get harder; but, it is at these perilous times that these Faithful Ones need the greatest support; for, many souls now cry out for the truth. They hunger and thirst for truth; but they perish for lack of the same.

My Precious Children, you are your Brother's keeper; and whether you know this to be true, is irrelevant; for the salvation of many souls rests upon the shoulders of a few. So, step up to the plate and do your part; for you never know whom you will help. No, not until the very last day; and then some of you will be very surprised at the impact of your good will upon another soul, or the lack of the same.

My Child post this message soon, as I direct ; and those, who so desire, shall order this book; for it shall surpass all others in many ways."
I am Jesus. Yea, Jehovah, Most High God.

As dictated and recorded this 31st day of December, 1999,
Linda Newkirk



How to order Book Six :

For all orders originating within the USA, send a $20.00 check or money order.

For all orders originating outside the USA, send a money order or cashier's check in the amount of $35.00, which includes postage, payable in US funds only.

Make checks or money orders payable to:

Linda Newkirk
P.O. Box 17277,
North Little Rock, AR, 72117.


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