"Come all, who thirst for truth and I will fill you.
Come all, who hunger for rightousness and I will feed you.
Come, Little Ones, who are sick and weary and I will restore you.
Come all, who are lost in darkness and I will make your worlds full of Light.
Come the lonely and afraid. Put your hand in mine and you will never again walk alone; for, My cup runs over with love and mercy. I am Jesus; yes, one with Your Father Jehovah."



Herein, Beloved Ones, we shall begin to add the miracles you are receiving through our Father’s gift of the Rainbow Anointing.


February 10, 2004

To Linda Newkirk,

We greet you in the loving name of JHWH our heavenly father and His Son.
May His love enfold and comfort you even as you read this testimony of His love for His children.

Both my wife and myself were guided by the Spirit of wisdom over time and through a series of events, to read From the Mountain Prophecies.
It so happened that my Mother in law was diagnosed with emphysema and asthma a few months ago. We could see the effects of this illness
take effect in her as she was constantly out of breath and lacking energy. Guided by the Spirit of JHWH we decided to go and pray over her
with the anointed cloths we received from you through our brother, Dirk.

Immediatley after praying she indicated that she felt much better. I said that we should wait some time to see if the feeling prevails and we
should also seek confirmation of her being healed through the Spirit of JHWH.

This happened two weeks ago. We went to visit them this past weekend.

Before we left, my wife again prayed for healing over her mother.

Upon arriving we could see a definite difference in her appearance.

The following Monday she went to a medical doctor who took X-rays.  The X-rays were the confirmation we seeked as they showed absolutely
no signs of any lung related illness.

We weep with joy in our hearts for this miracle and praise our Heavenly Father for giving healing to our loved ones. Of coarse we also jump
with joy because our Master is using us to bless others and we can see how we are schooled and prepared for our calling in times to come.

May you have peace in JeaHuWsHa, our loving Saviour.
Charl and Mari

Over the last two weeks I received two dreams I believe to be from our Father. We also read in the Bible that people will receive
dreams in the last days. Please pray with us for revelation in this regard.

With thanks,


Praises to our Precious Father in Heaven! To Him is the glory forever and ever! Each one of you, who has these cloths needs to know as well that I prayed for our Father in Heaven to put Spiritual gifts of all kinds into these cloths, so that those, who are ready to receive them, will receive them for the asking. I have also asked Him to give the recipients of these cloths dreams and visions as they are ready to receive them, as well as awesome healings, and many, many miracles. He has sealed these gifts into these cloths; and those, who are ready spiritually, will receive them for the asking. My heart’s desire is that many will receive these beautiful blessings and that many, many will receive dreams, visions and prophecies. Praises to the name of our Father in Heaven, Jehovah, (Yahweh) Most High. Holy is His Name!

 Here is another beautiful letter!

January 20th
Dear Sis Linda,

I want to give you witness what happened to me. For many years, I have problems with my back and leg. Many have prayed for me. When nights came, I was afraid to go to bed. I have little sleep, up to fifty times, awake all night, sometimes the whole might, due to pain. Whenever I lay down, unbelievable pain waves went through from my shoulder to my legs. It was so terrible and I have many times prayed that I rather die. My leg is okay as long as I put weight upon it, but when I lay down it is like bugs eating away from the inside of my leg.

Ochert has put the anointed cloth on my back one night and prayed for me. When I just couldn’t take the pain anymore I fell asleep and slept the whole night without waking up during the night because of pain. The pain waves disappeared, I sleep now like a baby. The only time I feel the leg hurt is when I step askew with my leg and feet.

Praises to the King, our Saviour and Master Yahweshua and our Precious Father Most High Elohey Yahweh. I love my Father and for my Elohey, I want to live according to His will.

Linda, thank you for the anointed cloth and faith to send it to me and Ockert. We live for our El and Saviour. We trust and love our Father and Yahweshua. You always are in our prayers and all, who get the word out for our Father and do His work. We love you.

Thank you, Father in Heaven for all the wonders You do in our lives. Yahweshua is our light and way.


Honey, I am only a servant of the Most High, a Child of His, the same as you. It is my great honor to work for Him, but in all these things the honor goes to Him; for He is beautiful and wonderful beyond any words!

 Read on for another beautiful and heartfelt testimony!

Dennis and Linda:
You may post all or any portion of this:


For those who have been divinely blessed with the great gift of discernment, with the eyes to see and the ears to hear God's truths and warnings in these Divine messages revealed in From the Mountain Prophecies -- whose eyes and hearts and minds are open to perceive the long running, extensive façades, grand illusions and wicked deceptions occurring on this "old" earth, I present this testimonial to glorify and honor God, Our Almighty Father, and His only begotten son, Our Lord and Master Jesus and Their unending mercies and blessings, seen and unseen, known and unknown.

Like a young child opening a wrapped present, I anxiously, excitedly, carefully lifted the bag containing God's anointed handkerchief from the postal envelope, understanding the great significance of this miraculous cloth, knowing deep within my being, this is a most blessed, precious gift from the Divine Source, who has so mercifully, lovingly, graciously touched this cloth with His Omnipotent Power and Unlimited Healing Energies.

My spirit acknowledges the great honor bestowed on anyone who receives, with enlightened awareness, this Divine present from the Almighty Father, the Creator of ALL that exists.

It took me quite some time before I could get past my overwhelming sense of unworthiness to open the bag and remove this sacred cloth, understanding the awesome power therein, but also acknowledging that, with greater Divine gifts come ever greater responsibilities.

I prayed to Almighty God and Our Lord and Master Jesus asking for the help to never, never let Them down, NO MATTER WHAT! In spirit, from the depths of my being, I was surprised to hear myself saying that, "I do have faith greater than a mustard seed".

Before I opened the bag and removed the cloth, I had a vision, not a physical vision but a vision within my mind's eye. I saw God, Our Almighty Father, on His gold throne surrounded by His brilliant, luminescent white light crowned by His Rainbow and Our Precious Jesus reaching up with the cloth and touching God's Rainbow, then turning with abundant love and handing the anointed cloth to me.

I understood that in accepting this magnificent gift, I have to be willing, at all times, to set my ego, my opinion, my desires aside and to immediately, without hesitation, doubt, question or thought, be obedient, to the letter, to God's Divine Will.

I know, that I can say with all sincerity, from the depths of my being, from the very essence of my soul, that I can offer to God, my Almighty Father and Creator, and to His only begotten son, my Lord and Master Jesus, "my life for you, my life for you."

Without knowing how God will touch me, but knowing that His Omnipotent Spirit has lovingly, graciously touched this precious cloth, I laid it upon my head, and asked for His anointing to come in me and through me in the manner that He Willed, in Jesus Precious Name; whether it be physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually or heart healing of old hurts, that through His Divine Blessings I may be anointed, empowered and strengthened to serve God, the Almighty Father and Jesus, Our Lord and Master, Our Savior, the heir apparent of planet earth, and to serve mankind in a greater way in this pivotal period in the history of mankind, in these final days of tribulation between good and evil, between God and satan and the fallen angels -- in the manner that God Wills.

Hardly one month ago, I placed God's House of Israel Rainbow anointing upon my head. Within two days I received a miracle in the form of an unexpected phone call providing confirmation of information that I had been seeking for over two years. It dropped in my lap out of the clear blue -- the blue from above that is.

Understanding that there is no such thing as time and space, I prayed with this anointed cloth for a very dear friend in a distant state who was in the hospital expected to die at any time. I asked and envisioned Jesus touching God's House of Israel Rainbow Anointing cloth on this critically ill friend that he may receive healing and blessings according to God's Will. The very next day I received word that he surprised everyone with a turn for the better. I continue to pray with the anointed cloth for his complete recovery, according to God's Will, and also according to my dear friend's God-given free will choice.

I also understand that God heals on many different levels, the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and heart. Sometimes healing may need to occur on other levels before it reaches the physical -- but with this divinely anointed sacred cloth, there is ALWAYS healing of some kind taking place, seen or unseen.

I recently injured my back. Muscle spasms caused such severe pain I was falling to the floor in agony unable to walk without grabbing the wall or furniture. Within the space of a few minutes, I fell to the floor four times in severe pain, frozen with the fear of further muscle spasms unable to move.

I held God's House of Israel Rainbow Anointing cloth to my back and asked for relief from the pain so that I could stand up and walk. Before I even finished asking, before my mental words were even formed, the pain was instantaneously gone!!! My back was still sore in places but I was able to get up and walk around freely without any further severe pain or muscle spasms.

This is the beginning of my continuing "testimony of gratitude" to honor and glorify how Great and Wondrous are Almighty God, Creator of ALL that exists, and Our Lord and Master Jesus.

ALL Power and Greatness, ALL Loving and Forgiving, ALL Merciful and Wise IS God the Father and Our Lord and Master Jesus, Our Savior and Redeemer. Praise Be Their Holy Names --




November 18, 2003

Dear Mr. And Mrs. Newkirk;

You had sent a cloth and it was received a few days ago. I read the instructions and prayed and put the cloth on my head and asked for the anointing to pass into me from the cloth.

I also asked at that time for my back to be healed (20 year old problem with a bulged disk L4/L5), to take the pain from my feet (flat footed collapsed arches). And in a very short time I noticed that my back did not hurt like it always does when I get up form being seated for any length of time. I got out of the chair like a 20 year old.....PRAISE THE FATHER and I did. It took me a few days to realize that my feet did not hurt ( I could not stand on hard surfaces for more that 2 or 3 minutes or I had much pain) and again PRAISE THE FATHER he fixed that also..........

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU FATHER for your wonderful Power and Love to me, a lousy sinner.......

I am so unworthy because the FATHER is so Holy and Wonderful……

I know that all I can is to accept his wonderful gift (Salvation) and he exceeds that by sending me an anointed cloth for his Purposes......Ms. Linda, I am so awestruck...........

Totally awestruck.

That night I met a man that said he had to get two more surgeries on his severely damaged back due to an accident, so I placed cloth on his head and prayed giving Praise to the FATHER and His SON and asked the man to join in praising (a minute or two) then put the cloth away and chatted for a few minutes inspecting a precision gun that he sells (he is a gun dealer) and asked him if he felt any difference as I did not know what to expect at all and he said some pain seemed to have left him and we praised the FATHER again....

Prayed over an elderly lady with emphysema ( and her dog that was always pulling her to go faster just SAT DOWN and waited, I couldn’t believe that either) we gave praise to the FATHER and the SON and I think the HOLY SPIRIT , again a minute or two and put the cloth away and just chatted about small things and I asked her how she felt ( as I have no idea what to expect) and she opens her mouth and puts her hand on her chest and says " I can breathe, I can get air, Praise the FATHER" and her tears were running and my tears were running and what a Beautiful experience to be part of......( A extremely minuscule part ( me that is)) the woman could breathe and you could see her chest inhaling and exhaling) PRAISE YOU FATHER AND YOUR SON.......

Prayed over my Mother.....She has many things wrong and prayed similarly to above ( always with glory to the FATHER and the SON and pain in her toes seems to have vanished and a pain in the foot seems to have vanishes ...........again Praise to the FATHER and the SON..............

Ms. Linda, do you know if this cloth is for all men, women and children that ask?
Should we seek out to offer this wonderful healing power from the FATHER?

Dear One, the gifts, which our Father has put in these cloths, are for all. He gives freely and we are to give freely in return! Yes, you should seek out to offer these healings and miracles; for when you give away what He has given, His gifts within you grow! When you bring joy, you get more joy in return. When you give love, more love is given back to you. We are told not to hide our Light under a basket, but to let it shine. You, Dear Brother and letting your light shine and you are going to get more of His beautiful Light!

Are there any qualifiers?

God blesses whom He will. This is not for us to say. What you and I need to do is to spread the love and blessings that our Lord and God has given to us. We are to bring the truth of salvation through our Lord Jesus; and in the process we are to reach out to the sick, the hurting, to the prisoners, and to the lost. He will heal whom He chooses and He will bless whom He chooses. We are vehicles of His love and mercy here on this Earth and there is so much to do and so few, who want to do the work! But, one thing is definitely true: Our Lord and God wants to bless every one and He wants to save every one!

I am sorry to ask these questions but I am a logical , step by step type person ( and kinda wish there was a thick manual with all the answers, hahahahhahhaah)

I do so love the FATHER and don’t want to make mistakes or overstep my place( and I have a habit of taking control). I have and am in the process of seeking counsel in other Godly people around me as I perceive this as a responsibility as well as a gift.

I have been praying (for a month or so prior to receiving this anointing) near Terri Schrivo Schindler (I have never in my life before this time done such a thing) I just read about 10 chapters or so quietly out side the building and do this every day or two and go about my business . I have many thoughts come into my mind of her healing and I don’t want it to be my thoughts but to be the FATHER’s thoughts! There are so many sick and damaged people out there , How are they to be sorted out?
I guess I will just continue to pray and seek the FATHER!

Be led of the Spirit of God. Learn to recognize the still, sweet promptings of the Spirit and be obedient. If you will learn to do this, God will use you mightily! These promptings will come as thoughts in your mind to do certain things. Many of these promptings will occur over and over, pushing you gently to obey the voice of the Lord. This takes training, so as to separate the promptings of the Spirit from your own thoughts, and most certainly from those of demons. Demons goad and push us, but usually to do things that we do not really want to do, although some of them we may want to do. But, when our Lord and God is in what we are being told to do, we will feel such a peace in our hearts after we have done His will. Demons on the other hand, rob us of peace!

For many years I have forsaken any regular gathering in any church (use to be a rather active Catholic) as they all seem not to be following the WORD, but gather in twos and threes instead (family and friends and whoever else wants to read the WORD when we gather). Do you think that I have made a mistake?

Many are being led out of the empty churches and all of this is for reasons of the Most High. He has repeatedly told us to come out of the worldly traps and I can tell you that from my own experiences some of the greatest traps come in the disguise of churches. You are very wise to leave the Catholic Church; for we all know now that this is the headquarters of Lucifer on the Earth and has been for a very long time!

Well I must say one thing that has surely happened and that is that my Prayer life has certainly increased and I seem to be praising the FATHER all day long...........How wonderful!!!!!!!

Yes, this is beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!

How Wonderful and how RIGHT.......after he is my FATHER and the CREATOR!

You are so correct!

Well you asked for a praise report and there it is and I still don’t know what I am doing but then again maybe that is why the FATHER picked me. He certainly didn’t use me because I am good.

Nor am I a big executive. Just a floor sander who just barely got out of high school with a rather sorted past, definitely not a good example of being a good Christian. If there is hope for me there is hope for everybody and anybody! That is what the Wonderful thing is about the FATHER.............

Well, Our Lord Jesus was a carpenter and you are in a similar trade! Dear Brother, Our Lord and God picks whom He will; and He blesses whom He will; for He knows all things. He is full of love and mercy and to Him is the praise and glory forever and ever! Keep on doing as you are doing and you will see that our Lord and God will use you mightily!


Yes, this is so!

I have finally submitted to HIM, and I give thanks.

I rejoice in this and I know that the angels of Heaven also rejoice!

I prayed over my Mom Thanksgiving for a toe that was just lanced and also she has arthritis and the cartilage is gone between the toe ( leaving her in great pain) and the FATHER healed both......Praise the FATHER and His Son JESUS

My sister whom was prayed over had spurs on her feet and collapsing arches and a few hours latter I asked of there was a change and she just smiled and said Praise the FATHER as she cant believe that she was still standing at that hour. Today, 4 days latter she said that her feet still hurt!..

Why would this be Ms. Newkirk? Are all the diseases that are out there caused by demons?    Must I fast? Or the Subject? Of both of us?

Some things only go by prayer and fasting. Others may not be healed the first time we pray, but will be healed later. I once heard of a man in a church, who went up to the preacher16 times for healing. He never gave up! And, on the 17th time, this man was knocked across the room by the power of God and was immediataly healed. Some things are healed by degrees. The point is do not give up, but be steadfast. Keep on praying and keep on believing for healings and miracles! I have heard some say that all sickness is caused by demons, but I really do not believe this at all. Everyone must die and certainly everyone is not possessed by demons when they die. The body gets old and worn out. This is the world we live in and we have relatively short lives. But we have a God of love and mercy and He is giving out His miracles in a very big way these days! Praises to His Holy Name!

Can this Annointing be used by putting the Cloth on the person and then I pray at a distance?


And the reason I ask is that Terri Schivo Schindeler; I can stand on the sidewalk and maybe her father or mother can put the cloth on her and hopefully the anointing will pass to her at a distance. I know that there is no limit to the Power of the FATHER but it appears he has some forms that HE sticks with and I just wondered if you had an answer?

I am not sure what you are asking here.

If you answer this letter I thank you in advance. And if you don’t that is ok also as you must be a very busy person and I will have to pray for answers!
This letter is being sent as a fragmented form as it is being written in time order. You may use any or all of it as you see fit!

Today 12 03 2003 I prayed over a friend and it seems the pack problem he has had for some time was immediately resolved and his shaking (palsy) markedly reduced......Praise the FATHER

Also I asked the FATHER to fix the rest of my back and today all day for the first time in 20 years my back did not hurt at work at ALL!!!!!!! Praise Praise Praise

Most Respectfully
Your Brother in JESUS the Christ,

John Edward K.

November 04, 2003

I received the sacred anointing cloth! How magnificent! Two days previous to that I had hurt my left hand significantly. Internal damage through impact and pain and swelling, etc.! Thought I had fractured it! So glorious the cloth, so moved was I to pray for the anointing, and praise God and Wonderous Jesus! I asked if I may use on my hand and was told ,’Yes.’ Felt immediate change, and by next day no pain, and by the second day, the swelling had disappeared! How glorious! Tony

Tony, this is beautiful, Tony! Thank you for sharing this beautiful gift from our Lord and God! To our Precious Father in Heaven is the glory forever and ever!


September 25, 2003

To date, we have sent out hundreds of anointed handkerchiefs! We thank God for the awesome miracles that He is giving out!!! And, we thank each of you, who helps us with the expenses of sending them out! But, do not think that you should send money for them, no matter what part of the world you are in. These cloths are a gift to God’s Loved Ones and we are so honored to play a small part in sending out His beautiful blessings. If you would like an anointed handkerchief, send a request to: Linda Newkirk, P.O. Box 17277, North Little Rock, AR, 72117.         And, when you get a miracle, write and tell us about it, so that others may be encouraged and God may get the glory for it all!!!






Dear Linda,

I wanted to write my testimony using the miracle cloth. I went over the bill (from the hospital) again and it wasn’t a difference of only $2,000 that we would have to pay. It was what I thought originally, almost $12,000. Well, here goes. Please post if you want.

Back in May of this year, I went into the emergency room because of chest pains and pains in my left arm. They started after a few days of exercising. They put me in the hospital because through blood tests they saw something going on with my heart. I ended up having to have two stents put in an artery and was in the hospital for four days. Sometime later, I started to get my insurance explanation of benefits for all the charges. First, I got the different doctors, then the emergency room ones and every one was willing to accept the amount in the "allowable expense" column as payment in full. I believe the Lord undertook and directed this. Then, I got the hospital bill, which was almost $40,000. My responsibility was going to be almost $12,000. Of course, this had to come on a Friday afternoon, where it was too late to call BlueCross/Blue Shield and I had to wait ‘til Monday AM. When I saw what we were supposed to owe, I cried, but then I went to the Lord and took the Miracle cloth and layed it on the bill and prayed over it. I called Monday morning to ask about it and she said, "Oh, that’s been sent back for reconsideration." I asked if that usually meant that a person will owe more or less, and she said "less." I kept praying about it and using the miracle cloth on it, and believing that the Lord was working it out. And almost a month later I got another explanation of benefits from Blue Cross/ Blue Shield for the hospital bill and it now showed my responsibility to pay was $0.00! Praise the Lord! I still get tears and emotional when I think of it and I thank our Precious Father in Heaven for taking care of us and our needs. I thank and appreciate Him so much for giving us these precious healing and miracle cloths to use. God truly does honor them as His anointing is most assuredly within them!

Linda, I think this is one of the most awesome miracles God has done in my life, besides salvation, of course. I’m learning to trust Him more and more each day and to know in my heart of hearts that with everything falling apart around us, He’ll take care of us. I love Him so much!



Dear Linda; Is it possible for you to send me another Rainbow anointing Cloth? I was wearing mine today because I have been having terrible pains in my back area and the enemy caused it to detach from me and it's destroyed. That cloth was a real blessing for me. Anytime I have any type of pain in my body I would put the cloth on and the pain would go away.
Thank you so much.


Dear Sister: Thank you so much for the prayer cloths. I received them yesterday and as I was taking them out of the envelope-I could feel The spirit rising up on the inside of me. I told my husband that these are some powerful cloths. I thank God for them and for you all praying saints of God. Today I started to have some funny feelings in my chest and i took my cloth and pinned it on my body and I started to feel a peace and I feel better now. I know that these cloths are annointed. In a little while whenever i get a little extra money i will ask you for two more. I want to send you something for your mailing-because i know that it costs. We could never pay a person for their time and annointing. Again,thank you very much.
Sincerely, Vanessa




Updated July 20, 2003


Pastor Linda Newkirk,
A testimony to the anointing of the (healing) cloth … When I’m suffering from headaches (usually from the radiation that comes from the towers they have installed in various locations in Dallas), I put the cloth over my head and it eases, or blocks, the radiation from continuing to hurt my head. Praise the Lord!
Sarena July 01, 2003

Dear Ones, I cannot begin to recount the huge numbers of times that God has taken away headaches, which have been caused by microwave persecution directed at us through telephones, towers and right through the walls of our home! He is our Refuge is this very troubled world! Praises to His Holy Name! For, He is able to do all things, both great and small! Linda N.


Dear Sister and prophetess Linda Newkirk,
Thank you for your love, kindness and faithfulness to our Lord God and Jesus, our Saviour and King! Praises be to His Holy Name! Our Lord has healed me of the swollen lymph node in my neck, and on the back of my neck. All glory goes to our Lord Jesus for the healing cloth. Please print my healing testimony on your miracle healing page. Thank you, Sister, for your hard work! Katy June 12th, 2003

Dear Ones, this is a beautiful testimony to the love of our Lord and God! Katy related to me how distraught she was because these lymph node were causing pain when she ate and daily she was becoming more concerned about these swollen lymph nodes! Katy’s is a sure testimony to the power of our Great God Jehovah and to His beautiful and loving Son, our Lord Jesus! Praises to God; for He wonderful beyond any measure! Linda N.


We received a beautiful testimony from our Sister, Pat, but as I am not sure if she wants me to post all or part of her letter, I will tell you what our Beautiful Lord and God did for her. According to Pat, her daughter went to the emergency room and was told that she had a collapsed lung. The physician wanted her to stay in the hospital, but she, being rather strong-willed, left against medical advice. Pat, having a great faith in God, took the blessed cloth and put on her daughter’s chest and prayed for her daughter’s healing. You will be pleased to know that the collapsed lung is now healed! To God is the praise and glory forever and ever!!! Linda N.


Surgery cancelled! No operation needed!!!!

Some of you may remember how Antonietta’s husband was having trouble seeing and the doctors wanted to do surgery because he was diagnosed with a retina problem. Initially, when Antonietta prayed with the cloth, her husband’s vision improved, and the operation was cancelled, but he was still seeing small black spots. Apparently, the doctors could still see that the retina needed surgery and scheduled the surgery, but you will be delighted to know that when the doctor went to do the surgery, the eye was completely healed! Read on for Antoinetta’s beautiful testimony. Following is her previous testimony of a few months past.

Dear Linda & Dennis,

I prayed for about two months with the blessed rainbow cloth. This morning we went to see the eye specialist and after a visit of about one hour the doctor was telling: "I cannot understand at all, the retina is completely healed. I cannot understand at all." But I did and I am thanking My Beloved Jesus Christ and Our Father in Heaven.


Previous testimony!


Last Monday the Prophet Linda Newkirk has phoned and I told her that my husband had the retina in his right eye broken and could not see at all. The specialist sent him to have a little operation by laser for the next Thursday.

She told me to pray with the blessed cloth on his eye, and I replied that I could not because he does not believe and would not allow me. But in my room I prayed God with the blessed cloth for a miracle. This morning I have cancelled the operation as my husband is starting to see clear and has only some little black spots.


Antonietta says that her husband could not see to drive, but now sees well, save for a few black spots and is driving just fine. Praises to God! 


Dear Ones, I know that our Father in Heaven put His beautiful healing anointing in these cloths and now you are beginning to see the beautiful miracles, which He is giving!

A few weeks ago, my husband Dennis came home from work with a terrible allergy attack. When he gets these attacks, his nose runs terribly. His eyes get inflamed and he is very miserable. Usually, he will take an antihistamine and will be okay by the next day, though drained and exhausted from the attacks and from the effects of the drugs. This time when he came home from work with this attack, we realized that we did not have any of the antihistamines; but I was not concerned, for I knew full well that God could heal him through the anointing He had put in the healing cloths. So, I took out an anointed handkerchief and put it across the bridge of my husband’s nose and over his cheeks. As I prayed, I asked our Father in Heaven, in the blessed name of our Lord Jesus, to release His healing powers from the cloth into Dennis’ sinuses that he might be healed. As I held the cloth on his face, the cloth got very hot and my hands began to feel very hot. (A number of you have also told me that these cloths get hot beneath your hands!!) I held the cloth in place for a few minutes and soon began to see (in the spirit) a white fire coming from my husband’s nostrils. I knew at this instant that he was healed. I withdrew the cloth and he did not have even one sniffle. His breathing was totally clear and there were no remaining signs of any allergies.

Our Beautiful Father in Heaven healed him!! Praises to the name of Jehovah, Most High! Precious is His Holy Name and to the Name of His Son, our Beautiful Lord and Saviour, Jesus!!! Our Father in Heaven is full of love and mercy and I love Him so!!! Linda N.

Brenda’s testimony

Brenda, thank you for sharing! To God is the praise and glory forever and ever!

Dear Linda,
God bless you and Dennis. I hope you both are doing good…

Linda, I am so grateful for the healing and miracle anointed cloths you sent us. I use mine almost every 2-3 days. I’ve been asking the Lord to give me the House of Israel Rainbow anointing on mine since we received ours. I am still getting beautiful results with mine. As you know, I’ve had terrible neck and some back problems since my two accidents in the 1980’s. I know the Lord led me to this very good Christian chiropractor and I found out through an x-ray and a computer program test on my spine that I was in pretty bad shape. Out of the three stages I was at #2. He said if I was at stage three, he couldn’t help me.

I started getting spinal realignments and after getting my prayer cloths, I placed the healing one on my neck and back and prayed for it, almost daily. One time while praying with it on my neck and back the word, "progressive" came to me. I knew the Lord was telling me my healing would be "progressive." Praise Jesus that’s just what happened. I’ve had my first recheck at the doctor’s and my back is doing a zillion times better and my neck, which was tons worse in damage, is definitely making progress. It even feels better.

Also, I’ve had insomnia for awhile, to where I had to take tylenol PM every night. I used the prayer cloth-healing and I’ve been able to quit tylenol pm. If I have a slightly hard time falling asleep, I just ask Jesus to please make me sleepy and help me get to sleep and He does.

Also, I’ve used the healing cloth on my cat. She’s going on 17 this year, has a lot of arthritis. I give her a pill made for cats …glucosamine and vitamin c. I started noticing that she hadn’t been eating very good and had lost almost two pounds. After having two different cats that had had diabetes, I started suspecting that she could have it too. I started laying the healing cloth over her body and praying for God to heal her. She got somewhat better. I finally prayed and totally released her to Jesus, cause she seemed to go back and forth from pretty good to bad and I just did not want her to suffer anymore. Sometime after that, I was praying for her and using the cloth and it came to me, "I gave her back."

She’s been doing a lot better since and has put on weight. If she seems to be having a bad day, I put the healing cloth on her and pray and she seems to start doing better; and I always feel the anointing from the prayer cloth when I use it. I’m just grateful for them. I will treasure them til I go to be with Jesus. I know they will be invaluable as time goes on and as things get worse. God is so good to us and takes such good care of us.

P.S. You can use my testimonies if you want.

Pat’s testimony

Pat, thank you for passing this along! We have an awesome God and He is wonderful beyond any description! Praises to His Holy Name!

Dear Linda,

Some time ago I asked for(and you sent) two handkercheifs: one was marked 'miracles' and the other was marked 'healing'. I have been working as a medical lab technician(I do the PAP staining) and have been on my feet all day long, so my arthritis has been causing me more and more pain. Well, today I finally took out the 'healing' cloth and rubbed on both my knees while praising the Lord-and when I got up, I couldn't believe how much better I felt!(Now I am almost afraid to try the 'miracles' cloth-I might run a marathon! Ha! PRAISE THE LORD! And thank-you, Linda! Just keep me going so I can be of help in these trying times before the Lord returns!


God’s gift through the Rainbow Cloths

Updated Feb 26, 2003


Dear Linda,
I wanted to give you a praise report on the healing cloth. My sister was diagnosed first with bursitis of her left knee. It was swollen and she could barely walk. The doctor she went to put her in the hospital for two days because he believed she had high blood sugar that was causing the bursitis. He had run blood tests that confirmed diabetes. While in the hospital her sugar went up to 498. 60-120 is normal before eating and can go to 140-150 after eating. The doctor immediately had her take insulin injections and two days later sent her home with insulin and oral insulin called glucophage.

The prayer cloth came in the mail the day she came home, January 11, 2003. We immediately prayed for her using the cloth. By next Saturday she was off the insulin and blood sugars were coming down. She stayed on the two glucophage until January 20th and cut herself down to one. She is now taking no insulin and as of January 30th is not taking the glucophage and her blood sugar is down in the 100 range. Praise God!! Yes, she did change her diet and is exercising, but we know that without God’s had in your healing, nothing in the natural is guaranteed to work! Thank You, Jesus!
Debbie D. <Kentucky>


Dear Linda & Dennis,
Please find two miracles. Mny thanks for everything.
Jesus is Our beautiful Way
your sist,

I met a neighbour who goes to the church every Sunday, but does not believe in Jesus and God. She told me that she was just coming back from the doctor who gave her an injection to calm the pain of a dislocation on her right shoulder. She could not move the arm and the hand. So I asked her if she allowed me to go to her house and pray with the blessed rainbow cloth. She accepted and as I was praying I heard the Spirit of God telling that she would be completely healed in 2 days. The day after she phoned me telling that the dislocation disappeared and if I could go back to pray for the pain on the hand. After the prayer she asked me with what I was praying. (I keep the blessed cloth like a necklace in a cloth purse and always with me when I go out.) As soon as I told her that it is a blessed cloth, she looked at me very strange and did not want me to go out from the main door, but through the muddy road, so nobody could see me coming out from her house The day after I phoned her and she told me that she slept very well and she had not more dislocation nor pain, but she did not want me to go back to her house.

Praise to God!!


Last Monday the Prophet Linda Newkirk has phoned and I told her that my husband had the retina in his right eye broken and could not see at all. The specialist sent him to have a little operation by laser for the next Thursday. She told me to pray with the blessed cloth on his eye, and I replied that I could not because he does not believe and would not allow me. But in my room I prayed God with the blessed cloth for a miracle. This morning I have cancelled the operation as my husband is starting to see clear and has only some little black spots.

Antonietta says that her husband could not see to drive, but now sees well, save for a few black spots and is driving just fine. Praises to God!


December 20, 2002


To God is the praise and glory forever and ever!

My friend Helen is a woman of 71 years old who had a stroke and the doctor told her family that she could not make it. When I went to visit her in the hospital, she was in a coma, so I started praying to Jesus to save her life. After two months she left the hospital. One day I was walking with my dog when I saw her walking very slowly. She kissed me and said: "My dear friend, thanks to your prayers Jesus has saved my life. I am alive, but I have a terrible pain in my legs and I cannot walk, and I know that only Jesus can heal it." I smiled to her and replied: " Can I come tomorrow to your house and pray with the rainbow cloth that the Prophet Linda Newkirk has sent to me?" She replied: "Yes, please."

The day after I went to her house and put the rainbow cloth on her feet and started to pray: " My Lord and God, please I beg you, impart the healing from this cloth into Helen. My Lord and God, please I beg you, impart the anointing from this cloth to heal, cleanse and deliver Helen of the bonds of sickness and disease. My Lord and God, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for hearing my prayer." When on the third day I went to her house she was crying and thanking Jesus and God as she had no more pain in her legs.

(Our Friend Antonietta said that she went to see this woman and found her cleaning out her garage! Walking just fine with no pain! To God is the praise and glory!)


To God is the praise and glory!

Two days later I was walking with my dog when an old man stopped me and said: " Please, I heard about Helen, could you be so kind to come to my house and pray with the anointing cloth to heal my handicapped son? I am not rich, but I will pay something. He is blind of one eye and handicapped and I believe that the rainbow cloth will do the miracle." I went to his house and prayed with the anointing cloth and Jesus has put in my mind that HE will heal the boy.

When yesterday evening I went to their house the old man was crying as the veterinarian told him that his dog had a tumor and needed an operation. He asked me to pray with the rainbow cloth to heal his little dog. I prayed and prayed with the rainbow cloth. This morning I went to see how was the little dog. The old man looked at me and said: " I am not sure, but I think your rainbow cloth has saved my little dog. I will tell you this evening, now I am going to the veterinarian."

This evening we are all thanking the Lord and God to have saved the little dog of an old poor man.


(The tumor disappeared and the dog is healed! Praise God!)


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-- Mother Teresa


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